Miss America 2014 Viewing Party

It’s only been nine months since the last Miss America pageant, so it seems a little strange to be having another viewing party so soon. At the same time, though, I’m really excited that the pageant is in September again, and the fact that it’s in Atlantic City makes me smile. Plus, you will never hear me scoff at the opportunity to watch tap dancers / baton twirlers / vocalists who enjoy performing show tunes.

Now. Before we get started, I want to cover a few business-y things. Because I know we all want to approach this pageant in the most professional way possible. I laughed when I typed that, by the way.

1) I’ll update this same post throughout the pageant, so just be aware that between the updates and everyone’s comments, we’re all going to have to refresh our browsers in order to keep up with the conversation.

2) I’ll also be updating on the Twitter.

3) Let’s embrace the fun of the pageant without being mean-spirited. I’m confident that we would all be mortified if some contestant (or, heaven forbid, her mama) accidentally ran across this post and felt like we’d been unkind. So let’s have a blast and laugh like crazy and start a slow clap during talent and take a moment to marvel at how many squats and lunges are represented on that stage during the swimsuit competition.

4) Let’s also take a moment to ask the Lord for the blessing of some tap dancing / baton twirling / clogging during the talent competition. I cannot imagine any greater short-term joy.

All righty – see y’all in just a little bit. Thanks so much for being here!


I don’t know if y’all are watching this 20/20*****

Parade of contestants, everybody!

(I wonder if Mallory Hagan is sad that she only got to be Miss America for nine months? I think they should let her stay on for an additional three months. IT’S ONLY FAIR.)


Oh, I adore how they start dancing after they say their names.

Do y’all think the contestants get to meet with pun consultants before they record their introductions?

I will always root for Miss Mississippi most of all.

Did y’all see Miss Nevada dancing the entire time? I love her. And I think the girls who are introducing themselves on the beach have an extra challenge. That sand makes aerobic movement more difficult.

The dancing has been outstanding this year. And we’re not even finished with the intros yet.

All righty. Time for top 15. But they just can’t stop dancing! And I wish we could’ve seen the former Miss Americas up close.

Anybody have any predictions? I thought Miss Georgia stood out – and Miss Nevada, too. But maybe that’s because Miss Nevada danced with such enthusiasm.

Top 15:
Kansas (America’s Choice)
New York
————interrupting to say that the Southern states are in fine form tonight———


Anybody have any info on the talents? Is there a Bollywood dance in the mix? PLEASE SAY YES.

Watching swimsuit. Can’t help but think that I need to eat more celery.

I’m glad swimsuit is over. I was about to go to a dark emotional place. :-)

TOP 12
New York

We have the possibility of a Bollywood dance AND a baton routine in the talent competition. I LOVE AMERICA.

An evening gown competition with Imagine Dragons playing in the background? Miss America, YOU ARE SO EDGY.

Two purple evening gowns? Unexpected.

And really, there were four evening gowns in the purple family. Plus a yellow one. LSU fans are delighted, no doubt. :-)

I wonder if they’re gonna do that thing this year where everybody is on stage in their costumes and then they surprise them with the Top 10 announcement?

Top 10
Kansas (OPERA!)
California (BALLET!)
Connecticut (IRISH STEP DANCE!)
—————–these talents are FANTASTIC—————
Georgia (Les Miserables)
Texas (“Fever”)
————–so far I think Oklahoma was the best —————-
Minnesota (violin)
Maryland (singing “For Good”)
Florida (BATONS!!!!!) (THANK YOU, LORD!)

What was your favorite talent? I think Miss Minnesota was the most talented – but I do love some batons.

Oh. The questions. This always makes me nervous.

Top 5
Oklahoma (twerking)
Minnesota (stand by your man – and ROCK ON, SISTER)
California (Syria)
New York (plastic surgery)
Florida (racial equality)

Okay. I have a pick. I think Miss Minnesota is the winner. What about y’all?

Clearly I am a terrible prognosticator.

4th – Minnesota
3rd – Florida
2nd – Oklahoma
1st – California
WINNER – New York


Thanks so much, y’all, for watching and commenting and making me laugh a whole bunch.

Same time next year?


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  1. Man, those back views are awful. A mermaid dress is NEVER flattering to any body style. Especially from the back!

  2. How do they mess that up? Yikes! Too bad for the girls and their families!

  3. MD, MN, and FL for the evening wear wins!

    And I hope someone is making sure the judges know who was who since it was messed up there with FL and MO.

  4. Ann in Maryland says:

    Very proud of Miss Maryland in her gown — she looked great! Also thought California and Georgia looked good too!

    And now…my favorite part…the talent competition!

  5. 5 purple dresses and all so different! Only 4 white, the traditional Miss America winner’s color dress.

  6. Is this the painful part where they are all dressed for their talent but don’t know if they will get called to perform? If so, it’s a little mean.

  7. purple dress seemed to have improper undergarments

  8. Quick – predict the top 5 before the talent. Mine: Florida, Kansas, Texas, California, Oklahoma

  9. She lives in Bartlesville, OK! The 50 year winner!

  10. Anybody else feel that there is a conspiracy for Ms. FL to win what with all the 20/20 coverage and that unfortunate name mix-up during the evening gown competition……

  11. Go Kelsey!

  12. I’m sad that Miss Mississippi did not make the finals!
    Woo Hoo! Talent just started! :)


  14. The Kennedys says:

    New York hello New York!!!!!

  15. Love the pop video facts!!!

  16. Well. There it is. Bollywood meets Miss America.

  17. Miss NY, that was WAY better than singing!

  18. speechless

  19. I wonder if their audio is as terrible in the auditorium as it is on the tv and that’s why she couldn’t hear her name.

  20. Ann in Maryland says:

    Wow! That Bollywood dance was exciting. Even my cat started running around the room!

  21. apparently this girl taught herself opera in a few weeks….

  22. Tattoo and opera! This is why Miss America is great!

  23. Miss Kansas: I could do archery, or, you know, sing opera.

  24. dang….

  25. “I’m singing because there is a clause against projectile objects.” My favorite line from any Miss America pageant ever. And I wish that my second best talent was as amazing as hers.

  26. Elizabeth J says:

    That’s right folks, she learned to sing opera for the Miss America pageant because she couldn’t do archery. God Bless America!

  27. Oh , the Bollywood dance !!! I am sorry y’all, but that was just AWESOME!!!

  28. That is a well placed virtual crown behind the microphone. Nice job, set designers.

    • I’ve been watching that the whole show too! It’s like they are just seeing how it would look on each girl!

  29. I think it’s high time the Miss America organization revists the rule against the use of projectile objects in the talent competition.

  30. I like how the crown is hovering over their head from the background decoration.

  31. Sallie Baker says:

    My hometown produced two Miss America’s….and just saw both of them in the audience!!
    Denton, Texas …..home of Phyllis George and Shirley Cothran!! Proud to know them both!!

  32. Bollywood fusion. And a serious tutu with some feathered headgear. We need some tap in a hurry…..

  33. I love the pop-up video!

    Loved the Bollywood and the Miss California’s ballet!


  35. How about Irish dancing?

  36. Fun! Riverdance! :)

  37. Did Miss Connecticut just say “boobs up” is the key to Irish dancing?

  38. “learned her song by watching YouTube”

    She is a beautiful girl, but I’m sad that she & Miss America advertise this. It was obvious that she lacked formal training, and makes me think she doesn’t really want the if she wasn’t working hard to be a well rounded contestant. True talent takes hard work & sacrifice, Young girls watching – work hard! Take lessons! Practice, practice, practice!

  39. OK, y’all, Miss Kansas did not sing opera. Really singing opera takes years of training not a few weeks watching Youtube. There was no depth to her voice, no breath support. I applaud her for trying and I appreciate her service to our country, but I feel bad for what are for sure some girls on that stage that have trained to sing opera and won’t get the chance tonight.

    • YES. Thank you. I didn’t hear her comment about archery before I critiqued her in my comment above… but that was painful for me having formal training, and I’m sad that young girls think that they can learn a talent on YouTube and that’s just “good enough”. Hard work & sacrifice, yall! If these girls starve themselves and work out like crazy to get in shape, I hope they’re also refining their talent as diligently!

    • True, but so far I think she’s the strongest singer so far, trained or not!

      • The singers are all not great tonight. It could possibly they can not hear their music very well. i wonder if they have “ears” -in ear monitors- or if they are just hearing the music through a floor monitor?

  40. I like the variety of talent. It will make it tough for the judges.

  41. Michelle O says:

    The cameramen couldn’t keep up with the Irish dance!

  42. debbie in tennessee says:

    That is some fast moving feet!

  43. Ann in Maryland says:

    The clogging was fun too!

  44. oh dear

  45. Nicole Howell says:

    Did I just here a “chin up, boobs up”? Ok then!

  46. duly noted, but she sounded better than Miss Georgia….

  47. Ann in Maryland says:

    Well, now we know Miss Georgia’s special talent: her feet are two different sizes.

  48. Reading things about them in the corner is cute.


  50. Dang. That Irish Step Dance was even better than tap! Loved it.

  51. Miss Texas, I love you, but this song screams pant suit!

  52. The Kennedys says:

    Georgia’s talent was lacking. She looked pained and strained singing.

  53. so far Irish Step Dance was best….by far

  54. The awkwardness of this year’s “improvised” witty banter is beyond description.

  55. Did anyone notice they were “cruising” in whihte wicker chairs on the way to commercial. Nothing says cruising like white wicker.

  56. I hope we get to see Miss Florida and the batons.

    I am having so much fun, ladies! i haven’t watched the pageant in YEARS! But I am from Mississippi and grew up watching every single year. I was so proud when Susan Akin won!!
    Tomorrow is my birthday, and told my family that I wanted to start celebrating tonight by relaxing and watching the pageant! So much fun! :) Four of my children are watching with me (and making such interesting and funny comments)!

  57. debbie in tennessee says:

    Since my brother and I were little we always watched pageants together. He lives in another state now, but just talked to him on phone. This is just great!

  58. “still fears the Snow White witch”….

  59. More peplum? The theme of Miss America 2014 is peplum? There’s a surprise.

  60. Yay!! Miss Florida!

  61. Michelle O says:

    Oh I wish Miss Maryland hadn’t worn such big earrings.

  62. Nicole Howell says:

    Enjoys cuttin people’s hair…and also there lawns. Good to know!


  64. The Kennedys says:

    a bedazzled leg brace. excellent.

  65. Just sick – we are in Gulf Shores and our condo doesn’t get ABC (what the heck? whoever heard of no ABC?!) and I can’t get the laptop to stream it live! WAHHHH! I am reading here to stay informed!!!

  66. Delightful!! Only fire would have made it any better.


  68. She scared me with kicks in that brace. Scared me.

  69. Is a baton not a projectile object?!?

  70. MN and FL with MD as the dark horse, for the talents!

  71. debbie in tennessee says:

    Batons, Irish dancing, Bollywood, only in America

  72. Ann in Maryland says:

    Ok, Miss Maryland’s singing was…ok. Not great, but nice. Maybe she can wow them in the questions and answers segment.

  73. I liked the Irish dancer best…. Unique and fun

  74. That is some serious baton talent. There is a studio somewhere cheering wildly!

  75. Michelle O says:

    I’m sitting here five weeks out from my own ACL surgery and I’m thinking Miss FL has a long road of recovery ahead and the craziness of being Miss America may be really tough for her. Admire her for not quitting though. Hope she has some good pain meds. She’s going to need them!

    • Do you think it was possible to do what she did with a torn ACL? Wondering if that was over dramatized. If it is truly torn, then kudos to her!

      • Michelle O says:

        Yes I think she did indeed tear it because its all about a twist while landing hard.

        • I saw an interview with her Thursday night and she was seen by an orthopedic surgeon who told her she could have surgery that afternoon. She said that she was going back to the pageant that night (her night for talent) and even if she could only stand on the stage for her 90 seconds she was going to do that!

    • Michelle, can Miss FL put off surgery for a year?

      • She could but she risks damaging it further because of the weakness. I just can’t imagine fulfilling all those duties on a bum knee.

        • Well, now she can go home and get it repaired. She’s got access to great medical care at UF. She must have a super high level of pain tolerance to do what she did since Thursday. And blessings to you as you recover!

  76. Oh, wow–Florida just blew the others away in talent!

  77. This part makes me nervous. AWKWARD!

  78. Oh glory… a Miley question….

    “I don’t think her performance was twerking for me”

    clever, but didn’t assert her opinion enough for me to respect her answer. Have an opinion, ladies. That’s the point.

  79. Yes, Minnesota!

    • Yes! Marriage is a lifetime commitment!

      Whew! Glad those questions are over.

      I can’t believe the winner will be announce in just a few minutes. This has flown by!

  80. Oh—-these questions make me soooo nervous!

    well—I didn’t really understand the last two answers—New York and the ballet dancer.

  81. Prediction:
    NY will win.

    MN should win

  82. Ann in Maryland says:

    It just wasn’t twerking for me?……

  83. My picks
    Winner Minnesota
    2 Florida
    3 California
    4 New York
    5 Oklahoma

  84. I’m picking Minnesota

  85. Miss America 2013 only had a 9 month reign. Bummer for her.

  86. Not loving the choices……
    FL was talented with the batons, but the whole fist pumping thing as she made her way onstage was not her most ladylike moment…
    Some lovely gowns this year, and the girls looked unbelievable in their swimsuits, but I’m just not feelin’ the final 5

  87. Ann in Maryland says:

    Pulling for Florida…..

  88. I do not think Mallory’s dress is appropriate for a Miss America. I don’t care for the mid-drift showing.

  89. I’m predicting Miss New York.

  90. Minnesota got 5th because of her answer to her interview question…UGH!!!

  91. The nerves! Just announce the winner already!

  92. bollywood wins! wow~

  93. Do you think she’s happy and excited??? :)
    Good night, ladies!
    It’s been so much fun!

  94. New York two years in a row. They’ll catch flack for that.

  95. Bollywood dance….maybe talent really doesn’t count for much anymore. she ‘s a pretty girl, but the talent was sketch

    • I agree. I’ve seen better Bollywood dancing. And her answer about plastic surgery wasn’t that great either. Interesting choice from the judges.

      • I wasn’t blown away by any of the interview answers tonight and thought the range of questions (twerking to Syria) made it a little hard to fairly evaluate. Not the strongest talent year but loved the variety. Too bad no projectiles allowed! Though I thought she did a fine job with the opera.

  96. Confession: When she said “you’ve come a long way” I sorta wanted to light up a Virginia Slim. [I’m old, y’all. It’s what we did.]
    But, when they called Minnesota as4th runner-up, I wanted a tequilla shot or something stronger. Why-oh-why do I get so emotionally involved in these pageants, for Pete’s sake.

    • …but since i don’t actually *drink* that comment of mine (from hours ago) is bugging me to pieces now. Miss America Pageant, you are a nerve-wracking event. And I’ll see ya same time/ same place next year.

  97. Ann in Maryland says:

    Good job, Miss Maryland. I’m proud of what you did tonight. And congratulations to Miss New York!

    Thanks to Boo Mama for hosting this viewing party. It was a lot of fun!

  98. Thanks for having us, Sophie. It was fun even if my picks did not win.

  99. Thanks, Boo Mama! It was awesome therapy as usual

  100. Did they say the talent was 50%? Wondering why the interview wasn’t weighted more.

    • Courtney Sloane says:

      I’m not knocking anyone, but the answers are often lacking in the interview portion…

      (I know they have a weighty question thrown at them with a small window in which to answer while standing in front of thousands of people, so I’m not saying I could do better.)