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Well, I don’t know about y’all, but for me yesterday was the day when the allergies showed up and said, “HELLO! WE ARE READY TO COME BACK INTO YOUR LIFE AGAIN!” I felt like I was rubbing my eyes and sniffing all day long. However, I am not complaining because there are actual flowers outside and a forecast that calls for real-live sunshine today. So basically I will take all of these things over, say, the month of January.

Also, I got very tickled reading your comments about paper towels. I am always being just a little bit silly when I post about not-so-serious stuff like that, but by diggity I do like my full-size paper towels (which are more and more difficult to find without some sort of design on them, and that, THAT IS ANOTHER STORY ALTOGETHER). Anyway, my informal assessment of the comments is that people with small children seem to prefer the select-a-size over the full size, and that makes perfect sense to me (smaller people, smaller messes). It did bring me some degree of comfort to know that my fellow full-size paper towel fans seem to share the tendency to become BLINDINGLY ANGRY when they accidentally get home from the store with a roll (or even worse: a CASE) of the select-a-size. So this has all been very enlightening.

Anyway. Here are some things and some links and some more things.

– For the last year or so I’ve admired Rachel’s sunset pictures on Twitter and Instagram (at some point I hope we get to go chase some sunsets together). She has taken some stunning photos from some of Birmingham’s best-known landmarks, and about a month ago, she created a website that I just love: Picture Birmingham. Many of her sunset pictures are there, but the best part is that she’s attached a greater good to those photos. You can buy prints or notecards, and here’s the best part: all profits go to The WellHouse, which is a ministry here in Birmingham that provides shelter, counseling, and so much more to victims of sex trafficking.

So. If you’re looking for a great gift or maybe something special for your house, remember Picture Birmingham. The prices are super-reasonable, and the long-term benefits to The WellHouse are even better.

– A couple of months ago I mentioned that I’m speaking at the Allume conference this year. Well, tickets are on sale now, and I just thought I’d pass along that info just in case any of you are thinking about going. It would be delightful to see some of y’all there.

– The next Secret Church is Good Friday, April 18, from 6pm-midnight.

Secret Church – The Cross and Everyday Life – Promo 1 from David Platt on Vimeo.

Tickets at our church are sold out, but there’s a simulcast option available, and if you have a group of at least five people, it is super affordable. Plus, it’s just a great way to soak up some rock-solid, Bible-centered teaching – and this year’s topic has so much practical application in the day-to-day.

– I imagine that most of y’all have seen Kevin Bacon’s entrance on The Tonight Show last week. But just in case you haven’t, please do enjoy. The part that starts around the 2 minute mark makes me laugh so hard and reminds me of junior high.

Shellie and Trent Monk released a new CD called We Are The Monks this week.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 6.10.20 AM

(I know that’s a terribly small image. I couldn’t figure out how to make it bigger in iTunes. I do apologize.)

Anyway, this CD is so joyful and soulful and good. Trent and Shellie’s harmonies are fantastic, and their message about love and truth and Truth is even better. For $7.92, this CD will brighten your whole week and make you want to see these two perform live and in person. Big thumbs up from me.

Hope y’all have a great Thursday!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Now, I want to get up and dance. :-)

  2. I am starting to feel old now, both Footloose and Breakfast Club are 30 years old! I still watch them if I come across on TV.

  3. Is that the fellow that came to your house and sang? (Trent, of course, not Kevin Bacon!)