What I Learned About Myself Over The Weekend

TV Shows I Will Apparently Watch Over & Over, Even If I’m Watching Re-Runs:

House Hunters
Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives
The Real Housewives of Atlanta
The Pioneer Woman

TV Shows I Will Watch In Marathon Form, Even If I Had No Idea I’d Find Said Show Remotely Interesting:

Border Wars
Thicker Than Water

Movies I Will Stop To Watch Every. Single. Time. If I See Them When I’m Changing Channels:

Steel Magnolias
The Proposal
Notting Hill
Four Weddings and A Funeral
When Harry Met Sally

Commercial That Makes Me Laugh Even Though I Tell Myself That I’m Tired Of It:

Infomercial That Owns Me:

(I came so close to ordering it today – you have no idea.)

(The only thing that stopped me was that the $14.95 price advertised on the infomercial is a mere fraction of the actual price.)

TV Show I Watch For Approximately Twelve Minutes Every Year Before The Nasal-y Voices Drive Me Crazy:

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

TV Shows I Would Like To Watch in 2014:

Brain Games
Building Wild (the National Geographic channel is my new favorite) (did I mention that I watched a marathon of Border Wars?)
American Idol (Harry Connick, Jr., y’all)

Hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. If you want to return THE ULTIMATE FLUIDITY BAR SYSTEM after the 30-day home trial, it’s a bit like packing and shipping a Volkswagen.
    I’ve been told.

    Happy New Year, Sophie. Hope all your tv viewing dreams come true.

  2. I love the Sprint Commercials!

  3. I just said the same thing about American Idol! Love me some Harry!

  4. Cannot wait for American Idol this year! Harry Connick, baby. After watching every season, i did not watch last year. Horrible season.
    I’m with you on House Hunters and Friends.

  5. Yes, Yes, Yes, Harry Connick, Jr. Flipping YES!!!

  6. Soooo excited about harry connick jr on the AI!

  7. TV Shows I Will Apparently Watch Over & Over, Even If I’m Watching Re-Runs:

    30 Rock
    Modern Family

    TV Shows I Will Watch In Marathon Form, Even If I Had No Idea I’d Find Said Show Remotely Interesting:

    Parks and Recreation
    Party Down

    Movies I Will Stop To Watch Every. Single. Time. If I See Them When I’m Changing Channels:

    Deep Impact
    Family Man (which I didn’t get to see this holiday season, boo!)
    Legally Blonde
    The Descendants

    Commercial That Makes Me Laugh….
    The State Farm commercial – “What are you wearing, Jake-From-State-Farm?” “She sounds HIDEOUS.”

    Can’t do the rest because I have NO IDEA.

  8. Had to go and google Fluidity and it wouldn’t let me leave the stinkin’ page. Now I bet I’ll see it in all the sidebar ads!

    Yes to the American Idol and to Downton, too. Only 8 1/2 weeks til Scandal returns!

    Are you going to Houston?

  9. Two weeks ago I lost an entire Sunday due to a Life Below Zero marathon. Who knew I was so interested in the Alaskan bush during winter! Now I am slightly obsessed with the National Geographic channel.

  10. You MUST do Brain Games!! It’s wonderful and I think it’s educational too – it really will blow your mind. ; {)

  11. This falls after me watching the leather pants episode of Friends and Dirty Dancing…that was good TV! Amazeballs!

  12. I LOVE Border Wars! And actually, I’m currently headed to Premont, about 15 mins north of Falfurrias, TX. They show Fal on Border Wars a lot. Being from South Texas and my great grandparents living down by Fal, Border Wars makes me feel like my tax dollars are actually doing something! : )

  13. Nita in SC says:

    Love, Love, Love those Sprint Commercials. I have two teens and I work TOTES MCGOTES into every single conversation I have with them, ’cause I’m cool like that. Also love the one where they’re both “hey, I want to go out tonight. But I probably won’t”. “Text me, I might go too. Or not.”

  14. I’ll stop to watch Pretty Woman every time it’s on. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve colored in the scuffs on my daughter’s black shoes with a Sharpie marker, thanks to Julia Roberts. Who says you can’t learn life changing information from a hooker?!

  15. Everything about this list is FABULOUS! I agree with alllll of it.
    Totes adorbs!!!!

  16. Oh my gracious, my husband and I were just talking about the movie portion of this list yesterday. (Notting Hill is my all-time favorite so that’s a given.) But Pitch Perfect has been on cable SO much lately, and I watch it Every. Single. Time. Without fail.

  17. Oh how I enjoy meeting women who understand my TV watching patterns. I say “yes and amen” to these lists, and would add “Leverage” to list of TV shows to watch any time/any where. And I’m proud to report that a dear friend became hooked on said show, this week-end, rather than weeding her garden.

    I succumbed to Fluidity, and when it arrived I could barely drag the foolish box into my house. I missed the return date, and gave it to a friend ( “oh, I’ve been wanting to get one. I know I’ll put it to good use”) for her garage, where it has become an inefficient clothing rack.

  18. Harry Connick, Jr. just may have the power to lure me back to American Idol. Maybe…

    Happy New Year!!!

  19. Sophie, I’ve read your blog for years but don’t think I’ve ever commented. I just finished your book and loved it! I laughed right out loud so many times! I had to comment to tell you, unless you have a place to set the very large fluidity equipment up, in front of a tv so you can watch the dvds, I wouldn’t order it. I ordered it several years ago. It’s big, and there’s no way you can easily fold it up and slide it somewhere. Trust me! I knew i couldn’t leave it set up in our family room or bedroom, so I gradually stopped using it. It was way too hard to fold up, then reset up every day. Mine now gathers dust in the garage as well. Hope you have a wonderful 2014!

  20. TV show to watch, and marathon would be even better, Elementary. If you have anyone close to you in a 12 step program, the writers blend this story line very well into this program. excellent writing and characters with some quirks that really grow on you.

    Add Shawshank Redemption to the movies I watch over and over. and You’ve Got Mail. and The Wizard of Oz.

    love the Geico camel.

  21. What I’ve learned in the last few years about myself and blog/Salty Sweet book reading: I will stop and enjoy every visit to BooMama land. YOU are HILARIOUS. Love you, Sophie. Thanks for all the laughs and life-sharing {via cyberspace, but still}. You make everything more fun. Wishing you and that sweet family all of God’s blessings in the New a Year!

  22. I watched two minutes of the fluidity infomercial and decided I needed one. I had to turn it off before they gave me the phone number.