Temporary Technical Difficulties

Several things:

1) I’ve been on a little getaway with my husband for the last few days. We are headed home this morning, but we have had the best time.

2) Thanks to a faulty plug-in (I say that like I know what it means), the blog broke this past Monday. Fortunately there are people who are much smarter than I am who were able to fix it so that the blog wasn’t just a blank, white screen anymore. I think we can all agree that blogs are so much more enjoyable when you can read the words.

3) However, the plug-in that filters my comment spam still isn’t working, which means that all the (inappropriate) stuff that normally gets filtered and thrown in a folder has been showing up in the comments. I have tried my best to keep up with it and delete those comments as I see them, but it’s sort of like trying to put out a fire with a water gun.

4) SO, until the plug-ins are installed again and ready to roll, I’ve turned on comment moderation so that the spam can’t get through to the comments unless I approve it. That also means that comments from y’all can’t get through unless I approve them, but the spam is so vile that I think it’s worth a little short-term inconvenience to stop it.

5) This has nothing to do with comment spam, but I just downloaded Candy Crush to my phone. I hear I’ll be completely addicted in no time.

Hope y’all are having a good week – I should be back to my regular bloggy routine in the next day or two!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Delete. Candy. Crush. Now.

    • Wendy C. says:

      I agree! I can’t get anything meaningful done since I’ve started playing it. I’m thinking of starting the group CCA (Candy Crush Anonymous)!

  2. Candy Crush looks so innocent, but is an addictive little thing!

  3. Oooohhhh…..I do love me some Candy Crush…..but you’re right, you will be totally addicted. It’s a good thing they only give you so many lives in a 2 1/2 hour time span. Otherwise I’d never get ANYTHING accomplished. Glad the blog is back up and hope you had a great time with your husband!

  4. I avoided Candy Crush for a long time…then I decided to check it out, and I can’t stop crushing the candies!

  5. I ignored all the candy crush requests on Facebook for the longest time, then I was bored one day and decided to check it out. I’m on level 141 now, and I may or may not have accessed my daughters’ accounts so I can have “them” send me extra lives. I am fairly certain I see therapy in my future.

  6. Candy Crush is definitely addictive and I am convinced that they reel you into the addiction and then create levels that can only be won by buying power-ups.

  7. Leslie @ Geek Mama says:

    When I first downloaded Candy Crush I didn’t realize that they limit the number of lives you get in a period of time, and I seriously wanted to hit somebody when I ran out. Addictive much?

  8. Oh…Candy Crush. I have been stuck on the same level for days. Every time I run out of lives, I swear I’ll never play it again only to find myself crushing away at some obscene hour of the morning.

  9. STEP AWAY from the Candy Crush!!!

  10. Christy says:

    Listen to your Internet friends. Step away from the Candy Crush. Now. Really.

  11. I thought it was just me getting the big white screen. Also? I refuse to fall down the Candy Crush hole…at least so far!

  12. I don’t play Candy Crush, so I have no addiction advice for you. However, have you watched Celebrity Game Night on NBC? The two episodes I’ve seen have been fun. It totally reminds me of game shows from my childhood. The celebrities are current and smart and funny. Definitely worth adding to your DVR line-up so you can check it out.

    • Libby Campbell says:

      OK, so it’s called Hollywood Game Night. Everything else I said was true, though!

  13. I rarely ever comment here but I’m a daily reader. (I just love you)

    Then I saw the thing about Candy Crush. For the love of the internet…don’t do it. You’ll lose all respect for yourself if you do. Especially because the day will come sweet Sophie, when you’ll be in the shower, looking at your multi-colored tiles and thinking…oh…I could move that one there and get a striped candy!

    Of course…this hasn’t happened to me at all…I’ve only heard tales of such things you understand…

  14. Kimberly/OKC says:

    Hey, Y’all!! Does everybody know this? You can press the “X” button when you have the choice to retry a level you haven’t passed to go back and play the levels you have already beat. If you play the easier ones and you pass that level (again) you can continue to play for hours!! When you’re addicted like me, just getting to play it is fun even if I’m not trying to beat the levels!! I try to get better scores on each level than the ones I had previously. Candy Crush, woo hoo!!!!

  15. Margaret says:

    Candy Crush! I hate those chocolate fill=ins. I refuse to buy anything so I stay stuck for days then surprise it works. Addictive, much.

  16. You always put a smile in my day and I am so glad I found your blog! Yes, it would be sad to see it all whited out… So glad to hear you got some (much needed I am sure) time out with the Hubby.

    God Bless you! And yes, Candy Crush is “of the devil” and you will be addicted right away. =)

  17. Don’t start candy crush you will get NOTHING done :)

  18. Rachael b says:

    I was worried when I couldn’t access your blog earlier this week! Sorry to hear about the spammers. That is so childish! Looking forward to more of your awesome blog! Take care!

  19. Candy Crush is of the devil! Pretty soon you will start seeing candies everywhere, even when you close your eyes. I have it on my phone, the ipad and my computer. When you run out of lives on one device, you can immediately go play on another device. That’s bad. I’ve wasted SO much time on this silly game!

  20. HilARious!!! You make me LOL. :)


  21. Candy Crush is the only time I ever utter the words, “I hate chocolate.”

  22. Carol S in Florida says:

    So I play Candy Crush through my Facebook on my laptop and then I have my app on the phone not linked to Facebook. Therefore I have two separate games going and when I run out of lives on one I can pick up on the other. Which would all be okay if I did not have a husband, or kids, or a household to run. But I do.