You’re Awfully Pretty, South Carolina

Last night I flew into Greenville, South Carolina. I am here for Allume, and the extroverted side of my personality is already in overdrive. This morning I got to have breakfast with a friend who lives in Oregon, and then later we met another friend for coffee, and then I was walking back to my room and ran into Annie, who is only two doors down from me. I am already on happy relational overload, which means that I will continue to talk my head off for the next several hours before my inner introvert insists on returning to my hotel room and watching two or nine episodes of The Good Wife while sitting in utter silence.

I will continue this pattern for the next three days.

I realized sometime yesterday afternoon that I’ve never been to South Carolina. I mean, maybe we drove through it at some point when I was a little girl, but I know that I’ve never stayed here, never visited any of the sights, never taken in any of the scenery as an adult. I’m not sure why, exactly, because good grief it’s pretty here. I got to walk through just a tiny part of downtown Greenville this morning, and have mercy at the charming. It’s so pretty that it almost feels like a movie set – like you’re walking down a street that someone designed to be Main Street, USA – but it is delightfully real. I’m hoping to see a little bit more of it this weekend.

Other than that, there’s not a whole lot going on with us. I tried to lay low Tuesday and take my medicine and pack my suitcase and run through my talk (I’m speaking Saturday afternoon and surely would appreciate your prayers), and then yesterday was CUCKOO INSANE-O-RAMA. I’ve decided that it’s impossible to get out of town late in the afternoon without needing to run sixteen errands and subsequently peel out of at least nine parking lots. But I finally finished packing and made it to the airport and now I am here. As I may have mentioned earlier.


So now it is after 10 and I am back in the room and it was such a good day. Lots of sweet people and good friends and fun conversation. I loved getting to hear the worship and teaching tonight, and I’m happy that my people seem to be having a delightful time at home. David sent me a picture of the spaghetti he cooked for him and Alex (Hazel does not get to eat Italian food), and I am mighty grateful for the way he doesn’t miss a step when I’m out of town. He even put pepperoni on their garlic toast, and I have never thought to do that even once in my life. So I guess what I’m saying is that my culinary skills may be a bit of a let-down when I finally get back home.

Anyway. I’m gonna get some sleep and wake up early tomorrow because Shauna Niequist is speaking and I am really looking forward to listening. It looks like tomorrow will be a full, busy day, but it is so fun to be in a place with so many other writer-y/blogger-y people.

The fact that I’m also making some progress on The Good Wife is just gravy, really.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

(Sorry that this is so boring.)

(I just felt compelled to check in since I haven’t been around since Monday.)

(And since I’ve never really felt obligated to make a point before, WHY START NOW?)

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  1. I love Greenville! spent 7 years there getting two college degrees. If you have a chance to spend more time, make sure you check out Falls Park-awesome waterfall and beautiful park in the middle of downtown. you might enjoy (ok, I enjoy =) ) Mast General Store (an old general store. tons of modern stuff now, but still in the old building with some old stuff too. love the creaky wooden floor) and OP Taylor’s toy store (waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than toys r us. tons of cool stuff to look at and play with). Any time I go back to visit, I have go to those two places. And if you stop in the general store, you can pick up the list of clues to find the mice hidden all over main street. Hope you enjoy one of my favorite cities =)

  2. Oh you will be fabulous Saturday but you’ll have my prayers!

  3. Welcome to SC! Born and bred and still a South Carolinian. ;) You’ll have to come back one day and visit the beaches and the other end of the state, Charleston! I’m sure your session will be awesome. You all are so close this year. I wanted to be there, but the wedding of our son last weekend and a getaway this weekend kept me from it. Fill us in on how it went?

  4. Welcome to South Carolina! We love Greenville. The downtown area is so beautiful and fun on Friday nights. Enjoy your stay, and y’all come back now, ya hear!

  5. Welcome to Greenville! Ditto all the things Sarah said. If you have time for only one thing outside the conference, do walk down to Falls Park. It is worth the walk back up Main Street when you’re finished!

  6. So glad you love our downtown. I had two different jobs on Main Street and I SO enjoyed walking down there every day:) I am a born and raised SC girl, and I agree. It’s mighty pretty.

  7. Greenville is my favorite. A place that has a meat-n-three restaurant with banana pudding listed AS A VEGETABLE is the heart equivalent of flaming batons in the Miss America pageant. I lived at the beach in SC for 30 years, but the upstate is awesome. When you fly out, note the pretty sculptures and fountain in the little outdoor terrace at the airport – so sweet!

  8. I’ll be praying for you (from Arkansas) on Saturday! :)

  9. Every time I see you’ve posted, I’m very happy. Who needs a life other than reading blogs and watching the Good Wife? Just shot a prayer for your Saturday talk.

  10. It’s so neat you’re here in the Upstate. Welcome… I read your blog religiously but I’ve never commented. I’ve also read your book and can’t wait for the next one to come out. Now if you get tired of Allume you are always welcome to scoot on down I-85 and visit Death Valley. The Clemson Tigers will be playing Syracuse at 7:30 p.m. We tailgate in Lot 9 and always have extra. Now we head to the stadium about and hour and a half before kick-off because that’s how we roll. My point is you better get there early. I’m not sure it’s normal for me to be so excited that you’re in Greenville. My family doesn’t think it’s normal that I root for Miss St. (You), Texas A&M (Melanie) and Arkansas (Kelly Stamps). I try to explain those are the teams my cyber peeps love. Anyway, it’s okay to root for teams that Clemson never plays. I hope you enjoy your time here and maybe you will come back and enjoy the coast and the mountains of NC. Hazel would also be so welcome downtown.

    • Hi Selena! I am a Clemson grad and of course, Clemson fan. I live in Columbia. Had to chuckle at your comment because I also read the same exact blogs and cheer for their teams! Too funny!
      Sophie, I really wanted to hear you and Melanie in Charlotte next month but could not work it out. I would have loved that so much! Cannot wait for your new book!

      • Melanie – I’m so glad you let me I wasn’t the only one! I know it has to be rough living in Columbia and being a Tiger. My fiance is a Clemson grad and both of my children are there.

  11. Kathleen G says:

    My sister went to visit her daughter in Charleston. She said it was so lush with flowers and the people were pleasant. Coming from the high desert in Cali, she said it was like a dream, beautiful. So true what Selena said about the teams! Prayers for you for tomorrow Sophie, Kathleen in Az

  12. Deborah R says:

    Greenville is the best! That’s home for me and my hubby. We live in Indiana now and let me just tell you this Southern Girl misses SC terribly. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

    I’m sure you’re super busy this weekend BUT if you have time and you enjoy good Chinese food you HAVE to go to The Orient. It’s across the street from Sticky Fingers I believe. There’s a sushi place that’s right on the corner and The Orient is connected to it. I literally don’t eat Chinese any where else anymore because ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING COMPARES…. If you happen to go ask for the pan fried wontons. My soul, they are like little bites of heaven. They’re not on the menu and they may try to tell you that they don’t know what you’re referring to but don’t let them fool you. : ) Also, their wonton soup is amazing! Pretty much everything is good.

    Hopefully you’ll get to take a walk through Falls Park while you’re there too. It’s gorgeous! My husband and I had our first date there and that’s where I had my bridal portraits done as well.

    Sorry, can you tell I miss home?!?! LOL! Enjoy your stay! It’s such a charming place.

    One last thing, run into Mast General Store while you’re there. It’s the cutest and I’m sure you can find something to take home for Alex. I love their candy section.

    Praying for you as you speak tomorrow!!!

  13. I don’t post many comments but do read your blog (I have to admit I scan some of the ones that are a bit football-y for me). You are so funny – I think you could read the phone book and make it amusing. Thanks for your humor.

  14. Welcome to SC! We love Greenville, it’s the happening place! If you have a chance to eat downtown, try Tupolo Honey Grill. After that, walk a block or so down, hang a right and get thee some gelato at Rosa Luna’s. Walk another half a block down Main Street and try Poppington’s Popcorn… And all of the other stuff mentioned? Mast and Fall’s Park and OP Taylors and Mice on Main? Fabulous!

  15. I really wish I could be at Allume this weekend! I just couldn’t make it work. I was born in SC – Darlington, actually. My momma lived there her whole life til she married Daddy and they moved to Georgia. It’s a fabulous place, and still feels like home. Have a blessed weekend! Say “hi” to Annie for me – she has influenced my daughter in more ways than she can ever know. And prayers are going up for your talk on Saturday!

  16. Welcome to SC. I have lived in Charleston, SC all my life! You must come back to SC and visit Charleston. Beautiful city full of hospitality!! See you next month in Charlotte! I can’t wait! Prayers for your speaking this weekend.

  17. Sophie, you are NEVER boring!

  18. When I saw that you were speaking at Allume, I had to beg around for a ticket for Allume!! And so glad I did! I loved every second of your talk and just thrilled to have gotten an excerpt of your new book! Of course I’ve already read it and now will be anxiously awaiting Feb!! I’m glad that you enjoyed Greenville! You’re welcome back anytime!! xoxo

  19. Oh, Sophie. I can’t tell you how glad I am that you spent the weekend in South Carolina, even though it meant not getting to be at home to watch your beloved Bulldogs play with your cowbell close at hand.

    Meeting you was a joy for me–and hearing you speak on Saturday afternoon was the highlight of the conference for me. I had to leave the conference on Saturday afternoon, and at first thought that I’d leave right after lunch–until I realized that teatime was when you’d be speaking. I was so very grateful I’d stayed. I mulled over your talk all the way home to Durham–and considering the traffic on I-85, I was very glad you’d given us so much food for thought. Thank you, thank you, thank you for heeding your calling. Bless you. Bless you.

  20. Sophie, you are darling. I really enjoyed sharing lunch with you on Friday(?)–I was on the other side of Robin. :) Anyway, I wanted to just say thank you for bringing such truth to us at Allume this weekend. The way you handled the Word was amazing and encouraging and just plain wonderful. I’ll be thinking of your words for a long time to come.

  21. Lindsay D. says:

    I giggled when I saw the title. At first glance I thought it said, “You’re Pretty Awful, SC”.
    It IS awfully pretty here in the Upstate. I’ve lived all my 31 years here. I hope you enjoyed your visit and return soon!

  22. Really enjoyed hearing you speak, Sophie! I hope you enjoyed the Allume Conference. We surely enjoyed having you! xoxo (Loving your book, too!)

  23. So, I’m just now reading this. I may, or may not, have been running around at times like a chicken with its head cut off doing all manner of speakery carey things. It was was a treat to meet and hear you. I just read the sampler and am so glad I’m not the only one who goes up and down streets where I’ve lived on Google maps. :)
    Hope you are getting rested up after all the Allume fun. Here’s to long, curled lashes forever! :)