The Big Boo Cast, Episode 30

As is our usual tendency, Melanie and I recorded this podcast without anything even remotely resembling a plan. We talked about all sorts of stuff, though: Thanksgiving, Christmas, college football, TV, beauty products, and Melanie’s preoccupation with a youthful eyebrow.

I had no idea that a youthful eyebrow was even a thing. Suffice it to say that I got me an eyebrow education.

Also, I had my microphone too close to me, so occasionally there is some popping. I’m just as sorry as I can be. But if there weren’t at least one technical snafu per podcast, it wouldn’t be us. Or I guess it would be a professional version of us, and I think we all know that we don’t really operate that way.

You can click here to listen. Or here. Or, as always, you can subscribe on iTunes if you’re feeling particularly fancy.

Edited to add a few links that Mel and I mentioned:

Dave Barnes’ new Christmas CD

SoDelta candles (my friend Lea Margaret’s candle company – they are divine)

Thimblepress (loved her prints at Mistletoe Market)

Sugarboo Designs

– Priscilla Shirer’s new book, God Is Able

Little Black Sheep by Ashley Cleveland (Mel mentions this book)

Tres Mignonne (my new favorite style blog – and you’ll fall in love with Abby and Casey)

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless (have mercy – the brush on this mascara is a wonder)

Hope y’all enjoy it!

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  1. What was the book you mentioned that you would be giving for Christmas. I missed getting the name twice:) Thanks!

  2. Renee Wheeler says:

    Y’all crack me up. I just love it when you both get too tickled to continue. By the way, your idea of the Christmas song? Perfect! Listen to Merry Christmas to the fam-o-lee by Robert Earl Keen again. I love it! Sent it on CD’s as my Christmas Card one year. I’m afraid it didn’t go over well though because no one in my family could get it to play. They thought it was a movie. Anyhoo…

  3. This was soo delightful to listen to! Loved it!

    Surprised you didn’t mention the trend to have pictures on train tracks. Or is this just a michigan thing?

  4. Great podcast… per a previous tweet I sent you about the Rimmel mascara…I was skeptical. Quite frankly the brush scared me. Lol. I love it!!!

  5. Oh my! I giggled again this morning through the podcast and I rushed home to check out the style blog. Those girls are too cute for words and to read they met at Anthropologie…..well, we’d be bffs for sure if I were years (and years) younger. Thanks for sharing some of your faves! Looking forward to the next one. No pressure. ;)

  6. Question: What do you have against the Blind Side? Just curious…

  7. I am getting married in March, and WHOA BOY is wedding planning ever serious. I cannot get over it. It is the big leagues and I’ll be the first to say – that’s totally not me. NOT. AT. ALL. I went to meet with the florist last week and she said, “So, what’s the theme for your wedding?” I said, “Umm…I guess…love…?” Prize goes to me for LAMEST WEDDING THEME EVER!

  8. Thoughts from the podcast :)
    Yes, my wedding photo for the newspaper was just me, 2002– there was not a pic of me and my hubs, just the bride– I think it was a deep south thing– almost like a presentation of the bride, a coming out like a debutante kinda thing…and to comment to your thought about how fiancees must be cooperating with the brides for all these engagement shoots now (which my engagement pics were made by my hubs fraternity brother, totally not professional)- my husband has long said to men: You know and love that woman who is your girlfriend and who will become your wife– but you probably have no clue who that nut is that your finacee.

  9. What’s Ann’s son’s wreath? Love to know! And, please, please post your engagement pic! BigMama did. And here’s a funny story: Our “engagement” picture was taken by none other than Olin Mills! Yes, the church directory people! We had to have a picture for the church directory about the time we got engaged, so we just used that one! It’s horrible, of course, but it was economical. And, in 1991, it was perfectly acceptable!

  10. I absolutely adore these podcasts. Could listen to you two all day. You have the type of girl talk that I’ve been sadly bereft of since moving, having small children, etc. Although that’s probably for the best because my girl talk during this third pregnancy would most likely consist of reasons that motherhood sacrifices begin around week 6 of pregnancy. Not exactly light-hearted. So listening to y’all is a good alternative.