Things That Could Quite Possibly (But More Than Likely Will Not) Change Your Life

First of all, chew toys.

Now granted, that was an odd way to start a blog post, but several of y’all asked about the magical chew toys that I mentioned yesterday, so I’m going to pass along that information before I forget. I’m not exactly sure how helpful this information is going to be, but I hope it’s specific enough that it can radically change your dog’s chew toy life forever.

I am exaggerating. Those are some high and potentially unrealistic hopes.

However comma the chew toys we’re using are called bully sticks (I think?), and I bought them at Hollywood Feed here in Birmingham. At our store they’re in a basket up front. They’re about 6 inches long, and they have three qualities that I like a lot: 1) they don’t upset Hazel’s stomach 2) they don’t have an odor and 3) they’re not messy. They seem pricy at first (they’re $5.98 each), but for a medium-sized puppy like we have, one chew stick will last her several days (and at night, when she’s getting tired, she will chew on one for two or three hours – she means business). There are larger chew sticks – some of them even braided – so if you have a larger dog, you can join the fun, too.

Here’s a chew stick (after a little puppy wear and tear):


Here’s Hazel with said chew stick:


These things saved my sanity at the beach. And come to think of it, the chew stick is saving my sanity right now because HAZEL ISN’T BARKING.

Second of all, pens.

Over the last year I’ve grown deeply attached to the Pentel Sign Pens. I prefer the blue but also use the black a good bit. I order them by the box from Amazon, and every single time I let someone borrow one, the reactions are like an infomercial:

“Why, I never knew that writing with a pen could be this much fun!”

“Wait! It’s like a marker, but it writes like a pen!”

“I only used this pen one time, but already I look 15 pounds thinner!”

(Maybe not so much with that last one.)

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.06.54 AM

If you are particular about your pens – and if you don’t mind writing with a pen that isn’t super-fine – I think you will really enjoy these. We use this type of pen for voting in our county, and that’s how I discovered them. Also, I am sad to say that I can’t resist a pun saying that it was love at first WRITE, and oh, I do apologize for that.

I have found the best prices for these pens at Amazon. And that’s not an affiliate link. In case you were wondering. Though you probably weren’t.

Third of all, paper towels.

This past Sunday night I ignited a firestorm of controversy (slight overstatement) (the reality is that about eight people responded) (but “firestorm of controversy” sounds so much more dramatic, don’t you think?) with the following tweet.

And y’all, it’s true. Those select-a-size paper towels make me insane. We’re talking high levels of deeply irrational anger. It just seems like one of those things where a company feels like they solved a problem that wasn’t really actually a problem at all. Because if I want a smaller piece of paper towel, I CAN TEAR IT OFF. Plus, over the years I have developed very specific folding techniques for a full-size paper towel, and those methods don’t work as well anymore because the perforations make me feel like I’M FOLDING IT ALL WRONG.

As you can see, the select-a-size paper towels have filled my life with difficulty and also confusion.

So. If you are comfortable sharing, I would like to know your feelings about the select-a-size. The eight people who weighed in on Twitter were mostly in the GIVE ME MY REGULAR PAPER TOWELS camp, but that might just be because those of us who do not care for select-a-size tend to be a passionate, opinionated people on this subject.

That being said, I trust that we’ll give each other a wide berth of grace as we examine this potentially divisive issue.

But if it gets heated, we could always order some pens or gnaw on a chew toy.

That’ll calm us all down in no time.

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  1. I like the select-a-size because we have small children. We’ve been using them for about 8 years, so now I am the opposite of you – if I come across regular size ones I get very annoyed. :)

    • I’m with you—we LOVE select a size. it was so annoying to try to tear the full size towels in nice halves. always picked the wrong way and the tear went askew. I feel like I’m not being so wasteful if I can use a small sheet.

  2. I like them but my husband doesn’t. Bounty still makes both.

  3. Cheryl Stanley says:

    Do you know from which part of the bovine’s anatomy a bully stick is made from??!! :) Unfortunately, I sit on the other side of the aisle when it comes to my paper towel. I am a Select-a-size girl and perhaps in comes from my Canadian “Green” heritage of conservation although I really think I often just need less paper. Good thing those manufacturers provide an alternative or all children born after 1999 would think that skinny 1/2 sheet was the actual size of a paper towel sheet – like it has been that way forever… :)

  4. I was one of the few who chimed in on Twitter because I’m very passionate about my love for select-a-size towels. Sure, I could tear a paper towel in half, but does it have the neat, perforated edges? No! It’s one of those things I didn’t realize I needed until the paper towel company told me I did. Sometimes I need just a half paper towel. Sometimes I need a paper towel AND A HALF…and select-a-size is there to meet all my paper towel needs. So many options!

  5. I despise select-a-size paper towels, and wish the companies would label them more prominently so I wouldn’t pick them up so often by mistake. I’m in a funk until I use them all up and go back to my full size paper towels. I have even been known to give the select-a-size towels away so I can resume use of the full size paper towel. Not that I feel strongly about this subject or anything. ;-)

  6. I’m a select-a-size gal and while my husband is a regular type of guy I win, because you know I’m the one who does the shopping!

  7. OH I DESPISE those towels!! Hate if I accidentally -or worse Husband (who likes things in bulk) picks them up. WHO thought these were a good idea??

    I have been known to try and hurry through them just to get rid of them!

  8. I love that you have a favorite pen! I’m a total “school supply” nerd! And get a little toddlerish when someone asks to use my “good pens!” Ha!

  9. Full size…..why in the world do companies or our government feel the need to tell us everything we should or shouldn’t have?…sorry for the political statement…..if I want less of a paper towel, I know how to make it less…..errrr…..give me full size or give me liberty!!!!! :)

  10. Love the select-a-size. They are the prefect size for our young kids. And, I don’t have to stand there and rip the larger paper towels in half for them. Because, who’s got time for that?

  11. I’m with you, Sophie! Don’t solve a problem that does not exist! Annoying!

  12. I do NOT like the select-a-size. I do NOT like it even more when I mistakenly buy them at the store and don’t realize it until I put them on the roll. Hail to the full size paper towel!!

  13. I love select-a-size. I feel like I’m wasting a perfectly good paper towel for something small. And, yes, you can tear the big ones, but they tear crooked, for Pete’s sake! ;) I have to have them neat and tidy.

  14. I’m also in the pro select-a-size camp. I liked them to begin with because they’re neat and tidy when I don’t need a full sheet. I like them even more now that I have a baby and a half sheet is usually just the right size for wiping his hands and face after eating.

  15. I totally agree with you. I find them very irritating.

  16. I LOVE select a size paper towels and exclusively use them. We use cloth napkins for every meal, but sometimes use paper towels for little things where a regular one is just too big.
    And don’t let the cloth napkins fool you, we’re not fancy. I started that when my first daughter was small and used ALL the paper towels at every meal.

  17. I LOVE Select-a-size paper towels. I accidentally bought regular towels and I am hating them. Maybe I should mail them to you? haha. Fortunately we live in America, where we can both have the type we like (I have no idea if they have both kinds in other countries, but it sounded good). I also love a good pen, so I will check those out. If you find out the actual name of the chew sticks, I would appreciate a mention from you because our Westie has starting turning his nose up at the rawhide ones we have, except for the ones covered in brown (meat-tasting, I assume) stuff that comes off on my carpet.

  18. Christy says:

    I favorite that tweet on Sunday night because I, too, have a special spot of disdain for those towels. I will stand in the aisle at Walmart and check, double check and triple check that I am not picking those select-a-size by mistake.

    PS – I love that you and Bigmama aren’t afraid to tackle the big issues this week ;)

  19. I’m a “Select-A-Size” girl all the way, and won’t buy anything else. I love that I can easily rip off the smaller piece, and then I even tear that into smaller pieces depending on what I’m doing. So it’s a good thing we have a CHOICE in the matter. This is one new marketing invention I’m happy about.

  20. Danielle says:

    Cannot stand the select a size paper towels – and could that make the packaging clearer … I always think I am buying the full size but NO.

  21. Debbie L says:

    I was very annoyed with Select-a-Size when they first came out and it seemed was all I could find at the grocery store. Now, it seems i find more of the full size paper towels. (I use Bounty). I think they realized that they were losing money on select-a-size because people used less and they lasted longer, thus resulting in less sales. Makes sense? I have come full circle and now much prefer select-a-size over full size.

  22. I don’t like the select-a-size paper towels and here’s why- two of the select a size are larger than one of the regular, so if you pull off two of the SAS you get more paper than you would by taking ONE of the regular. Does that make sense? Paper companies way of making you use more product. Sneaky, sneaky…I refuse to buy them.

  23. The pens?!
    (and that pun!)
    For both — *thank you* ;)

  24. Debbie Norman says:

    I LOVE the select-a-size! I can have it just the right size everytime for the specific task at hand! Yeah select-a-size!

  25. Deeply, DEEPLY passionate about my select-a-size. MUST ALWAYS HAVE SELECT-A-SIZE. Cannot trust husband to purchase paper towels because he forgets select-a-size. Do not know why I’m writing telegram-style sentences. STOP.

  26. I prefer select-a-size since other people in my family were always tearing the full size paper towel in half and leaving it on the countertop. They also come in handy when we run out of napkins.

  27. Sue Mom of Two says:

    I love the select-a-size. We don’t have children in the house most of the time now, so the smaller size works great for our small spills. I also get annoyed when I can’t find the select-a-size rolls.

  28. I don’t have a preference on paper towels (mainly because I’ve got all I can take right now to get my husband to give me one single paper towel when I ask for “a paper towel” instead of unrolling five or six times before tearing), BUT I do very much appreciate that there was a time when you were voting where you noticed the pen and took down the name of it. You are my people.

    • Renee Wheeler says:

      This made me laugh because my husband IS THE SAME WAY! It’s go big or go home with him – ALL THE Dadgum TIME!

  29. Dana Curtin says:

    I LOVE select a size! It’s one of the greatest inventions of my lifetime!

  30. Beth in the City says:

    I can’t stand tearing a paper towel in half! So I love select a size. I also don’t like the recycled ones I buy at work. I use about three to one nice thick one so I feel wasteful which totally defeats the purpose, mentally.

  31. I don’t want to be perceived as a big Mrs. Know It All but bully sticks are made from uncooked dried bull penis. They have been associated with bacterial infections in the past depending on the source of the meat. Just so you know the risk. Be sure you and your sweet boy always wash your hands good after handling them. Also if Hazel does get tummy troubles…that is what I would look to first. I have had doggers for a lot of years and I know you would want to understand all the risks.

  32. I love the select-a-size paper towels. I was always tearing them in half for my boys anyway and it just seems less wasteful this way. Now I always feel like I’m using too much w/ a full size one.

  33. I hate the select a size. My husband does the grocery shopping and always buys them. (I don’t complain because MY HUSBAND does the grocery shopping!!!) The little size is no use to me. We use them as napkins at dinner so we always “select” the full size so we don’t feel like we are using a doll napkins to wipe our mouth. Who actually makes a mess that could be cleaned up with those tiny little squares? Not our family!!

  34. Debra D. says:

    I am standing firmly in your camp about the select-a-size. Guess I don’t even like change when it comes to my paper towels….

  35. Angelia says:

    Oh dear… I’m a select-a-size girl. I hope we’re still friends. I actually needed the select-a-size before they came out with it so I was thrilled when they did. I rarely use a whole sheet. One of the benefits you may not have discovered is that 3 select-a-size towels together (side by side) is the perfect length for all the bacon you cooked in your oven on a cookie sheet to drain (I usually double layer another set of 3 to soak up all the grease) and 1 select-a-size towel folded in half makes a great napkin in a pinch. I love all the perforation. I couldn’t tear a regular paper towel precisely to save my life!

  36. Michelle says:

    We are exclusively select-a-size at our house…and to take it one step further, they have to be Bounty! A regular size papertowel is just too much. And who can handle the ragged edges from tearing one in half!

  37. Michele T says:

    I have no real opinion on the paper towel issue.
    But I’m always in search of a good doggie chew toy. I looked up said Bully Stick and the ingredient list was, and I quote, “Beef Pizzle”. Sophie. May I ask – do you have any idea? I like to know what I’m giving my puppy. Pizzle just sounds. . . iffy.

  38. Becky in 'Bama says:

    I am sort of ambivalent on select-a-size UNLESS I have a messy emergency and ultimately have to spend extra time rolling off an adequate amount of towelage because the dang thing is too small (you people with pets understand messy emergencies). My husband has put his foot down…NO SELECT-A-SIZE. He uses Bounty for his morning ‘blow’ and the once or twice I’ve purchased the SAS he has groused until the things were gone. I agree Bounty needs to mark the non-SAS a little clearer – maybe with a giant happy face or a giant “x-ed out” sign of the dotted paper towel sheet. Help us out Bounty!

  39. I am not a fan of the select a size option of towel. I had a season with them when my kids were super little, but now when I accidentally buy them I’m frustrated at every tear and then feel like I rip of an additional 5 size “preselected” sheets for spillage and/or other messes. Not a fan!

    I’m a pen hoarder. It is quite bad really! I am a minimalist everywhere else but a good pen will get me every time. I tried every version of the new sharpie pen fad and lets just say I needed many select-a-sizes after that mess. Now I’m going to have to check your pen choice out!

  40. Nancy D says:

    Your original tweet got me involved as it is a matter of grave importance. I loathe the select-a-size. They send me into fits of rage and speaking words for which I need to repent. And now, after reading the comments here I see another stinker that is the deceptive tool of the enemy, and that is that the manufacturer’s don’t label the packaging clearly enough. Way too many of us have bought them not realizing we’d picked up the select-a-size instead of our beloved full size towels. So, Dear Bounty, please make the packing more distinctive. Sincerely, the girl who also on more than one occasion has gotten home with fabric softener instead of detergent because the bottles look exactly the same.

  41. I can’t stand the select a size. I want a paper towel not a paper piece or a paper suggestion. No quicker picker upper was done with a 2” x 8” piece of nothing. No way.

  42. Dominique says:

    I think Select-a-Size vs. Regular paper towels can be filed under “First World Problems”. As long as I have paper towels when I need them, I can roll off as much or little as I need.

    Beef Pizzle, on the other hand, causes me great concern.

  43. I love select-a-size towels, but my wife HATES them! I do the shopping though, so there! ;-)

  44. I love the select-a-size paper towels. Much easier than trying to tear a full-size sheet in half.

  45. My husband insists on select-a-size. My whole personality is just getting swallowed up.

  46. Renee Wheeler says:

    I didn’t like them at first but actually prefer them now. And it seems that whatever paper-towel-size mood I’m in, my husband has purchased the exact opposite!

  47. I DO NOT like them Sam-I-Am!! I DO NOT like them here or there. I DO NOT like them anywhere!!

  48. CAN.NOT.STAND. select-a-size paper towels. There has never been a spill at my house on of those is sufficient for. And apparently I’m not the only one who keeps buying them accidentally. Having said that, I am trying to reduce the amount of paper towels we use. I have bought bar mops and wash cloths and hand towels and mostly use those to clean up with. My husband still uses the paper towels.

    And that pen looks somewhat like the old LePen. I loved those.

  49. Wendy D. says:

    Like you, I despise the select-a-size paper towels. When I need a paper towel, I need a paper towel. I don’t need to make a decision about what size to get. Love the Costco brand Kirkland paper towels- solid white, one size, sold in bulk.

  50. I’m glad some of you touched on the “bully” stick issue. I felt certain Sophie would have commented on that a bit if she had known. I haven’t bought any for our dog because the thought of a pizzle lying around on the floor gives me the heebie-jeebies.

    Regarding the paper towel issue, I am incapable of tearing a straight line -EVER! As such, the select-a-size save me from ever having to attempt it on a paper towel again.

  51. I’m not a fan at all!!! Select a size are one of the things in life that will take the Jesus right out of this girl in about 2 seconds flat!

  52. Cynthia says:

    I do NOT like select-a-size. I really do NOT like printed paper towels. So I always look very carefully for unprinted full size paper towels.

  53. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been known to strike up conversations with complete strangers in the paper towel aisle on this very topic. Why is it so hard to find the plain white regular size paper towel anymore? I hate select -a-size.

  54. I am amazed that in this country, where we have so many wonderful choices in everything, that we are complaining about the sizes of paper towels. I prefer the select-a-size because I am a paper towelaholic and use them for everything (a lot for sanitary reasons) but I am also worried about wasting too many of them. So select-a-size helps me out in this matter. But blessed are those who like the regular ones. We have choices!!!!!! Bless us all!

  55. Papers towels, not my question! The pens, do they “bleed”? I’m always looking for a new pin to underline, write in my Bible. Thanks!

  56. I am not a select-a-size fan. And like others, I sometimes buy them by accident, which makes me so mad that I can be so careless! But, as I become more and more green, part of me wonders if I should try to buy them again soon to see if I could work with smaller sizes when I have a smaller job on which I need a paper towel? Oh – I don’t know. The choices and decisions I have to make…. but I may try it.

    However, I am going to see if I can find bully sticks. I wonder if my small dog who thinks she’s a princess would even know how to chew it! LOL… I’ll provide an update on that soon.

  57. Bully sticks, for those who don’t know, are made of steer pizzle. Which is another name for bull “boy parts.” My dog LOVES them, but they are kind of expensive. I just try not to think about what he is chewing on when I give him one.

    I am intrigued by those pens, so I will check them out!

    Wegmans and Target both have their own brand of select-a-size, and I buy them. I don’t use paper towels all that often, but I don’t like just tearing off a piece of a regular paper towel because my particular brand of crazy means I must pull paper towels (and toilet paper) off at the perforation. So select-a-size is less waste for me.

  58. I was dying to see if you knew what Bully Sticks are actually made of, but I see other commenters have beat me to it! my dogs love them, nonetheless, and have had no issues with them. But I just can’t think about what they actually are!

    Also, I had NO idea that there were people who did not prefer the select-a-size paper towels! I am here to tell you I have RETURNED the full size towels to the store! A roll of select-a-size lasts me SO much longer, what with all the “oh, I dribbled a drop of milk on the counter” and whatnot. I am ALWAYS needing a half-sheet!

    • I totally agree with you on the select a size! I rarely ever need a full one! And they last soooo much longer!

  59. I love, love, love select-a-size. I am very disappointed to discover that you and I may not be soul mates, after all. The extremely spill-y, “potion maker” little girl at my house could use a whole roll of regular towels in a day – because she will only tear at perforations and the notion of tearing off a half piece would just rock her world.

    Pens, though – we may be soulmates again. One of my first jobs was as a tech writer at IBM and this was back in the day when writers “wrote” things just as often as typing them…and we were allowed to buy any pens we wanted and get reimbursed. Not like my job now, where I have to use pens chosen by someone else in the company… I do often use my very own money for pens, which my husband thinks is so silly…but I am saving a lot by buying small size paper towels, so it works out.

  60. I hate select-a-size and am totally annoyed that I have to waste precious moments in the paper isle making sure I don’t accidentally choose that kind of towel. While we’re near this subject (lol) what is up with the price of toilet paper?

  61. Marybeth says:

    Select-a-size…. makes me feel like I am not filling up the landfill. But I also wonder when we quit using dishrags and cloth towels for a lot of kitchen work? Shows my age when I know about “dishrags”.

  62. Those pens! Yes! I am such a dork that I just added the 12 pen multi-color set to my Amazon wishlist! True story.

    Now on to Select-a-Size: HATE ‘EM!

    The paper towel companies need to know that when I pull off paper towels I am not only capable in selecting my own length, but reserve the right to pull off 10 paper towels at a time if that is what is needed to keep distance between my hands and whatever the offending spill is. I do it with flare and almost make it a dance when I whisk off my paper towels and let them swirl in the air!

  63. I LOVE select-a-size! I usually don’t use much paper to wipe up spills or whatever, so the small sheet is perfect for me! The regular-size towels are just too big for my needs. But to each her own! It’s what makes the world go ’round.

  64. I love the select a size! Sometimes you just need a small piece and its nice not to have to tear a random hunk of a big paper towel off. I find I use way less paper towel with the select a size!!

  65. Well yesterday I spoke up on BigMama about toilet paper (I’m with her) but I have to say I disagree with you. It’s easier to grab 2 select-a-size if I happen to need more but generally 1 is all I need. But I’m also much more likely to reach for something cloth because I’m cheap.

  66. Sophie, I am a MS girl living in AZ who has gotten asked EVERYDAY for the last 3 yrs where I am from:) exhausting….will be glad to move to Nashville this summer, so I can belong again!

    Now, to the paper towels. I LOVE the select a sz! Will not buy anything else. What I hate are the new larger sz, I think like 11×14, that are at costco. I was having to use scissors to cut them into napkins for our fancy suppers:) and that just ticked me off daily. So, that is how I feel, if anyone really cares. Have a great day!

  67. I am a Select-A-Size girl! I love them! More often than not that small sheet is perfect for whatever I need! :-)

  68. Natalie N. says:

    Always and only, select-a-size! I agree with so many others who’ve pointed out that it’s incredibly annoying to tear off a random, misshapen “half” when exactly half is all I really need. I equally love using 3 half sheets because that is precisely the right amount for cleaning two bathroom mirrors. I’m super obsessive about paper products. :)

  69. I think we’re sharing the same brain! I HATE the select-a-size things! When I’m reaching for a paper towel, I don’t have time to carefully measure whether or not I want a big piece or a small piece! I want a paper towel! But they automatically break off the smaller piece and then I get totally exasperated. Whew. Now I feel better.

    And pens. I have a favorite type, too. So much so that I often carry a “dummy” not-so-great pen in my purse with my “good” pen so that if anyone asks to borrow it, I can give them the dummy and not lose my good one! I’m thinking Jesus would probably give them the good pen, but so far, I’ve outrun the Holy Spirit’s conviction on this one. Is it wrong to covet your own stuff?

    Of course, now I’m coveting your pen. I need to get a life!

  70. mary in idaho says:

    As my Mother always said, “If it works please don’t ‘fix it’; and if it is my favorite product/bbq sauce/lipstick/etc., please don’t discontinue it!!!”

  71. Christine McLaughlin says:

    You are too funny. I usually like your pen recommendations, so I can’t wait to try this pen. As for the Select a size towel, I wish they had even smaller choices. Sometimes I just want a smidgen of towel to grab a stray crumb off of the counter or the floor. There, I had to chime in. Love you, Sophie.


    And if selecting the size makes you mean, buy the other kind.

    America, the Land of Many Choices.

  73. I make it a point to NEVER buy select-a-size paper towels… and yet THERE THEY ARE!!! I don’t know how it happens! I put the new roll on the holder, grab the first towel and groan… because there is a whole CASE of them now sitting in my pantry. (thank you Costco!) I don’t care if they manufacture them or who wants to buy them… but PLEASE make the labeling BOLD so I don’t bring them home with me!!!!

    • Me, too!!! And I just groan, “how did I do it AGAIN???!!!” Not a case, though, but only because we don’t have the storage space.

  74. I prefer the select a size. I feel like we waste so many paper towels (my kids anyway) so it’s easier to pull off the smaller ones for them. I think they last us longer that way.

    I had no idea so many people were so passionate about paper towels!

  75. I love select a size so much I refuse to buy the traditional ones. I like my tears to be nice and even, thankyouverymuch. Ripping off a section willy nilly ignoring the perforations? NO WAY JOSE.

  76. Sherri W says:

    I like to be able to select a smaller size. If I just try to tear off part of a regular sized one, it tears all wrong and it’s horrible. I like the flexibility of choosing. It’s convenient for me.

  77. Whew! I thought I was the only person who felt strongly against these new paper towels. I didn’t even realize they’d been given a name: select-a-size. It’s a conspiracy I tell you! As soon as one gets comfortable with something the marketing industry has to go out and create havoc with us consumers. Ugh!

  78. LOVE the Select-A-Size. I normally find myself going for the smaller size and I feel like I’m not being as wasteful.

  79. Lynnette R says:

    I’m a big fan of select-a-size. I’m a bit confused by the level of frustration with them. Everywhere I shop both are available. Is that not the case in the Birmingham area? I would be more than happy to send (or bring) full size paper towels to you. Honestly. Because you are one of my favorite people :)

  80. I personally love the select-a-size paper towels, but I really didn’t fall in love with them till I had preschoolers. We have spills constantly, and sometimes I only need a half of a paper towel, not a whole one. And since I have issues with torn sides on things like paper (paper towels included), the select-a-size caters to my OCD tendencies. :)

  81. Select-a-size paper towels are perfect. I usually don’t need a whole one. It seems to me that companies who make them would make less money because we don’t use them as quickly as standard paper towels. So I don’t feel manipulated in the least. I also don’t understand what the big deal is. If you don’t like them, you don’t have to buy them!

  82. LOVE select-a-size (and your fun posts)! I far less often need the full size towel, so I feel that I’m much less wasteful by just “selecting” a single section.

  83. Okay, I LOVE select-a-size. Ryan somewhat of a waster when it comes to paper towels, so I feel like it keeps him in check a little bit.

    Also, I much prefer black pens to blue. I like the Pilot extra fine tip. Bought tons of the last year when my life was consumed with writing thank you notes. They’re my favorite.

  84. I love select-a-size! That’s the only kind of paper towel I buy. Sorry, BooMama!

    I also hang them with the flap going over. Sorry, BigMama!

  85. I LOVE the select-a-size; however, I HATE when I am trying to tear off my size that I have selected and about 3 yards of paper towels roll off the holder! So, in my opinion, if they want me to select-a-size, they need to make the perforations where they will actually tear where they are intended! Oh, I feel so much better now because my dog nor my husband have enjoyed my ranting!

  86. I am the odd woman out here, cause I SEEK OUT the select-a-size and refuse to purchase the regular ones. In my very scientific studies of both (ha!), I’ve found that the full size sheets don’t rip away from the holder as easily, leaving me with a hand-sized scrap of paper towel all to often. CANNOT HANDLE IT!!!:)

  87. janeinbama says:

    I HATE select-a-size paper towels. Just give me regular Bounty and I am a happy girl. I ended up with bargain Bounty full size paper towels and have regretted that purchase. Can’t wait to get real papertowels!

  88. Jennifer Mo says:

    Love the select-a-size. With kids using them as hand towels, I love the nice easy tear for them and it just makes me feel better that we’re not wasting an entire sheet.

  89. votemom says:

    hate hate hate them.
    dumb dumb dumb.

    oh, and those bully sticks are good, but don’t last as long once puppy gets her big girl teeth. still, a good option!

  90. We love select-a-size but ditto on they could be marked better! None of the patterns come in select a size and every once in a while I get distracted by a pretty pattern and accidentally buy full sized. Frustration!

    And I had the same thought as another commenter, wondering if you knew what a bully stick actually is. :)

  91. I don’t mind the select-a-size until I need a full size to put on a plate. IT’S TOO BIG!!! I eat turkey bacon often in the mornings and I took it in the microwave covered in a paper towel. And now the paper towels are too large and hit the sides of the microwave and get all wadded up. Makes me crazy.

  92. Much to my daughters dismay, I LOVE select-a-size paper towels!
    Here is why:
    First, quicker to get off the paper towel rack. Ya know, cuz that extra second can throw off a persons groove!
    Second, I buy paper napkins also. The napkins are the size of a full sheeted paper towel and folded in half, then into fourths. When I take the napkin to put on my lap, it is the same size as my select a size paper towel. I wipe my mouth with HALF the napkin, so why not have a select a size sheet that does the same work as a paper napkin with the same size.
    Third, using half a paper towel, thats already perforated, means less waste and I don’t have to keep running out to buy more paper towels!
    And buying them with same quality thickness means that they still work for me using them as slected size vs the large paper towel.
    So there is my take on it!! Between this and Big Momma’s toilet paper post, it has alleviated so much stress this week!! Lol!

  93. Select-a-size!

  94. Nylabone chews—trust me, your dog will love them and they last forever and won’t make her tummy upset. they are great for heavy chewers and come in all kinds of sizes and flavors. The bully chews eventually made our dog’s tummy upset.

  95. Full size and white paper towels is how I roll! Hate select a size, cause they always seem to select the small size for me. Blech!

  96. Sherri Len says:

    Love the select-a-size. Love. As much as you can love a paper towel. Between you and Big Mama’s this week, we have found what divides our country: paper towel size and over or under with the toilet paper. Seinfeld would have a heyday!

  97. I prefer the Select-a-Size paper towels. We usually only need a small paper towel, and I’m a bad tearer and the rest of my family would just use a whole big one anyway. This also has made my hubby less likely to feel the need to reuse a paper towel and leave used paper towels on the counter.

  98. I’m an oddball in the fact that I MUST buy Kleenex Viva paper towels. They are the only kind I will use. As far as I’m aware, they do not make the select-a-size version of their paper towels so therefore, I do not use select-a-size. I don’t think I would use them if Kleenex made that version anyway, but regardless, Kleenex Viva is a must have paper towel at my house. I love them! They don’t feel like cardboard. They’re soft enough to blow your nose with in a pinch. They’re durable enough to use to hand wash a pan when I don’t want to dirty a dishrag. I am obsessed with them. I promise I don’t work for Kleenex and have no affiliation with them whatsoever. I just love their paper towels. And toilet paper. And kleenex.

  99. I can’t stand select-a-size! I NEVER need a paper towel smaller than the regular size! My husband loves them.

  100. I LOVE select-a-size towels. I got Brawny towels a while back because they were such a bargain (8 rolls for $5), but I can’t wait to finish them off so I can go back to my beloved Bounty. I feel so wasteful using a full-size towel, and there’s no way it’s going to tear straight so I can use only half.