Alternate Names Include Little Bit, Helen, And Sweet Baby Angel

Last weekend my sister-in-law Rose texted me to let me know that our niece had found a puppy on the side of the road. They’d spent the better part of the week trying to find an owner, but nobody claimed her. And Rose was also kind enough to attach a couple of pictures with significant “awwwww” factor.

I had just started to reply to Rose’s text when she called me. She went on to explain that they felt like they couldn’t keep the puppy because they have two dogs already, and one of those dogs was none too excited about having to share his space with another animal.

SO, Rose said. She sure would be a great dog for Alex. Plus, we’ll still get to see her if y’all keep her.

I tried my best to IGNORE, IGNORE because I have told myself (and my people) over and over again that this summer would be a much better time to get a new dog. But there was something about that puppy in Rose’s pictures that just grabbed my heart. D was immediately on board because, well, DOG LOVER, so we decided that he should probably sleep on the idea and then, if he still felt like it was a real possibility, sit down the next day and have a serious talk with Alex about the fact that Dogs Require Responsibility.

So he did and they did, and by Thursday of last week we were all on board. And Saturday morning, the fellas drove to Mississippi to pick up the newest member of our little family.

Y’all, she is the sweetest. Rose’s vet said that she is part bulldog and part rat terrier. All we know is that she is about thirty-seven kinds of cute.




Her name is Hazel.

We are understandably smitten.

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  1. Is it just me or does she have a heart-shaped nose??
    Oh, swoon!!!

  2. Awwww!!!!! <3 Welcome to the family Hazel :) She is just precious Sophie. xxx