Let’s Just Call This Thursday Thoughts Because I Am Fresh Out Of Titles

Well, I’m not a doctor, but apparently – at least this time around – I did a pretty decent job diagnosing myself with a sinus infection. Because sweet fancy Moses do I ever have one.

I also now have an antibiotic, a 10-day supply of a steroid, and a brand new bottle of Flonase. And as much as I don’t enjoy taking medicine, I am very much enjoying my increased ability to breathe through my nose and also read things without feeling like my eyes are on fire. Hooray for progress.

Also, can I just say that y’all have offered a wealth of podcast graphics feedback? Thank you so much! I may have to make a spreadsheet to keep up with all the preferences in fonts and colors (or I may just turn over all the info to an actual, real-live designer), but y’all are so kind to look and think and evaluate and share your thoughts. Melanie and I can’t thank you enough.

As for events outside the realm of sinuses and graphic design, there’s really not much going on around here (well, I can’t really say that about work since there is ALWAYS something going on when you spend most of the day with teenagers, but most of those stories aren’t mine to tell). Last night I actually decided to catch up on American Idol since it’s been hard for me to stay up-to-speed on the audition rounds this year. Honestly, I may have walked through a little bit of an AI valley last year becasue after being so excited about the new judges (who were and are delightful, by the way), I felt like the season was a disappointment in terms of the actual competition. For there to be so much talent, there weren’t a whole lot of entertainers when it was all said and done, and MY, don’t I have some opinions considering that the height of my personal singing career was that time I got to sing a solo of “I’m A Lost Little Valentine” in the first grade play.

These were just my FEELINGS, though. My very personal FEELINGS.

So last night I got all caught up on the show, and as is ALWAYS my pattern, I have pledged my total and complete devotion to a couple of the contestants already. I don’t know why I always do the thing where I get totally attached to someone (only to be disappointed when they get voted off – please see Melinda Doolittle, Elliott Yamin, Casey James, and Casey Abrams, to name a few), but I do. So while yes, I should know better, clearly I don’t, because TYANNA JONES.


There are other folks in the top 24 who I really like a lot, but these two – THESE TWO – they are just pure joy when they sing (and play, in Clark’s case). I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for them.

Are any of y’all watching this year? Any early predictions or favorites?

I’m all ears.

(Get it?)

(I made a music pun.)

(That’s just a free service I like to provide.)

(The end.)

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  1. Jane Miller says:

    Don’t forget Mississippi Michael from Lumberton! I am a fan – well because…he is one of my Mississippi people!

  2. Clark Beckham’s performance at HOB gave me chills… he is awesome! I really like Tyanna too!! I’m almost 40 and this is my first season of AI… i’m hooked!!

  3. I thought last year’s AI was the worst in years in terms of talent. However, this year I think we are going to have a horse race for sure! Lots of contenders! Tyanna Jones is just awesome! Can’t wait to see who drops and who stays! Don’t watch much TV (never miss Fixer Upper though) but have always felt AI is very entertaining! Love the “back” stories of their families!

  4. Clark is from the school I teach at. :)

  5. This is going to be a GREAT year for American Idol. There are so many wonderful contestants. I haven’t picked a favorite yet but I am very pleased with all the choices. I just wished they picked a top 24 and not 12 boys and 12 girls. I think you lose good contestants and keep not so good contestants trying to keep it balanced.

  6. Oh, how I have loved AI ever since I developed a crush on Clay Aiken in season 2. (I may or may not have considered sending him a fan letter while my fiancee was out to sea. To put your mind at ease, I didn’t do it.) Anyway! I like a ton of them…I like Clark, Daniel, Jax, Joey, Loren, Quaasim (and his mama!), Rayvon, Shi, Trevor, Tyanna, and Adam. So, that’s roughly my top 12. ;)

  7. Tyanna is my favorite, hands down, with Clark a close second. Sarina-Joi has a pretty voice and Qaasim should provide some entertainment for as long as he stays, as will his Mom. I was (and still am) VERY ticked that they told Rachel she was in, then made her sing off right there against Maggie (who they had ALREADY booted!) and then booted Rachel. I am now totally against Maggie just on (shaky) principal.

    If the judges, who(m) I love, continue to make wonky decisions just for ratings, we may bow out of watching. Last season felt so “fixed”. However…we even skipped school last year to “air”-trip out there for a live show and it was so much fun! The kids were in the pit and all over the TV, especially the middle schooler who was in love with Sam! So…I hope it will be good! I want them to stay for season 15 at least.

  8. I got a chance to catch up on AI this week too (we’ve been calving cows like crazy so time at home has been minimal…) and I LOVE this season! Tyanna is a favorite, and I love the guy who is the toy designer (with the crazy hair – not sure of his name). I especially love the judges too – they are so nice and fun – but also critical in a way that’s helpful but not hurtful. It’ll be fun to see how the top 12 shake out. :)

  9. Well, dang it. I wasn’t going to watch this year. I keep deleting it from my DVR without watching it because last year was so terribly disappointing.

    But now, maybe I’ll have to give it a whirl on so much recommendation here. Dang it.

  10. Debbie Campbell says:

    Just finished Home is Where My People Are! I laughed and cried sometimes at the same time! Wonderful book, I can’t wait to share it with friends!!!

  11. Well, personally my favorite is Trevor. The kids personality is priceless. I didn’t care for his performance at the house of blues….but his performance at Hollywood week? Blew me away! I am also a fan of Clark and Tyanna!

  12. Yep…gotta love Michael…even though he attends “that other school”. Did you catch that Qaasim’s mama is Toni Seawright….Mississippi’s first black Miss Mississippi? I can still remember her vocal performance…it was awesome!

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