It’s About That Time

I am elated to report that the high today in Birmingham was 78 degrees. SEVENTY EIGHT DEGREES. It is August 15th.

The Lord is faithful and worthy to be praised.

And then – AND THEN – if that weren’t enough, I found this little treasure in our mailbox this afternoon.


I realize that you’ve probably already seen that picture if we’re friends on Twitter or Instagram, but I think it bears posting again because COLLEGE FOOTBALL, OH MY WORD.

I have to say, though, that this summer has been so busy that I’m way behind on my usual pre-season activities. I’ve barely read the message boards, and I haven’t listened to sports talk radio in months. I don’t really know who’s supposed to be good this year except for Alabama and A&M, and since I live in Birmingham, those predictions provide fair warning that I have about two weeks before walking into any clothing store means that I’ll be swimming in a sea of houndstooth. Don’t get me wrong. I am happy for my Alabama friends and their rich football heritage and etc., but have mercy, I WOULD NOT MIND A BREAK FROM THE HOUNDSTOOTH.

Because here is what every clothing store looks like from September – December.


There are houndstooth dresses and shirts and gloves and headbands and earrings and umbrellas and paper goods and sunglasses and phone cases and dog leashes and scarves and tights and more scarves and shoes and rain boots and never let it be said that the Alabama fans do not enjoy a theme.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking tonight about how lots of the SEC teams have a catchphrase (for lack of a better term) that their fans say to each other as a sign of loyalty or solidarity or pure-dee football crazy. In Alabama people even use the phrases as greetings – so instead of saying “hello” or “hey,” Auburn fans greet each other with “War Eagle,” and Bama fans greet each other with “Roll Tide.” The phrases also work for “goodbye.” Sort of like “aloha,” I reckon.

(This video provides an excellent illustration.)

(And if you’re wondering if it’s realistic? YES.)

At Mississippi State, we greet each other with “Hail State” (though Sister and I tend to say “Go ‘Dogs,” for whatever reason), and Ole Miss fans say “Hotty Toddy” (lately there’s been a whole thing with “Fins Up,” and even though I know Rebels don’t care a lick about a Bulldog’s opinion, I think the whole land shark thing muddies their mascot waters – but that is another discussion for another time). In the last couple of years Vanderbilt fans have adopted “Anchor Down,” but I don’t know if it has caught on as a campus-wide greeting or if it’s just more of a team motto. Texas A&M fans are partial to “Gig ‘Em,” and while Arkansas fans don’t necessarily say hello to each other with “Woo Pig Sooie,” they have turned #wps into one of the most recognizable college football hashtags (well done, Razorbacks).

The bottom line is that each SEC school has its own unique culture, right down to the ways that fans communicate with each other. I know that schools outside the SEC have similar traditions, and now that we’re just a couple of weeks away from kick-off, I thought it might be fun if some of us shared our favorite saying(s) for our favorite college team(s). I mean, I think it would be all kinds of fun to watch, say, the Akron / UCF game on August 29th and have the inside scoop on what the fans like to yell. Otherwise I’ll just be sitting on my couch and cheering, “Go…YOU! Go!”

(And listen. I know that it’s important to keep college football in the proper perspective. Certainly I don’t think any of us intend to let our whole lives revolve around football. But I do think it’s fun to enjoy the anticipation of the season.)

(I believe I’ve sufficiently over-explained.)

All righty. What say you, college football fans?

p.s. Hail State.

p.p.s. Go, ‘Dogs!

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  1. You know I’m smiling like Adam’s housecat at this post. Yes. Amen. Hallelujah. The Lord has shone favor on us this August and I don’t know why but I love it. It was 65 here today at noon. SIXTY-FIVE!!!!!!!!!!

    Go hogs. #wps

    • Robyn Davidson says:

      I wore long sleeves tonight & sat outside. It was like fall in August. I know the heat is just giving us a brief reprieve. But I’ll take it.

      War Eagle. :)

      • Some years ago we attended the Razorback/Auburn game in Fayetteville. It just happened to be the weekend of the biggest craft fair of the year in our state held at War Eagle, AR and the name of the craft fair is War Eagle Craft Show.

        Anyway, Auburn won and as we were walking to the car this one lone guy kept yelling at the top of his lungs–WAR EAGLE, WAR EAGLE, WAR EAGLE–

        I was so amused because although there are a lot of guys who love the craft fair, I didn’t know many who would advertise it that long and loudly.

        I didn’t know til some time later that I was supposed to be really annoyed as he yelled that over and over–after all, aren’t they the Auburn Tigers–?

        Finally I did a Google search and found out what it was really all about–very interesting I might add if you’ve never read about it.

  2. R-O-L-L-T-I-D-E :)

  3. Robyn Davidson says:


    (All the houndstooth gives me a headache. I saw Auburn orange houndstooth the other day. SEVEN KINDS OF NO.)

    • I live in Chicago now… but we still greet each other and anyone we see with Auburn paraphernalia with a hearty “War Eagle”! Robyn…our time in Montgomery raised us well :)

  4. The Aggies also have another new saying “Please God don’t let Johnny Manziel get suspended.”

    • Karen Ward says:

      Melanie, I know it’s mean of me but I just had to laugh at that!

    • Christie says:

      LOL! That’s funny Melanie. The Aggies can pray but everyone knows God’s a UT fan, that’s why the sunset is burnt orange and not maroon! Hook’em Horns!!!

    • Dang it. I spit water when I read that.

    • Lol! Even as a loyal, bleed purple & gold Tiger fan, I really, really hope he doesn’t. I would love to see him play this year – that kid, attitude or not, arrests or not, is super fun to watch. And he makes my husband happy during football season – a rarity in our 10 year marriage. I won’t go as far as to say “Johnny Football” but I will say “back off the witch hunt, quit making money off the guy, and let him do his thing”. Then we’ll see if he self-destructs (hope not) in the big league.

    • No joke sister. I’m skeered. Want to see him play!!

  5. I may not be “special” like you SEC people, but I am proud proud member of the NC State Wolfpack family. We greet each other with a wolf howl anywhere and everywhere, but we’ll settle for a more subdued “GO PACK!” in the more sophisticated places, and there is nothing more awesome than walking out of a stadium with thousands of other people and hearing someone shout “WOLF!” and then hundreds or thousands of other people shouting back “PACK!” Win or lose, Wolfpack pride runs DEEP.

  6. Geaux Tigers!

  7. I went to Mary Hardin-Baylor (Division 3) and am a big fan of our “Go Cru!” (Our mascot is the crusader.) This is often accompanied by a raised hand forming the letter C. My sisters went to Baylor so I am a fan and love a good “Awwwwwww Sic ’em Bears!” My 3-year-old does a great Sic ’em!

  8. Well I am not an Aggie, but I did live in College Station for nigh on 10 years and as a greeting, they tend to prefer “howdy.” “Gig ’em,” though said often, isn’t often a greeting that I can tell. I went to the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, which is a tiny school. But we’ve been very good in football since we got a team in 1997. We say “Go Cru!” but it’s never been said as a greeting, per say. And to further ramble about football (which isn’t really a part I my life at all), when I was in high school in College Station it was A&M Consolidated High School (the guys in maroon with AMC on thri shirts in Friday Night Ligjts? That AMC was for A&M Consolidated) and other teams made signs they usually said something like “beat A&M!” And really, that’s. lofty goal because we always referred to ourselves as Consol for short. A&M is only used to refer to the University. Football rant over!

  9. Boomer Sooner!!!!

    We have be counting down the days here for the season to begin. I have already planned my menu for game day.

  10. “wahoowah” from the University of Virginia

  11. Trish in Oregon says:

    I’m on the other side of the country, but GO DUCKS!! ;)

  12. JustBetty says:

    “Boiler Up!”
    Purdue University – (Boilermakers)

  13. Used to live in Austin so I have to add “Hook ’em Horns!” But shhh! I’m really more of an A&M fan. ;)

  14. We’re enjoying the 70s in Atlanta. Love your blog. Go Dawgs!!!

  15. The Aggies say “Howdy!” To each other as well. It makes for a pleasant walk about campus! Happy Fall (dreams)!!

  16. There’s nothing left to say but “Go Gators!”

  17. My alma mater, The University of Texas at Tyler didn’t have a football team when I was a student! But, I’m a UT Austin fan, so Hook ’em!

  18. My family are Kansas State grads – EMAW – Every Man a Wildcat!

    Must we keep college football in perspective?!!! Let’s go!

  19. Here in Ohio we say Go Bucks!!! But the real tradition is when walking down an alley or in a stream of people or just in general when there are a lot of people around… one person shouts out O-H and everyone else around shouts back I-O. It’s especially fun to do this when you are not in Ohio and you hear a lot of people shout back I-O. Then you know you are around fellow Buckeye fans.

    • We’re from Columbus and die hard Ohio State fans. Now we live in Michigan, but my kids will give an O-H to anyone they see wearing OSU clothing. Most of the time they get an I-O in return! Go Bucks!

      • O-H!

        Go Bucks! I actually managed to snag tickets to OSU/Iowa this year. My first game in almost 15 years :)

        • Kristina says:

          I – O!!! Go Bucks! (PS: I got tickets to that game too! My first ever. Totally excited to see TBDBITL!!! (The Best Damn Band In the Land)

    • Donna Dear says:

      I am a southern girl living in OH. I feel our summer has been hijacked by Mother Nature. No am not ready for fall although the less humidity has been nice while watching my daughter’s tennis matches.

      As far as football, I care nothing for OSU. I tire of their sayings,cheers, and clothing everywhere. I always love to see SEC stickers while driving around up here. I proudly support both mine and hubby’s respective schools so – HAIL STATE and War Eagle!!!

      • Cyndie in Ohio says:

        I’m from OH and I understand the feeling of being in another area of the country cause we lived in Missouri for 5 years, BUT I also learned that you need to respect the population where you are currently residing because they just love their home team like you love yours. Go Bucks!

    • I live in Alabama but grew up in Ohio, so we say it all the time and love to hear how many respond!

    • I’m a Cleveland, OH girl born and raised but I now live in Chicago. There are bars here that cater to specific teams and there is nothing better than being surrounded by other Buckeyes during the game and hearing the “O-H” “I-O” chants! We are going to have an awesome season and I look forward to being in the championship.

      However, my FAVORITE Buckeye tradition is watching The Best Da** Band in the Land doing the Script Ohio.

  20. Those of us from the College of William and Mary say “Go Tribe!” although it is highly unlikely that you will be watching us on the TV :)

  21. GO HEELS!

  22. I’m getting ready to drop off my baby who I have homeschooled for all of grade school to her first day of high school! I love college football so this is a nice, don’t cry momma, diversion. I do love my hogs! #wps

  23. Go Pokes—-standard greeting for Oklahoma State fans…can be combined with an eye ro if the Sooners are around!;)

  24. Two words that only need to be said… GO BLUE!!!!!!!! Michigan all the way!!!

    • Vicki Esh says:

      I can’t believe I had to scroll this far down in the comments before someone said GO BLUE!! Michigan, the winningest team in ALL of college football. Yes, yes they are.

  25. …and isn’t it great that depending on if you write Go Dogs or Go Dawgs everyone in the SEC knows exactly who your talking about….thank you for this post I am OFFICIALLY excited about football season! Time to go read up on the players so I can win my fantasy league :) Go Gators!

  26. Hook ’em Horns!!

  27. Ginger Powell says:

    War Eagle! Come to Auburn this season. You live 2 hours away. I will keep hounding you until I get a yes!

  28. Debra D. says:

    In my house, it is Go ‘Noles! Which replaced the politically incorrect Scalp ‘Em!

  29. Big 10 – Purdue University, “Boiler Up!”

  30. Beth Ann says:

    Rock Chalk, Jayhawk or just Rock Chalk for the University of Kansas. There’s nothing that will send chills down my back (and even brought tears to my eyes a few times) like hearing the Rock Chalk chant start after a great win at Allen Fieldhouse.

    • I moved to Northeastern Kansas from Southern California in 1999. In Cali there are sooo many teams, in San Diego where I am from there are over 10 colleges with football teams, so you don’t tend to be a die hard fan of just one of them.

      But here in Kansas…it is KU all the way! Rock Chalk Jayhawk! And while I didn’t personally attend KU, my son did!

  31. Kuliejellogg says:

    GO POKES!!! for Oklahoma State Cowboys :)

  32. We too are enjoying the 70 degree temps in our Atlanta home in the heart of all this SEC madness.

    But our Okie home- hearts will always holler out a Boomer Sooner! Or, seeing a fellow fan one might call out Boomer! to which one would reply Sooner! I even have a crimson ‘swagger wagon’ to match my crimson OU plate on the front.

    So while life is not solely a summation of a football season – it sure can make it a lot of fun. :)

  33. I’m with the Hook ’em crowd of UT. But sadly the football team seems to do better when it is “book ’em horns”

  34. Karen Ward says:

    My word, are there NO Vols fans here? Go Big Orange!! Rocky Top!

  35. Goooooo Dawgs!!! Sic ’em! Woof Woof Woof!!!

  36. My Sports Illustrated came yesterday, too, but mine had Johnny Manziel on the cover. As I read the college football preview I noticed that both Baylor and Vanderbilt are ranked in the preseason top 25. When has that ever happened?

    So, in honor of my kid’s Alma Mater (and all the money we sent to Waco): SIC ‘EM, BEARS!

    And, as always, GO GATORS!!!!!

    • Amen Leigh…We Sic’Em in this house too because hey, that’s who seems to get the money! Excited to watch the Bears this Senior year with my son and especially the ULM game. My husband is a ULM alumni & to him they will always be the “Indians”. (We used to “hook ’em” too but we don’t talk about those days any longer) :-)

      • Lauralli says:

        Yes, I am an NLU alumni (and Monroe native) as well! ULM Warhawks (or whatever)? :)

  37. Reppin’ Clemson – GO TIIIGERS!!!

  38. Jillbird says:

    As the newbies of the SEC, we Missouri fans greet each other with “M-I-Z…” and the response would be, “…Z-O-U!”.
    Had someone yell that out to me from the station when I was on a train at Disney World. (Realized I was wearing my spirit wear) Go Tigers!

  39. GEAUX Tigers!!! We don’t so much use it as a salutation to each other – or at least not when I was in school. I do however, recall many instances of a little taunting cheer to opposing fans walking past our tailgate… “Tiger Bait, Tiger Bait, TIGER BAIT!” Not totally sweet which is probably why we aren’t well-liked in the SEC. However, after the game, we’ll totally invite you to our tailgate to have some gumbo and a beer :)

  40. I could use a break from the chevron. I loved it when it came to the scene. Then I never bought anything and now it is EVERYWHERE. Even boppy covers. For the love. I still think it’s cute, I just can’t buy any on principle alone.

  41. I have to represent my Texas Tech Red Raiders! We say GUNS UP or WRECK ‘EM, TECH! The start of college football is an exciting, somewhat scary, time of year. We Red Raiders never know what to expect!

  42. At the other MSU – Michigan State – go Big Ten :-) we say Go Green and the other responds with Go White. I am so excited for college football and planning our first tailgate two weeks from today!

    • Yay Vicki!! We live in NJ and the other week were in NYC and walked by someone wearing an MSU hat to which we had the exchange you mentioned. Taking our girls to their first MSU came this year and can’t wait.

  43. Woo Pig!!

  44. GEAUX TIGERS!! :) I’m counting down the days to the start of football season too! It’s my favorite time of the year! During college, I road-tripped-it to all the SEC stadiums (except T&M and Mizzou since they are weren’t in the SEC when I was in college…but I went to A&M last year and will definitely go to Missouri when LSU plays them for the first time). The SEC and the overall college football atmosphere are so much fun!

  45. I am so pumped to wear my houndstooth rain boots and houndstooth earrings! ROLL TIDE!!! And for the first time ever we will probably attend the State v. Troy game since my brother just moved to Starkvegas last week! Roll State? Hail Tide? Also, my husband’s an auburn fan. We’re confused over here…

  46. Woo Pig!! #wps

  47. Renee S. says:

    Hard core Mizzou fans here! My hubby or I will call out M-I-Z! And our 7 year old and 20 month old will reply Z-O-U!

  48. Representing the “other” Mississippi school-The University of Southern Mississippi! Southern Miss- To The Top!!

    psst-we root for the Dawgs too! ;-)

  49. The weather here is absolutely delightful, as well!!! I’m digging it. And this post. Also? Woooooo Pig Sooie!!! Go Hogs! #wps

  50. Boomer Sooner!

  51. Casey A. says:

    I’m an Alabama gal, so Roll Tide!!!

  52. Where are the Vol fans? Power T, Go Big Orange and ROCKY TOP!!!!

  53. Sherry L. says:

    We are not just a basketball school anymore! (Thank you, Coach Mark Stoops and Stoops’ Troops!) So, Go BIG BLUE!

  54. Big Blue Nation!! Go Cats! We’re here to play this football season!!

  55. I can’t wait for college ball! “Guns Up” from Texas Tech!

  56. It is a wonderful 65 degrees in Atlanta today. Love this weather! Definitely football weather.
    I’m an Auburn fan so War Eagle but also an Ohio State fan so O-H-I-O, go Buckeyes!
    Also, Akron is known as Zips.

  57. Mizzou! Mizzou! Mizzou-RAH!

    (By the way, houndstooth? Is it because of Bear Bryant? Kinda confused here in fly-over land!)

  58. Always cheer for my Hogs (#wps), but I also cheer for my alma mater, Arkansas State University. We don’t really have a saying, but we like to type “stAte” when talking about the Red Wolves online.

  59. Game!! Cocks!!

  60. M-I-Z-Z-O-U! We are new to the SEC, but we are catching on:)

  61. DeLinda H says:

    Texas Tech University classic greeting “Wreck ‘Em Tech!” New young coach this year, new saying “Our coach is hotter than your coach!”

  62. Missouri University

    (said loudly and often. Can’t wait for football!)

  63. I really do hate that Alabama ruined houndstooth for everyone. I actually like the pattern. I bought my daughter a cute little skirt that was houndstooth, but NOT black and white. She refused to even try it on!! Oh yeah – War Eagle!!!

  64. from the Great State of Georgia…. Goooooooo DAWGS!!!! Sic’em!!!!!!!!!!! If this doesn’t feel like football weather I don’t know what does. I’ve got a good mind to go home, make some dips and re-watch the Georgia Florida game from last year just as a warm-up :)

  65. “LET’S GO…”

    WVU pride here.

  66. I am from Knoxville and everything here is bright orange from August to December. We say Go Big Orage! We also say Go Vols! Knoxville understands the ways of SEC football in the fall and the town is jut on fire! Excited for the season to come….Go Big Orange!!!

  67. Julie in Michigan says:

    MSU Spartan Fan, “Go Green, Go White”

  68. transplanted from Starkville to way out in West Texas, Odessa, but its still HAIL STATE and GO DAWGS!!!

  69. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    Roll Tide!!!

  70. Oh, yes! I’m so ready for Fall and for Alabama Football! Although, I do have to say, being a recent graduate of Bama, I’ve steered away from things of the red and houndstooth variety. (I might get hunted down for saying that) But, being surrounded by it ALL. THE. TIME. makes you want to NOT look at it. When I moved into my own apartment, my mom asked me if I wanted red to decorate and I quickly responded no. You can’t escape it on campus. With that being said, my office was decorated in all things Bama. There was no doubt where my loyalty lied. And now that I’ve been away from red and houndstooth for awhile, I’m ready to be thrown back into it all! I just visited Tuscaloosa last weekend and it made me even more ready for football season!

    So, bottom line. Only 15 days until College Football returns! ROLL TIDE! :)

  71. I know this is blasphemous but I don’t know a thing about football and it is likely to stay that way. However, I do wish to start saying “Woo Pig Sooie” as a greeting! Glad you all have such great fun with sporting events!

  72. HOTTY TODDY!!! I LOVE it! I too am a sports radio listener and message board poster…. My husband used to be your parents’ pastor in “Myrtlewood” and she sent me your book! I have been absolutely in stitches reading it. Last night I was laughing so hard, Rob had to come in the bedroom and see what was up. I looked at him with tears rolling down my cheeks and said, “YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!” Really, I think it’s even funnier because I know most of the people in the stories…..your mother-in-law for one…..”the portions, the PORTIONS…have you SEEN the SIZE of the PORTIONS?”….LOLOLOL!!!! Loving every minute of it! Thanks!

  73. HAIL STATE! I’m TRUE MAROON and you know this! And my home, does tend to revolve around SEC football through the Egg Bowl…and then into bowl games. It’s not because of my husband at all. It’s all ME! GO DAWGS!

  74. Roll Tide all the way. As a Bama grad and fan, however, I do have to say that enough is enough with the houndstooth. I do enjoy a good houndstooth scarf, but I draw the line at entire halves of the body being covered in houndstooth. Also, I am against more than one size of houndstooth being worn at a time- giant houndstooth print and normal sized houndstooth print do NOT go together!

    Can’t wait for football season!

  75. Go Cocks!

  76. Kathy Wilshire says:

    I am a Baylor grad. We greet each other with “Sic ’em!” I am as big of a Texas Ranger fan as you are college football. Our left fielder, David Murphy, is a fellow Baylor Bear. We we t to spring training in AZ over spring break, and as he came on the practice field for batting practice one day I yelled, “Sic ’em!” He automatically looked up & yled it back! It was awesome!!
    SIC ‘EM!

  77. Hail State

  78. Pretty sure I’m on my own here, but “Go Bears!”. (UC Berkeley part of the Pac 12) Said fast enough it sounds like goobers…

  79. Megan Marie says:

    Go Blue! Hail to the Victors! I’m a University of Michigan girl, and current student! I love college football season!!

  80. GO VOLS!!!!!

  81. As for me and my house, we will yell GO COCKS! :)

  82. Lynnetta C says:

    Go Gold! SMTTT!

    (you know, for the OTHER Mississippi university) :o)

  83. Go Big Blue! Hopeful that Coach Stoops can get us out of the SEC cellar!

  84. Kentucky, we usually say stuff like, “Just wait until basketball season!” or “Basketball will be here soon!” or “We’ll get you come basketball season!” LOL! Hopefully things will be a-changin’ under Stoops! C-A-T-S, Cats! Cats! Cats!

  85. This is delightful!

    Go Vols!

  86. Ah, my favorite season– College Football Season! Can’t wait!

    \m/ Hook ’em!! \m/

  87. #wps

  88. Woo pig Sooie!!!! Go hogs go!!! #WPS #hogwild
    Loved this post!!! And I love the SEC!!! Might be the only conference where teams and fans curse each other one week, and cheer for each other the next week!!

  89. Yes, sooo happy it’s almost football season. HOOK ‘EM for my alma mater {and my hubbie’s AND our two boys}! We are a total UT burnt orange family. Fingers crossed we have a good season and I hope Mississippi State does, too!

  90. GO VOLS!!!

  91. Must say it, Woo Pig Sooooooooooie!

  92. I must say, Go Jackets! I love the GA Tech Yellow Jackets! My brother and youngest son are graduates. I love the Wramblin’ Wrecks! I went to UGA one year before Nursing School, but came to my senses! JK – my dad, sister and other brother are UGA graduates. A house divided makes for lots of family fun. We all love football.

  93. This cracks me up! My husband coaches high school football and before we met I didn’t really watch football. But it’s been 9 years now and I really do like it, especially college. But in so cal there are only two teams that get press: UCLA and USC. We’re UCLA fan’s (go Bruins!) But there’s not the passion from the masses I read about on blogs. I really wish there was! But we wear our sweatshirts (people don’t dress up for games here) and tailgate. Love finding out how other cities do it.

  94. You got one new SEC school but forgot the other!!! M-I-Z!!!!!!!!

    And the other replies with “Z-O-U!!!!!!!!!” Works everywhere cause I’m in Washington state now and I even get it here when I wear my gear.

  95. Roll Tide and Woo Pig Soooie!

    Which is weird, cuz I am a Georgia girl born and bred. But I went to Alabama and live in Arkansas now, just a few miles from the Mo line, so I may have to sneak in a little MIZ in there!

  96. I’m an Alabama fan in Nashville, but there’s a lot of us up here. Last night, I walked into a restaurant wearing a ‘Bama t-shirt. This was the conversation:
    Hostess: Roll Tide!
    Me: Roll Tide.
    Hostess: So, how many?
    Me: Two ‘Bama fans. (To my husband): Hey dear, she’s a ‘Bama fan.
    Husband: Roll Tide!
    Hostess: Roll Tide.

    We had to wait for a few minutes for a table, and she just said, “I’m just putting you down as ‘Bama.” We got a kick out of, “Bama, party of two?”

  97. Roll Tide!

  98. It’s a lovely 68 degrees in South Carolina today! And raining, of course! But, I will take this amazing summer weather. Over here in SEC land, we say, Go ‘Cocks! And, Clowney on the front cover of SI–have mercy! My household of boys was beyond thrilled to see that. My oldest left yesterday for his junior year at Carolina….miss that child already! Looking forward to a new fun season of football–just around the corner.
    Have a great weekend, Sophie!

  99. natesmom says:

    Fear the turtle (U of Maryland)

  100. Go IRISH !!!!