Friday Dance Party

As most of y’all know, I love me some music. Granted, I talk / write about TV all the dadgum time, but if I had to pick between music and TV, music would win every time. Hands down. No question, no contest, no doubt.

We listen to all sorts of music in our house – country (well, the guys do, at least), pop, rock and roll, praise and worship, and 90’s music OH MY WORD I LOVE 90’s MUSIC. And when it comes to music that makes me want to sing along / dance / make a high-level fool of myself in the car, I tend to keep a little playlist-o-favorites on my phone so that I can hop aboard the dance train at any given point in time.

I will confess that most of those favorites involve a whole lot of trumpets.

So. Since it’s the weekend, and since it’s summer, and since I’m all wound up about seeing Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood in concert Friday night for the first time since 1998-ish (IT’S BEEN TOO LONG), here are a few songs to get you moving and send you right on into your weekend. Just please don’t dance in your car when you’re traveling at high speeds because SAFETY FIRST.

All righty. The songs. I think they’re delightful.

And you know what?

I think you’re pretty delightful, too.

Happy Weekend, everybody.

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  1. I’m really trying to not be so sad and COVET your tickets to see Garth and Tricia. We had ours all bought and ready for last week when the Tampa Bay Lightning up and qualified for the Stanley Cup. They cancelled the concerts because apparently, they needed ice instead of a big stage…something tells me most of the folks who were excited about the concert were not as excited about hockey. Or maybe it was just me…have fun for all of us!

  2. I find it kinda’ ironic that one of the pop up ads along the side of your blog this morning is for a book of devotionals by Leigh Ann Tuohy — the mom from “The Blind Side” — since that is one of the main movies you talk about never having seen.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I had never heard any of these songs! Thanks for sharing! I don’t typically go for music like the first two videos but, surprisingly I really like Hold My Hand. I think I need to branch out when it comes to music–I just like to keep it clean for my littles.

  4. I totally agree on TV versus Music. The only time I watch TV, pretty much, is when the hubs isn’t home and I can binge on something on Netflix or Saturday morning Food Network. I listen to lots of Spotify and Pandora and my own stuff. Have a great weekend!

  5. Garth and Trisha put on the absolute best concert I’ve ever attended, hands down!! Hope you have a fabulous time!!

  6. Would love for you to share your play list with us!

  7. Terri D says:

    Happy weekend to you! I’m a 60s girl….

  8. Andrea B. says:

    I think you should definitely do a regular feature with songs that we need to know about! I hadn’t heard of the first 2!

  9. *currently jamming/dancing*

  10. Thank you for the intro to Needtobreathe; I am enjoying listening to them right now.

    Have you listened to The Hunts? They are also really good.


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