Hiding In Plain Sight

I have a lot of very good reasons to explain my absence.

But I can pretty much sum up all my reasons in two words: BOOK DEADLINE.

What this means is that I’m going to be totally unreliable with the blogging for the next six weeks or so. I’m trying to work on the book in whatever little pockets of time I can find (last night, for instance, David and Alex went to Scouts, and I started a blog post that got up to around 1500 words, at which point I thought, Oh, I believe we will go ahead and call this the beginning of a chapter). Plus, my real job – which takes up a significant chunk of my day – is extra time-consuming during this part of the year. And since my people developed what may be a lifelong aversion to the phrase “Hey, do y’all want me to just pick up something for supper?” when I was doing this whole book thing the first time, I am trying to be intentional and mindful about the purchase and preparation of things like fresh vegetables and real-live bacon and substances that aren’t French fries.

But you know what’s neat?

Why, I will be glad to tell you.

When I was working on the first book, David and I laughed about how much more social it made me. It was sort of ironic considering that I am never more content than when I have changed into a t-shirt and yoga pants and I know that I don’t have a single thing on the calendar for, like, FOUR DAYS. But when I was smack-dab in the middle of A Little Salty…, I craved face-to-face conversation like crazy. So once-ish a week I’d run off to meet up with a friend who was passing through town, or I’d go to supper with girlfriends and talk for hours, or I’d ask somebody to meet me at Starbucks so we could visit before I hunkered down for some writing. There was even one time when I met my friend Pattie for lunch, and – I kid you not – we stayed in that restaurant for five hours (we were there so long, in fact, that we tipped two different waiters). It’s almost like the writing made me crave the sound of other people’s voices (other than the ones that run around in my head, of course), and I’ll be doggone if the same thing hasn’t happened this time around.

So here’s the neat part – or at least it’s neat to me. That whole phenomenon is totally at work again, and I’m starting to think it’s the Lord’s protection against isolation because staying in my head so much can make me a little, um, weird (I feel certain that my husband will vouch for me on this one). Last week I got to sit down with one of our neighbors and talk for two hours – something that is oh-so-rare. Then this past Friday night, my sweet friend T-Riels (that is not in fact her real name; it’s just what we called her in college and continue to call her even now) was in town for a soccer tournament, and we went to dinner and laughed our heads off. Sunday after church my fellas and I went to lunch with one of our most favorite families before they drove home to the town where they live now. My friend Katy will be in town tomorrow night – she has some work stuff here – and I’m going to get to hang out with her for a little while. And then this weekend I get to see some friends who have known me since I wore high-top Reeboks with peasant skirts (oh yeah I did – it was my nod to edgy when I was a senior in high school, never you mind that I was about as edgy as a butter knife).

It’s weird. Because under normal circumstances, I’d probably be completely overwhelmed by All The Activity. But as it stands, I’m just as tickled as I can be.

So. That’s all a very long-winded explanation of what’s going on around here: lots of writing and lots of time with my people. As far as the interweb is concerned, I’ll still be on the Twitter and the Instagram (they’re mighty fine ways to document my ongoing obsessions with sunrises, sunsets, and Hazel the dog).

(For example.)

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 8.37.12 AM

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 8.36.47 AM

(I can’t help it.)

(It’s like a sickness.)

But. For the next few weeks, I’m gonna try to put most of my words into the book instead of here.

Please know that this entire strategy will be flung STRAIGHT OUT OF THE WINDOW if anything even remotely memorable happens with Mississippi State sports and/or American Idol.

I’m mighty grateful for y’all.


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  1. Sophie, I am grateful for you and the joy you give me every time I read your words. Looking forward to your next book. :-)

  2. Jennifer S says:

    I’ll forgive your absence if you’ll just keep posting pictures of that puppy!!! So darn cute!

  3. Becky in 'Bama says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE – PLEASE post daily pics of Hazel – especially while she is at this cutest-puppy-in-the-world phase. (anyone who says there is no God has not looked into those soulful eyes that say ‘I love my new family and I love Jesus.’)

  4. Glad to know that my obsession with the sky/sun is not limited to just me. And mercy, that Hazel is preciousness in a package?

  5. We are all fine with your absence here if that means we can read something hilarious in your book! Seriously, I hope you continue to be inspired and find the time to write and meet your deadline.

  6. Kathleen G says:

    Hey, is Hazel sticking out her tongue? My husband loves taking pictures of the sunsets & rises. Continue writing Boomama, we’ll be here.

  7. I absolutely cannot wait for the next book! A little salty to cut the sweet was my favorite beach read last summer and I know this next one will not disappoint!!

  8. Just ordered “A Little Salty” and Melanie’s last book, too from Amazon. Can’t wait til it arrives. You and Melanie are making my sleepless nights better listening to the Big Boo podcast. (s).

  9. You bless me every time you write. I love your down-to-earth approach to life and totally feel like we would be friends in real life. Or sisters. Well, we both already have sisters, and I would have to be your MUCH OLDER sister, so maybe we’d just be friends. :) I will be praying for you during these next few weeks. I loved your last book, and I have no doubt I will love the next one as well. Take care of yourself. :)

  10. It’s so funny that you posted this today. I actually checked your blog this morning and then my calendar and thought, “WHERE is Sophie?”. Praying for you as you work on the book! I LOVED “A Little Salty” and can’t wait for the next one. I just finished Melanie’s “Anetlope in the Living Room” not 15 minutes ago and I’m already having withdrawals! ; )

    p.s. Hazel is ADORABLE.

  11. Susan Berry says:

    So excited about your new book! Love love the first one!

    Please put eight year old Dean Sasser from near Columbus, Mississippi in your prayers! He was in vehicle with his mom and younger brother Friday night near Noxubee county line to pick up his sister when their vehicle was rear ended by a pick up then eighteen wheeler. Dean was airlifted to UAB and is in the children’s hospital. His sweet family is with him praying for God to be glorified through this. Thank you!

  12. Don’t see how you are getting anything done with that sweet little puppy face…..I’d want to stare at it the whole time!!!!

  13. Loving Hazel!! So stinkin cute!
    Also, nothing better than LONG chats with friends over coffee/food.
    My coffee group of almost 10 years, meets EVERY monday night, NO MATTER WHAT, at our local Starbucks. We laugh/cry/debate/ and solve the worlds many problems in never less than 2 hours!! Such a joy.

  14. I will miss you, but I know it will be so worth the wait to read your new book.
    I spent the weekend in Birmingham with my son and his family, and I really love it more very time I visit. It has all the great stores and restaurants, and it is the perfect size town.
    Not all of the craziness of the ATL. You are blessed to live there.

    LOVE that baby puppy! She is a doll. And I love your sunrise/sunset pictures. Take care of yourself during this busy season. (Sorry – my four children are grown, but sometimes the mom advice just leaks out of me)

  15. You do realize, Sophie, that you named your dog after the Melanie that appears when she is sick and talks an octave lower and sounds like she smoked 6 packs of cigarettes a day? I thought I’d bring that to your attention if you haven’t already realized it.
    On the other hand, that is the cutest dog ever and the name is perfect for her!
    I am in the middle of The Antelope of the Lord (aka in the living room). Have enjoyed yours and hers. Keep up the good work.

  16. Every time you post a picture of Hazel I have to keep repeating to myself “you do not want a dog, you do not want a dog, you do not want a dog”. She is just the cutest!

  17. Well, I’ll miss ya. I don’t do twitter or instagram. In fact, I check the blog everyday because I don’t even have one of those fancy subscription services that alert me when you’ve posted. So when next we meet in the Cloud, can’t wait to see a grown Hazel! Best of luck with the new book. Can’t wait to read it.

  18. Oh, my goodness, that puppy! We’ll be here whenever you get back.

  19. Have fun writing and chatting! I can’t wait for your next read!

  20. Good luck with your writing! That is the cutest puppy! I bet he/she will give you lots of writing material.

  21. Praying for you right now! That the words will flow like honey!

  22. You had me at “the next book”! Go. Write. Can’t wait to read!

  23. The “instant gratification” side of me is like, “girl, get your blog on!”
    The patient side of me says, I’d rather you get that book out so I have something fab to read soon. We’ll be patient while you plug away at the next book. If Antelope wasn’t so darn good that I read it in one sitting, I could have stretched it out a little longer to close the gap on fun reads…..

  24. Your busy schedule causes me to be more intentional as I fully enjoy the delightful surprise of your posts! I pray it’s a real muse to your writing just knowing that so many readers eagerly await your next book. If I had Hazel and her precious face in my house, I would never get anything done. Oh, my word she’s adorable!
    Keep on keeping on, Sophie!

  25. Funny but I seem to have a similar MO. I love to be alone at home in my comfy clothes and yet, when I have had too much down time with my own brain, then I am screaming on the inside for someone to talk to. Interesting how that works! Probably is a God thing to keep us from going stir crazy. Thanks for the update which always makes me smile.

    Take good care,

  26. That Hazel is about the cutest thing I have ever seen! Oh my goodness…she gets cuter in each picture you post. We will miss your words but I sure am glad you are using them to write another book. I loved the first one so! And just keep the pictures of Hazel coming…

  27. Nate's Mom says:

    I miss your posts when you don’t write them, but I’ll excuse you temporarily since you have a good reason, HA!

    Hazel sticks her tongue out while she rests just like our furbaby does, just tickles me so much! Love her beautiful face.

  28. Well, I’m just so conflicted right now. I mean, I loved your first book SO VERY MUCH, so of course I am excited for you to write this next one. But. The thing is? I keep coming back here, hoping to find an American Idol recap, because I NEED to know your thoughts on this season. Is it not SO DARN GOOD?!

    But…yay (YAY! Really!) for the next book. Yay for writing and people and God doing neat things. I can’t wait to read it.

  29. I’m reading your first book and I really enjoy your stories about family. Good luck with writing another! I am new to your blog all the way from upstate NY and you make me smile:) . I also want to thank you for introducing me to Dave Barnes, I listen to him daily!

  30. Glory, Sophie, I hope your book has some more about “your people” cause, honey, they’re like my people and that does make for some good reading. Happy writing! (And, yes, like everyone else has said, Hazel is a doll baby!)

  31. About as edgy as a butter knife. Love that phrase! Can’t wait til an opportunity comes for me to use it.