Rustled Feathers

Listen. It has been a week. It hasn’t been a bad week at all; it’s just that my work usually gets super hectic between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and YES. That has certainly been the case so far. But in the words of Shawn Mullins in his hit song from 1998, “Everything’s gonna be all right. Rockabye. Rockabye.”

I have no idea why an old Shawn Mullins song just popped in my head. The brain is a strange and wondrous thing.


A couple of days ago I accidentally published a post that I had not in fact edited (I am an obsessive over-editor; in fact, the only reason I don’t continue to edit posts from, oh, 2006 is because I won’t let myself read them…the temptation to edit would be too great). I thought I would get that post edited and then put it on the blog again, but alas, I have not. Maybe next week. And telling you that wasn’t even the reason why I started this post tonight.


The reason I started this post tonight is because I just watched this week’s episode of Survivor.






All righty. Let’s talk about it.

Hayden is my favorite. I think he’s kind and loyal and it’s kind of endearing that he doesn’t do so great in the challenges. I very much appreciate that Tyson has played a brilliant game, but I haven’t loved the in-your-face aspect of it (I’m gonna eat all the food, I’m gonna talk about how delicious the ribs are while the rest of y’all rub blisters on your hands trying to win immunity, I’m gonna be lazy because I can, etc.). And I like Gervaise, but in this last episode he didn’t do himself any favors with his attitude at tribal council. Too much pride on display – and too much smack talk way too soon.

Anyway, Hayden needed a big move, and my word did he and Katie ever make one. It didn’t work out exactly like they hoped (I was sad for Katie), but it gave me some hope that Tyson winning won’t be a foregone conclusion. If Tyson makes it to final tribal council, I think he’ll win, but maybe – just maybe – Monica (who is tough as nails, isn’t she?), Ciera, and Hayden will join forces before that happens. It seems like Ciera has decided to shift loyalties OR see to it that Tyson and Gervaise make her some guarantees. There was a moment at the end of this last tribal council when Ciera looked at Tyson and said, “Don’t glare at me” – and oh my word, I laughed so hard. Because I know he has the immunity idol, but I also think he knew that she meant business.

One more thing: I’m ready for Tina to get back in the game. I don’t know if she’ll make it off Redemption Island, but I think she’s a phenomenal Survivor player. She’s unflappable – one of the few players who is relentlessly upbeat and positive.

Are y’all watching? What do you think? Is there any way to stop Tyson?

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  1. I do NOT watch Survivor but, still listen to Shawn Mullins ALL the live long day and luv him. Cutos (SP?) for the reference Soph ;x

  2. I agree wholeheartedly! I really like Monica but I was kind of, sort of, rooting for Tyson as he hasn’t won before. It just no fun when someone sews it up so completely before the end. So obviously Ciera flipped and it was delicious!

    Even tho Tina has won, she’s always been a favorite of mine. She has RA, as do I, and I cannot imagine spending 39 days out there, meds or no meds. She’s not only always upbeat, she’s tough! Next weeks previews look awesome! Survivor never disappoints. I confess it’s the one show on that I’ve never missed a single episode. :)

  3. I love survivor too- my favorite show! I reallly like Tina and I don’t know if you’ve heard but please pray for her and her family. Her son was killed in a car accident last week.

  4. I don’t watch Survivor, but I do watch Scandal and am hoping you’ll talk about last night’s episode. It was just. too. much.

  5. Every season it surprises me that the women don’t stick together. When there were 5 women and 4 men they let the men dominate and decide to vote out a woman and they went along! I don’t like Tyson, mainly because of the eating-behind-the-back thing. He has been eating everything before he passes it on. He takes all the good stuff out of the coconuts and then says oh it was probably rats when there’s nothing in there. I don’t like sneaky and he’s the king! I love Katie, she is genuine and really playing as hard as she can, plus isn’t she just a darling little thing? My guess too would be Tyson to win, but I am hoping that a blindside can happen before the end. But they must hurry now and the women are down in numbers.

  6. This has been the BEST season of Survivor that I can remember. I love the added dimension of the family relationships. So Intriguing. I agree with all your comments, and hope that Ciera and the others can pull out a blindside on Tyson. Gervaise may see himself as equal to Tyson, but he’s definitely a number two. He hasn’t done anything to distinguish himself as a winner…… now if he would only join forces with Ciera and Hayden and vote out Tyson, that would be a move to elevate his status.

  7. Once again, we are kindred spirits! I knew EXACTLY what your post was about once I saw the title. I laughed my head off at Hayden. I want him to win so bad. I don’t want a previous player to win, especially Tyson or G. They are too arrogant. I don’t think they have the jury votes AT ALL but neither will Ciera since she’s back stabbed with them. I mean, she voted out her own MOTHER. Who does that?? Next week is going to be SOME kind of good!

    And yes, I used LOTS of caps in that paragraph. I’m passionate about my Dawgs and my Survivor. Just ask the hubby. It’s a little over the top! hahahahaha! At least I can admit it.

  8. Looooove Hayden! I really hope he can figure out a way to make the game work in his favor. I knew as soon as I saw the title on this post that I would like it.

  9. Love love love Survivor….

  10. I love Love LOVE Survivor. I have watched almost every episode of every season!

    Poor Hayden…I don’t think he has a chance of making it past another 2 weeks, but I applaud his effort to make a big move & convincing Ciera to join him and Katie.

    I think either Tyson or Monica will win the game. Tyson is a smart, strategic player — annoying, but smart. Monica is just an awesome physical competitor. My daughter was watching with me last week and asked why her veins were showing up on her arms. I said, “It’s because this woman is just all muscle. There’s no fat to hide them!”

    I was sad, but not too sad, to see Katie go. She hasn’t done a whole lot throughout the game. She isn’t strong, she’s not a great social player. Ciera (who, by the way, looks like she is 12 years old) has a chance to make it to final 3, but I don’t think anyone would vote for her.

    My prediction: Tyson, Monica, Ciera final 3 (I think Gervaise will get knocked out by Tyson and be the final jury member), with either Tyson or Monica winning the whole shebang.

  11. I haven’t watched Survivor in YEARS. My family always watched it when I was growing up, though. I will always remember when it first came out- Mama said, “They have run out of things to make a TV show about.” And now she is the biggest reality TV junkie there is.

  12. Sophie – Oh could I love you any more than this moment? I think not. Only us lovers of words would adore the “rustled/ruffled” feathers interchange during Tribal and then write of such! I would so love to watch it with you!

    And we agree on all points about all Survivor players. I actually wasn’t too sure about this “Blood/Water” version, but it has proven to be really good.

    You didn’t mention Laura – the one who “cheated” at Redemption and gave Tina the answers for the tower puzzle. I’m not a fan of her sassy self.

    Hayden is my favorite too. And his teeth.

    Love you friend,

  13. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    Well I wanted to put Tyson in a time out when he told Katie she would have a chair over there in the jury!! Did you hear that after he HUGGED her? ? ? ? Oh, Tyson. He makes me giggle sometimes but he is a scoundrel and is playing a heck of a game. I think he is very smart to keep that Immunity Idol secret. I have LOVED Hayden since he won Big Brother. He and The Brigade just ripped up my favorite player in that game (Brittney) but I still loved him. And I just love your title! Bless him.

  14. Keep Tina and her family in your prayers. Her son just passed away in a car accident in Chattanooga this past week.

  15. Don’t watch it, but OH MY GOODNESS! Can we talk about Scandal?! It’s about to wear me out. Loved, loved, LOVED Olivia and Fritz’s night together in Vermont. But Huck is just freaking me out – especially last night! I feel so sorry for him, but seriously, the boy needs help!!!!! And Olivia’s Mom chewing thu her arm?! Between that and Huck’s torture scenes last night, I’m beginning to watch the show from between my fingers covering my eyes!!!

  16. Jeff Probst has the coolest job on TV. I would love to talley the votes and say ” the tribe has spoken!!”.