For Your Snack Cracker Consideration

So I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m on the verge of another holiday season, my thoughts inevitably turn to three things: giving thanks, celebrating the birth of Jesus, and finding the very best snack cracker options.

You weren’t really expecting that third thing, were you?

However comma it’s no big secret that I love me a cracker. I especially love a good cracker with some sort of cheese or dip option. Or maybe even a cheesy dip option. And I am tempted to say that I also enjoy a cracker with a dippy cheese option (just for consistency’s sake), but I’m not really sure what a dippy cheese option would be.

I am all for exploring the possibilities, though.

In the past I’ve mentioned some of my very favorite crackers: the Wheat Thins Toasted Chips in Garden Veggie, the Sweet Potato & Sea Salt Triscuits, the Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil Triscuits, any store brand of lavasch crackers (preferably with lots of seeds on top of them), Mary’s Gone Crackers in herb, Sesmark Sesame Rice Thins, and last but not least, the incomparable Cheddar Jack Cheez-Its.

Never, ever underestimate the power of a good Cheez-It, my friends.

A few weeks ago I tried a new flavor of a cracker I actually bought for the first time this past spring, and while I’m trying to manage my expectations and keep a level head about me, I am just crazy about it. In fact, it’s right up there with the Mary’s Gone Crackers (MGC has been my favorite cracker for the last few years), and it is so light and delicious and perfect for a softer cheese.


Y’all. It is a cracker superstar.

I’d tried the Sea Salt variety of the Crunchmaster Multi Grain Crackers before, but this one – the Rosemary & Olive Oil Multi Seed Crackers – is on a completely different level. The real genius is that they’re not too heavy on the rosemary (a little goes a long way with me), and they’re small, crispy, and strangely fresh-tasting for a product that comes in a resealable pouch.

I’ve been buying these crackers at either Fresh Market or Publix (they’re next to the deli in Publix), so they seem to be pretty easy to find. But if you haven’t seen them around, you can check your ZIP code on the Crunchmaster website and hopefully find a nearby store that carries them.

And by all means, if you’ve been enjoying a favorite cracker as of late, please feel free to share your thoughts and cracker-related observations in the comments.

After all, it’s the holidays. It would be a shame to hide your cracker light in a bushel.

Maybe that can be Nabisco’s new slogan.

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  1. DEE-lighted to read this because I seriously meant to ask you about crackers the other day and forgot! Need snack options for a Disney road trip. #score

  2. And it’s gluten free!! Can’t wait to try it! You always have the best cracker recommendations! I was a little obsessed with the sweet potato ones when you posted about them..

  3. Anotherlisa says:

    Thank you for suggestions; I’m often afraid to try new crackers, as they can ruin an otherwise delectable cheese or dip experience.
    As for what constitutes a dippy cheese… What about the softest of the Laughing Cow or Boursin spreadables? They aren’t true cheeses or dips. One daughter used to ask for baked Brie with “will you make that drippy cheese, please?”

  4. My go to when it comes to crackers and some sort of spread/dip is classic Ritz crackers and a mi of cream cheese and green olives; softened cream cheese mixed with diced green olives is a quick, easy, and crazy tasty cheese spread for any kind of cracker. We have a box of the sweet potato ones you posted about a while back in our office and I may be guilty of eating about half the box…those things were pretty great!

  5. You “crack” me up. I’ve always told my husband that if I were stranded on an island all I would need are magazines and a supply of bread products … crackers included!

  6. Sue Mom of Two says:

    and these great crackers are made about 10 miles from my house. We buy them at Sams Club….big boxes of them….and they are SO good!

  7. Oh the Cheddar Jack Cheez-It. There is nothing else like it. I polished off a box all my myself in 36 hours this week. Although with a name like the Crunchmaster, how can I not give these a try?

  8. You’re so adventurous!
    I’m the “everything tastes better when it sits on a Ritz” girl.
    Speaking of Ritz, even years later I can’t thank you enough for the Captain Rodney’s dip recipe from your Diptacular. I get RAVES every time I serve it.
    And I hope your ankle’s feeling much better!

  9. I tried the Club cornbread cracker bites a few months ago and wondered what Boo Mama would think of them. They kind of tasted like a cross between Jiffy Mix and a cookie. Don’t think I’ll buy anymore (but I did eat all of them…) I was leery of the Sweet Potato Triscuit, but sounds like they are worth trying!

  10. You crack me up!! My current, favorite cracker is Blue Diamond Nut Thins They are crunchy, salty and nutty. I could down a whole box in one sitting. PS I just moved to Mississippi recently and I’m convinced I will get the pleasure of running into you somewhere – haha :)

  11. Colleen (Gf) LOVES these crackers. She was (seriously) just talking about them the other day! Great minds…

  12. I’m in for anything that says Rosemary and Olive Oil. Also, you should get some royalty from that slogan!😄

  13. While I’m not a constant connoisseur of crackers, I did buy a box of Ritz Roasted Vegetable crackers last week to nosh on while watching the MSU vs Alabama game last weekend. I just used good old fashioned sliced cheddar and Monterrey jack cheese to top the crackers. They were delightful.

    Also, a box of “Chicken in a Biscuit” crackers will transport me back to my 8-year-old self faster than anything else. Truthfully, they’re not the best cracker out there — a little too soft, maybe a little too salty — but I still love those things!

  14. Sophie, I don’t know what it is about YOU that makes you so addictive…well, okay, maybe I do!…but I was thinking about you two days ago – while standing in the cracker aisle at Publix, thinking “I hope Sophie writes about crackers sometime soon. I am ready to try something new.” As if I cannot buy my own brand new crackers until you give me permission or your endorsement or whatever. So, clearly, my prayers worked and the Holy Spirit moved you to write this post for me. Thanks! Will go get some this weekend.

  15. Do you have Aldi stores down yonder? If you do, run (do not walk) to your nearest store and buy these:

    They are Cheddar and Sunflower Artisan Crispbreads. They also have 4-seed Artisan Crispbreads.

    They will only have them for a limited time, so I’m buying them in ridiculous amounts. They are to. die. for.

  16. Abu Dhabi is currently void of good crackers. No Cheeze It’s or Wheat Thins or Triscuits to be found.

    • I’m in Dubai and can get Triscuits at several places here. Spinney’s, Choitram’s, Park N Shop. Not sure if you are ever this way. It’s amazing how many grocery stores we visit here trying to find our favorite products.

  17. “Never, ever underestimate the power of a good Cheez-It, my friends.” #preach #truth #youhadmeatcracker

  18. I, like many others it seems, have been waiting for you to review some new crackers. You really have a gift for describing the intricacies of cracker characteristics. I think crackers are an integral part of the holiday magic. Personally, I use the time period extending from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day as my own personal license to mow through countless boxes of Ritz Flip Sides crackers. Crispy, salty, not-to-sweet.

  19. I share your love of a good cracker and finding ones I really love has been a challenge since going gluten free. I carried a fleeting hope while reading this post, and lo and behold, they are gf!!! All God’s people said AMEN!!!!!

  20. I’m not sure if this is considered a cracker or not, but the sea salt and black pepper pretzel crisps are out of this world amazing! I highly recommend picking them up. Great with hummus or by themselves.

  21. Love the cracker ideas, I am still in denial that my fave from childhood, Twigs, have gone. I miss them. But the BE ALL, END ALL, soft cheese spread is none other that MISSISSIPPI STATE Dairy cheese that comes in the crock. We love the regular and the jalapeno!! Get cha some!!

  22. Julie in Michigan says:

    it’s time for another round of diptacular for all of this cracker love!!

  23. Stephanie Pickle says:

    So glad I saw your post, me and my daughter will be out next week for Thanksgiving break and I just thought yesterday I need to find me and her a good cracker and some cheese to snack on for the week.

  24. Sue In FLA says:

    So, while I was at Publix this morning, I thought, “Wonder if I can find that cracker Sophie likes?” And it was right where you said it would be. By the Deli. As I was putting all the groceries away, my husband asked me why I had purchased these crackers. I told him that Boo Mama told me to. I think he thinks I slipped over the edge! Now that’s going to be the answer to all of the WHY ??? questions.

  25. We had these crackers at Easter this year. While I was packing up leftover ham for my in-laws, my father-in-law asked if he could also have the leftover crackers. As they are the best in-laws EVER, I did it with a smile. Well, that, and knowing I had another bag of crackers in the pantry.

  26. I just read this and now I’m desperately craving a homemade cheese ball with crackers. And so I am off to the store to make myself one. Looks like I know what I will snack on during the Ole miss game!

  27. I tried the sweet potato & sea salt triscuits this weekend. They are my new favorite cracker! Yumm-o!

  28. So excited to see these as a good option as I’m (begrudgingly) gluten-free. Thanks for the tip! (And my kids love Cheez-Its).

  29. I’m so excited they are gluten free (not because I want to be, by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s how I must live!). Thanks for sharing the photo.

  30. Meredith W says:

    I recently bought a Rosemary and Raisin cracker at Trader Joe’s along with a cranberry goat cheese log. OMG, so totally delicious together. That just may have been my lunch today, maybe… ;-) Who would have thought a raisin rosemary cracker would be good, but it’s amazing! Very sturdy for dipping as well, which is fabulous!

  31. Last week I discovered Cranberry and Sage Triscuits. They are delicious! The flavor is not too strong. It’s a limited edition flavor so I will have to stock up.

  32. I bought a new product at Costco today — RW Garcia 3 Seed Sweet Potato Crackers — YUMMY! I’m definitely hooked. They are also gluten free and low in sodium (a plus for me).