A Gas Can By Any Other Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

Well, first of all I’m just as relieved as I can be that Matt Lauer is subbing for Bob Costas tonight. I talked to Melanie late this afternoon, and when she made the comment that she hoped they finally got Bob Costas some salves and some ointments to make his eyes better, I said that I didn’t think they’d be out of line to try some shots and some steroids and some drips, too. Bless him.

And second of all, the weather turned out to be pretty much exactly what we thought; we only got rain here last night. That is fine by me, though, because in addition to the fact that we didn’t have to deal with any really nasty weather, we had a day off from school – which means that I got to do some real-live writing. Alex went to a friend’s house mid-morning and didn’t come home until about 5, and while it was totally unexpected, it gave me the biggest wide-open stretch of writing time that I’ve had in about six weeks.

That doesn’t mean that the writing flowed effortlessly, mind you. It took me awhile to get going, as evidenced by the fact that I cleaned my kitchen sink with Clorox around 11 this morning. It was the most immediate stalling technique I could think of, especially after about an hour of awkwardly staring at that blasted flashing cursor on my computer screen, and afterwards, I actually became slightly more productive. Oh, I found solace in the Twitter from time to time, but by the end of the afternoon, I’d finished a chapter, so I feel a little bit better about life in general and the book in particular.

(Here’s a nerdy fact nobody cares about: I have a hard time writing anything without editing it to death.)

(This is a terrible strategy if you’re trying to, you know, move forward.)

(It’s ACES, however, if you’re hoping to drive yourself crazy.)

Anyway, during one of my Twitter breaks this afternoon, I replied to a question about cleaning with Clorox and confessed that I actually like the smell of it. I can only take it in small doses, but there is something about walking in a kitchen or bathroom that’s been cleaned with a little Clorox that just screams, “EVERYTHING IS CLEAN HERE” to me. I don’t really know if it’s normal to like the smell of Clorox or not, but the more I thought about the stuff that smells oh-so-delightful to me, the more I started to feel like my sense of smell might be slightly off-kilter.

After all, I am a person who will change seats in a movie / in church / on an airplane to get away from someone who’s wearing a lot of floral perfume (IT IS MY NEMESIS), but I could spend an entire afternoon just soaking up the various smells in a nail salon. Because that’s normal.

So, for no particular reason at all, here’s a list of my most favorite smells in the whole wide world:

1) gasoline
2) manly soap (preferably with some sandalwood in there)
3) rubbing alcohol
4) lavender (specifically Hummingbird Farms lavender body lotion)
5) baby lotion
6) peppermint oil
7) the old-fashioned magic markers that were in a metal-ish tube
8) Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil shampoo
9) Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle body wash
10) all the nail salon smells
11) Mentholatum
12) Icy Hot
13) freshly mowed grass
14) rosemary
15) fresh greenery at Christmas

Now – admittedly that is a pretty odd list. Because apparently I am drawn to herbs, vapors, and a very specific sort of chemical smell that is strong enough to remove paint (ooh, paint thinner! I forgot about paint thinner!). It’s not exactly a recipe for the newest perfume offering from Chanel, is it?

So what about y’all? What are your favorite smells? And please don’t be self-conscious if they’re a little on the strange side because, um, I HAVE GASOLINE ON MY LIST.

Fire away.

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  1. Ooh, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is a good one! I also love fresh nail polish (but NOT the acrylic smell of the nail salon) and pretty much amen your whole list other than that. Hmmm… Dry erase markers, books (especially premium leather Bibles), Windex, vinyl, saw dust, and lemon scented spray starch are a few of my other faves.

  2. I actually don’t have a sense of smell. It can be a blessing and a curse. It never ceases to amuse me when people find this out and gasp and immediately say, “But can you TASTE anything?” Um, at 60 pounds over my favorite size, I’d say there’s not a tasting problem!

  3. This one cracked me up! Just last week, I was pumping gas, and my 9-year-old came out to stand with me and she commented, “I don’t know why, but I just really like the smell of gas!” She quickly added, “I mean, I don’t want to DRINK it or anything, I just like the smell.” So, parenting catastrophe avoided there. Love rosemary, Jacob’s ladder blooms, garlic (both the 9-year-old and I will sneak a big snorf from the minced garlic jar in the fridge), and McDonald’s fries. And sorry, Boo Mama, but – floral scents at Bath & Body Works.

  4. Regina Ballard says:

    I love fruity candles such as mulberry and grape, and vanilla candles.

  5. Would that be the Sanford markers? I too, am
    a fan! Also sharing the bandwagon with Mentholatum! You’re so funny/ really enjoy your posts :) and podcasts! A bunch. Maybe a little too much. đź’• keep rockin it sista!!

  6. Gasoline?!?!?!? LOL!!!!
    hmmm. Baby shampoo
    Apple Annie’s ( it’s a gift shop and I am not sure what the smell is, but it’s heavenly.)
    Suntan lotion, especially Coppertone or one that existed in the 70’s when I was a kid.
    Bacon :) ( how did this escape your list?)
    Cinnamon rolls baking
    Shaper hairspray
    Kenra blow dry spray

    I will pray for y’all. Just heard you’re supposed to get snow tomorrow.

  7. I love the smell of gasoline! So glad I’m not the only one!

    I love the smell of new tires and a new can of tennis balls. So I guess I have a thing for fresh rubber? (So weird, I know.)

    The trinity (onion, bell pepper, and celery) sautéing.

    Bath and body works gardenia anything … which has been discontinued.

    PLAIN Gain fabric softener. None of this tropical rain garbage.

    Mrs Meyers Basil Hand Soap.

    Cumin. I could sniff the jar all day.

    That slightly salty smell of the Gulf when you’re on the beach.

  8. Baby shampoo. There is nothing like the smell of a baby’s head after a bath…says the mom who plucked her 15-month old baby, who was SOUND ASLEEP, out of her crib to smell her hair. :)

    Crayons. Love the smell of a fresh box of Crayola crayons…none of this Rose Art business.

  9. Freshly sharpened pencils, pages in a new book, scotch tape, PlayDoh.

    My nemesis: ammonia. Makes me RUN from the room.

  10. Jamie Baker says:

    I like the smell of gas too. my favorite smell is new tires. when I walk into Sam’s, I’m in heaven. Matt cracks up at me. :)

  11. 1. asphalt. I have been known to drive slowwwwwly big trucks that are repairing potholes.
    2. greyhouse bus exhaust
    3. vanilla extract in the little brown bottle. just a whiff.
    4. lemon pledge. preferably while being sprayed on my mama’s dining room table. {{{homesick}}}
    5. amen to the gasoline. but I would have never admitted it first. :)

  12. Hyacinth, baby lotion, Paris Amour from Bath & Body, new car smell, but the weirdest smell I love is one I haven’t smelled in years. When I was in elementary we had a copier that used a round drum to put the master copy on and printed copies in a purple ink that smelled wonderful to me. I can’t remember what it was called, but I do remember sniffing the pages as they came off the copier. (My mom was a teacher, and she would have me run copies for her.)

    • Mimeograph? I think that’s it. YES, it’s an awesome smell full of memories. The pages would stick together :-)

    • Mimeograph, as Susan says. And I think the liquid would be very close to paint thinner. I remember the smell well.

    • We called it a ditto machine and begged for the privilege of helping with it, so we could linger around the smell. In my memory, it was less sharp than paint thinner, and had more of an inky smell.

  13. paint thinner and gasoline but also the lacquer they put on the concrete floor in our church. I just wanted to spend the night in there and breathe it in! I abhor perfumy smells and was in Walmart the other day when I walked by an older woman who must have bathed in some flowery perfume! it stunk up the whole pencil/ paper aisle!

  14. Karen Beymer says:

    To Jill, the copy machines we used to have in school
    Back in the day we called them either Memeograph machine
    Or Ditto machine.
    I love the smell of: books & a library, a man’s face right after he has
    Shaved, rosemary, thyme,(any herb really) leather,
    Apples, bacon frying. Ahhhhh!

    • As I was scrolling down through comments, I left a note on Jill’s as a reply. Glad to see here I was on the right track. Ditto copies was the short hand of it, wasn’t it? ahh the memories. Made taking quizes more fun :-)

      amen to that just shaved smell. Shaving cream is the Bomb.

  15. Puppy breath!! Lavender and vanilla lotion from BBW. Clean sheets!
    I have serious ‘smell’ issues. Can’t wear/use anything until it’s washed, car exhaust will make me keep a long distance from the car in front of me, no matter how crazy it looks.

  16. Melissa in Idaho says:

    Model airplane glue… contact cement… the solvent my nail tech uses… gasoline… and the smell of our local print shop. I also love the smell of almond extract… and Mennen “Baby Magic” lotion. That lotion was such a favorite that we had five children… never could get enough of that sweet smell! I still sneak baby lotion onto my grandbabies every chance I get!

  17. Ok, no offense, but are you sure you’re ok? :) I mean that is some powerful list. Just thinking of some of those smells knocks me out a bit. I used to use Ammonia like nobody’s business, until an unfortunate event at the hairdressers that left me swoony and blonder than I intended. It has only been in the past year or so that I can tolerate it enough to let my hairdresser use it. Nail Salons are pretty much on my DO NOT ENTER list. My favorite from your list would be baby lotion. I tend to like light, clean, fresh soap types of smells. Also grapefruit and orange.

  18. I like almost all of your list, minus the nail salon and gasoline!

    A favorite scent to smell on SOMEONE ELSE is Shalimar. Some of my favorite elderly ladies have worn it. That and Channel No. 5. Ahh the memories.

    I still “love” Love’s Baby Soft and Love’s Lemon – as memory scents, not to wear now :-)

    Stargazer lilies.
    freshly brewed espresso.

    Last summer we toured the Highlands of Scotland, and when tasting fine whisky at a distillery, they asked you if it reminded you (the taste and smell) of certain vapors that would fit in with your list above. I’m thinkin’ you were cut out to enjoy an occasional shot of whisky every now and then!! something to think about ;-) Might help the writing to flow! hee hee

  19. We are scent TWINS! If I were as articulate as you, I could have made the same list!

    After I have been sick, my husband knows I am truly on the mend when I have bleached everything is sight. I love bleach. It screams clean to me!

    I would add rubbery scents to the list- new tennis balls, rubber bands, tires, etc. and coffee. YUM!

  20. Old Spice cologne because my dad wore it (he passed away when i was 6), fresh baked bread, cookies, desserts, fresh brewed coffee, perfumed lotion, Christmastime.

  21. 1. Freshly mulched yard has to be on the top of my list. Is liking the smell of manure weirder than gasoline???
    2. Clorox
    3. Anything baby
    4. Vanilla

  22. My dog’s paws
    Apple juice
    Method Furniture Polish
    Victoria’s Secret Heavenly (although I can’t smell it if I wear it)
    The smell of clean which only happens immediately after my housekeepers come and then it is replaced by the smell of big dogs and teenagers

  23. New baby dolls – pop off the head and that new rubbery smell inside. REALLY weird…smells like Christmas past to me! Haha!

  24. Some of my favorite scents are:

    The Air after it Rains
    VS Heavenly
    Baby Powder

    I don’t think that liking the smell of gasoline is weird at all. I like it along with dirt, motor oil, etc. :)

  25. Pine-sol
    fresh sawdust
    Old spice
    Crayons (my favorite favorite)

  26. Gasoline? When I was in labor with my third baby, my grandmother came to see me in the hospital. She had put gas in her car and some of it spilled on her shoe. I had to ask my mama to ask her to go home and change her shoes. It was making me so nauseous. That’s what I equate with gasoline.

    My favorites?
    sweet olive bushes in the spring and fall
    the hand sanitizer they gave me at the hospital after each of my babies was born
    (I have a small bottle of it that I take out every now and then just to smell it and go back to when my babies were actually newborn babies.)
    Babe perfume from my high school days (Babe, I’m leavin’. I must be on my way…)
    Brut cologne from my high school days ;) (He later became my husband. Not a brut, but the young man who wore it.)
    Goodies baking in the oven
    fall scented candles (pumpkin, apple spice, those kinds of things)
    the smell of my grandmother’s house (I have a vest of hers that is folded tightly in my closet. It smells just like her.)

  27. I, too, am a big fan of the gasoline. Also, I’m a book sniffer. And I love taking big wiffs of the lumber aisle in Home Depot and Lowe’s.

  28. Doesn’t anybody else like Lysol?

  29. My sister-in-law once told me, “I have a confession: I LOVE the smell of a skunk!”
    That just tops them all to me…..still cracks me up.

  30. When I was little I loved the smell of gasoline. LOVED it. Trent likes the smell of exhaust from trucks and buses at truck stops…it reminds him of going on long trips with his dad and being on tour. I like heavy scents. My perfume and lotion choices cause my brother-in-law to call me an old lady. So there’s that. (I will say that the perfume I have is the same bottle I got when we got married almost 4 years ago and I still adore it. Calvin Klein Euphoria, yes please.) And to touch on you moving away from someone with lots of perfume…T and I have a saying when we smell an overly scented person: “Well, someone bathed in it.” And then we gag.

  31. Ooh! I agree with all of your except the nail salon smell. Glad I am not as strange as I once thought. My odd favorite would be the smell of hardware stores. A mix of sawdust, metal, and a hint of paint thinner…that’s good stuff.

  32. Clorox!
    Tea Tree anything (which is a long story)
    Garlic (so obviously I’m not a vampire … which is a huge relief)
    Grape juice … reminds me of conmunion
    The shampoo & conditioner at the salon

  33. My favorite smell in the world is bleach~ In my head I have invented a whole slew of products such as Clorox clean-up plugins, Clorox candles etc……

    Have you ever heard of the perfume brand Demeter? They have loads and loads of different fragrances, including the odd ones such as dust and Windex! I’ve owned a couple (soap and tomato vine) and they are pretty spot on!


  34. I love the smell of Gain, Babies, Lilacs blooming, the smell of spring when the garden has been turned and you can smell the fresh dirt. You would have loved my car a few weeks ago when my son left a gas can in it for days and I didnt know it was in there. Whew!

  35. That’s why we love you! The gasoline is cracking me up but I love that you would admit to it. The smell of grease/lube and diesel holds memories for me when smelled but I don’t think it smells “good”. So, i guess I sorta get the gasoline thing. I’m totally with you on the lavender and clorox though. I won’t even start listing food smells that I love or we will be here all day. I’m happy you got a snow day without the drama this time. I can’t wait to read your book! Have a great day!

  36. Judy in MI says:

    Diesel fuel exhaust….especially buses. Reminds me of happy times sitting on my grandma’s front porch near the bus stop watching traffic go by.
    Sheets dried on the clothes line
    Eucalyptus forest in Maui
    Cilantro – I could wear it around my neck
    New cars

  37. anotherlisa says:

    Wow the lists y’all shared!
    I love real, live white flowers – so gardenias, magnolias, citrus trees, jasmine.
    Also the ozone in the air during/ just after a thunderstorm. The smell of leather and a horse working together on a ride is glorious, and I don’t mind the smells of cleaning a stable. Favorite smell will always be the salt, sun, sand of the ocean and beach.

  38. I actually like the smell of skunk when it’s a bit distant. Top that for strangeness.

  39. I agree with most of your list Sophie! However, I also have to add Benzene. We have it in our lab, and I love the smell! Don’t worry about the fact that it’s a carcinogen, a mutagen, and also has to be used under a fume hood. Small, small details!

  40. Jennifer S says:

    My oddest favorite smell is black asphalt in the sun…reminds me of the smell of my favorite amusement park in the summer when I was a kid. Does this make sense to anyone?

    • That is EXACTLY what I think of when I smell asphalt! Whenever I say that, my husband looks at me like I am crazy but now I have corroboration.

      • Yes! Every time I smell hot asphalt, I think of Magic Springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas! It meant vacation was starting!

  41. Remember the smell of the DITTO purplish-blue ink?? I loved when the teacher would hand out a freshly (still damp) quiz from the DITTO machine! I would breathe it in until my nose was purplish-blue.

  42. I can’t believe you posted this today! I absolutely hate the smell of gas and it drives me batty!
    My husband’s clothes reaked of it last night and I was a crazy person trying to wash it out!
    I do love Clorox though, and people think I am weird. I also love cinnamon, lavender, coffee,
    Bread baking, citrus, and CLEAN laundry!
    I am not telling my husband about this, because he will say see? Lots of women love it!

  43. Gasoline, paint, dry erase markers, but my absolute favorite is new plastic. I could go down the aisles of Walmart/Target and smell every new binder when back-to-school is available- but I don’t. And then I drive my friends crazy when I have to ask them not to wear certain scents around me. Florals make we want to claw my eyes out!

  44. The smell of a two-cycle engine
    LESTOIL-seriously…if my husband put some behind his ears…woohoo
    Patchouli…no I’m not a flower child
    Skunk…the distant smell…I like to call it “slightly skunk”
    Cinnamon rolls baking

  45. Sarah Stephens says:

    It’s not something I admit much but I enjoy the smell of non-fresh skunk. Fresh skunk is too stout but give it a few hours or a day. I also like the smell of rubber cement but haven’t smelled it in a few years.

  46. Michele T says:

    Pipe tobacco.
    Babies heads.

  47. Darn. I thought we could be friends but there’s a perfumerie in France I’m ADDICTED to and it’s all florals. However, my mom’s an audiologist and when I was a little girl and visited her work I loved the chemical smell. She always seemed concerned about that.

  48. Oh my! I thought I had my list thought out until I read the replies above and was reminded of some more. I love the smell of gasoline, paint thinner, paint pens, magic markers in the gray metal tube, new tennis balls, the tire store, new barbie dolls and her plastic accessories, magazines/new books, Mrs. Meyers lemon verbena scented products, and for a food option, garlic sauteing in butter. What’s funny is that I absolutely can’t stand the smell of baby powder or anything powder scented. Clorox and Bath & Body Works’ Japanese Cherry Blossom scented products give me an instant headache. I buy the lavender scented Clorox which is better.

    Gotta go! My husband is about to put gas in the generator! :-)
    May all affected by the southeast ice and snow storm stay safe and warm.

  49. Chris in Canada says:

    Garden-fresh tomatoes. Just picked!

    But my #1 would have to be gasoline.

  50. These are my favorites, and it’s an oddly diverse list: new Longaberger baskets, Chlorine!!, books, mulch, new house smell (wood), Love’s Baby Soft and Avon’s Sweet Honesty (I’m too old to wear them but do anyway.), Cinch (a spray cleaner like Windex) and Pine-Sol, and Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path (lavender).

    Complete and total dislikes: White Diamonds perfume (instant gag and headache); any vanilla smell, especially perfume; and coffee, which puts me in a very definite minority, but ew.

  51. First of all, poor Bob Costas. I’m sure he never guessed his eyes would be the biggest stories of these Olympic Games.

    But I don’t know what my favorite smell is. I love the smell of lavender and vinegar. And Christmas. And cilantro. But I think I don’t have a good sense of smell.

  52. I like the way my husband smells after he cuts grass. The combination of lawn mower exhaust and grass are my favorite!! I also love the smell of babies, Christmas trees, smoke from fireplaces in the fall and vanilla. The smell I hate is candles that smell like cookies/cinnamon rolls. I actually become phyiscally sick!!

  53. sheespatti says:

    Speaking of Clorox….. If I was Matt Lauer, I would be teaching the Russians to love the smell too, because you better believe I would be toting my own personal bottle to scrub down that desk that Bob Costas has been sitting at all week. That is one nasty infection I would not want to share in!

  54. Mine are:

    Safari perfume as it smells like my mama when she gets dressed up
    Rose scented lotion because it reminds me of my late-grandma
    Fall scents like apples, vanilla, pumpkin or baked goods
    Gasoline–yep! Me, too!
    Lilacs in spring (come on spring! I know you’re around the corner!)

  55. Oh, I’m so with you on the Clorox! And several other items on your list. I also love the smell of school paste. Freshly mowed grass. Verbena. Cumin. Christmas trees. Honeysuckle.

  56. New Bible smell (if that was a cologne, my husband would wear it)
    Old books
    A tobacco shop
    printing press ink
    the weirdest by far though… I kind of like the smell of skunk. I justify it by telling myself that it is in the same family as musk.

  57. Oh I am so with you on all these smells. But, two that take me straight back to my childhood are fresh ground coffee and fresh red dirt. I’m talking about when it was cheaper to buy whole bean coffee at the A&P and grind it there on the spot at the store. My sister and I used to fight over who got to grind it. It was a rite of passage when I got tall enough to pour the beans in the top if the machine. As for the fresh red dirt, it was aplenty in the piedmont area of NC where I grew up.

  58. Jamie baker says:

    Everyone has reminded me of many more smells that I love and it made me remember rubber cement glue. maybe it’s that I love anything rubbery. :)

  59. Oh goodness- where to begin? So many listed here I totally wouldn’t have remembered!
    Fresh tobacco (my aunt had a farm in VA and would bring the whole “bough”)
    Play doh
    Intern’l Flavors Coffee in Cafe Francais (my grandmother drank it)
    My parents house (family home my great grandmother, Gaga, (the original, circa1909) lived in as I was a child)
    My trunk that belonged to another great grandmother
    Clorox and Gain
    Baby Magic Lotion
    Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea & Plumeria (reminds of being 17)
    Freshly mowed grass
    Moth balls (reminds me of childhood)
    Chanel Elgoise cologne (sp?)
    Sage &Citrus Yankee Candle, Aunt Kook’s Apple Cider Candle from Keeper of the Lights and a good old Root candle in Mulled Cider
    Edgar’s Bakery
    Chuy’s (I’m missing these places)
    Finally, the college dorm bathroom– the air freshener At our new church here in Cali, the same air freshener is used that was at Montevallo around the “turn of the century”…. Lord I feel like I’m time traveling when I go to the potty at church now.

    I’m sure there is more, but that’s a good list :)

  60. Kathy Wilshire says:

    I have lost most of my sense of smell over the last 10 years or so. I can smell somethings if they are REALLY strong, like if my car actually runs over a skunk, I can smell it, but if we’re just passing by a dead one on the road, not usually. This works out well for me, since I’m a school nurse at an intermediate school (5/6 grade), and it really helps not to have a sensitive nose a lot of days in my line of work! My husband, however, definitely makes up for my lack of smelling, since he has the most sensitive nose this side of the Mississippi! He will complain about something smelling in the frig, and I’ll just say, “well, you need to figure out what it is, because I can’t smell it,” which also works out well for me!
    I do like the smell peppermint oil, if it’s right under my nose when getting a massage!

  61. Janet Worthy says:

    LEATHER! I have several leather jackets ~ they suck at keeping you warm, but I love the smell:)
    Vicks Vapor Rub
    Channel # 5
    And I too loved the old Magic Markers, too!

  62. Beth Wittenbach says:

    Fresh laundry, anyone? Sooooo good!
    Old school scented markers (grape was the best!)
    rubber cement. It’s better than gasoline in my book!

  63. I love the smell of new baby dolls, ammonia and now I will tell my age; however, when I was young my mother would rinse my hair with Tame Creme Rinse. Oh, I would love a bottle of that stuff now!
    I do not like the smell of musty old buildings and museums!

    • Oooowee! I loved Tame and Prell and Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific!! Yummy smells

      Sand and Sable perfume…my grandmother
      Love’s Baby Soft
      Hardware stores, auto parts stores, my daddy’s and my husband’s sheds
      Vick’s salve…..wish it was edible
      Livestock/manure…but only for 2 seconds….reminds me of my livestock showing days:)
      A ” good ” department store, right when you walk in
      Coffee even though I don’t drink it
      Zest and safeguard soap
      Pine oil
      Obsession…need I say Calvin Klein, 1988, senior year, first love
      A house built with cypress
      Dreft detergent …and the baby wearing clothes washed in Dreft

  64. Oh, you made me laugh this morning. Thanks!
    Pine Sol
    Talcum Powder (like my granny wore)
    Freshly laundered Chenille bedspread with my mama ironing clothes in the same room (this seemed to happen a lot when I came home from school as a child) – I think of this smell whenever I get my blood pressure taken – drops it right down a notch or two!

  65. Sawdust. I think it’s a great smell. :)

  66. Hmm, my favorite smells…

    Vanilla, especially a fresh vanilla bean
    Rubber Cement
    Agree with you on those metal markers!
    Mr. Sketch Scented Markers
    My husband’s body wash
    Buttercream Frosting

  67. original Ivory dish soap and original Jergens lotion (almond,cherry?) both smells remind me of my grandma

  68. Ok, most of my favorites have already been mentioned – freshly cut lawn, ground coffee, puppy breath, etc. But here’s an odd one: I love the smell of cigarette smoke. Not the stale smell, but that first smell when someone lights up. Takes me back to my childhood and memories of my grandparents.

  69. I am with you on the Clorox — I use the bleach tabs in my toilets and it’s the only way I feel like they’re “clean.” In fact, when I had my kids and had morning sickness, leaning over the potty that smelled like clorox would stop the vomiting in its tracks. I know, what a safe thing to be inhaling during pregnancy — but all my kids are healthy and not brain damaged. ;-)

  70. You are my smell sister. I love all of those smells, or at least I am pretty sure I’d like the Trader Joe’s thing, I haven’t smelled that yet. Heavy perfume makes my eyes water and sniffer stuff up and it also makes me irrationally angry, so I totally understand where you’re coming from on that one. Have you ever tried the Scentsy French Lavender melty things? Lovely. I use them in my bedroom and it makes sleeping so nice.

  71. New house smell (lumber?), real gardenias, clean sheets, new leather baseball glove, matches, Tropicana suntan oil, oranges, Charlie perfume (mom wore in the 70s), and sweaty baby heads.

  72. I love smelling gas while chewing a new piece of bubble gum. Reminds me of childhood when the gas attendant gave me a piece every time my parents got gas at the station.

  73. My family has a vacation condo where I have spent basically every vacation of my entire life. The parking garage smells like laundry, gasoline, cement and swimming pool and it is my very favorite thing EVER!

  74. Can I just say that reading this list gave me a headache? Not kidding! All those chemical smells are right out for me. I do love me some Mentholatum, though.

    My favs?

    1) Vanilla bean
    2) Mint

    Hmm… If I could get a Vanilla Mint Latte at Starbucks, I’d be in hog heaven!

  75. First, let me just say, I know I’m weird! I like sweet pleasant smells, bread baking, markers, crayons, but oddly I like to smell skunks while driving! They do not offend me! Their scent is always a little shocking, but I’m not disgusted! Now, I don’t want a skunk to spray me or anything near me. I’ve never been sprayed, and hope I never am. I am just so entertained by everyone else’s reactions to a skunk that iove learned to look forward to it! Please refer to the first sentence….I know I’m a weirdo!!

  76. So many good ones! Mine have a lot to do with growing up.
    Catfish frying- (had it every Friday night at my MawMaw and Grandaddy’s. He caught it.)
    Pipe smoke- Grandaddy again
    Anything cinnamon
    Bread baking
    New Cabbage Patch dolls
    Swimming Pools
    Play-Doh- Brand new- I seriously have to stop myself from biting into it
    Watermelon- Hot out of PawPaw’s garden was the best!
    Carmel Cake- That one’s my Mamyaw’s. She made THE best.
    Fresh Cut Grass- It means summer’s here!!
    Light citrus and floral perfumes
    And my all time favorite, hands down, by a country mile is sunblock!! Love some high SPF Coppertone! That smell is usually always attached to something fun!

  77. Margaret Peggy Thornbury says:

    First of all I have to say that gasoline is not a favorite of mine.
    I love:
    sweet olive trees that are in my yard here in Birmingham, this is new to me…not in my home state of KY
    Channel #5
    lily of the valley
    grilling meat like steak or burgers
    pies of any kind, esp pumpkin
    frying bacon
    the air after the lightning strikes

  78. Margaret Peggy Thornbury says:

    Oh, I forgot a new smell that I really like is Tide febreze sport.

  79. Wow – everything on your list makes me cringe except for the mowed grass! How can two noses be so different?

    I love the smell of bread baking, vanilla, cookies, Johnson & Johnson’s baby lotion/shampoo, baby powder, Burberry perfume, pot roast cooking away in the crock pot, almond anything, fresh linen scent from bath & body works, clean laundry with dried with downy dryer sheets, apple pie baking, coffee brewing, salty sea air

    God is so good!!!

  80. We have all the same smell loves, including gasoline, which makes me think that you like black jelly beans too.

    miss you. xo

  81. Anna Barber says:

    When one of my friends sold her house, the buyers said it was the Clorox that attracted them. One of them was a nurse, and she thought, “Clean!”

  82. Oh my word, YES! to #7!! Also paint, and new plastic toys, etc…like floats and things like that. And Cinnabon. Oh, sweet Cinnabon.

  83. I love the smell of the water in the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disney World! Sulfury. I’m weird!

  84. Jennifer Mo says:

    I definitely relate to gasoline. Love it! The other “weird” things I love to smell are playdoh, matchsticks, and mothballs And I love me some bleach…it does scream clean!! Lavender Pine-Sol and Downey….they are goodness!

  85. I canNOT believe you did not have BACON on your list!!! I say the smell of bacon frying is the reason I could never be a vegetarian.

    Other favorites:
    Coppertone Suntan lotion/beach
    new baby dolls
    new books (the reason I do not want a kindle)
    Lindy ball point pens from my childhood (not sure if they are still made)
    ditto sheets from my childhood – heaven!
    Real Christmas trees
    CLEAN Pampers brand diapers – so sweet
    babies’ hair after shampooing
    steaks grilling
    freshly cut grass
    the earth when you dig for a garden

    OK, I am off to search Google for Lindy pens! Thanks for a fun post!

  86. I love the smell of my herbs, warm in the sun: lemon balm, dill, lavender, cilantro, also fresh cut pine & cedar, freshly mown grass, & Eucalyptus Spearmint from B & BW!! My favorite perfume is L’air du Temps which is my “signature fragrance”, since I’ve worn it for 37 years!

  87. I love the smell of a freshly painted room. I came to stay at my parents’ a few weeks ago and when I went upstairs my mom said “oh I’m so sorry, we just painted the hallway and you can still smell the paint.” I was overjoyed. And slept with the bedroom door open just so I cod smell it

  88. Every year a friend and I do the skit for our church ladies meeting and typically I write it (the night before). Last year I unexpectedly was called out of town. So it seemed that this year would be a piece of cake because we should be ready a year in advance. However, yesterday when I sat down to iron out a few kinks, I ended up rewriting the WHOLE thing. And I kept wanting to walk away, but knew the kids would be home shortly and if there was any hope of getting this finished I had to keep going. This year’s skit is about sticking to a list while shopping at Target (and it’s more real life than skit…). And I love the smell of Pine Sol!

  89. Beth in the City says:

    Diesel, new tires, fresh cut grass, musty garage, clorox, peppermint essential oil. Smells trigger memories. Honeysuckle is not weird but the fact that it takes me back to childhood Bible school immediately is very fun!

  90. The old Jergens lotion in the glass bottle, pine sol, mimeographed school papers fresh off the roller, geraniums, Subway when they’ve been baking their bread, that black creosote asphalt (I always think, “That smells like Six Flags!) and anything Amazing Grace by philosophy!

  91. Coffee !!
    Anything my mom cooks
    My husbands cologne
    Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works
    The hairspray my hairdresser uses (Big Sexy Hair) smells like watermelons
    My Nanmothers fudge
    Fresh sizzling fajitas!