And Now It’s December

Oh, where to begin?

I feel like so much has happened.

That is mainly because I have watched a whole bunch of TV, not because of a breakneck series of events in real life.


Last Monday I met two of my favorite Auburn sophomores for lunch before I went to the doctor for a follow-up appointment about my ankle. It is still broken. I mean, I didn’t expect that it would suddenly be un-broken, but it’s healing pretty well and I go back in two more weeks and hopefully at that point I’ll get to start spending time outside of the boot.

I trust you know that I’m not referring to Italy.

The doctor asked if I’d been having any other issues, and I said, “well, sometimes my hip gets a little sore,” and we talked about the importance of shoe height for the not-broken foot and I told him I was trying to be careful with that and I felt good about everything when I left his office. Then I think I ran a couple of errands or something because Mama and Daddy were coming into town on Wednesday and I was trying to wrap my brain around my to-do list. (And by the way, I realize that I’m writing in a lot of very ramble-y sentences, but I’m trying to finish this post in time to watch The Good Wife so I’m rushing a little bit and I do apologize.) So for the rest of Monday I think that I made a list and propped up my leg and maybe even caught up on a wee small bit of Bravo-related business.


Tuesday got up and went to Publix while David and Alex went to Costco (David took off work last week since Alex and I were out of school, and OH MY SWEET MERCIFUL HEAVENS I don’t know what in the world I would have done if he hadn’t, because the boot was sort of inconvenient in terms of getting ready for company). I opted to go to Publix because I knew it wouldn’t take long and I can pretty much navigate the aisles there with my eyes closed. Sure enough, I only spent about 20 minutes in the store, and then I got to meet two more of my favorite sophomores (one Auburn, one Bama) for coffee and a whole lot of talking. It was delightful.

At the time I didn’t think it was a big deal because I really wasn’t walking around that much, but Tuesday morning I decided to wear a tennis shoe instead of a boot that seems to match the height of my ankle boot the best (did any of that make sense? I am just gonna hope that it’s clear enough and move on). The height of the tennis shoe felt pretty similar, so I felt like I was all good. I don’t remember doing that much on my feet when I got home Tuesday afternoon, but I probably cooked supper or something and then propped up my leg again because while I certainly don’t mean to brag, I am becoming a bit of a propping-up pro.

Wednesday I woke up and decided that I was going to make some cornbread dressing. Now I realize that doesn’t sound terribly ambitious – and really, it wasn’t – but I spent a big chunk of the morning pulling out pans and mixing bowls and walking back and forth to the pantry and whatnot. By early Wednesday afternoon I thought my hip was a little more sore than usual, so I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the couch off our kitchen with – you guessed it – my leg propped up. I have been plowing through all the seasons of The Good Wife for a few months now – at the expense of watching just about everything other than college football – so I watched a few episodes before Mama and Daddy got here late Wednesday afternoon. We heated up some chicken and dumplins for supper, and by 9:30 or so (seriously), we were all ready for bed.

I certainly can’t blame you if my tale of cornbread dressing excitement – and a 9:30 bedtime – has made you think of this 70’s classic.

And yes. I know. Half of you weren’t even born in 1978. And you probably even stayed up until, like, ELEVEN FIFTEEN the night before Thanksgiving. You young whippersnappers you.

Anyway, at some point in the night I woke up to go to the bathroom, and my very first thought was, “AYE, CAPTAIN – SOMETHING IS AWRY WITH MY BACK.” Only I didn’t really think those exact words because I am not in fact a pirate. But I did think that something was off, and when I finally got comfortable enough to go back to sleep, I hoped that I’d just slept weird and everything would be back to normal in the morning.



Since we didn’t have any extended family here this year, we invited some friends over for Thanksgiving dinner, and since everybody was bringing a dish, there wasn’t a whole lot we needed to do to get ready for company. Given the Not Normal, I still tried to be mindful about Taking Things Slow and Not Bending at Strange Angles, but my lower back was so stinkin’ sore. I was determined to power through, though, and by the time our company got here, I was feeling so much better. We had a great meal with some of our favorite folks, and after everybody left around 8 or so, I returned to my spot on the couch (say it with me: MORE PROPPING) while David cleaned up the kitchen.



I don’t know what time I went to sleep Thursday night, but I can tell you with a great degree of certainty that I woke up at 4:00 Friday morning with what I can only describe as white-hot blazing spasms of evil in my lower back. It was like my lower back muscles had tied themselves into thousands of knots and then set themselves on fire, and since I’d never experienced anything like that in my life, I thought that maybe if I could just walk up and down the hallway a little bit I would work out the kinks.

That was the first of several mistakes I would make between 4 and 6 Friday morning.

I hated to wake up anybody because, well, I’ve been sort of high maintenance lately with this whole ankle thing, so I finally got myself slathered in some Icy Hot and very gently settled into a chair in the kitchen. I didn’t have a muscle relaxer, so I took some Advil and tried not to move so that maybe the spasms would stop. Trust me when I tell you that it was all a real carnival-o-fun.

Long story endless: I eventually got some advice from Melanie about what to do next (she has nursed P through a back ailment or five), and after Mama and Daddy left, I planted myself on the guest room bed (it has the most firm mattress in the house) and followed all of Mel’s instructions to the letter. David got me a heating pad and some Aleve, and two days later, I am almost back to normal. I’m gonna be slow-moving for the next few days, but I can’t even tell you how much better my back feels. And I guess the bright side is that I’ve barely even thought about my ankle.

So. That’s what’s been going on around here. Unfortunately my Bulldogs didn’t win the Egg Bowl, but they’ve had such a great season that I can’t really complain (well, I could complain about Gary and Verne struggling to know which team was the Bulldogs and which team was the Rebels, but I’m choosing to be like Elsa and LET IT GO). I am a little sad about not making it to the SEC Championship Game, but since Alabama beat Auburn (and that game was crazytown), we wouldn’t have made it anyway. So now I guess we wait and see where we’ll be going for a bowl, and maybe Sister and I can plan us a road trip accordingly.

Not if I’m still in the boot, though.

Because the boot and the back = BAD COMBO.

But you can rest assured that I’ll be wearing my black boot – the one that’s a good height – with my big ole black boot from her on out.

You can also rest assured that I will be taking my heating pad to work tomorrow.

I think it’s pretty clear that we belong together.

And my lower back most certainly agrees.

Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving!

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  1. Kathleen G says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Hahaha I’m older than you and I remembered that song, back in my youth! I never had to wear a boot, but having back spasms, the worst. Heating pads are good and take care Boomama, Kathleen in Az

  2. Oh no Sophie! I felt your pain in the hip and then you started with the spasms and I began to twitch all over thinking about your pain! Since I will be revisiting the boot come Wednesday for 8-10 weeks post op, I do empathize greatly! I have been having terrible spasms in my feet and legs- the kind that BOLT you from the bed. Asked my dr and he said ” get you some tonic water, mix it with any juice you like and drink a glass a day!” Well Praise be to The Good Lord- it has worked amazingly, but then Dr. P is an amazing diagnostician of the caliber you don’t find much these days. So glad your back/hip feel better and here is hoping that continues to be the case. In the meantime, the quinine in the tonic water is a miracle! Just sayin! Xoxo

  3. I was 10 in 1978, so I remember that song quite well. I didn’t listen to it just now because it would disrupt my 4yo daughter’s viewing of the Christmas episode of Sophia the First (yes, I was 10 in ’78, and I have a 4yo. Do that math and tell me I’m not crazy!), and still, I’ll now be singing that song all day. Thanks for that, and I hope you and your ankle/hip/back have a good week!

  4. So sorry you are going through this. On a side note, I read this and thought I HAD MISSED an episode of The Good Wife. It almost ruined my weekend. If you become bed-bound, which I sincerely hope you do not (!!), maybe you’ll do a post on your thoughts on TGW. In the meantime, take care!

  5. Eek! So sorry to hear about your back. NOT the way you’d hoped to spend Thanksgiving. Praying for a quick recovery! And may next year be the year of the other boot (the Italy one).

  6. Margie Hoffman Johnson says:

    Oh dear Boo Mama,
    I am stealing that phrase “white hot blazing spasms of evil in my lower back” and I will use it LOUDLY next time my back ” goes out”. The heating pad is your friend – those people who mention ICE to you are crazy- ignore them. Love you, Boo Mama and praying you mend soon.

  7. Ok, so I HATE to be the one to post back pain advice, but having lived through it many-o-times (I was once in bed 2 solid weeks because I hurt my back bending over to shave my legs – uuugghhh – and I was still in my 30’s then), I just have one thing to say…ICE! Or more literally frozen peas and corn. After the I’m-too-old-to-shave-standing-up-in-the-shower episode my good friend and physical therapist told me to immediately use ice. But seeing as how I hate to be cold I opted for heat. The heat did feel good, but I was in bed, unable to stand up straight for 2 weeks – which is a little inconvenient when you have kids and a husband who travels a lot for work. A year or so later when it happened again (I completely forgot myself in a moment of excitement and bent over to try to pick up a CINDER BLOCK…what can I say I am slow?) I was desperate and decided to try the ice approach. I stayed pretty horizontal for a few days, but by the end of day 3 I was up and around and almost normal. So that is my one small offering…ICE. Hope you feel better soon.

    PS It’s been the Year of the Boot in our house this year, 3 broken/badly sprained ankles, and sadly I have nothing to offer as far a hip pain. It seems to go with the boot wearing process. :)

  8. I too had a boot and I actually bought a pair of black boots at Walmart to wear because noticed I was wearing out the right boot and I really did like that pair and did not want to ruin just one boot. And also DO NOT EVER WEAR A PAIR OF COWBOY BOOTS WITH THE BOOT. There is a little flap at the top of the cowboy boot or it is just bad where the cowboy boot hits but it got caught on the boot as I was on the playground with my pre K kids and the teacher went down. Not pretty even though I thought I was looking good in my cute cowboy boots and dress but I landed in the playground pebbles. Not good.

  9. Sophie, I feel your pain. A thought! My Neurologist/Neurosurgeon….(the best in this Country, hands down) told me….over and over….NO LEG EXTENSIONS, Not in the tub, not on the ottoman, not in bed! In other words, extending a leg straight out puts pressure on hip and back muscles that is NOT GOOD. Pillow under knees so leg is bent was essential for me. Check with your Dr. But consider this slight adjustment. Bent knees at all times.

  10. Julie in Michigan says:

    Love how you write, it tickles me! Here’s to hoping all your parts get better real soon!!

  11. God bless. I don’t even know whether to laugh or cry. I can relate to All The Pain, that’s for sure. Hoping you’re able to get back on an even keel, literally.
    And that video. Did you notice how the “crowd” surrounding her remained immobile and expressionless? Do you think it’s because nobody has ever figured out what she actually says after “on the disco”?

  12. Where did November go?!? Happy December! Massage soon! XOXO

  13. Hate to hear about your back. Glad you are feeling better. On another note, you are going to love The Good Wife. It is one of best shows on TV!

  14. Very sorry about your back, but glad it’s getting better. I know all about bad backs and what fun that is. Sophie, please do us a favor and post a picture of yourself with your boot. I’m dying to see it. And finally, I watched the video and have never seen such a bored-looking audience in my life.

    • this was a video of a German show—German audience. quite stiff and proper. such an odd show.

  15. I just settled into bed for the night and read your post. Now it’s 9:15p.m. I love the night life, too! ;)

  16. I also messed up my back this weekend! I still am not exactly sure what happened but it had something to do with unpacking the car after our road trip. I’ve been on my heating pad and taking Alleve all day. I feel much older than what my driver’s license states today. 😊. Happy healing!