Miss America Viewing Party – New Details

Hey everybody –

Earlier today I was thinking about how it can get difficult to follow a conversation on the blog because of all the refreshing / clicking to new pages / etc. So after getting some feedback earlier today on the Twitter, I decided to move the Miss America Viewing Party over there. I think it’ll be a lot easier to follow the conversation and keep up with everyone’s comments. We’re going to use the hashtag #ThereSheIs so we can keep up with what all of our bloggy people are saying.

Even if you don’t tweet, you can still follow the conversation. Just type #BooView in the search box in the top right corner, and all of our tweets should form their own timeline – or you can use Tweetchat and follow the hashtag there.

See y’all on the Twitter at 8 central!

Edited to add: we changed the hashtag to #BooView since the other has tag was being used by lots of folks.

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  1. I don’t have a Twitter account, so I won’t be able to comment, but will follow along. Hoping for great talent in the competition tonight!

  2. I don’t have Twitter either, boo! (no pun intended!) I was contacted by Seat Fillers to see if I wanted to be in the audience tonight, my daughter said oh fun it would be if you went with me! : ) Enjoy the show! See you in Charlotte, can’t wait!

  3. Well, I think I have just watched my last Miss America pageant. When talent does not seem to count and the same state wins three years in a row (with questionable talent for all three) something is wrong and certainly not a good use of two hours of my life to watch.

    That said, I did enjoy reading the comments on Twitter. And glad we did get to see the ventriloquist!

  4. Amen Leigh!

  5. Wow just watched Miss Ohio she was good! I remembered watching Miss America when I a girl, writing down who I wanted to win with my sister and mom. Drinking Pepsi and chomping on popcorn. Those were good times! Makes me want to watch Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock. Love that movie, makes me laugh every time.

    • Ok Leigh, I understand now, three for three for Miss New York. Mmm wondering if Miss Wisconsin ever won? Can’t remember.

      • Actually, yes, Wisconsin has won. Terry Meeuwsen in1973-she’s co host of the 700 club now. And more recently, Laura Kaeppeler in 2012.

        I will freely admit that I am a talent snob. I much prefer the talents that have obviously taken years of training and practice to perfect and perform. Tonight, in my opinion, that was the pianist, the opera singer and the ventriloquist. I would probably also include the ballerina. My daughter is a dancer so until she sees the show and gives her educated opinion I can’t really assess the other dancers.

        What Miss New York did was cute, but didn’t rise to the level of some of the other. A pop song sung with a background track and vocals is not the hardest thing to do. And as some of the Twitter comments indicated, even young kids can play the cups.

        I realize that the competition involves more than talent, and we don’t get to see the interviews during the prelims. But if talent is going to be a part, then there should be at least a few judges from the arts that recognize real talent. Tonight’s judges were a good group to choose someone based on beauty, confidence, public speaking etc. But talent? Not so much.

        And showing my advanced age here, but I miss the lavish production numbers the telecast use to have. And at some point indicating where each girl goes to school and what she’s majoring in. Seems that info would be important in a Scholarship pageant. I know that info is available online at the Miss America web site, but I imagine lots of folks who are casual viewers haven’t bothered to search it out and it seems it would help promote the scholarship idea if that was part of the broadcast.

        • Admittedly I haven’t been watching Miss America in recent years. Yahoo for Miss Wisconsin! Thank you for that information. Yes, tapping on the cup? For talent? I agree with you that other contestants had more talent. Guess we’re out of touch with the times. Have a wonderful week Leigh! Kathleen in Az p.s. 1958 was a good year, showing my age.

  6. Marian Baldock says:

    Love this post, and your blog. You are so real, Sophie and such an encourager. Thank you.

  7. I’m so excited for you that Mississippi State won. Being a born-and-raised Ohio State Buckeye fan myself, I was thrilled to see a top 10 team taken down (because it makes our big loss seem less tragic) by a non-ranked team. And I was doubly delighted to think about how excited you must be! Go State!
    And, thank you, Sophie for bringing so much joy and laughter into my heart through your blog and your book. I have pre-ordered your latest, and can’t wait for it to arrive in my mailbox. I’m sure I will read it (probably with great laughs and many tears) without being able to put it down.