An Impromptu Book Signing Alternative

Well, I had just about the best time ever in Mississippi. It was like a big reunion, really; I saw friends from high school, from college, from my first couple of jobs after college, and from pretty much every phase of my life. I even saw my childhood piano teacher. And one of my dance teacher’s daughters. And my geometry teacher. And my 10th grade English teacher. And you get the idea.

My friend Lea Margaret was so gracious and generous to ask me to sit in her Mistletoe Market booth and sign books, and what I realized after just a couple of hours is that I would have sat there for two days with no books at all. Just hearing the Mississippi accents and listening to people make connections between families and watching grandmamas tend to grand babies while the mamas shopped – every bit of it warmed my heart and fed my soul. Combine that with the fact that I also got to hang out and LAUGH MY FOOL HEAD OFF with some of my best friends from college, and it’s easy to understand why I came home feeling like I have a lot of things to write about.

Everybody has a muse, I reckon. Seems like Mississippi is mine.

I spent most of yesterday hanging out with my fellas and getting all caught up on the last three days, and even though I miss my friends in the magnolia state, it is so good to be home. I don’t have a single travel-related anything on my calendar until the end of January – no speaking, no book signings, no nothing – and I am excited about settling down a little bit and really concentrating on the next book (it’s called Home Is Where My People Are, by the way). The stories are starting to get sort of noisy in my head (I realize that probably makes no sense), so I’m ready to type ’em out and get ‘er done.


This may be the worst idea I’ve ever had, but yesterday when I was driving home, I was trying to figure out to do with the extra copies of A Little Salty in my backseat. Since I’m not going anywhere book-related for the rest of the year, I was planning to just make a nice little stack-o-books in my dining room, but then it dawned on me that a few of y’all have asked about how to buy signed books for gifts. In the past my response has been, Well, I don’t really know – but yesterday it occurred to me that I have a few extra books + I have PayPal = I can mail out signed copies. Some of y’all have emailed me about doing book signings in places that aren’t the Deep South, and since I just can’t do that right now, this might be an option a few of you will use.

So. This morning I sat down and figured out how to set up a shopping cart on PayPal. I’m pretty sure that steam came out of my ears at one point, but I set it up and it seems to work and I am feeling a little bit like I just solved an algebra problem. I don’t have a whole lot of books, so I’m only going to leave the little order form up for a few days so that I know I can fill whatever orders come in. And there may not be any orders that come in, and that is totally fine. I’ll just make that stack on my dining room table that I mentioned earlier.

The little order form / shopping cart thingie is at the bottom of this post. If you want the book inscribed to a particular person, just list that in the box that says “Inscription.” If you order more than 1 book, just separate the inscriptions with a comma (ex: Donna, Ashley). If you just want the book signed without a specific name, just leave the inscription box blank. And there’s a place on the order form (when you check out) where you can leave me a note if you need to explain anything or if you run out of space in the inscription box.

Shipping is included in the book price (that’s why one book is $20 – to cover waterproof mailers and postage), and I’ll try my best to get books mailed out by the end of next week. I’ll leave ordering open through Friday. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can use a debit or credit card by clicking “check out.”

All righty. That was a lot of details. I do apologize. And of course I am not trying to pressure you to order. I’m just trying to be proactive about the inevitable stack of books on my dining room table.

Let me know if you have questions. And Happy Veterans Day, everybody. I’m so grateful for my daddy and all the men and women who have served this country so courageously and faithfully (that includes you, too, military spouses).

Hope y’all had a great weekend!


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  1. Yes!! I am so excited about having a signed copy! I bought it on my Kindle originally, but it will be awesome to have the real book.

  2. anotherlisa says:

    You are so sweet to do this. I love paypal btw.
    I already gave your book to all my cousins, so I’ll be making a list of friends to share with.
    and then the cousins will be jealous, because their books aren’t signed. Oh, well. That’s why family loves you no matter what.
    Glad your trip was fulfilling – as in you got filled up – with home and inspiration and memories and love. Something about an authentic Mississippi accent that does that for me, too.
    Thanks from a Tennessee girl with Mississippi cousins

  3. Yay!! I got so excited I actually clapped my hands. I’ve given away a few copies of your book and was going to give one to one of my best friends for her upcoming birthday. Know I know why I put it off until now. Thanks so much for offering to do this for us. So glad we’re friends. (You know what I mean… ;)

  4. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! I drove to Birmingham to have you kindly sign books for myself, two aunts, two cousins, two daughters and my four best friends and was so very pleased – until I was driving back to Atlanta and realized that in the excitement, I had forgotten MY OWN SISTER!! I was so upset with myself. And now … I can get one for her! I am so glad I did not already buy her an unsigned one. What a great idea to set it up this way! I just couldn’t drive to Tennessee or Mississippi for another book signing, hahaha!
    Cannot wait for your next book!

  5. I’m so excited to get a copy! A friend just turned me onto your blog and I’ve giggled my way through almost all of the Big Boo Casts. My husband and I just moved to Pensacola from Okinawa. My good friend there was a Mississippi girl. Given that I’m from Texas, I find myself laughing through your chats with Melanie. Your wit is not lost on me!

  6. I like that title. xoxoxo

  7. I continue to adore your writing. You strengthen my life with laughter. Thank-you for the gift of joy. :)

  8. I am so happy that I got to meet you at Mistletoe. You are just as funny and sweet in person as you are on your blog. And I was especially happy to hear that you have roots in Jasper County and the Free State of Jones. But I am a little sad that you aren’t a CPA. ;)

  9. Oh Sophie – Thank you so much for the opportunity to get your book signed. I thought I had pre-ordered from B&N, but I never got your book. I’ve kept putting off buying it because I’ve been swamped with the high-school aged children and their endless practices and plays and concerts and haven’t had time to read at all. Monday was my birthday so this is a perfect happy 40something birthday gift to myself! LOL
    Thank you for your blog that brings encouragement, laughter, tears and joy to this long-time reader. Reading your words makes me feel like I’m a Southern Girl, like I’ve always wanted.
    Blessings to you as you write your next book. Because of you and Melanie, I have hope that someday I could actually get a book published too!