Things That Could Quite Possibly (But More Than Likely Will Not) Change Your Life

First of all, chew toys.

Now granted, that was an odd way to start a blog post, but several of y’all asked about the magical chew toys that I mentioned yesterday, so I’m going to pass along that information before I forget. I’m not exactly sure how helpful this information is going to be, but I hope it’s specific enough that it can radically change your dog’s chew toy life forever.

I am exaggerating. Those are some high and potentially unrealistic hopes.

However comma the chew toys we’re using are called bully sticks (I think?), and I bought them at Hollywood Feed here in Birmingham. At our store they’re in a basket up front. They’re about 6 inches long, and they have three qualities that I like a lot: 1) they don’t upset Hazel’s stomach 2) they don’t have an odor and 3) they’re not messy. They seem pricy at first (they’re $5.98 each), but for a medium-sized puppy like we have, one chew stick will last her several days (and at night, when she’s getting tired, she will chew on one for two or three hours – she means business). There are larger chew sticks – some of them even braided – so if you have a larger dog, you can join the fun, too.

Here’s a chew stick (after a little puppy wear and tear):


Here’s Hazel with said chew stick:


These things saved my sanity at the beach. And come to think of it, the chew stick is saving my sanity right now because HAZEL ISN’T BARKING.

Second of all, pens.

Over the last year I’ve grown deeply attached to the Pentel Sign Pens. I prefer the blue but also use the black a good bit. I order them by the box from Amazon, and every single time I let someone borrow one, the reactions are like an infomercial:

“Why, I never knew that writing with a pen could be this much fun!”

“Wait! It’s like a marker, but it writes like a pen!”

“I only used this pen one time, but already I look 15 pounds thinner!”

(Maybe not so much with that last one.)

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.06.54 AM

If you are particular about your pens – and if you don’t mind writing with a pen that isn’t super-fine – I think you will really enjoy these. We use this type of pen for voting in our county, and that’s how I discovered them. Also, I am sad to say that I can’t resist a pun saying that it was love at first WRITE, and oh, I do apologize for that.

I have found the best prices for these pens at Amazon. And that’s not an affiliate link. In case you were wondering. Though you probably weren’t.

Third of all, paper towels.

This past Sunday night I ignited a firestorm of controversy (slight overstatement) (the reality is that about eight people responded) (but “firestorm of controversy” sounds so much more dramatic, don’t you think?) with the following tweet.

And y’all, it’s true. Those select-a-size paper towels make me insane. We’re talking high levels of deeply irrational anger. It just seems like one of those things where a company feels like they solved a problem that wasn’t really actually a problem at all. Because if I want a smaller piece of paper towel, I CAN TEAR IT OFF. Plus, over the years I have developed very specific folding techniques for a full-size paper towel, and those methods don’t work as well anymore because the perforations make me feel like I’M FOLDING IT ALL WRONG.

As you can see, the select-a-size paper towels have filled my life with difficulty and also confusion.

So. If you are comfortable sharing, I would like to know your feelings about the select-a-size. The eight people who weighed in on Twitter were mostly in the GIVE ME MY REGULAR PAPER TOWELS camp, but that might just be because those of us who do not care for select-a-size tend to be a passionate, opinionated people on this subject.

That being said, I trust that we’ll give each other a wide berth of grace as we examine this potentially divisive issue.

But if it gets heated, we could always order some pens or gnaw on a chew toy.

That’ll calm us all down in no time.

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  1. I HATE select-a-size paper towels. And if there are trying to save the environment, I want them to know that with select-a-size I end up using a bigger piece than I did with the regular size. And, as Grace stated before me, my husband loves them too. Which I think proves they need to be regular size because women are the paper towel users in the family!

  2. LOL at the passion for paper towels. I think I’m neutral. :) I did want to hop on here to say that Bully Sticks are available in a big package at Costco for a much more reasonable price per piece. They are pretty good stuff for a chewing adorable pup like yours. :)

  3. I love the select a size also. For my husband and I the full size was always too much. I like being able to choose what size I need.

  4. This is the dog chew toy you’ve been looking forward. Seriously, they’ve saved my sanity.

    • Ugh, “for” not “forward.” Also didn’t mention, this chew “bone” is great because it’s not rawhide, so it’s much less likely to cause bowel impactions.

      Ok, carry on.

  5. Looks to be a great paper debate among the Mama blogs. I think I’ve only bought the select a size paper towels once and that was probably on accident, so my opinion probably doesn’t amount too much. I can see the thought behind them, but it is annoying when you are going for the larger size and the smaller one tears off forcing you to re tear.

  6. Oh, love the select a size and won’t by any brand except Viva! Always fun to stop by and share a laugh!

  7. Select-a-size? Hate is not a strong enough word.

    Bully sticks? Don’t touch bull penises in any state – dried or otherwise. EWWWWW!

  8. I prefer select-a-size. Maybe it’s a generational thing? They probably came out when I got married, and I had little to no kitchen responsibilities before then! But I like that they can double as napkins if we are out of them. And if we have a spill, it’s usually big or sticky or both, so I default to actual towels and wet wipes, not paper towels. Oh, and they are a good size for making a sandwich on. And then using as a napkin/crumb catcher while I eat the sandwich. Now I’m getting hungry.

  9. Cindy L. says:

    I have been a fan of select a size for many years. I have been using them so long that when I accidently bought regular, I just did not know how to live. I felt like I wasted so much. I was so happy to get through them.
    Have you seen the LONG paper towels? That is just crazy!!!!

  10. Select-a-size, please!!!! Yes, you can tear off part of a regular paper towel – but then what do you do with the other part??? In my house, it typically was put on the counter, and would end up getting trashed. Less waste with select-a-size.

  11. Select-a-size! LOVE them! for all the many reasons others have listed.

  12. adrienne says:

    Well, my dogs LOVED the kong chewies, but they only lasted 5 minutes! I have two 25 lb. Cavalier King Charles Spanies. I guess they chew a lot faster than Hazel!! And I like the regular size paper towels too. NOT the huge Costco size, and NOT the select a size. I suppose if I had gotten used to those sizes I’d be ok, but I”m used to the regular, so that is what I want!! It’s the little things… :)

  13. Try elk antlers for Hazel. Hollywood Feed has them too, and they can be pricey, but my corgi LOVES them.

  14. Shelly J says:

    Regular size for sure. I feel like I waste more with the select a size by pulling more off trying to get a regular size sheet!
    Buy your BullySticks at Costco…I’ve found they have the best price! ;)

  15. You should check out they have bully sticks a lot of the time and you can get a 10 pack for $18 (includes shipping). I order from this company a lot because my puppy likes the Himalayan Dog Chews and they last her a long time as well. I just ordered some bully sticks for her to try.

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