Wintry Mix

Well, we’re supposed to get a “wintry mix” with possible ice accumulation starting Monday night / Tuesday morning, so it probably comes as no surprise at all that I’m planning to stay right here in my house until at least Thursday.

Just in case.

I mean, I know that I can’t actually avoid my work and A’s school tomorrow because I’m concerned that there may be ice tomorrow night, but I cannot even tell you how happy I will be to get home tomorrow afternoon. Because if the freezing rain and snow and whathaveyou are in fact coming our way, I want to be IN MY HOUSE WITH MY PEOPLE, AMEN.

And I think we all know that the fact that we’re actually planning for bad weather this time around means that it will sprinkle for five minutes Tuesday morning and then the sun will come out.

Still, though. SAFETY FIRST.

Thankfully, thought, we had a great weekend that will hopefully help sustain us if we face any (unlikely) cabin fever in the next 48-72 hours. Friday night I got to see a couple of friends who were in town, so that was such a treat, and then Saturday morning I got to spend time with some of the sweetest women at a Methodist church’s women’s conference here in Birmingham. I grew up in the Methodist church – so it is forever special to me – and as an adult I seem to get weepy whenever I walk in one. Saturday morning I made it to the fellowship hall before I started to feel the tears in my eyes, and as I was carrying my stuff up to the chapel where we met, I kept telling myself, “You have to hold it together. You have to hold it together. You are really going to embarrass yourself if you can’t manage to hold it together.”

But oh, y’all. That chapel. It reminded me so much of the church where I grew up. And what I loved even more was that the women there ranged in age from 20-something to (literally) 90. It was DELIGHTFUL. I will forever have the sweetest memories of our time together, and I was SO TICKLED when one of the ladies walked up to me at lunch and said, “You know, when they told us that a blogger was coming to speak, I was afraid that maybe you were going to teach us how to double-click here and then double-click there – but I figured I’d give it a try anyway!” I laughed so hard.

Saturday night we went to A’s banquet for Scouts, and after about two hours of dinner and awards and whatnot, I was feeling very patriotic and also wondering if I shouldn’t be doing more camping (thankfully my camping-related thoughts were short-lived). I thought several times during the awards ceremony that A and his den were being remarkably well-behaved, but when we got in the car to go home, A very proudly told us a story about how he made his row of buddies laugh when he let one rip after he received his badges. So, you know, we’re just doing our part to keep America strong.

Today was our usual Ch2 combo (church and Chuy’s). Our friends the Hamptons were also at Chuy’s with their boys, so A ended up going home with them, and then I braved the grocery store so that I could stock up on supplies for WINTRY MIX ’14. I thought maybe I’d get some writing done this afternoon, but by the time D and I covered some extensive conversational ground, I picked up Alex, and I started supper, the day was just about done. It’s been a good ‘un, though.

[insert witty conclusion here]

[conclusions are impossible for me lately]

[so I’m going with the brackets because it’s time to watch Downton]

[priorities, you know]

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  1. Never fear. I bought enough provisions for my household (and quite possibly a dozen or more people) to survive Snowmageddon II, which means that we’re in NO DANGER of actually having snow.

    It’s a public service, actually.

  2. Proud A knows when to let one rip. I’m a boy mom and they seem to come out of the womb living potty humor!:)

  3. Karen Beymer says:

    All I have to say about Downtown is “Mrs. Hughes, you go girl!”
    I kept hoping Edith would back out.
    And Lady Mary sloshing in the mud with the pigs! So funny!
    Sophie stay safe in your wintery mix.

    • Yes, loved the storylines of DA last night. way to fire things up a bit. I loved Aunt Rosemund a lot too.

  4. My sons are involved in scouting, too. We go camping with our troop every month — all 12 of them. The scent of bacon cooking in an outdoor kitchen on a crisp, cool Saturday morning is one of my favorite things.

    Now that I think about it, I’d like to read your blog post that recounted your camping experience!

  5. This Yankee needs a wee bit of help. How do you pronounce “Chuy’s”?



  6. Margaret Peggy Thornbury says:

    I really enjoyed meeting you on Saturday and have added your blog to my favorites. I am Peggy who was looking for self esteem and being Margaret.

  7. I loved this. I am a life long Methodist and recently saw the movie about Jackie Robinson- 42. In the movie, Harrison Ford plays Branch Rickey the manager for the Broolyn Dodgers. My favorite quote in the movie was when Rickey says,
    ” I am a Methodist, Jackie Robinson is a Methodist, and GOD is a Methodist!”

    While I don’t personally think God has a favorite Denomination, football team or political party… I do think he might favor Chuy’s….

  8. A: Keep lettin’ ’em rip, it will serve you well in college, or so I gather from my son.

  9. Growing up with a younger brother I totally get the “rip” roarin’ good times to be had by boys between the ages of…well, any age actually, who am I kidding – at 43 he still entertains us whether we ask for it or not. Always love your updates – lets me know we are all in this together.

  10. In conclusion… You’re so funny!

  11. This is a long shot, but I must ask…… Does “our friends the Hamptons” refer to the Wes Hamptons, of the GVB? If so, i’m dying here! Love me some GVB!

  12. I love reading your blogs. When you go out to speak you speak about “blogs” exactly what are you saying? That little peak into your talks fascinated me.

    Don’t worry about your son “ripping one” I have a 36 year old son that is the King of ripping one and is very strangely fascinated with his “poop”: where he does it (not just anywhere) and it is the main event of his day. Guys/boys NEVER grow up. ha