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Well, I have spent a good portion of this afternoon / tonight trying to figure out how to navigate my very own computer. I upgraded to Yosemite (I think the previous OS was Mavericks, maybe?), and everything looks different and my Safari browser is totally rearranged and all my text messages keep popping up on my computer screen. I keep wondering if CTRL+ALT+DELETE will fix all my problems, but then I remember that Macs don’t have that feature and end up asking David to please come help me.

Don’t worry, though. In two days I’ll be the Official Biggest Fan of Yosemite and I’ll be raving about how “clean” everything looks.

This is my technology pattern. Initial resistance, then full-fledged approval.


I got home from South Carolina late yesterday morning, and after my fellas picked me up from the airport, we immediately went to Chuy’s. It was glorious. I was away from home longer than I normally am, and I was so happy to see my people. I was also happy to see Hazel, and she seemed to reciprocate my enthusiasm considering that she tee-tee’d all over the driveway when she saw me.

Thankfully I cannot say the same.

At least not on this particular occasion.

The trip to South Carolina was awesome, by the way. I had the best time and got such a kick out of getting to see / visit / hug people that I love from afar every single day. I also got to spend some time with the people I work with on book stuff, and that was a rare and delightful treat. Friday night I was as nervous as I’ve ever been about speaking (my talk was Saturday afternoon), but by mid-Saturday morning I felt so much better. And then after it was all over, I got to watch the State & Kentucky play football. I had a hard time finding an optimal viewing situation for the game (big TVs in the hotel lobby were muted, and the TV in my room seemed dim to the point that I found myself squinting). I finally relied on Twitter and my ESPN app for all game-related info, and I was a JUMPY MESS by the time that game was over. It wasn’t pretty, but it was a win, and I’LL TAKE IT. ALL DAY LONG.

Annie, Emily, and I spent some time trying to find a place to watch the LSU / Ole Miss game when the State game was finally over, and do you know what amounts to a daunting task in Greenville, South Carolina on a Saturday night during football season? Finding a restaurant that is willing to play an out-of-state team’s game on one of its TVs. South Carolina and Clemson were both playing Saturday night, and we quickly learned that no one in Greenville was interested in whatever was happening in Baton Rouge. Annie finally convinced one of the waiters in Sticky Fingers (I had no idea that the BBQ sauce I see in Publix came from a restaurant chain) to turn one of the TVs to the Tigers / Rebels, but we had to wait for some people at a nearby table to leave because they were watching the South Carolina game and therefore had dibs on the TV.

I mean, I totally get it. We were in South Carolina, and South Carolina people are going to want to watch South Carolina teams. I just think of the LSU / Ole Miss game as my favorite non-State game of the year – I ADORE IT – but apparently it isn’t as big a priority for the folks north of the Gulf states. Lesson learned.

Regardless, however, of my televised football woes, Allume was awesome. I came home feeling energized and inspired and all sorts of good things. And after I got home and put on pajamas and started a load of clothes and caught up on reading all of my football news, I finally watched the State game in its entirety (my people had very lovingly recorded the game on the DVR). I talked back to the TV just like I was watching it live (let’s not discuss how strange this was considering that I already knew what the final score would be), and after about the fifth time that I commented on a pass or a catch or a tackle, Alex laughed and said, “Mama, don’t yell at the TV. Ghosts of the past can’t hear you.”

I got tickled when he said it. But the more I think about it, the more I’ve decided that he laid out a pretty good truth. You know?

So that’s about all that’s going on here. Tonight was Alex’s last football practice, and tomorrow is the last game, so we are soaking up some 5th grade football memories around here. It’s been such a blast. Totally different than what we expected in so many ways – and such a blast.

All righty. I believe I have rambled sufficiently. I need to go to bed, and I was hoping to find a point, but maybe next time.



The end.

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  1. the Truth you spoke is still ringing in my ears. and I’ve already told all my favorite interweb friends how if I get nothing out of this whole blogging thing but their friendships, I would do it over again a million times. (and Chuys was consumed Sunday night for our lil fam as well…can’t get thru the wknd without good tex mex). love.

  2. You can do the clt+alt+del on a Mac by pushing alt+command+esc all at the same time.

  3. You think getting all of your texts is weird? Just wait until you have a phone call pop up in notifications! The first time that happened to me, I almost had a heart attack!

  4. I love reading anything you post. Point or no point. Enjoy the last 5th grade game!

  5. I am so glad you are home, had a great time, and got to watch the games. I agree with what Heather relayed from your talk at Allume (comment above), the friendships I have from this inter web world bless me every single day. Even though I have known you since childhood, so thankful this Bloggy world brought us back together and keeps us encouraged through one another.

  6. Rachael b says:

    I always love anything you have to say! Can’t wait to get my hands on that new book!

  7. Thanks to the link on Edie’s blog I was able to hear your talk at the conference. It was rich and wonderful. had me laughing and crying – the best of both worlds! :) Love and appreciate your words. Also, as a Tennesseean who lived in the upstate of SC for a time I’m so glad you got to visit! It really is a beautiful area.

  8. It amazes me how well I think I know you just from reading your blog and your book… and I thought of you Saturday as I watched the State and Ky game… as in, “I really hate to see her disappointed, but…” because I was cheering for Kentucky. I mean, I seriously considered it a win that we didn’t get beat by 500 points, because while I know that we are much improved, that’s not saying a lot. Except a girl can dream… Anyhow, thanks for sharing your life and your views and your love of football!!!

  9. I was a Boomama virgin until I listened to your keynote at Allume, and it is possible that I might become a groupie because I love your heart and your rambles. I live in northwestern NC and, yeah, yeah, I’m a blogger (also) with “ten’s of readers”!!!
    A new fan, a raving one at that…xo

  10. Sherri Len says:


    I’ve been following your blog (and Big Mama, too!) for several months now, have read your book and am on pins and needles waiting for book #2!! Your words and phrases take me back to when my Daddy was alive – he was from the South, and I’m a southern girl at heart (and stomach!)
    I was so tickled to be able to hear and SEE you at the Allume conference – loved the topic. About 6 years ago, we quietly left our church due to what we believed was unbiblical principles of leadership/teaching. Even after trying to keep up with some of the friends, we are basically treated as if we are dead – I’ve even run into a few ladies who say, “Oh! I thought you had moved.” Even though the hurt is still there, the bitterness has long faded, yet I still have no close friends. So, I’m working on myself in this wilderness. I gather my “friend” qualities for myself like a hoarder. I need to make sure I listen, pray, and bless…and honor. I’ve never heard the Elizabeth/Mary story quite like this. Thank you for adding to my hoard of “how to be a better friend.” And thank you for your ministry – it is far-reaching…even to this Southern girl wannabe in Wyoming!

  11. As someone who lives in Greenville, SC, I’ve loooovvveeed hearing you talk about Greenville :) It’s been the icing on the cake of my usual enjoyment of your posts. Also, my husband and I are Virginia Tech alum, and yes, no one here cares about anything but Clemson or South Carolina. As they should, I suppose.

  12. Sophie,

    Someone sent me the video from your talk at ALLUME, and I watched it, all 47 minutes of it, through tears. And I would rewind it back and listen to parts of it again and say, “yes, Lord.” God has His hand on you and your ministry. You have such a gift…you really do. You are gentle and bold at the same time, and I was SO BLESSED by your words. I can’t even tell you. It makes me so happy to hear and read about all the young wives and moms who are being so intentional with how they are raising their families and teaching them about the Lord. I LOVE IT! I’m an “older” mom (54) (eeek) (shhh…don’t tell anyone) and relatively new to the blogging world. I found your blog one day a couple of years ago, and it just felt like home. I’m going to be sharing the link to your talk on my little blog, because I feel like what you said is so important to all of us women…no matter how old or young we are. THANK YOU, Sophie, for sharing your heart! You may not feel qualified, but I could definitely sense the Spirit in you…and HE is the one who will give you the words to say.

  13. Sophie, I wasn’t able to attend Allume this year, but I just viewed the keynote video. I cannot say enough about how much I needed to hear the words you spoke. I teach a Bible study, and I just taught on Zacharias and Elizabeth, so I am very familiar with the story. I loved hearing your perspective. I needed to hear the questions posed… What if Elizabeth would have given up? What if she was done with it?
    Thank you for giving me a fresh perspective and something to think about every time i feel like giving up…
    PS: The Real Housewives of Judah? LOVED THAT!

  14. I’m so happy I got to see you this weekend; I came home with the last copy of your book from the Givington’s store!

    I also installed Yosemite after I got home and I’m enjoying the new look, except I downloaded two new Judah & the Lion (hello! they were awesome Friday night @ Allume!) albums from eMusic and now iTunes can’t find them and neither can I. :(

    The Mac version of control+alt+delete is option+command+esc. :)

  15. It always does my heart WONDERS to read your blog; this one is no exception! I watched the football game and rooted for your team!! My husband is ALWAYS flipping channels (Grrr!) and happened to land on the the 2nd quarter of the game. I got so excited, “Is that Boomama’s Bulldogs playing?!?” –I watched every second of the game cheering for the Bulldogs!! So glad they won!! I may have to keep a low profile for a while, though. I live just 40 miles north of the Ohio River in Ohio–Kentucky’s mighty close!

    I am amazed that Alex is in the fifth grade! I’ve followed your blog since the Christmas before he turned three. I taught fifth grade for twenty years. It’s a wonderful age!

    I am so anxious to buy your new book! Can’t wait!!