Shifting Gears To Lo, Even More Meaningful Topics

What we have here is an assortment, a medley, a HODGE PODGE of topics.

Please pardon the absence of any sort of unifying narrative thread.

1) I may have mentioned one or forty-three times that I gave up sweets for Lent this year. I actually prefer salty stuff to desserts – give me a bag of chips over banana pudding any day of the week – but oh, do I ever have a weakness where chocolate is concerned.

That weakness is because I love it and find it to be very delicious.

And this right here? BIGGEST WEAKNESS OF ALL.


Alex got a big bag of them for Easter. I can only blame myself since I’m the one who, you know, bought them. But I promise you that they CRY OUT TO ME every time I walk by the bag. So far I’ve managed to resist, but I’m forever mindful that I’m just seconds away from a full-on chocolate breakdown at any given point in the day.

2) This afternoon my friend Tiffany posted some very exciting news on Facebook, and the news was this:


It made my whole day. I mean, I enjoy living in the land of Alabama / Auburn football as much as anybody, but I am so tickled to be able to support my Bulldogs with a car tag. David (jokingly) asked if I was going to get mine personalized with “BOODOG,” but no. No, I am not. Just a regular ole MSU tag will suit me just fine.

3) I don’t know if anybody is interested, but Cynthia Rowley has a super cute line of dog bowls and dog bowl stands (holders?) at TJ Maxx and Home Goods. There are lots of fun colors, and the prices are great. Here’s the one that I got for Hazel (except that I had my camera on some weird setting when I took the picture, so I can’t really explain why my walls look that color).


4) All the Mother’s Day bookmarks and bookplates came in, so I’ll be doing a little signing and mailing over the next few days. I hope to have everything mailed out by the first of next week, and if for some reason I don’t make my goal, you’ll be the first to know. Sister is working on the printable, and it’s DARLIN’ PLUS.

5) The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. It’s too good, y’all.

6) This made me laugh until I cried. Make sure to turn on the sound in the upper left hand corner. (And thanks, Nicole, for posting it on Facebook and completely changing my Tuesday morning mood.)

7) When I was in Home Goods this afternoon, I noticed that there was all sorts of activity going on at our new Steinmart. I drove across the parking lot to see what was going on (in case you don’t remember, this part of Birmingham has endured a harrowing Steinmart ordeal over the last year or so). Our old store had some structural issues with the building, so the developer tore down the original building, moved the Steinmart to a vacant store front across the parking lot, and rebuilt the store on the original site. This means that we have a BRAND-SPANKIN’ NEW Steinmart, and it opens on May 1st.

Between that and the Mississippi State car tags, I may require some vapors.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Hey, your linky on #6 goes to the steinmart story, FYI. (I actually went into my steinmart on Monday and was wondering what the latest was with yours:))

  2. I think the link in number 6 is not correct.

  3. I am late to the podcast/party (story of my life)….but our family cracked up at the “hoopa do do” Dark Horse lyrics because we kept saying “A Whoopie Goldberg”. Clearly we are hip with the beats…..

  4. My word! Lots of excitement! & I stock piled the reese’s eggs because I think they are pure perfection!

  5. Link is fixed! :-)

  6. Reese’s eggs are my downfall. Fortunately, this year both kids are in college and I didn’t feel like I should mail chocolate so I didn’t buy any. Whew, can’t even have them in the house!

  7. Melissa says:

    … and don’t ya know that Kroger has put some of their Easter candy at 75% off. Oh my word!!! hahahahha!!!!

  8. Love the Lama vine!!!

    Oh, and “require some vapors” that made me laugh out loud!!

  9. Jennifer says:

    I really enjoyed that llama, until he/she got off rhythm at the end. Now I’m tortured by that image. ;)

  10. We got MSU car tags in Texas a couple of years ago and I have proudly shown my Bulldog Pride ever since! I clearly remember my giddiness when I first got mine:)

  11. Megan G says:

    BOODOG made me laugh until I almost cried which is awkward giving my current reading setting being work, and Workers’ Compensation Law is just not so funny.

  12. The Eggs are even better after they have spent the night in the freezer!

  13. Julie in Michigan says:

    “require some vapors” hahaha, you tickle me Sophie!!

  14. JennyJoT says:

    Love, love, LOVE the la-la-llama!

  15. I would be delighted if you got a license plate that said BOODOG. Could anything be more perfect? This humor like that David needs his own blog.

  16. This is all fun and interesting, and I may be laughing all day long at that llama, but I HAVE NOT SEEN A HAZEL PIC IN SWEET FOREVER.

    Enough is enough.

    Hazel’s FanClub President

  17. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Next to no Steinmart – is no Hazel… PICS PLEASE.

  18. You must go with BooDog-“There’s just no way around it, Shelby”

    And, I’m recommending a new read for you: Found by Micha Boyett. I went to hear her this week and have enjoyed the heck out of her book. It’s about finding prayer amongst your life as a mom. Pick it up!

  19. Hahaha, I never knew that llamas were capable of such frolicking, but that guy (or girl) looks like one happy critter. Speaking of funny videos and how awesome Jimmy Fallon’s show is, have you seen this? It’s old, so I’m sure you have, but just in case you missed it, this makes me laugh and instantly takes me back to the days when my goody goody friends and I loved driving around listening to gangsta rap:

  20. nancy k says:

    You HAVE TO get BOODOG! So good! :)

  21. Thank you for sharing the llama video! That definitely made me laugh out loud today. :)

  22. Re #2, I felt the same way when we got Pet Lovers plates here in CA. I’ve only had mine a few months now. Proceeds go to low-cost spay and neuter programs. Win-win!

  23. If you don’t get BOODOG, at least get BOOMAMA, Sophie!

  24. I agree with Annie! You need a tag with BooMama on it!

  25. BOODOG! I am cackling. We were pretty pumped when AU tags became available in NC, so I understand your delight. And that llama! My day is made.

  26. 1) I agree with David and the others – BOODOG is hysterical. David is so clever!
    2) That Llama made me so happy!
    3) Reese’s = a taste of heaven! I may have made a special trip to the drugstore to buy some half off Reese’s after Easter!

  27. Oh Please Please Please get BOODOG on your tags. . .that might just make my year (grin)

    BTW, those eggs are of the devil. . .so addictive.

  28. Lisa DeCarlo says:

    That llama! Oh my stinkin’ word. I snort-laughed!