15 Favorite Things About Fall

In no particular order:

– bright orange leaves

– UGG slippers (or, in my case, UGG knock-off slippers)

– grilled cheese sandwiches (for some reason this is a fall food to me)

– sweater coats

– 2-pump Pumpkin Spice Latte’ (I know – it’s getting a little cliche’, but it’s delicious nonetheless)

– planning Thanksgiving

– football games where it’s actually cold enough to bundle up

– morning coffee

– really soft pajama bottoms

– rediscovering your favorite blanket (for me it’s a Woolrich throw I bought at Target about 11 years ago, and it gets better with age)

– jeans and boots

– hearing the leaves crunch while kids play outside

– Thorlo socks (in my opinion, they’re the best of the many sock options)

– really good sweet potatoes

– two words: yoga pants

What about y’all?

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  1. Fall Faves….
    – RED leaves…
    – cold, sunny days
    – soups and chili!
    – down comforter
    – less sweaty excercise!

    • Sister Lynn,
      I *love* soups, too, and could eat them every day until spring! Not filling enough for teenage boys to do it that often, though… also love the coziness of the down comforter, just said last night that it was like sleeping surrounded by a cloud. Also, crackling fires, autumn centerpieces and candles, holidays shared with lots of people who scatter around in twos and threes and fives after dessert to talk and laugh.

  2. I knew we were kindred spirits! I can’t count the number of times we’ve had grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch lately, often followed by pork roast and sweet potatoes for dinner. We’re also spending a lot of time lounging around in fuzzy socks, slippers and fleece pajamas. And, I refused to rake the leaves in the side yard because I love to hear the kids play in them. There’s nothing like that fluttery, swishing, crackly sound.

  3. So per the discussion between you and Melanie earlier this week–You still haven’t watched The Blind Side. I am fighting the urge to load my card up with a variety of dips and drive to your town to schedule a showing of said movie. I promise it is a film you would like. Its got sports–which you love. It has Sandra Bullock–who doesn’t love her? And it has just a good take away message without alot of junk in the plot. I love it! Yes I realize I totally hijacked this post to harp on that point. So my top 3 fav things about fall. 1) I have a huge Maple tree and in fall it turns BRIGHT RED. It is gorgeous. 2)Boots 3)The beautiful feel of the air. There is something I can’t quite name about how the air changes. Amazing creation!!

  4. First of all, you need to know I had a glass of wine and then accord really typed “gmaul.com.” And I’m so glad I caught that because if be horrified if you thought if maul you. Second, Thorlos are my favorite — and I barely run or do any outdoor activities anymore. GO FALL!

  5. And…”accord” was supposed to say “accidentally.” Can I still blame the wine???

  6. Pumpkin patch with the kids, s’mores, SEC Saturdays, and brisk mornings. The list could go on and on. Love, love, love this time of year!

  7. What you said.
    And fires.
    And that decorating for Christmas is just around the corner =)

  8. 1. Decorating with pheasant feathers I bought on ebay years ago. They look rough now, but still make me feel elegant like in the magazines.
    2. Boots/long pants = no shaving legs every day.
    3. Tourists gone from beach.
    4. Satsumas and Meyer Lemons fresh from the trees in the backyard.

  9. Cheryl Stanley says:

    Oh this post feels late for me – we are bundled up in winter coats and sprinkling salt on the walkway. Fall has come and gone and the last leaves blew off the trees a few weeks ago. The sparkle of the snow brightens our world right now though…

    My favorite things about fall… putting a roast in the oven, schedules, curling up with a blanket on the back porch listening to the wind blow through the bush and watching the confetti of leaves fly by. The chill is the first reminder that it is time to rest our hearts and settle in for a new season. I love to collect vegetables out of the garden and wander through the farmers market and go home and chop and cook with the harvest.

    There is much to love but I would still like to pluck meyer lemons of the tree in the backyard.

  10. I live in Wyoming now but I am from Tuscaloosa. Fall does not mean the same thing here as it does there. (Fall in Wyoming = snow is likely)
    1. The day my Southern Living comes and it’s the Thanksgiving foods. (November?)
    2. Openly planning Thanksgiving. Secretly planning for Christmas dinner.
    3. SEC football is in full swing.
    4. Wool Socks (a Wyoming necessity) & my new snowboots
    5. Boots and Tights
    6. Soups, chili and beef stew
    7. Electric blankets (another Wyoming necessity)
    8. Our new infrared heater. Oh, heavens – that thing is wonderful.
    9. The amusement of watching my neighbors putting up Christmas decorations while it is still in the 40s. If we wait until Thanksgiving, it will be 20 and snowing. And your husband doesn’t like it when you make him put up lights when it’s 20 and snowing. Trust me.

  11. To start with, in fall season or anytime of year, I’m always happy to see another BooMama post. That just makes me smile. I was just talking to my youngest tonight, saying something about feeling “particularly fancy,” which led me to tell her about this BooMama blog that I liked, which led to sharing the “Shopie Hudson” page at the airport story…but I digress…

    Here in Minnesota, fall carries with it a tinge of dread for the 6+ month winter that comes behind it, but I still enjoy
    1) Sending my three darling daughters back to school – I have enjoyed entertaining you and spending copious amounts of time together for 3 months, but bye!
    2) Getting back into my Community Bible Study, which mightily rocks, yea verily!
    3) Acorn squash with lots of butter and brown sugar. I mean, to the point where it’s just barely considered a vegetable anymore.
    4) Soups, soups and more soups. With finicky girls to feed, I was beyond delighted last week when I served a knock off of Olive Garden’s zuppa toscana, and was met with nothing but nonstop slurping and requests for seconds. YES!
    5) Birthday cupcakes; cookies and bars, now that it’s cool enough for baking again.
    6) Big sweaters to cover a few extra pounds from #5.

    Love your writing, BooMama (or “Shopie” as my daughter and I will now insist on calling you)!

  12. The smell of other peoples’ wood stoves firing up.
    Ladies version of no-shave November.
    Holiday cooking. Various soup experiments and old favorites.
    Orange everywhere.
    Flannel sheets. Long sleeves and layering.
    Better behaved hair.
    The dog doesn’t smell like death as frequently.

  13. The smell of burning leaves/wood in the air.
    Being able to leave the windows open all day.
    It’s gumbo weather again!

  14. Keri Headley says:

    We live in south GA, near the swamp. I love fall because the bugs go away and we all get a reprieve. Also, football with all the trappings: rivalries and dip recipes!

  15. First, on the grilled cheese topic, y’all MUST try a variation of Havarti cheese on sourdough – it is divine. Because sourdough tends to be big, I cut them into “fingers” and pile them high on a platter. Served up alongside creamy tomato soup, it’s one of my favorite cold weather meals. Okay, to my list: 1)Watching the squirrels bury their winter food supply (how do they ever find it again?) 2)Fall foliage 3)Low humidity – it’s the only time of year this curly headed girl can go straight with confidence 4)Fires in the fireplace with roasted hot dogs and s’mores 5)Knowing I will see most of my family all together at Thanksgiving. I could go on and on. . .

  16. Hello, what don’t I have one dollar so have you tried the Caramell Brulé latte? I got a bad batch of pumpkin spice latte last week three days in a row. I was forced way outside of my comfort zone to try a new drink. And I declare it my new favorite! I love grilled cheese sandwiches in the fall too!

  17. I must confess, I was getting a doughnut at the drive-through. My voice to text picked up the one dollar cost. For shame…

  18. So much to like about fall…
    Gorgeous leaves
    Low humidity ( less sweating)
    Lower temps
    Getting out sweaters
    No more lawn mowing for months and months
    Fires in the firepit

  19. I love everything about fall!! There is not a single complaint from me this time of year. I have a Woolrich throw that I got at the Woolrich store in San Fransisco 20 years ago on our honeymoon. It is the best – we call it the coma blanket. If you take a nap and cover up with that throw – it is almost impossible to bring yourself back to a conscious state.

  20. I have a tree outside my office window that is on FIRE with red leaves…love love love it ! I also love the smell of a fireplace burning, the anticipation of Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), having justification to wear wooly socks to bed (my husband makes fun of this unless it’s cold outside) and I just feel more energized with the cooler weather…although the time change makes me want to be in bed at 7 p.m.! Happy Fall ya’ll!

  21. Well, I live in sunny Florida so we have approximately 2 days of fall. But I love them both! The lower humidity is such a welcome blessing! And the break from the mosquitoes is nice, as well! Sometimes the mosquitoes are so big and meam, I’m not sure whether to swat at them or pack my bags and run!

  22. colorful leaves, cooler temperatures, seeing the juncos(birds), warm jammies, warm blankets, hot tea, hot chocolate, getting out the Christmas decorations, putting up the Christmas decorations..heehee, Fall Festival at church, planning for Thanksgiving get together… and too many more to mention. :-)

  23. Kathleen George says:

    Here in Phoenix, Arizona I have to say the dry cooler temps. Going to be in the low 70’s this weekend. Brrrrrr going to be cold. Really.

  24. Jennifer S says:

    High school football games, seasonal beers, making soup, snuggling up on the couch with the gas logs on in the fireplace, dreaming of turkey and dressing!

  25. Kansas:
    The changing colors of the leaves, watching the brilliance of the colors in the sunshine and clear blue skies. I HATE being cold so it is layering and soft fleece or flannels for me. I have already baked to batches of cookies and make a pot roast (my husband ask me what was wrong with me). I too love grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup – does that come from our childhood? Since we no longer have a fireplace I love when I open the door for my fur babies and smell someone’s fireplace burning. (Makes me want to get a fire pit just so I can burn wood!) Snow is beautiful when it falls – until it starts to get messy or I have to get out in it. I would rather sit inside and look out at the winter wonderland.

  26. Hot apple cider from Tim Horton’s. The best!

  27. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the fireplace, hot tea. A good book, baking pumpkin bread, making hot soup, going for long walks, smelling and feeling the brisk air:)

  28. Lamplit rooms
    Soups of all sorts
    Crisp apples with peanut butter
    Flannel sheets
    Wearing my husband’s hunting socks all evening

    Sophie, do you have recommendations on yoga pants? Everything I see is too small or the material is too thin…..

  29. SEC Football, open windows all day, pumpkins, the first fire in my fireplace, more clothes to layer, soup simmering all day long, more time with family, & most importantly, no humidity!

  30. Last week I was waiting in the drive-thru line at our town’s little burrito shack (divine, absolutely life-changing burritos with the freshest homemade salsa) the morning after our first hard freeze in north central/west Texas, aka the Big Country, the sun was coming up through the clouds & peaking over the overpass and these golden leaves were just gently falling, wafting through the air, sprinkling onto the ground and the sound was magical.

    I also love when we are still playing Friday night football in November, that’s absolutely fall in Texas!

    Also the cotton bolls are open and the cotton pickers and cotton strippers are in the fields, and the big modules are lining up on the turn rows. I like to count certain fields to see how many modules they have this year as compared to last year.

    And the florist in town has his big window on the gift shop side covered in wrapping paper waiting for the big Christmas display unveiling at his annual open house the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

    And finally, we might actually have to turn the heater on for one or two nights a week!

  31. For the past two or three days we have had FALL here in Houston! So, yes! I absolutely LOVE cooler than 75 degree weather. Amen to ya’ll who love the cooler weather because it makes the mosquitoes go away!
    Fall also means: wintery warm fun scarves
    sleeping with the windows open and under the covers, snuggling (getting too personal here!)
    And a week off for Thanksgiving! Yes!!

    And, as a newcomer to BooMama via your new book – “A little salt to cut the sweet” – I’m enjoying the blogs and the posts! Good to be here!

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