It’s All Been So Delightfully Boring

So here’s what’s been happening here:

Nothing, really.

I mean, there have been a few little things. We’ve had some company, I’ve done some writing, we got to hear John Piper preach at our church, we’ve been to Chuy’s, we’ve visited with friends, I’ve made some homemade pizza dough, we’ve watched some TV, and I’ve done a fairly impressive amount of sleeping.

But as far as big news, I don’t have a bit of it. Well, except that (thanks to Sister) I was able to get some tickets for the Garth Brooks / Trisha Yearwood concert next weekend (I didn’t even realize they were going to be in Birmingham until this past Saturday morning), and I’m thinking of taking a bullhorn in the arena and screaming, “HEY TRISHA! LET’S TALK ABOUT YOUR TV KITCHENS!” and seeing if that gets me any closer to some concrete information about what in the world is going on.


The reason I wanted to put up a quick post is because Melanie and I are planning to record a podcast tomorrow, so if you’d like for us to answer a particular question, please feel free to leave it in the comments. A whole podcast of Q&A would be fine by me (and I certainly can’t speak for Mel, but I don’t think that she’d mind, either). If you don’t have any questions, just know that we’ll do our best to fill up the hour with some riveting talk of shampoos and household cleaners and trendy vegetables.

Last thing. I just downloaded a hidden object game that takes place at a beauty pageant. Apparently a stone from the crown has been stolen, and it is my job to find it. As you can imagine, I WILL TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY.

It sort of makes me feel like it’s 1977 and I’m Kris Monroe at the Chrysanthemum Festival Pageant on Charlie’s Angels. If memory serves Kris had to use some karate chops during the swimsuit competition, but hopefully this hidden object game won’t come to that. However, if I had to sing a medley or, you know, play some cups, I’d be happy to oblige.

See y’all tomorrow!

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  1. How’s BigMama liking that new face cream y’all talked about last time? And thanks for the cheez-it recommendation. Holy Moly they are good!!

  2. Have yall tried the frankincense on your face?

  3. Rebecca says:

    I’m sad because we had tix to the Garth concert in Tampa for Friday night but it was cancelled because the Lightning have home advantage for the hockey finals. Now I understand home field advantage but it is GARTH people. So enjoy for me.

  4. Allison says:

    Please ask Melanie to discuss her dog woes. And I hope the Sheerlume is still working because mine is on its way.

  5. Valerie says:

    I remember watching a behind the scenes show about Giada years ago and they asked her about all her different kitchens on Everyday Italian. She said that the food network rented a house while they were filming and while they tried to rent the same house each season, it didn’t always work out. She had filed in two or three kitchens at this point and I saw this interview probably five years ago. Maybe they do the same thing with Trisha?!

  6. Andrea B. says:

    Do you have any ideas for cooking for one?

    Do you use essential oils? If so, what are your favorites?

  7. Some ideas for your podcast:)
    What’s your favorite Starbucks drink?
    What’s your go-to meal to fix at home for supper?
    What are your top 3 beauty products?
    What movie or tv show has made you cry?

  8. Can’t wait for another edition of your podcast. You gals keep me laughing while I’m strolling babies around the block. I do feel the need to mention that our Target is now selling Grapefruit La Croix, none of that hoighty-toigty Pamplemousse! I can only believe that they heard your podcast and decided to bring it down a notch! :)

  9. Jen Heindl says:

    My BFF, Sandy, and I will be at DotMom again this year and we’re super excited to see you both as speakers this year!! We are wondering if you’ll be keynote speakers or breakout speakers and what you’ll focus on? Although, truth be told, I would sit in that sanctuary and listen to you take turns reading the phone book. Love you both so much!!

  10. oh my you always make me chuckle but your love of Hidden Object Games surely means we are soul sisters!!! :-)

  11. What will both of your next books be about? What is your favorite holiday? If you had 2 hours to kill and $300 to spend, where would you shop and what would you shop for?

  12. Both of ya’ll have to get recognized a lot at this point. While I’d bet everything that ya’ll are thankful for the opportunity to touch people with your faith, do either one of you miss your day to day life before blogs, books, etc.? How does your family deal with people recognizing you and them?

    • Yes, please share! How do you juggle being an author, blogger, and full-time mama? Any advice for those of us blogging? What has made your blog grow and be so successful?
      And then, of course…the super important question: What’s your favorite bedtime snack? Crackers? Salsa with a little lime squeezed on it? Soft homemade chocolate chip cookies, which may or may not be what I’m going to eat in about two minutes… :)

  13. Podcast questions:
    * What are your favorite apps?
    * If someone was planning a 48 hour trip to your respective cities, what should they do? Or more importantly, where should they eat?
    * Do y’all listen to any podcasts? Which ones?
    * Who is your tv character BFF?
    * Any new hair products we need to know about?

  14. Lisa Bingham says:

    Please let us your most recent embarrassing moment! 😀
    Sophie- tell us about the scrapbook you helped Alex make.
    What is your favorite thing to make for breakfast in the summer?
    Can Fry Daddy join you for a bit? He’s funny! He could tell us about his son graduating!
    Summer vacations?
    Did Melanie ever get a replacement for the white couch that the dogs wrecked?
    Books to read this summer- top picks from the blog post Melanie did recently.
    Any new exercising programs?
    Recent Favorite things from Target or StineMart.

  15. * recipe for chicken patties Melanie discussed a podcast or two before
    *the hair product Melanie had recently tried (I think it was a powder)
    * Sophie your oil recipe for headaches
    thanks again for doing the podcasts they are such a bright spot.

  16. Almost forgot could we please have a washing machine update from Melanie😊

    • Yes!! I am about to move to a new house, and we need to supply the washer and dryer — fast! Selfishly I am so hoping to hear an update on whether the Speed Queen is the one to get. I could fully relate to your computer-gizmo washing machine woes. The struggle is real.


  17. Michelle says:

    If you could go back in time and witness something, what would it be and why?
    What is something you lose and look for the most?

  18. Teresa M says:

    I want (need) to know if you ever found a comfortable pillow….I often wake with neck pain that causes a headache. I have been through many pillows and paid more than I thought I would in search of a suitable one. Never thought this would be such an issue…but, I guess after 40, it is! Seems I saw you post on this very concern once. I am a side/back sleeper and open to recommendations.

  19. I LOVE your podcast! Can’t wait for the next episode! My questions:

    Favorite apps y’all use?
    Favorite blogs that some of us might not know about?

  20. Laughing because it says “Last thing Melanie” and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why that was her new nickname. :)

  21. Those Toasty Cheeze-It’s. Thank you and amen. Also- Has it been long enough- can we discuss Parenthood now? I need some closure and conversation about my favorite made up family.

  22. Courtney Lyon says:

    First, when I listen to y’all’s podcast with my headphones in as I bake for our camp I laugh out loud and my co-workers just stare at me like I’ve lost my mind.
    So what are your favorite desserts to eat?
    Would yall ever be interested in doing a weekend conference at a rad camp at Pine Valley Bible Conference Center in Southern California? I want to go to Nashville but it’s my middle boys 11th birthday and he said “Mom, I’m not spending my b-day weekend with a bunch of girls.”

  23. Melissa says:

    Melanie has done some events in your neck of the woods, when are you coming to San Antonio? (Please, please, please!)

  24. Breanna says:

    Are either of you watching The Bachelorette this season?? I feel like there are several mighty fine conversation points there.

    What are you reading right now?

  25. I need to hear more about the Sheerlume and how it’s working and what oil blend you use for headaches and how to apply. Also, where can I find white straight leg or flare jeans? And maybe talk about summer shoes. Can’t wait to listen, always makes my day!

  26. I’d love to know what your speaking engagement topics are like, specifically for dotMom this year. And I know lots of advance planning isn’t how y’all roll on the podcast, but I started coming to dotMom because of you and Melanie and you two are, well, special and kinda my mentors on the interweb,. Also, your foray into scrapbooking and maybe how it feels to be be more “well known” now and to be a professional author. You both inspire me. :)

  27. pettsallowed says:

    Exciting news! Awhile back i told my director about dotmom and it being close to us this year! So we were planning to go. I reminded her yesterday about it, and we needed to get early bird tix. She txted back yoday and said she got it okd for the mdo we work for to pay for them! Woohoo! We may make it a great wkend and stay at a hotel even tho we are 2omin away!!! Cant wait! (Without wishing away my summer)and 10 of us are going!

  28. This delights me to no end!! As I stared at Mount St Laundry today I was sorely, SORELY disappointed that I didn’t have a little Big Boo Cast to keep me company as I folded. But, as luck would have it… I didn’t finish folding it all, so maybe I’ll luck out and get to listen and fold tomorrow??? Or maybe Weds? Look, I have no problem postponing the folding to coincide with the podcast release. You just let us know when it’s all fired up and ready, and I’m your girl. Look out laundry, here I come!

    As for questions…
    I’m dying to know how the first day of Melanie’s new church group went!! We need a full recap. :)
    And I’m always game to hear about your beauty product picks and flops.

    But really, you ladies make me laugh NO MATTER WHAT you discuss, so just have fun shooting the breeze.

  29. For the podcast question, I’m new to Houston and wondered which Mexican restaurants around here are Melanie’s favorites when she visits? I’m searching for one.

    Also, I think I may have been the person who said her husband said it sounds like I’m just listening to your phone conversations (y’all mentioned this in another podcast), but I want to say that that’s part of the beauty of it all. It’s kind of like I’m on a three way call, but I don’t have to keep up the conversation. I do find myself agreeing with something y’all said outloud sometimes as I listen…that’s when I know I need to call a real friend and have a real conversation. Anyway, I just wanted y’all to know that it was meant as a nice comment :)

    Looking forward to the podcast, since I have a lot of laundry to fold tomorrow!

  30. Leeanne says:

    I love to hear y’all discuss anything😃, but I would LOVE any other podcast recommendations:):)

  31. Woohoo for a new podcast! I love to listen to you two while I clean with headphones on so I can tell the kids that “Momma’s listening to her radio so ya’ll need to figure it out on your own.” Because I’m a great mom like that. Podcast question: What Garth song are you most likely to stand up to and sing along with at the concert?
    Also, I registered for DotMom last night and I’m super excited. I’m coming to hear you and Melanie… all the others are just bonus.

  32. Here are some questions for tomorrow:
    1. Have ya’ll tried Chaz Den’s WEN cleansing conditioner? I have and can honestly say that being a girl with fine thin hair the lavender one is GREAT. Leaves your hair feeling clean full of body and certainly not weighed down.
    2. How many pair of VOLITILE flips flops should be the limit? I can take off in a high speed run and feel quite sassy at the same time. The have so many great heights and colors now I get really excited like I do when I go to McCarty pottery studio in Merigold, MS.
    3. Why can’t my 15 year old get a summer job? Him sitting around the house, doing NOTHING is already driving me crazy. He is now doing all of his own laundry, total trash duty and I no longer unload the dishwasher at said residence.
    4. My middle aged body now requires my AC to be kept on 68 rather than 69 degrees from May to Oct. That one degree REALLY DOES make a difference. Sophie, you know I’m right and aren’t we glad we weren’t born 20 years earlier?!?!

  33. I’d love to know your thoughts on the Toasty Cheez-Its. And any new favorite mascaras?

  34. So since I take an exercising jag, oh, every 6 months or so, I decided to take a walk tonight & since exercising to me is in a word, TORTURE, I decided to try to make it more enjoyable by listening to one of y’all’s old podcasts. Let me just say, the folks in my neighborhood were probably wondering why I was bustin’ out laughin’ as I stumbled down the street huffin’ & puffin’. You had me laughin’ right off the bat talking about your mom ordering cream soup. And I discovered Melanie & Caroline & me & my almost 11 year old girl are all on the same sleep cycle. Who knew? So, thanks for getting me through the agony that is exercising & for confirming to my neighbors that I’m more than a little odd. Love to y’all.

  35. Amy in Italy says:

    I’m curious if Christy Nockels knocks (see what I did there?) Amy Grant down a notch on your obsession list? :)
    And also, YAY for podcasts! I’ve not missed a one.

  36. Do you think your writing success (publishing books, speaking, etc. – pretty much making it a career) is more due to your hardwork in having that goal and working hard towards it or more of a God-thing? Do you think it’s possible for writers to have the same success now that the Internet is old or is blogging success for people who started when it was newish – say 2006? :-) thank you!!!

  37. nlynch says:

    How are Mel’s church services going?
    Do you ever hear from Shannon? (Rocks in my Dryer)
    Y’alls three blogs were the first I ever read!

    • nlynch says:

      Never mind on the church service question!
      Just read an update at Mel’s place!

  38. I’ve been wondering how Melanie likes her new washing machine – was it something like a Speed Queen? I wrote it down when she said she got it, but wondering if she’s happy with it.

  39. Mad Men! What did yall really think about the ending? Specific thoughts on Don, Peggy and Betty please! Give a spoiler alter and don’t hold back!

  40. Sallie Baker says:

    Like Molly, I listen to your podcasts as I am walking in my neighborhood. I usually walk with some of my neighborhood friends, but when they can’t go, I walk listening to my OTHER friends! :-) I started back from the beginning a few weeks ago, and they are treasures! When writing a book was something you both dreamed of, Caroline and
    Alex had such little bitty baby voices, and your views on ” new ” fashions! I too, laugh out loud several times!!

  41. Ashley says:

    I love love love the podcast!!! I would like to know what your favorite SNL skit of all time is (or your favorite character). Please discuss amongst yourselves!

  42. Favorite hidden object games of all time???

  43. Deborah R says:

    Ok, this is something I’ve been trying to figure out. Maybe you’ve already explained it and I just missed it. But, what exactly do you use all that Mentholatum for?

  44. Hi!
    This is probably written somewhere but I can’t find it.
    Why the name BooMama?

    Love Love LOVE! the podcasts!
    Thank you

  45. Hey! Still searching for the extra toasty Cheezits at my publix. Put in a special request for them, so maybe I can get them soon:/
    Have Yall tried the Veggetti? Be careful with the pronunciation:). It’s a vegetable spiralizer that makes veggies into noodles. Love mine:)

  46. The beauty pageant thing make me think of the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous. Have you ever seen it? It’s hilarious! It’s a mockumentary, along the lines of Best in Show, The Office, etc. My sisters and I quote it all the time. It’s not annoying at all.

  47. Donna H. says:

    Sophie & Melanie,

    I’ve always wondered how you both know Travis Cottrail (spelling?). I love his music and when I heard him on one of your past podcasts I wondered if either of you knew him from your past or just met him recently. The 3 of you seem to have a fun relationship – like siblings. :)

  48. I struggle with this issue every summer . . . How to you keep the snack demons at bay when kids and you are home all summer so near to the refrigerator and pantry in order to maintain some semblance of eating healthy?

  49. Eryn Lynn says:

    Let’s get serious….have you noticed the whole lip sync battle craze? Kids are doing it at camp and there’s even a TV show. Many thanks to Jimmy Fallon–I love it! Just wondering which songs you and Melanie would pick if you had to do a lip sync battle?

  50. Rachael b says:

    Have you ladies used any of the essential oils that are so popular right now?
    Think you’ll ever make it to the Midwest? (Iowa, specifically!)
    I love you both!

  51. I’d love to know how it’s going with Melanie’s MyPillow!!

  52. Can you guys toss around a first love break-up for a sophomore? My girl broke up with her boyfriend LAST summer (they were “close” since middle school), and she just had a disastrous year trying to move past it (her guilt of breaking his heart, trying to get back together only to be rebuffed by him in an awfully tormentive way…is that word?). She’s finishing up her last day of finals tomorrow and she is spent. And on top of all that, the ex boyfriend’s mother was MY BEST FRIEND…that I no longer have. Sign me off as lonely Southern mom living in Pasadena. I need hugs…or perhaps just nonsensical talk about limes and tacos and hand lotions. Get out West!

  53. Love the randomness of your podcasts and the suggestions above. Always love favorite products – makeup, Trader Joe’s finds, clothes, shoes, etc. I always struggle with what to feed my kids the three meals a day during the summer too so maybe your go-to suggestions for doing so? Maybe favorite meals in general (I need some cooking inspiration)?
    Happy Summer!

  54. Strawberryrose says:

    The pamplemoose still cracks me up, because it is the name of Curious George’s mom. She is called Mother Pamplemoose. His family is in the book Cecily G. and the 9 Monkeys.

  55. Rachel says:

    podcast question: what is something you miss from an earlier stage of parenting and what is something you are enjoying about this current stage? Example–i have 2 kids under 3 and I always love hearing when you say you spent an entire day watching something on the DVR because that gives me hope that one day I’ll do that again. But there’s also the “oh enjoy it they grow up so fast” guilt that comes along from time to time. Curious as to how moms of older kids feel about the younger years.

  56. i just started listening to your podcast and I love them! I am a southern expat, living currently in Pennsylvania and moving to Vermont this summer. I have a random question. Are you a “Murder, She Wrote” fan? That seems like the sort of thing Melanie and you might like! I am only 29, but I LOVE MSW. I have watched all 12 seasons on Netflix and recently discovered the book series at my local library.

  57. Melanie says:

    LOVE the podcasts. I would like to hear about other podcasts y’all enjoy. Googling ” podcasts like thr big boo cast” was not very fruitful :)

  58. Mad men thoughts!!

  59. Kathryn says:

    Along the lines of pillows – what kind of mattress do you have and/or recommend? I am having a beast of a time finding one that works. Thank goodness for the store return policy, but I’m sure I’m about out of luck with that too. Thanks!

  60. Tillie says:

    I would love to know your thoughts on the new Vanity Fair cover and i also wondered what podcasts you listen to. One podcast a month just isn’t enough for me…

  61. Amanda says:

    What 5 foods would you all choose to eat for the rest of your lives if it could only be 5? I know Mel will have lime as #1!

  62. Mascara, sunscreen, and self tanner suggestions
    Sophie- can you tell us about how you decorated your office- where the pieces came from and your theme?
    Melanie’s hair products and routine and how she curls it so
    Can all the dogs share an Instagram already? Wishing for more puppy updates from all 3 dogs!

  63. I am as sad as can be that I’m behind on blog reading and didn’t see this post until just now because you know what I have? LOTS OF QUESTIONS for you and Melanie. Can you do another q and a soon? And send me an email alert so I don’t miss it? ;)