Things I’ve Been Meaning To Mention

– First and foremost, I FOUND MY CREAM SHIRT. I know we’ll all enjoy being able to sleep again. (edited to add: The shirt was in a load of laundry – I found it when I was sorting through the pile of clean clothes on the guest room bed.)

– Next. I have a book signing this Saturday (October 19th) in Memphis. It’s from 1-3 at {Social} a shop for gracious living. The address is 660 S. Perkins, 38117. The store will have copies of my book for sale, and if you’d like some books personalized for Christmas gifts, this would be a great time to make that happen.

(I kind of hate myself for that last sentence.)

(I am so bad at book promotion.)

(But that doesn’t change the fact that I would be so happy to see some of y’all there.)

– One of our all-time favorite singer/songwriters, Dave Barnes, has a concert right here in Birmingham on Tuesday, October 22nd. Gabe Dixon is also performing, and he is another musical treasure that you do not want to miss. The concert is at WorkPlay, and it’s such a fun place to listen to music and hang out and enjoy a laid-back date night.

So, in summary: Dave + Gabe + WorkPlay = an insane amount of musical talent in one convenient location. Tickets are only $20, and that is a bargain, I tell you. A BARGAIN.

– Our church is hosting a conference called The Gospel at Work on November 22-23. Here’s the idea behind it:

This conference was born out of a desire to help Christians think and live differently in the workplace: What is God’s purpose for my work? How does the gospel change my work? It’s also designed to help Christians think wisely and practically about their work: How does applying the truths of the gospel help me manage differently? If you work a 9 to 5, will someday be working a 9 to 5, or are in between working a 9 to 5, then we pray that this conference will build you up.

David Platt is teaching, as is Harry Reeder (one of my favorite preachers) and Greg Gilbert. There are some great teachers leading break-out sessions, too. Registration is only $49 until October 31st. Here’s more info if you’re interested.

– Considering that it took me about ten years to realize that that the Target logo is in fact a target, I found this list of hidden messages in company logos absolutely fascinating. And I imagine that it goes without saying that I’d never noticed the FedEx arrow. (via)

– My friend Kim posted this video on Facebook, and I think it’s so fun. Plus, if any one wants to take on this routine as a talent in the Miss America pageant, I will be BESIDE MYSELF.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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  1. Sophie! SO GLAD you found the cream shirt, but we (and by “we”, we all know I mean I) need more closure than that….where was it, for goodness sake?

  2. Oh, I loved that video so much. I took tap for 14 years. That made me want to get up and tap :) I won’t, of course, but still.

    • I agree, Deidre! I took tap for 10 years. Feeling inspired to put on my old shoes and dance. My favorite routine was to “Footloose.” Thanks for sharing, Sophie!!

  3. Oh how I love tap dancing!! It makes me smile!!

  4. If I lived near you I would totally come to get a couple books signed…but I guess amazon will have to suffice. Happy Friday !

  5. So, you never noticed that “E” and “X” pretty much always form an arrow when placed side-by-side? It’s not genius on the part of the FedEx marketing team. It’s just a happy coincidence. “EXIT” signs have been doing it for years!

  6. I have never noticed most of those hidden messages…I live in Pittsburgh and have seen the zoo logo a million times, for goodness sake, and had NO IDEA that it was anything more than a tree! Now I will never stop seeing the animals.

  7. Where was the shirt?

  8. Oh man- that tap video was awesome!

  9. Love that video! Thanks for putting some sunshine into my day! I hope yours is Perf! ;-)

  10. I had to watch the video twice! Thanks for spreading the joy today. Fabulous!

  11. Congrats on the book signing. Social is owned by a girl that I grew up with. Other than Facebook I haven’t seen her in years.

  12. I’ve never been to a book signing before and I plan to be there tomorrow. Does anyone know if it’s okay if I bring the copy that I already own, or am I supposed to buy one there instead?

  13. I love to hear David Platt and Harry Reeder preach so I might have to look into attending The Gospel at Work event.

  14. Jen Palmer says:

    I would love to meet you in Memphis! You e-book (if that is what they’re called) is on my iPad. Could you sign my iPad:)?

  15. Yay! You found your cream shirt! I was truly wondering. Have a beautiful time at the book signing … it is hard to promote yourself … but, go girl! Great accomplishment with all glory to God. Love, Shelli

  16. Sophie, you are a joy!

  17. Are you coming to Nashville for a book signing?

  18. I have a question concerning your last blog post. Have you or Melanie read Fifty Shades of Gray? I have not. But here’s my real question. Now that they are making a movie of it – do you think that it would be considered porn? I have heard the book is quite racy and I don’t enjoy watching that stuff on tv or in the theatre. Now I really have no clue how they are going to handle the movie and I guess the rating will determine whether it is too racy. I was just curious how you handle things like this because to me movies and even tv are getting out of hand. So please comment on the book for me and if you will see the movie.


    • Hey Marie – I haven’t read the books, and I can’t imagine that I would see the movie, either. I don’t know if it would be classified as porn or erotica or what – but whatever it is, it’s more than I want my eyes and my heart to see. :-)

      • I don’t know if you go back this far and read comments but thx for the answer, it was a good ‘un. I can’t imagine taking a boyfriend or husband to see it either because that’s really more than most people’s eyes and hearts want or need to see. I was a little horrified when Obama said his wife, Michelle, was reading it. Now I can’t say exactly what’s in there but I have heard enough to know it’s not the book for me either.

        Hugs from Minnesota

  19. Hello, Searched your blogs for the Baked Buttery Tomato dish you girls discussed on your podcast. Sounded delicious. Has it ever been posted?

  20. How dare you tell us you found your shirt but not where it was!

  21. Sophie,
    I have your book on my desk at work, I read when it’s slow here. Love it!!!

  22. OK, so FedEx. Who knew? I feel so foolish now. Thanks for enlightening me.