A Brief Follow-Up Of Very Mild Importance

Well, I so wish that I had some exciting news about the eyelash curler that I bought. Unfortunately, though, it was the CVS special, and I don’t even know the name brand of it. What I do know, though, is that my old eyelash curler was apparently worn slap-out, so I think the biggest difference is just that this one is new and effective at doing the job it’s supposed to do. The top part of the curler is bigger than the bottom part, and that seems to help it grab the lashes better. This all sounds very confusing, I know. But if you’re in the market for an eyelash curler, just know that I didn’t buy a fancy one – I bought the one at CVS that costs about $7.00 and came with a free pair of tweezers in the package. FANCY.

Also, I am happy to announce that I am officially all caught up with Sherlock. And I have to say: as far as hour-long dramas go, it is right up there with Friday Night Lights, Mad Men, and Downton Abbey in my book (and truth be told, I might like it even more than Downton). Anyway, I wrote a post about Sherlock over at Ree’s blog, and I am presently counting down the hours until Sunday night’s new episode.

So that’s what’s going on here. Well, except that today is David’s birthday, my brother-in-law Scott’s birthday, and my dear friend Bubba’s birthday. So clearly the Lord has used January 23rd to provide the world with some mighty good men. I’m so grateful for all of them.


(See what I did there?)

(Tied it all together.)

(Well, sorta.)

Have a great day, y’all!

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  1. Going to go read your Sherlock post. I’m not sure I want to admit this to myself, but I might enjoy Sherlock a bit more than Downton too :-)

  2. I discovered Sherlock over Christmas break and am obsessed with it. I will freely admit to liking it over Downton. I even have my name on the waiting list at our county library for the DVDs just so I can hear the commentaries on the episodes! It is one of the best written shows out there.

  3. Stephanie C says:

    Today is my son’s 18th b-day – January 23 is a good day for wonderful men! I’m a Sherlock fan as well. Have you watched the first episode for season 3 yet? Loved all the nods to fans of the show =)

  4. Jammie H. says:

    Today is my precious youngest son’s 16th birthday. He’s a good man (in training). He will make someone a wonderful husband one day! January 23rd is a red-letter day, indeed!

  5. Kathleen G says:

    Happy Birthdays to the special men in your life! Pioneer Woman blog was my first introduction to the blog world. Through her I met some mighty fine woman bloggers around the country. Two in a row on Rees blog. Yippee! The fact that you mention Prime Suspect in the first paragraph cinch it for me. My quest now, is to read your book.

  6. Happy birthday to all your guys!

  7. Hum, I’ve never watched Sherlock, but I LOVE Downton. I may need to look into Sherlock and see what all the fuss is about…

  8. Um, I know at least FOUR people whose birthday is today! What is it about January 23?

  9. I too am a big fan of British TV especially the mysteries and love the new Sherlock. I’ve also found a couple of their dramas, my favorite being Doc Martin. PBS has some old reruns of it too. Besides Downton, I also loved The Paradise which first aired last fall and I hope to see back this year.

  10. Thank you! By your description of your eyelash curler, I should be able to find it at my local CVS. I was already in the market for one – have even resorted to ordering heated eyelash curlers off Amazon.com but they just didn’t get the job done!

  11. sherlock is at least 90 minutes isn’t it? sometimes it feels like a full feature 2 hr film. soooo enjoy the creative and intelligent writing. and i like how each episode seems so very unique – that is, the episodes don’t seem to follow the same predictable pattern.

    i’m thinking i might choose sherlock over the abbey right now just becuz i have a (perhaps false) sense that sherlock won’t break my heart. the anna/mrbates storyline right now is making me feel sick.

  12. Is that Bubba as in Rick & Bubba? I really miss listening to their show since I left Alabama. Also, need to check out Sherlock. I hate the thought of loving something more than Downton, but must give it a try.

  13. Tammy Elrod says:

    Some good strong women, too, as it is my sister’s birthday as well!

  14. Was thrilled to see that there are others who love Doc Martin. Just watched the newest season on Amazon Prime. If you are a Prime member of Amazon there are some new shows that you can have access to for either free or a small charge. Was worth whatever we paid. Have watched Sherlock since the beginning….it is awesome. Actually the program Elementary on CBS is not bad either. A different Watson but nonetheless, it is well written too. Very good British mysteries are a joy to watch. Monarch of the Glen is on Netflix and I can not recommend it highly enough…not really a mystery but very good and was on for several years, so over fifty episodes. Written by Julian Fellowes who writes Downton and he actually had a supporting role i Monarch. Another recommendation is Midsomer Murders….it was on for quite a while and they are all on Neflix.

  15. Yes, yes, yes! I am actually enjoying all the Sherlock characters out there at the moment and they each do it with such a finesse that it is great every time and each Sherlock is excellent in his own show. Sherlock (BBC) Elementary (Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Lui) with a wonderful twist of a female Watson. Not least is the movie series with the ever brilliant Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law. Three different and yet wonderful ways to watch crimes be solved. I am so very happy to see this BBC version is back on.