17 Happy Things

1. I just found out that James Taylor will be in concert here in Birmingham in November. He is the original JT. DO YOU HEAR ME, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE?

2. There is the slightest hint of a cool breeze during the super early hours of the morning. One day it will be actual fall.

3. Tomorrow (Thursday) night my friend Heather and I are going to see NEEDTOBREATHE and The Oh Hellos. I AM JUST AS TICKLED.

4. This song by The Oh Hellos is called “Dear Wormwood.” I know I’ve linked to it before. But oh my goodness.

5. This past weekend I bought a new hairbrush, so now I get to blow-dry my hair without the threat of the brush handle twisting off. It’s the little things.

6. Last night I spoke at Mountain Brook Baptist Church here in Birmingham. It was their women’s ministry fall kick-off, and their decorations are still making me smile so big.

7. They also had a cowbell on the edge of the podium for me.

8. And there was some Mississippi State stuff in the entry decorations.

9. I felt right at home.

10. My new role at work is harder in some ways than I ever expected, but I love it so much.

11. dotMOM is next weekend in Nashville! We would love for y’all to join us in person or via simulcast. It’s always the most fun. And I can’t wait to see Melanie because we haven’t seen each other since April and five months is too long.

12. College football.

13. There’s a song called “Awesome” on Travis‘ new CD, and I listen to it at least 3 or 4 times a day. Well worth adding to your collection – and playing REALLY loud in your car.

14. The winner of Miss America’s Tuesday night talent preliminary was a ventriloquist.

15. Miss America is this Sunday night, September 14th.

16. That means we’ll have a Miss America viewing party starting at 8pm central right here on the blog.

17. Clearly I am beside myself with joy.

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  1. One of my favorite memories was standing in the rain, singing Sweet Baby James with him at a concert in Syracuse, New York. Everyone ran for cover, but he and I locked eyes and sang together (it was an open air, picnic venue. We were about 10 feet apart.). His eyes were twinkling the whole time – I was grinning like an idiot! He smiled when it was over, nodded his head at me and the concert was over! Sweet, sweet memory of a sweet, sweet man and artist.

    • Robin in New Jersey says:

      I sat on the lawn at Tanglewood in Massachusetts with my best friend and cried and cried when he sang, “You Got a Friend.” Oh, the memories.

    • Anotherlisa says:

      My 18 year old and I just heard JT this summer and she loved that his voice is still recording-quality strong. He had the audience in the palm of his hand all evening, and yes, there were grey hairs there, but lots of hipsters singing along also. I heard daughter telling a friend we were going to see the original JT. Such a talent! Sophie, please go in November; he may decide to retire soon.

  2. Girl…. I feel you so much on the hairbrush handle twisting off!! Everyday I battle it! Why don’t I just go get a new one? You may have inspired me! 😄

  3. Oh Sophie- you are going to LOVE the Oh Hellos. I just saw them for the fourth time a week and a half ago and they are so so good live. They are very energetic and you can just tell they are so grateful to be doing what they love and that people pay to come see them. They are all so adorable too!

  4. I do believe I see some orange and blue balloons in those decoration pictures…

    Great weekend coming up; Baylor plays Friday night, the Gators play Saturday and then Miss America on Sunday night. Is this a great country or what? Looking forward to the viewing party!

  5. I love your happy things, Sophie. I’d go to the JT concert with you in a heartbeat :)

    While I love Travis’ Awesome, I really also love the one by Charles Jenkins and the Chicago choir. It would be a good one to stagger in there with Trav’s. I wish I could be in the choir so so much. :)

  6. My happy thing today: getting ready to attend a women’s conference this weekend and already looking forward to next year’s conference when Boo Mama will be the speaker :)

  7. Will you be at the Mississippi State/South Alabama game Saturday in Mobile? My family will be there, but we’ll be cheering on the Jaguars :)

  8. #15. Yes, please. :)

  9. “The winner of Miss America’s Tuesday night talent preliminary was a ventriloquist.”

    That made me giddy. I love the Miss America talent competition. My favorite is still the clogging Miss America.

    James Taylor, John Denver, and the Eagles all have songs I never get tired of. I still reach over to the knob on the radio dial and turn up the volume when any of their songs are played.

  10. Marian Baldock says:

    I am so blessed by your blog. I read it everyday. What is your new position? Hate to think that you aren’t in the classroom anymore, but sure you are doing a great job at whatever you do.

  11. I’m gonna need to live vicariously through you at that concert tonight. You already knew this. Since I provided you with such great info on the Miss America talent winner the other night, you can return the favor with plenty of pics/video of the concert.

    And I’ll be tuning in Sunday night!

  12. Miss Sophie, I hopped right over to Travis’s website and downloaded his new CD via Itunes. I was thoroughly enjoying “Awesome” in my car all by myself when the part of the song played, “Deliverer, Deliverer, He’s our Deliverer…” and it dawned on me why we southern gals dig this song. We say things in three’s just like Miss Martha and her portions…those portions! I mean really, those portions! God and I enjoyed a good belly laugh together. If I don’t get the chance to meet you or any of your people on this side of glory, will you promise me that you and Miss Martha will sit with me one time during a praise and worship time in glory so we can sing about how awesome our Savior is around His glorious table? I have so enjoyed your book and your blog this summer! We are kindred spirits indeed!

  13. I saw the original JT in ’92 on the lawn at Merriweather Post Pavillion in MD. It was a cool & gray summer day and right on cue as he started “Fire & Rain” it began to rain. I don’t recall many leaving because of the weather, he was just that good. Just last week I had a day that I listened to JT on YouTube thorugh most of my work day, he’s just such an enduring classic. I’m partial to the song “Copperline” but he has so many great songs in his repertoire. Hope you do go and enjoy in November.