I made myself stay away from the blog for most of last week because I was really trying to focus on the new book. Honestly, I’m glad I did because the new book and I bonded a little bit. We have a way to go still, but yay for (mostly) uninterrupted writing time and the luxury of being able to think and the sound of the Gulf coming up on the shore. These are all very good things.

It was also a very good thing to have Hazel for company during those first few days when I was by myself. She is very much a puppy and sometimes makes me feel like I’m in the middle of Marley & Me; she loves trying to tip over trashcans and pull toilet paper off the roll and bark loudly and frequently for no discernible reason.

But she is cute as a button. And she is smart as a whip. And she is funny as all get out. Except when she’s biting.

So last week, in order to document the cuteness that is Hazel, I went a little overboard on Instagram since I wasn’t blogging here.

For example.

Before we left Birmingham, the folks at the pet store told me that there was a certain kind of chew stick that wasn’t bad for her and would keep her occupied for hours. Well, they were not kidding. Hazel and the chew stick bonded like crazy, and when she finally finished it (seriously – it was two days later), she looked all over the condo trying to find it. She was sad and despondent. And I became very co-dependent and enabling and WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME WITH THIS DOG I DON’T EVEN KNOW MYSELF ANYMORE.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 8.08.03 PM

And then there was her deep and abiding love for one of the chaise lounges on the balcony. I’d sit in the chair beside her and type and type – and she would faithfully sit in her little spot and sun and sun. She loved it out there. I like to think that the Gulf calmed her.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 8.08.44 PM

My friend Alison drove down to the beach with her boys Wednesday afternoon, and they were kind enough to bring my boy with them. He and Hazel were thrilled to see each other, and she still has not left his side – not even Thursday afternoon when he took a very uncharacteristic nap.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 8.09.56 PM

And here’s my favorite. Friday afternoon I was sitting on the couch, trying to write – and I decided to walk out on the balcony to check on Hazel, who’d been in her usual spot. As soon as I stepped outside, she ran inside and jumped on the couch. When I followed her inside, this is what I saw.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 8.10.31 PM

I’m sorry. But that is a pretty adorable dog.

So anyway. I don’t want to bore y’all to death with Hazel this and Hazel that, but she has been the sweetest addition to our little family. I’m mighty grateful to have had such a fun week with her (thanks to Scott and Rose, the best condo-sharing in-laws ever).

And I’m not even bitter about how she destroyed my favorite flip-flops. Or how she drank out of my coffee mug. Or how she attacked the hem of my yoga pants. Or how she tee-teed all over my foot in the elevator.

If she starts to go after my bacon, though, we may have issues.

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  1. Jenny F. says:

    Hazel needs her own instagram account.. She is adorable!

  2. The best part of Hazel was her protective spirit!! There is something special about that sweet dog!

  3. You are right. Hazel is one adorable dog. I just love it how you take a family who already has plenty of love, add a sweet dog, and the love just multiplies. Same thing happened to us. One of my favorite parts of this post, though, is your use of “tee teed.” Here in northeast Tennessee, “peed” is the preferred verb, and I cringe every.single.time. I hear it. As my husband mockingly likes to tell me, “Replacing that p with a t makes all the difference in the world!”

  4. Kelly Sites says:

    PLEASE don’t stop with the Hazel stories. She is seriously adorable and your stories of her make my day.

    Keep it coming!!!!
    Dog Lover in Michigan

  5. Terrie Cash says:

    Could there be a children’s book in the near future about the daily life of Hazel. She’s so cute and seems to have more personality that overflows from her small body.

  6. Melissa says:

    The life of Hazel…. another idea for a book. :-) Thanks for sharing the adventures of Hazel and her family. :-)

  7. votemom says:

    umm, i would really love to know the name of that chew bone thing. please and thank you!

  8. Don’t stop! Hazel is too cute! I love the picture by your laptop.

  9. Pretty sure you could do a daily Hazel post and we would all be slap happy about it.

  10. I love Hazel! And Hazel this and Hazel that is fine by me! But you know what I just adored, of all things? That you called it “tee-teed”. The first time i have heard it called that since my sweet mama passed away in 2007. Joy tinged with melancholy is my favorite emotion.

  11. You are totally giving me puppy fever! I’m thinking I may need a young un’ around here…

  12. Karen Ward says:

    She’s pretty much adorable!! Love Hazel pics!!

  13. Hazel has a heart shape on the tip of her nose!

  14. Love the Hazel pictures! The view off your balcony was just spectacular! What hotel were you at? Can you share?

  15. so stinkin’ cute!!!

  16. We too have a pup…actually I guess she’s and adolescent now. Or maybe a tween. AHHHH!!! and we’ve only had her a year! Your Hazel stories remind me of my Waffles (dog name, not breakfast item). We have lost a flip-flop or two, and she has destroyed a few doormats, but then she looks at you with those eyes and I’m butta! Not to mention that my kids pick up after themselves a lot more because…puppies chew everything! YAY!

  17. Megan G says:

    Hazel is so adorable! I love the Hazel. She would be friends with my weird dog… Gertrude. Gertrude and Hazel. A friendship is there for sure!

  18. Kathleen G says:

    What a joy to read the first thing this morning. Heart shape nose is right, adorable! I have a picture of our dog, little Zoe when she was a tiny pup as a screen saver, constantly showing people, like they haven’t seen it a billion times. It starts that way, they just snuggle into your heart. Hazel, love that name. Who named her? I also second the name Waffles, from a commenter above.

  19. Karen Beymer says:

    I think Hazel should have her own blog. The pic of her at your lap top was my inspiration.

  20. Hazel is the star of the photos, no doubt. But I enjoyed seeing the Gulfcoast beach! Hubby is in the Air Force and we are all the way over in Phoenix. Saw the California beach last week – I guess you and I were at the beach the same week! The Pacific was very pretty…but so cold! We love the Orange Beach area . Planning to retire in B’ham too. We are from Louisiana but are partial to Alabama! :)

  21. Hazel is adorable. Something about her just makes me grin.

  22. precious! nothing like a pet. Remember the cutest when she makes a mess or chews something up! I love your post about her!!

  23. Lisa D. says:

    I do love me some Hazel stories and pics!

  24. Love the post, but you have got to tell us what the dog bone is! I need something super long-lasting for some pretty bored dogs!

  25. Your pup is so adorable. Let me tell you, however, how very confusing it is to this simpleton that Big Mama talks about her sick raspy-voiced old lady persona as Hazel and that is also the name of your adorable dog. One day I was reading Big Mama and was confused as to why she was talking about your dog. Alas, she was talking about her cold. I’m sure it’s just me who suffers with this but it totally cracks me up. When Melanie is sick next, I am pretty sure Pup Hazel should visit so the Hazels can be together.

  26. I would never get bored hearing about Hazel. In fact, weekly pictures would be nice so we can watch the little cutie grow.

  27. Can never get enough hazel. I would be all for a hazel a day pic, or even a guest blog post from her now and again :) she is cute beyond words and just makes me happy :) thank you!

  28. I seriously want that dog! Does she have any siblings?

  29. I think Hazel is totes adorbs. She almost makes me want another dog. But I have sworn off more animals. We have a Great Dane, a wire haired fox terrier, and 2 guinea pigs. And since my dogs are like children to me, they seriously put a damper on travel. I have to enlist the aid of my sister, who has 3 dogs of her own (another HUGE Great Dane, a standard poodle, and a golden doodle) in order to leave town. Needless to say, it doesn’t happen too often.

    I am glad Hazel is doing so well and seems perfect for y’all.

  30. betty little says:

    Hi Sophie,
    I love, love, love Hazel’s Heart Shaped nose … too cute


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