It Has Been A Monday

For some reason I woke up this morning with the misguided notion that today was going to be kind of a breezy day. I knew I had a meeting at 9, but other than that I felt like I was going to have all sorts of flexibility and maybe even some time to think about / edit my talk for Allume.

So now that it’s 9:15 at night and I have the benefit of some hindsight, let me just say that Monday, October 20th was a lot of things, but “breezy” was most definitely not one of them. I won’t bore you with the details, but there have been a lot of feelings. There has also been a quick trip to the doctor’s office (apparently I have a sinus infection) that was followed by an afternoon of heartfelt talks, a lost puppy (not ours), prescriptions for an antibiotic and a steroid (I LOATHE AN ANTIBIOTIC), and a story that I thought would encourage someone that actually made them cry.

Let me tell you. I’ve never felt better about my communication skills.

So. I am about to fix me a class of Crystal Light over crushed ice, crawl under the covers, and watch TV for upwards of fourteen minutes before I fall fast asleep.

But first, I feel like we all need to watch this. Because awesome.

The only thing that would’ve made it better is if those batons were on fire.

And guess what?

Tomorrow’s not Monday, y’all.


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  1. I’m with you on how excessively Monday today was … I was back in bed & taking a nap by 8am this morning … hoping to wake up with a better perspective than I did at 6:30am!

  2. Your Monday sounds eerily similar to mine (I’m sorry)…but the “vidjah” at the end made it almost all better! :)

  3. Oh indeed.
    All the children in my classroom would totally agree too.
    Today was, indeed, a Monday, in every single sense of the word.
    And unfortunately, the weather has a chill, the FAIR is in town, and I don’t think the rest of the days this week will be much better.

  4. The baton twirling takes me back a few years! Every summer my friends and I would sign up for baton lessons offered by our City Recreation Department. We had the best time twirling and tossing our batons! Oh the things little girls miss out on these days! Sigh…

  5. Staci brown says:

    I was a majorette in high school and I still catch myself air-batoning when I hear a fight song! And I am 35.

  6. Oh, that video was WONDERFUL! (Your Monday was not. Tuesday will be better!)

  7. You give that Monday a swift kick in the keester (spell check does NOT like that word!) and know that we’re all praying you into a Tuesday that is stellar! Deep breaths, a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte, and a little prayer heavenward – and you’ll be right as rain.

  8. Thank you for an early peek at a future Miss Florida. In the meantime, get well soon!

  9. Sorry you had a not so fun Monday but oh wow, that video was phenomenal. Too bad their football team didn’t lose Sat. Oh well, we are still #1!! Go Dawgs!

  10. Well, that was a really spectacular show but do you know what would have just sent it over the top?
    A red solo cup.

  11. Well, now, what do you say after that? They had the fire extinguishers ready if they had lit up those batons! You feel better, kick that sinus infection to the curb (I just got over one myself) and if you need ANYTHING AT ALL at Allume, you let me know. I’m your gal! Safe travels and I’ll see you soon. :)

  12. Janet Worthy says:

    I have the best of all motivations for vavigating through Mondays ~ I lead a Core Group of CBS (Community Bible Study:) on Monday evenings and I look forward each Monday to the night with pure joy in my heart and afterwards I go home and just revel in the glow of God’s goodness! Then comes Tuesday, and that’s my Monday:)

  13. Sorry you are under the weather but this MADE my day! Being a former twirler I love me some good baton routines!!

  14. What’s up, I check your blogs daily. Your writing style is awesome,
    keep it up!

  15. Thank you for posting the video of the Marching Chiefs! My husband and son were at that game. Hubby usually goes to the concession stand at halftime and misses the band’s performance, but he told me all about how they put their instruments down and danced and said I needed to look it up on youtube. He never says stuff like that, so I knew it had to be good! Just hope Beyonce has seen it.

  16. That’s my TEAM! GO NOLES!!! :) Marching Chiefs are too awesome – I’m so glad you enjoyed it!