A Quick Bookmark / Bookplate Update

Hi there, bloggy people.

Y’all have pretty much blown my mind with your response to the bookmarks and bookplates. It has been so fun to read through your info on the order form and learn a little bit more about you and your families and your friends. I have gotten the biggest kick out of every single bit of it. And now that I’ve had some time to do a little counting, I’ve realized that we’re getting right up to our bookplate limit. David and I talked about ordering more, but we’re afraid we won’t have a new batch in time to send them out for Mother’s Day. So. Therefore. It looks like this round of bookplates is coming to a close, but I cannot thank y’all enough for your incredible response.


A few of y’all mentioned that you might like to have Mama’s words-o-wisdom on a printable, and Sister has graciously agreed to help us out on that front. As soon as it’s ready I’ll just post it here as a free download (I’m pretty sure that our interweb wifi technology will allow me to do that).

(It’s all so very fancy.)

I am so grateful for each one of you. Have a wonderful Easter!

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  1. He has risen indeed! Happy Easter, Sophie!

  2. Jennifer S says:

    He is risen indeed!!! XO

  3. Kathleen G says:

    Have a blessed and delicious Easter with your family and friends Boomama.