An Afternoon Visit With Edie

I feel like I’ve been reading Edie’s blog forever. And from the first day that I read it, I thought, Well, she is pretty much exactly who I want to be when I grow up. Even though I’m pretty sure that we’re same age. I love her humor, her vulnerability, her style (OH, HAVE MERCY, HER STYLE), and her deep affection for people and place.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 7.55.14 AM

Edie and I finally got to meet in person this past year, and she, Melanie, I laughed non-stop for approximately three hours. Actually, we hooted for three hours. And clapped our hands. And talked REAL loud.

Earlier this week Edie was oh-so-gracious to invite me to be a guest on her podcast, and I immediately said yes. And even though I apparently activated some sort of echo setting on my microphone (you can always count on me to jack up some audio) and sound a little bit like Wolfman Jack (there’s a 70’s reference for you), I don’t even care. Edie asked the best questions and was such a gracious host and I had the best time talking to her.

I also wouldn’t mind it if she would come over and accessorize my house, but that’s probably another discussion for another time.

So. You can find the podcast over at Edie’s blog, and I hope y’all enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed being a part of the conversation.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

p.s. I still want to be Edie when I grow up.

p.p.s. I’ll let you know how that works out.

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  1. Julia Sullivan says:

    Coincidental??? Hummm? I think not- I found you because of Edie- Yesterday, Myquillyn, shared something on IG that lead me to visit your blog & I just started following you on IG yesterday- I had researched your new book and was just fixing to buy it & I remembered you are giving some away- So I thought, I will check your site and see who won- When I opened it, I thought I was on Edie’s page :-)!!! I did a double take. How we are all linked together. More closely than we think… Can wait to hear the podcast :-) and read your new book- AND meet you in Monroe :-)

  2. I’ve been in hog heaven between your new book release, your podcast on Edie’s blog, and your coming podcast on Be Still Be Free! I have no idea what IG is, ^ but you can bet I’ll be checking that out, too! (I like to admire Edie’s style from afar – as I’ve long since given up hope of becoming her when I grow up.)

  3. Has anyone else had trouble listening to the podcast? I can hear Sophie but not Edie…ghost in my system??

  4. I had the same problem, I could only hear Sophie. :<(

  5. Yes, I only hear you, Sophie. :-)