This Will Be Short Because, Well, TV


I don’t remember a time when there’s been so much quality television in one night.

There’s The Bachelor wedding. There’s Downton Abbey. There’s Sherlock. And there’s the Grammys, too, but I’ll probably pass because I don’t think I can watch without feeling like I’m 115.

Here’s what I would enjoy, though: a Grammys show that only featured the significant singer/songwriters of the last 40 years. That would be FANTASTIC, wouldn’t it? A bunch of acoustic guitars and thoughtful lyrics and soothing vocals? SIGN ME UP.

As far as weekends go, this one has been pretty delightful. On Friday night / Saturday morning I spoke at a women’s retreat at Lake Guntersville State Park; I’d never been there before, but OH, I WILL GO THERE AGAIN. It was absolutely beautiful, and late Friday afternoon I stood outside my room and watched this happen.


Y’all know I can’t get enough of a good sunrise or sunset. This one almost made me late for supper.

There was one other thing that almost made me late for supper. When I was getting ready to dry my hair, I realized that I had left my much-beloved Redken mousse at home. I spent about thirty minutes trying to coax my hair into some semblance of volume, but alas, I had an incurable case of the flathead. I also had a terrible case of the flyaways because it was 21 degrees outside and, well, STATIC, but I still had a great time despite my hair-related challenges. Very fun to be around such sweet people.

I got home yesterday afternoon and promptly reacquainted myself with my yoga pants. It was a glorious reunion.

After church today we met some friends for a belated birthday lunch for D, and afterwards two of their boys came over to play. I thought I’d tuck myself away and maybe try to do a little bit of writing, but instead I did super-fun things like make a grocery list and look at Facebook and calculate how many words I need to write each day between now and my deadline.

I finally gave up on anything productive and told myself that I needed to relax for the rest of the day.

This is a very roundabout way of saying that I procrastinated.

Anyway. Let’s talk about the important stuff: The Bachelor wedding? I thought it was absolutely beautiful and just as sweet as it could be. Catherine and Sean are a gorgeous couple (her dress was a dream) – and I thought Sean’s daddy was the star of the show. It made me so happy to see a father of the groom who was so joyful and tenderhearted, and I loved the words that he spoke over them during the ceremony. I was totally teary-eyed.

Did any of y’all watch?

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  1. Not a Bach fan, so I was not watching that wedding, but can we talk about Mary and John’s on Sherlock?! Sooooo goooood!!!!! Love that show and Sherlock was almost human tonight! Very vulnerable. And his speech about John being between the two people who would always love him, made me tear up even! The dance was perfect with him playing the violin, solving the case was brilliant, and the maid of honor was a fool to pass Sherlock by. Just another brilliant episode!
    PS – my niece, who got me hooked on the show, tells me there are rumors of a Christmas show!!!!

  2. Sean’s Daddy was great. Loved his charge to the couple to love God first. Beautiful wedding gown and bridesmaid’s gowns. And the flowers, oh my goodness, just gorgeous. And Sean’s niece and nephew were adorable. Thought the music choices were a little odd, but I am old, so what do I know?

  3. I’m just pretty much obsessed with Mr. Lowe. I think he is the sweetest, cutest man.

  4. Kathleen G says:

    Ha! My daughter watched the Grammys. She said it was good. I like your suggestion about the 40 years of good music too. Watched Downton Abby. Me thinks Mr. Bates will get revenge on the the attacker. Watching Sherlock as I text. Excellent episode. Love the sunset picture and it’s okay to just be. Kathleen in Az

    • Isn’t Mr. Bates about as threatening as a rabid Teddy bear? Like you, I would have watched Boo’s version of the Grammy’s, but didn’t think I needed to join Hollywood in patting itself on the back. And I’m too old.

  5. Oh my goodness—so much good TV tonight! Going to go watch The Bachelor Wedding right now. :) And I’m like you, I can’t get enough of a good sunset or sunrise. Each time, it’s like I’ve never seen one before! The folks around me must think I’m crazy but I just can’t help it.

  6. No, I didn’t watch The Bachelor wedding, but I wish I had seen it so I could hear the guy’s dad’s speech, because according to Facebook, it was delightful. Instead, I watched Downton Abbey. Thank you for asking. :)

    I spent all day yesterday reading your book, actually. It’s better than I knew it would be. I can’t tell you how badly I needed to laugh, cry, then laugh again. Thank you for that. As Truvy said in Steel Magnolias, “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” You’ve inspired me to stop putting off my own writing hopes. Not that mine will definitely amount to a book or anything, but it’s nice to be encouraged just the same.

    If you’re ever up my way (Please, Jesus, make it so), I’d love to hear you talk. Icing on the cake would be a meet ‘n greet, but I’ll take what I can get. If you’re ever in West Virginia, or within a 4 hour drive of Charleston (that includes Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati, Lexington, Roanoke, VA, or Charlotte), I pray I can be there with bells on. I know you probably hear this a lot, but it feels like I know you, and it feels like if we met somewhere, we’d get along like we’d known each other for ages.

  7. Yes. About the static. Guess we northerners should have mentioned we all carry a dryer sheet in our pockets all winter long for such a time as that. Beautiful sunset though.

  8. Cindie Heavner says:

    For the very first time ever – like in really ever – I DVR’d Downton because I just HAD to watch Sean and Catherine’s wedding live…..for whatever reason, I was truly invested in them and their romance on The Bachelor. (as an aside – I really thought Juan Paul’s Bachelor would be awesome and I am so bored and they are only like three weeks into it – I just can’t get into it and won’t be watching him anymore)…but the wedding tonight? Oh my, I loved Sean’s daddy and everything he had to say to them – he was right, keep God first and the rest will sort itself out. I about lost it when Sean lost it watching Catherine walk towards him – poor guy cried just about throughout – but what a gorgeous wedding and it seems they will actually make it and have a great life. (Of course as soon as it was over, I had to immediately watch DA because I just knew Mr. Bates was going to find out what happened to Anna…..I am thinking the kicker will be that Anna turns up pregnant and no one will know if it is Mr. Bates baby or the rapist’s baby – what say you all?)

    • Cindie Heavner says:

      PS – as to the Grammy’s – I wish I could say it ain’t so…..but there is not one song that would be remotely spinning around in my head – I guess (sigh…) I have just gotten way too old – I have no idea who most of those people are or what they sing. Now if they had MY kind of music and I could sing along (knowing all the words of course), then it WOULD be my type of show…..I am a child of the late 60’s/early 70’s and yes, I probably DO know every word to my songs!

  9. I don’t watch the Bachelor, but I did watch part of the wedding (flipping back and forth between the Grammy’s and that show) because I had read of Sean on his sister’s blog. I thought it was sweet and beautiful. I liked his dad, too.

  10. I am a Bachelor fan…so of course, I watched the wedding….it was beautiful……and Sean’s Dad???…..I think we all fell in love with him when the family was meeting the final two and he told Catherine that if she ends up with Sean, he will be her biggest fan…..I mean the man was JUST what you want a father/father-in-law to be……and then last night???……..he was so wonderful, so sweet, so meaningful……I, too, am obsessed with Mr. Lowe….in the best way……my only complaint with the wedding???…..I wanted to see more of Shay and her family….I read her blog and I wanted more of them….ha, ha…..

  11. I loved the wedding! So glad ABC didn’t make them take Jesus out of the ceremony.

  12. Yes, it was a sweet wedding. I loved everything his Dad said … and on national TV … refreshing!

  13. I’ve never watched The Bachelor a day in my life- however, because I read Shay’s blog, I had to watch “the wedding” and I LOVED IT. I seriously cried. I cried when Sean watched her come down the aisle and he cried. I loved that he gave her a Bible on their wedding day. I loved that Jesus was a part of the ceremony in a big way. I loved that they prayed over Sean before the wedding. I LOVED Sean’s dad so so much. I loved that Catherine giggled. I just thought it was a precious thing to watch. They represented Christ very well.

  14. That wedding was wonderful!!! Wow. I mean, so pretty and amazing and everyone looked fantastic but my gosh was it a joy to hear Sean’s dad speak. PTL! To think of the number of people that heard that! Just wonderful.

  15. Missed the wedding, skipped the Grammys, same reason. Hubby and I are in Florida,escaping the extreme cold in Cleveland .nice long walk this morning, then off to the beach or pool to read. I’m so blessed. I love your blogs, actually anything that you write. I thank you for sharing.

  16. I may be in the minority here, but here goes. While I think it was great that they waited for the wedding night before having sex, I got really tired of the entire focus being on that. I got to the point of wanting to scream out- GET IT OVER WITH AND MOVE ON!!! Sean shopping for her underwear, Grown up SEXY… the cameras going back and forth to “Consummation Station”-, it sort of put me off. It is refreshing that they waited, but their attitude about it creeped me out.

    • I could not agree more, Jill. I was going to say the exact same thing…I cringed every time she said “grown up sexy.” And I wanted to tell her there was nothing “grown up sexy” about using sprinkles & sparkles in your wedding vows. I did think it was so sweet that he gave her an engraved Bible and I think they are both darling & wish them the best.

    • I so agree! I kept thinking, ” For a couple that is waiting there sure is alot of talk about sex.” However, I loved that they were able to keep the whole thing so Christ centered. So refreshing to see on tv. And I am so in love with Mr. Lowe. Father -in-law of the year.

  17. The wedding was wonderful! They seem like such a great couple and I loved seeing Sean cry like a baby when they walked back down the aisle as a married couple. I had to chuckle at the shots of the honeymoon suite cam during the first part….they talked that aspect up so much that it was almost comical! But, it’s still nice to root for a couple who is willing to wait. Great TV night! :-)

  18. I thought the wedding was beautiful and sweet, but I must say the honeymoon suite cam creeped me out. I was worried that ABC might live stream the deflowering. “The. Most. Dramatic. finale in Bachelor history…”

  19. I flipped between the wedding and the Grammys. Never watch the Bachelor, but I read Shay’s blog and had to see her kids walk down the aisle. The Honeymoon Suite camera was just weird, but Sean and Catherine were so cute!

  20. I’m pretty fond of Sean’s dad too ;). I’m so glad you watched! XOXO

  21. The Bachelor’s reality TV show wedding was precious and so genuine. {I cannot believe I just typed that sentence}. Mr. Lowe really did hit it out of the park. And something I loved even more, I checked Sean’s Twitter yesterday to see how the honeymoon might be going {again, typing words that make me wonder who I am} and Sean’s Tweet the morning of the wedding: “Jesus may your name be known today.” Between the dad’s wonderful message, and their values spoken of, I believe His name was known. I’m rooting for them!