This Is Where We Are (And Also: VOTING!)

I typically head into a long weekend with a very ambitious mental to-do list. In fact, as I was driving back from Nashville this past Saturday, I thought about all the things I wanted to accomplish after I got home: washing four or nine loads of clothes, making a big pantry re-stocking trip to the grocery store, finishing up with hanging stuff in the office (we turned our 4th bedroom into an office over the Christmas holidays, and it has been about 80% finished ever since), working on the outline for a new book (I have an idea and a title – but that’s about it), catching up on Bible study homework, and ordering some sandals because I am so tired of wearing boots and I BELIEVE IN SPRING.

So. Here’s what really happened. I did make it to the grocery store but only for the bare necessities. I also managed to catch up on Bible study homework because I had the luxury of two lazy mornings. But as far as the list was concerned, that was about it. I did manage to take not one, not two, but THREE different naps on Monday, and I also watched five episodes of Downton Abbey and am now completely caught up. So while I didn’t get a single letter typed on the new book outline, I can most certainly say that I achieved exceedingly and abundantly more than all I could ask or imagine as far as the Grantham family is concerned.

(And oh, Edith.)

(This season she has done some of her very finest Edith-ing.)

If finally dawned on me today that three naps in one day is NOT AT ALL NORMAL for me, so I made a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow afternoon in the event that I have the plague or a rare sleeping virus or maybe even a sinus infection (my bet is on that last thing). For some reason I sleep a lot when I have a sinus infection – maybe because my eyes burn and get pressure-y and whatnot – but I was so busy napping yesterday that I didn’t really put all the clues together. Anyway, I have a sneaking suspicion that by this time tomorrow I will be enjoying a lovely antibiotic and perhaps even a Z-pack.

Oh! But wait! There’s been one other thing going on around here.

Last week, when I was in the throes of my Word Swag discovery, I started trying to make a new logo for Melanie’s and my podcast. We’ve had our same logo since 2007, and as much as we’ve loved it, we’ve known for a couple of years that we needed a little refresher. Here’s our faithful friend of eight years, by the way.


I know that’s tiny. But somewhere along the way I deleted the bigger version of it, so we’re rolling sort of lo-res these days.

So I started messing around on Word Swag, and here was my first attempt at a redo.

1. IMG_3573

I think it’s fun but maybe a little girly in a I-still-like-Barbies sort of way.

2. IMG_3574

I like the colors in this one, but the background sort of reminds me of an 80s movie about breakdancing.

3. IMG_3575

Love the colors in this one. Don’t know if a dark gray background is cheerful enough for two people who talk about mascara and Amy Grant so much.

I kept trying different stuff, and eventually I wound up with a color palette that I liked the most (the kelly green and navy at the end). Some of these are really sad, but I’m gonna post them all because I have some questions for you fine people who read the weblogs and listen to the podcasts and whatnot.

4. IMG_3576

5. IMG_3607

Why am I so drawn to sparkles? I have no idea.

6. IMG_3608

This one is so boring and blah it makes me want to cry, but I was going for plain after my experiment with sparkly.

7. IMG_3609

8. IMG_3610

9. IMG_3611

10. IMG_3613

Now please understand: I know that I’m not a graphic designer. I know that I’m not even a pretend graphic designer. I don’t have any idea how to put colors together and when sparkly backgrounds or useful or anything like that. But I am interested to know what (if anything) you like about these as far as potential podcast logo-type things are concerned. Please remember that Melanie and I don’t really get into that whole idea of “building a brand,” so it doesn’t matter to me at all if the logo colors “family” with our blog colors or anything like that. We’re a couple of mamas who like to talk about TV, not some sort of media conglomerate. CLEARLY.

So, if you have an opinion about which one of these you like the most, let me know in the comments. You can say, “type from 2, colors from 10” or “please no not number 8” or “I want to marry 7.” WHATEVER. There’s no need for fancy design critique because I won’t understand it. I’m just trying to get an idea if there’s even one of these we could use as a baseline – or if we should just stick with our old standby because it’s been faithful and true and loyal for eight years and if it ain’t broke, etc.

And why did I stop including our names about halfway through? Because I forgot, that’s why. And now that I look back on them, I’m not so sure that our names are necessary.

All righty. Offer feedback / opinions / a list of your top 3 in the comments. And feel free to chime in on whether you like our full names being there or not. I’ll edit based on your comments. Or maybe I’ll just turn the proceedings over to the professionals. Regardless, though, this will more than likely be a short-term solution, so please don’t feel like I’ve placed the eternal fate of our podcast graphics into the hands of a $1.99 app. NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

Thanks in advance, y’all!

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  1. #5!!!

  2. I love the design of 6 and 8! I think they are the same except for color?

  3. Kelly Bonner says:

    #8 Love love love you ladies!

  4. Lori Lehrmann says:

    Definitely sparkly #5!!!

  5. I HEART YOU! I am voting for 8 & 9 with maybe bigger font for those of us who refuse to accept aging eyes.

  6. Pink background from #1 with the center logo from #6. The logo on #6 is easier on these middle aged eyes than some of the other combinations, not that I couldn’t live with any of your works d’art. ;-)

    • I completely agree. I love the background from #1 and the logo from #6. Plus I am a sucker for anything that combines pink and black.

    • I agree with DianeJ. I like the pink! It is girly and fun and sparkly with no excuses! It is effervescent just like y’all! I think the #6 logo would look great with it.

    • Me three!

  7. I like #5 best. It sparkles- like y’all.

  8. I like #7 and #5.

  9. I love 1 & 5!
    tho I’m WAY more excited about you writing a new book!!!
    SO enjoyed meeting you on Saturday!!

  10. My favorites, in this order: 5, 1, and 6.

  11. 3 is my fav!

  12. #5 – sparkles ๐Ÿ˜„

  13. Love the sparkly and all the navy/kelly green combos :)

  14. kuliejellogg says:

    I happen to fancy #4. It’s bold and clean. :)

  15. Love #5

  16. Love the fonts in #3 but the colors in #6. I have to tell you and Melanie that you often “join me” at the gym. Love listening to you two chat as I’m running on the treadmill. i’m sure the other folks at the Y think I’m slightly odd, the way I smile or burst out laughing at seemingly random intervals while I’m listening to you both.

  17. #10! Love your podcasts!

  18. I like the original, but I also like #5 and #1. I think #5 best represents your blog personalities – lots of glitz and glamour. No doubt, an honest homage to your actual lives.

  19. Tracy Drake says:

    I like #4.

  20. I like #5.

  21. Ashley Moshell says:

    #7 but with your names at the bottom

  22. I like numbers 1, 2, and 5.

  23. I think 7 is fabulous!

  24. Mary Feagley says:


  25. I LOVE #1 the best, because I am all about the girly. But I have to agree that that #5 fits you two the best. Sparkly all the way!!! And DO put your names–makes it a bit more personal!

  26. I like number 8.

    But, I will miss the original sign if it’s replaced.

    Change is hard.


  27. I like 3, 6, 7. I also like the names, or not. Whatev’s

    I’m nothing if not discerning.

    SO tired…I blame all the snow!

  28. Favorite background is # 7, great fonts = #8 & 10, but probably in white.

    **”Edith is doing some of her best Edith-ing ever” Best quote ever!! & SO TRUE.
    Now I’m off for my (rationed) reading of your wonderful book–I am savoring each page!

  29. I like 9 but with the font more like 8

  30. Sherri Len says:

    #5 speaks to me, and add your names, please. Sparkles? Yes. You two ladies add sparkle to my days!

  31. 8 all the way!

  32. cinco.
    five all day.
    Hope you feel better!

  33. Jenny Ferrari says:

    6, 8 then 9

  34. #3 and #5 are my faves

  35. #5!! It just seems so fitting, sparkly, cheerful and sophisticated…like you girls :)

  36. CourtneyinFL says:

    #5 is my favorite!

  37. #5! Sparkles all the way!

  38. I want to marry #5! The color family is neutral, yet reminds me of the original logo thing-y and it has the sparkles that I think look happy and cheerful without being #1.

  39. I like five best but also like one. Shamelessly. (And if you don’t want to think of it as sparkles, it could be bokeh!)

  40. #5…sparkles make everything just a little happier ; )

  41. #1 is my favorite. I like the bright background, the lettering is big and clear, and go with both first and last names.
    (I wouldn’t go with thin lettering, no dark backgrounds, make sure to include your names)
    I know it is popular here in the comments…but #5 is my least favorite background -I can’t say exactly why, but it hurts a little to look at.
    #7’s background color is wonderful, it is calming, but for you guys- I like the bright color better.

  42. I like 7, 8 & 10. The sparkles make my eyes crazy. Or maybe it’s just that my eyes are actually crazy. Who knows?

  43. I love the green/navy combos!
    I had to laugh at your comment about number 2. Before I saw your comment, I thought “wow, that looks like something Blanche would wear on Golden Girls.” Clearly something very 80s about that one!

  44. I really like 2, 3, and 4 in that order. I like your names being on it.

  45. #3 is perfect.
    #1 makes my eyes bleed!

  46. Missy Bush says:

    #5 with your names at the bottom….more mature than the Barbie pink, but with the sparkle that is part of you both.

  47. Rachel McCoy says:

    5!! With your names at the bottom. Like the background from 7, but not the type as much.

  48. #4 but with your navy & kelly green color scheme on a lighter background :) (and as someone who does these all the time, you did an AWESOME job! #highfive)

  49. I actually really like 3….the dark gray doesn’t bother me. Tied for second are 8 and 9, but i think they do need some sparkly somehow. I am very peeved that the app is not an android option yet!

  50. #1 because I love pink and that bright color makes me notice it right away :-)

  51. I like the type from #4 on background #3 including names

  52. I like number 4, the one with the sparkly background.

  53. I like the sparklies!

  54. Terrie Cash says:

    I think 5 is perfect for two ladies who have an outstanding sparkly personality.

  55. I like number #1. I guess I am a pink gal also. I also like your names on the bottom. It will be interesting to see what you go with. I also like the bottle top image of #9 but with the font from #8 and with your names added to the bottom. That is it, I am done now. โ˜บ

  56. I like 5 with 4’s letter style ;-)

  57. Courtney Sloane says:

    I’m a fan of #5 and #9.

    I too am a sucker for sparkles. Buuuut navy and Kelly green?! LOVE!

  58. I love the colors and font of #2 and I think whichever one you choose, you should definitely include your names. Looking forward to the next Boocast where I’m sure you will discuss your choice! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  59. Christy Jones says:

    I like #1 background with #6 graphic (the cute border/plate) and definitely with y’all’s name!!๐Ÿ’•
    Maybe a different font๐Ÿ˜‰
    Hope you feel better๐Ÿ˜ท

  60. Well this survey may make your eyes twitch now! : ) Hope you feel better soon. Here’s my opinion for whatever it is worth. If said $1.99 app is so handy, then why don’t you change it as you feel a need for change, thereby making everyone happy in the end. But if you want a solid choice, I say 8, love the green and navy, one of my favorite combos. Will be praying for you to feel better and making this choice! EEK!!

  61. Number 7 over a picture of the two of you

  62. I like #4. I think it sorta kicky in a 60’s kind of way. Like you two are going to pop out of a door on a psychedelic wall and say, “Sock it to me.”

    (I’m a solid 10 years older than you, so you may not get the Laugh In reference. If so, please ignore and party on, Garth.)

  63. 5 & 8

  64. 8,9,6. At work so have to be quick, I would add names so If people happen across the podcast or are looking for it, it would be easier to find. And maybe change the music? It sounds like a news bulletin. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ but I love EVERY MINUTE!!! And love both of you!

  65. #4 – love it!
    Sorry to hear about the sinus infection – yuck. Hope you feel better soon:)

  66. #5 but would love to see you add your names!

  67. SPARKLES!! Nothing epitomizes your podcast more (and I mean that in a good way! :) )

  68. I like #4…black background and font, but maybe change the colors of the words to a little brighter hue.

  69. I like 4 and 5, and I’d go with five since that seems to be getting lots of votes

  70. Number1 and 5!

  71. I like the old one much better than any of the new ones. So I vote for the original.

  72. Julie in Michigan says:

    I like the colors of 8,9 and 10, you pick the font!
    I just bought a cross body purse in green and blue.

  73. Marian Baldock says:


  74. #5 or #1…sparkle baby!

  75. I like # 1 ๐ŸŽ€. The background bubbles are perfect for you. The talk is always light and uplifting and that is what I enjoy. I would change the lettering to the blue or Kelly green you like. Perfect!

  76. I like #1, #2, & #5 because they are cheerful (like your podcasts & blogs) & the name of your podcast stands out more.

  77. Yolanda McLean says:

    #3 and I think the names are important. Whatever you do, the old one has got to go!

  78. #7 with your names added. I also like your original one!

  79. I like #1 and #5. Proud to be girly and sparkly.

  80. i like #5.. and i’m not even a girly person!

  81. I like the font and layout from #5, but with the names below it as in #1. For background, I really like the sparkles, but if it’s possible to do bluey-green sparkles with the lettering in navy that would be perfection.

    Also, this is something you didn’t ask about, but I think you should have both your names listed in the podcast description on iTunes so that readers of your books could find it by searching on them.

  82. I like #6, but with your names written like in #2
    8 & 4 were my runners up. Good luck, sheila

  83. #5 is my favorite. Don’t change anything! Just go with it!

  84. #3 with a white background and a simple line border. :)

  85. #1 and #5 seem to represent best what the blog is about – fancy and fun:)

  86. texasaggiemom says:

    I love the pink Barbie one! I just found you guys and have been listening to your podcasts from the beginning. Love hearing you guys have fun talking with each other. Have a great day!

  87. I like #1 or #5 because it suits y’all the best. And I don’t really know what I mean by that, but it just does.

  88. Oooooh how fun! I love playing around with fonts and color combos and backgrounds! You did great… my fav’s are 1, 3, and 5. As much as I am not so much a I-still-love-Barbie girl, this is the one that I think at first glance gives me a great idea of what the podcast is about… it’s fun and playful and bold. If it’s possible to ‘add’ a shadow to the title wording, that would help with (ahem) aging eyes and give it a 3D feel. I LOVE the color combo of 3 and I am with Crystal, I don’t mind the grey background at all… my only hesitation is it feels too serious. 5 is great too, and sort of reminds me of Allume – which is not a bad thing. I have to say though that I LOVE the font and addition of your names. I think for new(er) listeners, it helps them connect you girls to more than just your blogs, but to your books as well! There’s my two cents! Praying you are feeling better! (“a rare sleeping virus”… Oh my God, I think I have that.)

  89. Could you keep the same font/word layout as the original and add to a new background?

  90. Love, love, love #5. It is so ya’ll! But with your names added – then you’ve got sparkle and class – the whole package!
    Just wanted you to know I am loving my way through Home isโ€ฆI cried all the way through your chapter where you described walking through the church of your childhood. My best friend and I sat last night and “walked” through every nook and cranny of our childhood church together. Thanks for bringing back those sweet, sweet memories!

  91. Meredith W in Tx says:

    I love option #5 and now I have to buy Word Swag!

  92. I really like 1 the best but I am a mom of 3 boys so I think I’m drawn to anything pink and sparkly!

  93. I really like #5!

  94. BATrombetta says:

    Love number 1 with number 5, but add in your names!

  95. I love the lettering in #3 with the #9 background. The green and navy are really, really nice.

  96. Hi, yall! I like the pink “Barbie” background ’cause that’s just me! And I like the lettering in #6 and I think full names should be on there so you’re easier to find on Amazon, etc. :) I just “found” you a few weeks back and you are just fun! :)

  97. Like #5 the best. Like others have said, you still have a some sparkle without going all out in pink.

  98. #8! Love the kelly green. it just pops and is timeless.

  99. I like #6 with some added sparkle to the background!!! and I like #5 and the what you did with “Cast”…maybe do that in #6 (i didn’t like “The” in#5)

  100. I love the background from #5. But I think it needs a bolder font…so I think it should be paired with the lettering (including your names) from #1.