For You And For One Of Your People – A Giveaway

Here are the giveaway winners; we matched a random number drawing with the comment number. I’ll be in touch about how to claim your prizes! Thanks, y’all!

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Today has been one of those days when, for a whole host of reasons, I have been super nostalgic about my college friends. It’s probably because I found myself in the middle of a big ole group text at 6 o’clock in the AM, and by 9 my friend Katy had sent me the following picture of her at a Chi O Valentine’s dance, sporting an outfit that she wore with great intention and also pride.


It makes me so happy on so many different levels. There’s the bow, the polka dots, the lacy ankle socks, the red shoes with what looks to be just the slightest hint of a heel – it’s just too good. And then, if you look at her date / lifelong friend Charlie’s ankle area, it appears that he might have tight rolled those acid washed jeansΒ in order to showcase his lace-up boots.

So the bottom line is that there is nothing about this picture that does not delight me.

Inevitably, though, this morning’s text convo with Katy turned sort of reflective and serious, and that is maybe the biggest blessing of deep friendships that span a whole lot of years: you can go from silly to serious in about four seconds flat, and then, if need be, you can go right back to silly without missing a beat.

All day long I thought about the girls that shaped so much of what I believe about friendship and kindness and sincerity and being FOR EACH OTHER (as opposed to being mired down in some silent, endless, pointless competition that no one will ever win). Maybe this is why I found myself a little more sentimental than usual on the Instagram tonight.

I’ve been thinking all day about my college friends. They have checked on me and texted me and looked out for me in a hundred ways the last couple of weeks. I don’t have old pictures of all of them on my phone – this is just an impromptu sampler :-) – but oh my word I cannot imagine the last 25 years without these people. They have made me laugh until I wheezed, they have hugged me when I cried, and they have said “What can I do to help?” more times than I can count. They were the first people to read my pitiful attempts at personal essays when I was 19, the first people to read my blog, and the first people to say “YES” when I asked if I could tell some of our stories in a book I wanted to write. I can’t imagine what life would look like without them because they have been God’s grace in my life over and over again. They’re mighty sweet (as my mama would say), and I sure do love them. #homeiswheremypeopleare #tbt #unfortunatepermsofinstagram

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(But you do whatever you feel is best. I am certainly not the boss of you.)

So, in the interest of celebrating friendship and the first week of Home is Where My People Are, I’m doing a little giveaway. I’m giving away 10 books, but here’s the twist. I’ll draw for five winners who will get a signed copy of the book, and then each of those winners can pick one of their people – whether that person is a friend or a family member or both – and that special person will get a signed copy, too.

I’m only leaving this giveaway open until noon central time on Friday, January 23rd, and then I’ll draw for winners ASAP. I’ll mail the books just as soon as I have everyone’s addresses – hopefully by the first of next week.

By the way, if you’d like to earn a second entry in this giveaway, just follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and then come back here and leave an additional comment that says “social media entry.” And if you’re already plugged in on one of the social media outlets, you can absolutely still use the additional social media entry. Fair is fair, after all.

Finally. If you’re not sure if you’d want to win the book because you’re not sure if you’d want to read it, you can download the first 20 pages for free American dollars. It’s like a little sampler platter, only unfortunately it will arrive on your computer without any queso or Buffalo wings.

Happy Giveaway, y’all!

This giveaway is now closed. I’ll notify winners via email later this afternoon!

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  1. pick me! :)

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    I know just who I’d share with!

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    Me, me, me!!!!

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    I can’t wait to read your newest book, and I have just the perfect person to share a copy with:)

  8. Chelsey Hawkins says:

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  9. Oh my stars this would be fun to win!

  10. Mary Feagley says:

    Holy Bananarama, I’d love to win for myself and my friend and sorority sister Jen!

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  12. i can’t wait to read this book!

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    Pick me!!

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    I want to win!!

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  19. Congrats on the book! Thanks for fun giveaway.

  20. Annette Bartle says:

    So happy book #2 is out! Loved book #1.

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  22. I cannot wait to read it, Sophie!! You bless my heart :-)

  23. Social media entry! (Congrats again!)

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  25. I read the sample last week, loved it!

  26. There is nothing like the bond between lifelong friends! I love your writing style and love your southern roots. I married a Mississippi State boy, too! I would love to win your book but if I don’t win it I am definitely going to buy it!

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    Ooh, ooh! Pick me!

  30. I can’t wait to read this book!

  31. I can’t wait to read your book!

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  33. Signed copy – yay!

  34. Ashley Moshell says:

    Oh my sweet friend Kristen would adore a copy!

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  36. I love the pictures! I had something very similar to the polka dot outfit when I was in middle school. And a headband to match!

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    Social Media Entry. All 3. I don’t like missing anything.

  39. Can’t wait to read it,

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  44. cannot wait to read! Loved the free download!

  45. Stephanie Walsh says:

    Would love to win one! I want to get it signed and sent to Jillian M in AU! Her Mama and I are kindred spirits. Ok, I just posted this comment in a completely wrong blog! 😍

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  47. Sherri Len says:

    Nice giveaway! I LOVE your writing, and the “my people” I’d give to it would love it as well…it would be a great late birthday present for her. Congrats on your new book, Sophie!

  48. Would love your book!

  49. I loved the first 20 pages! I’ve been struggling with the whole question of home myself lately. My “heart home” is Vermont. Lived there for many years, brought my adoptive daughter home from China there, it’s where my spiritual community lives – people who stood with me, prayed with me through my mother’s cancer and death and then the joy of me adopting my daughter – but we live in Texas to be close to family here. But I swear, I dream, literally, of being back in Vermont at least four nights out of seven. Is Vermont “home” even though it’s been 13 years since I have lived there, or is it Texas? Once my daughter graduates high school next year and heads off to college, does that free me to move back? Lots of praying and soul-searching going on.

    So…..yes, I would love to win a copy! Might help with a few questions!

  50. This Mississippi girl would love to win a copy and give one to my daughter. I bought ALSTCTS when it came out and loved every page….it was like going back to my childhood. I then passed it on to my daughter so she could better understand where her mother came from….such a joy. If I don’t win I will order myself one for my birthday on Feb. 14th….it is the only thing on my wish list. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy every minute of this special time for you!

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  53. Catherine R says:

    I’d love to have a copy!

  54. love this post about your college friends! There is something so real about those friendships… I would love to read your new book! So happy & proud for you!!

  55. Catherine R says:

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  56. You were one of the first blogs I started reading back in the day! You make me smile every time I read something you write! Can’t wait to read your book!! xoxoxo

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    I would be mighty thrilled to win!

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    Please pick me! :)

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    I would love a copy for me and my people, thanks so much for offering this giveaway!

  65. I can’t wait to read it and would LOVE to get a signed copy! But if I don’t win 😞 I will getting it on my kindle!!

  66. Megan Marie says:

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  67. Can’t wait to read the new book! Congratulations on another success!!

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  69. Count me in!

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    I’d love to win!!

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    I follow you on all 3. I’m a bit of a stalker or as Wendy Williams might say “we are friends in my head.”

  74. Lindsey darby says:

    And as a XO I’m loving your throwback picture (social media entry ;)

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    Loved your first book! Looking forward to reading this one! Great throwback pics too!

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    Would love to win a copy of your book! Been following your blog forever!

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