Fire Is The Only Thing That Would Make This Better

I have tried and tried to embed this video because I know some of you don’t use Facebook, but I can’t get the video to work on my blog. So I’m just going to pass along the link and hope you can see it.

Here’s a hint.

It involves baton twirling.

And just FYI: the part where the guys start hollering as soon as they hear the first few chords of the fight song? This is exactly what it’s like to live in the state of Alabama.

Also, I’ve never been more grateful for this state’s deep, rich, and storied baton twirling heritage.

Please do enjoy.


Edited to add: here’s the YouTube version. Apparently the bride was a Crimsonette, the groom was an Auburn drum major, and they had a friendly showdown at the reception. WE CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU, FOOTBALL SEASON.

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  1. Terri D says:

    That was SO fun!!

  2. Loved it!

  3. Oh Sophie, what a great video. Thanks so much for sharing it. Love the bride, and bridesmaids and various guests, in heels! all twirling. And you know I am a loyal Gator fan, and also love the Baylor Bears, but the ‘Bama fight song, especially when preceded by that fanfare is just about the best.

    Less than 100 days to kick off!

  4. That was super cute, but good heavens it makes me glad Ryan and I both cheer for Georgia. If he was a Gator, (or a Vol, or a War Tiger, or a Cock, etc., etc.,) I think we may just have to suspend our marriage for a few weeks during the season.

  5. One of the BEST posts ever! What a hoot!

  6. As a very committed LSU fan, I feel like I shouldn’t like this on principle. But. I can’t fight this feeling anymore. The baton twirling just makes me grin!

  7. Go Gamecocks! Our bridal party entered our reception to “sandstorm”, and we entered to “2001”. It may have been my Dad’s proudest moment. Ever. Bless him. The only way to do it in the SEC really.

  8. Amy Ray says:

    Sophie, I saw you post this last night on FaceBook, and I watched it over and over and over. It just tickled me to no end. Time to get some work done, then I will reward myself and watch it again! Thanks for sharing this!

  9. Nancy w. says:

    Man, southern weddings look like so much FUN!! Wish I knew someone in Mississippi or Alabama who could invite me to a wedding there! Loved your telling of Mae & Scoot’s wedding day in your “…Salty….” book!!

  10. Who knew such a thing was even allowed?? ( I mean the Alabama/Auburn nuptials, not the baton twirling)

  11. Angela says:

    This is so great! While watching the guys playing the Auburn fight song, I recognized the guy playing the trombone to the left of the screen, was my son’s former 7th grade band teacher! How cool is that?? :)

  12. Mary Lynn says:

    Makes me miss my South! Called my 11 yr old baton twirler over to see the video. Baton twirling in Ohio is just not the same as it is in Alabama! Made us both smile and giggle a bit before getting into the daily chores-Thanks for sharing it!!

  13. Kelley says:

    Makes this AL girl miss home!!!!! Come on football season!!!!

  14. Miranda says:

    Maybe its because I’m from the north(… Minnesota) and went to a small SMALL college (also in the more north) – but I watch this video and just scratch my head. The baton twirling is lost on me (not that it’s not great… it is… it just wasn’t a “thing” where I went to school). It still amazes me how one country can have so many different cultures. And as a 30 yr old female from the north who has struggled to understand why I have read your blog/Big Mama’s blog for years (because clearly we’d have a lot in common) – I think this is part of the draw for me. I am fascinated by the south!

  15. Rebecca says:

    Oh my word~cutest thing I’ve seen today. I LOVE this! My daughter and her new husband came into their wedding reception to the Florida Fight Song, which was less than thrilling to her new in-laws who root for ALABAMA, but it was so fun! I’m with you, Come Quickly Football Season!

  16. Love it! Love the Auburn-Alabama rivalry, one of the best in the nation! C’mon football season!! We’re waiting for you!
    War Eagle!

  17. Deana Lewis says:

    I saw this and watched the video in my FB newsfeed this morning and immediately thought of you! I’m just tickled that you found it, watched it, and enjoyed it as much as I knew you would.

  18. Okay, that is awesome! Thanks for sharing! War Eagle! :)

  19. bamacurl says:

    I’ve smiled all morning, since I’ve watched this one or twelve times. Looks like my firstborn will force me to ‘like’ the other school since he has his heart set on going there next year. The plus is it is only 30 minutes away.