Intermittent Rain ’14

There were places in Alabama that apparently got hammered by snow and ice last night, but our little neck of the woods was (thankfully) not one of them. However, since the forecast was dicey enough to merit some caution, we have a day off from school today. I’m going to try to finish a chapter in the new book that has been stuck in the same place for the last month, and I can’t talk about that part of my life much more right now or I’ll have to grab a paper bag and pretend like it keeps the anxiety at bay if I breathe into it. Truthfully I think the only thing that could alleviate my book deadline-related anxiety would be either 1) horse tranquilizers (medication for humans can’t touch it, I don’t think) or 2) non-stop sleep between now and the end of spring. However, if last night is any indication, I’d just dream about the deadline instead of panicking about it in real life, so the non-stop sleep might not be such a great option after all.

And listen. I don’t mean to bother you with my writer’s block woes. Because what I’m really wanting to talk about is Bob Costas’ eye infection.



I haven’t been watching that much of the Olympics because, well, BOOK PANIC (I may have mentioned something about that), but last night I flipped over to NBC, took one look at Bob Costas, and immediately started rubbing my eyes. I mean, bless his heart – that is what you would call a severe case of the conjunctivitis, isn’t it?

And my goodness – it must hurt something awful. One time when Alex was little I had a really bad sinus infection that went north on me, and my eyes looked about like Bob Costas’ do now. I will never forget how they throbbed and burned and made me miserable. In fact, the night before I went to the doctor, my eyes kept me awake all night, and all I could do to alleviate the pain a little bit was to cover them with a freezing cold bath cloth. I cried and wailed and tore my clothes and gnashed my teeth and woke up my husband throughout the night to remind him of the degree of my pain. It was something else.

But last night I was reminded that in the midst of all that discomfort, I WAS NOT IN FACT TRYING TO HOST AN INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES.

I think it’s safe to say that so far Sochi isn’t really agreeing with Bob Costas.

And, like I said on Twitter last night, I really hope that somebody will FedEx Bob some antibiotics because SWEET MERCY THAT LOOKS PAINFUL.

Clearly I am very concerned. Or overly concerned. Or disproportionately concerned.

Any or all could apply.

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  1. For real, his eye is of great concern to me. He said it would be better by the weekend.
    It’s Tuesday.
    Maybe he should just start wearing a patch?
    Because that would be much less distracting.
    And I wouldn’t feel the need to wash my hands every five minutes.

    Glad your weather is behaving!

  2. Ugh…I have had many a pinkeye woe. And it is no fun at all. I just want to lay down and sleep even if I’m not that tired. There’s something about having something wonky going on with your eyes that makes you feel like you have been run over by a truck. Poor thing. And bless his heart.

  3. I just heard on the radio that Matt Lauer is stepping in for him today for the primetime broadcasts and I’m not gonna lie, I threw out a “PTL!” when I heard that. I feel so bad for him! (And us, quite frankly, like you said….painful to look at!!!!!)

  4. Beth Wittenbach says:

    I googled “Bob Costas Eye” last night, and it said that it was the #1 trending google search of the day. I think it’s safe to say we are all concerned. Or grossed out. Or just curious. Anyway, let’s give him the day off and a cold cloth.

  5. Oh, honey, don’t I know it! I went to the eye doctor just to get my lens prescription renewed. He found a problem I didn’t know I had and since then have had three injections in my eye. Yes, a needle IN MY EYE. Worst thing ever. I feel your pain, Bob. Cross my heart and hope to die. Really. And as you finish up that chapter today, hear me cheering you on just as if you were on the luge going for the gold.

  6. I feel so bad for him as well. I can’t help wondering if he’s dealing with a hotel room issue like some of the other journalists that’s not helping (would you take a look at that water- scary!).

  7. I can barely watch Bob Costas it makes me so uncomfortable for him. Is there NO ONE else at NBC that could fill in so that poor man can rest? Those bright camera lights are certainly not helping his eyes! I hope you find peace in your book panic….mostly for selfish reasons. I cannot wait to read the new book!

  8. Bless his heart … I feel so bad for that little man. & does he not have any sickdays accumulated!?!

  9. I know! He needs a hug except I’m convinced it may be contagious….so maybe just a virtual hug. Poor guy!

  10. My husband and I have been stressing out about his eye since Thursday night. Yes, he said it would be better by the weekend, and gosh, if last night, it didn’t migrate into BOTH EYES! Yes, Both Eyes! And while Matt Lauer would be the last person on the planet I would want to see step in, I am awfully glad that Bob is getting some rest.

    But back to more pressing problems – where is the dad gum medicine? My husband and I have solved this problem about a zillion different ways. We have military bases close by in Germany – couldn’t they air lift some dang eye drops and steroids in about a 3 hour flight?

    I just can’t figure this out. We live in the 21st Century ….

  11. I can’t look at the eyes. I’ve had a horrible eye infection in the past too, and some secret, crazy part of me is frightened that if I look at Bob Costas’s eyes, I will catch the infection too!

  12. Not a fan of Matt…but finally…replacing Bob….he has looked awful….I just kept wondering why are they still putting him on the air?….good lordy…..and why oh why is it taking so long for him to have some medicine?…it should have never spread to the other eye…???…..good golly!!!

  13. Sophie, good luck with the writer’s block… I know you’ll plow through it! And, no pressure, but I can’t wait for your next book! :-)

  14. I am worried about Bob too! Especially now since it’s spread to BOTH eyes. Doesn’t he have drops? Did they not bring his doctor to Sochi with him? Get control of your eyes, Bob!

  15. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Last comment from NBC: Matt Lauer will be ‘filling in’ for Mr. Costas and his ‘hot pink’ eyes. I’ve seen better looking rabbit eyes. Prolonged viewing of him ‘live from Sochi’ made me sniffle and reach for a tissue to dab MY eyes. “Bless his heart” more aptly should be ‘bless his eyes.’

  16. yeah – seriously I dunno why they don’t have someone else fill in until he is over that stuff– I mean it is seriously contagious – and he interviewing athletes – and whoever else — I dunno– just seems like he is not that important – take some time off when you are sick – is good advice for all of us. Besides all that I love the Olympics and watching all the stories of the athletes and the competition — all the stuff with NBC and their politics talk I could do without — I wish they would just stick to the sports.

    • Becky in 'Bama says:

      Tammy: I agree. Why must we ALWAYS have to push hot buttons? Particularly when it is a one-sided conversation (and not usually a conservative conversation). I either hit the MUTE button or switch channels.

  17. I had pinkeye recently. Went to doc and got antibiotic drops. They did nothing and it in fact worsened and spread to the other eye. Went to anothern doc and he said it was viral, probably the Adenovirus. Thus, nothing to do but wait it out. Guessing Bob has the same.

  18. I too have been concerned about Bob’s eyes and can’t help but wonder if he’s got an autoimmune systemic disorder that is manifesting in the eyes. Because even a virus would respond to steroid drops I think to reduce the inflammation. it’s hard to believe NBC doesn’t take a medical staff with them that would have access to those. I’m also thinking it’s not highly contagious conjunctivitis because if it was the NBC and US team docs would certainly not let him be around athletes. However all the above is just speculation on my part.

    And Sophie you are right about it being painful, especially under those studio lights. Bless Bob’s heart. And eyes.

  19. So, I’m thinking ol’ Bob is trying hard to push through bc he’s been excited to host the Olympics only to have those hopes dashed by a nasty case of the pink eye. Bless his heart indeed. Hope he gets better.

    And I am dying over your “Clearly I am very concerned. Or overly concerned. Or disproportionately concerned.” We moved last year from Bham to big city, south of San Fran, CA. So we moved from a house on a half of acre of land in Cahaba Heights to an apt in Silicon Valley….meaning we can see our neighbors. I was overly concerned a few weeks ago about a neighbors use of her Expedit shelf from Ikea. It’s in a very random spot and although I’m not peeping, at night, it’s clearly visible. She has the same floor layout we do, so it’s very distressing to me to figure out how/why she has it in the locale she does. And as I told my hubs how I was feeling about it, he asked : Should you really have feelings about her Expedit?

    I was totally “Clearly I am very concerned. Or overly concerned. Or disproportionately concerned.”

  20. Just saw on the news that Bob not doing the Olympics now ends his 157 straight prime time broadcasts that goes all the way back to Barcelona.


  21. I too am so worried about poor Mr. Costas and his eye(s). My mom, however, is truly panicking. If she said it once today she said it fifty times, “Bob needs to come back to the US. Being in Russia? With an eye infection? He needs to come on home now. He’s going to lose his sight if he doesn’t get this under control.”

    I think that would go in the “overly concerned” category!

  22. I know re:Bob. And tonight they said it spread (like to the rest of his face?) so Matt Lauer is subbing. Poor bob. I think someone at NBC needs to get Bob some good meds stat. Because that just makes me want to rub my eyes. I had pink eye once, and due to allergies they itch when their healthy, but my goodness, I agree, poor Bob! Hope you get a breakthrough on the writers block! You are a blessing and God is able! :)

  23. Well. It’s encouraging to see we all feel the same way about this. And if we Boomama commenters can brainstorm a solution for this man, maybe NBC can too. Now to solve the writers block…hmmm.