Tuesday Still Needs A Title

I’ve been out of town / out of pocket for the last couple of days, so I’m ready to settle in for a little TV time, but I wanted to mention a few quick things before I watch some deeply educational re-runs of House Hunters International followed by back-to-back episodes of Chrisley Knows Best, oh please don’t judge me.

So. The things.

– Today I spoke at Friends of the Library in New Albany, Mississippi. Emma Kate went with me because she has family in New Albany and absolutely adores the town. We were also in dire need of a gigantor catch-up conversation, and it’s good to do that when you’re in the car together (and to continue said conversation in EK’s orange chairs). Anyway, when we walked in the library we saw this table – CHOCK-FULL-O-GOODNESS, it was – and then we realized that someone was playing the piano while everybody ate lunch.

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Between the table and the piano, I basically had everything I needed to keep me happy for the rest of the summer. I mean, why don’t we all do this more often? Why don’t we decorate a table in a patriotic theme and make a bunch of sandwiches and then ask somebody to play music while our friends visit? It is an absolutely delightful way to spend a lunch hour. So between the Library Friends and getting to spend time with Emma Kate, I just can’t say enough good things about this particular Tuesday.

– I keep forgetting to mention this, but several people (including Emma Kate) have asked me to post my speaking schedule. It’s actually already here on the blog, but it’s buried a little bit. So if you click on “About” at the top of the page and then click “Speaking,” you’ll find it. Or you can click here and pull it up in a flash.

– When we were leaving the library in New Albany today, Emma Kate said, “We can’t leave town without stopping at Sugaree’s.” I’ve heard of Sugaree’s Bakery for years but had never made the time to visit, so I pretty much hopped in the store after we parked the car. After considerable deliberation, I decided to buy half a caramel cake for David and me (Alex is at camp this week), and I bought a whole cream cheese pound cake to take to a cookout tomorrow night. Anyway, D and I just had a piece of the caramel cake for dessert, and I can honestly say that I’ve never had better. Seriously. It is THE BEST caramel cake I’ve ever had in my life. The icing is divine (I fully believe that it was cooked in a cast iron skillet), and the cake is perfection (made from scratch and not too sweet). But it gets even better. About four minutes ago I googled the bakery and realized that you can order their cakes online, so I’m thrilled to have a way to send a little bit of (DELICIOUS) Mississippi to friends and family who live out of state.

– Tomorrow or Thursday I’m sending out the first issue (installment? I DO NOT KNOW THE LINGO.) of my brand-new newsletter, so here’s the link if you’d like to subscribe.

That’s all for now – hope y’all are having a great week!

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  1. Teresa M says:

    We love Crisley knows best!! I felt kind of bad after I recommended it to a church friend, but did tell her to not let little ears listen.

  2. Robin Ivey says:

    FYI: you can buy frozen Sugaree cakes at Cater’s Market here in Meridian!

  3. I gave my sons teachers sugarees last year and they loved them!! They are some delicious cakes for sure!!! I always get one when I am home in Mississippi!!!

  4. I recently discovered Crisley knows best and have watched several episodes. However, I always end up feeling that it is scripted — the expressions on their faces and sometimes hardly being able to keep from laughing. I’m sure all reality shows are scripted — at least to some degree — but the Crisleys don’t do a very good job of hiding it.

  5. I think it’s very nice of you to give the link to the bakery. However, how many can afford to spend $55.00 or $30.00 for a cake.

    • I know…I actually bought my 2 cakes from their discount freezer. :-) More than anything I hope people will stop by the storefront when they’re traveling through that part of Mississippi; it is worth the trip!

      • I would love to check it out someday and good to know they have a discount freezer :)

  6. I may be a little biased, but do me a favor and try one of these caramel cakes from Primos and tell me if it’s still every bit as good as I remember it from my childhood!! http://www.primoscafe.com/index.php?p=bakery

  7. My mouth is watering for that caramel cake…..or the coconut….or the red velvet…… If I feel the need it is good to know that I can order one. Yes, I can bake, but everyone once in a while I like to enjoy a baked good from someone else! The prices seem to be very much the same as here in northern Virginia close to DC. My Christmas present from my son and DIL last year was a dozen lemon poppy seed muffins from a special bakery. Divine!

  8. Sorry, I’m in a weird mode these days because I keep having this conversation with people that revolves around regional pronunciations (maybe because we’re getting ready to move again?).

    Anywho: Do you say “Car-mul” or “Car-a-mel?” I bet it’s the latter. I also bet that Ree Drummond says the former because us middle-of-the-country folk tend to forget the middle syllable.

    Okay, enough nerdiness for the day! I’m off to plan a luncheon where we have sandwiches and someone plays my piano that’s not me!

  9. Linda Treat says:

    I was at your reception at the library yesterday, and cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it, and the lunch as well. The friends of the Library do this every month and some club or other does refreshments. It is like that “front porch thing” we discussed at the meeting…friends get together, have lunch, great music, and then the special treat of guest speakers, LIKE YOU! Come back to New Albany any time, and you will be welcomed.


    PS: Were you aware that New Albany was the birthplace of William Faulkner, and that we have a great museum here as well? Antiques, if you like, our newly opened Tanglefoot Trail, and so much more . . .

  10. Oh my goodness……..when I want a total escape …….I watch Chrisley……sometimes feel a little guilty but it always makes me laugh!!!! I think it’s the southern accent……no matter what they say it makes me smile…….glad I’m not alone.

  11. Sugarees Coconut cake is awesome! I’m pretty sure the cakes at Newk’s are Sugarees, but you might want to fact check that one. p.s. Next week is pageant week here in Vicksburg, MS! We are pageant nerds. We study the paper on Sunday to see if there are any interesting talents, etc.. (I heard AL had a speed painter); go to the parade on Monday; and wait for preliminary results on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Then, cap it all off with a Pageant Party on Saturday. We may be teetering on obsessed, but we prefer the nerd title.

  12. Emma Kate Mikels says:

    Loved our day so much!!!!!! The ladies in New Albany were completely blessed by you! I think I need to go open up my caramel cake.. yes.. they are the BEST.. my all time favorite cake by leaps and bounds.. Please come back soon.. We can sit in my chairs, eat cake, and drink coffee.. I love you!

  13. 1. We love Christley Knows Best. He’s pretty no-nonsense with his children and Ryan and I feel like we would have similar reactions when we have teenagers in the distant future. (Of course, I know that I’m a great parent now that I don’t have any kids, but you know what I mean.)
    2. I’m in love with those blue hydrangeas with the American flags. I think I need to throw a party just so I can use those.
    3. Did I miss your newsletter? I thought I signed up, but maybe I forgot to confirm it?

  14. Lisa Bingham says:

    Loved Your newsletter today! I ordered navy and black pairs of the Old Navy pants- even without having the ON credit card I chose free shipping and then entered the code in anyways at the checkout and got an extra 30% off! So it was only $36.00 for both pairs! A great deal! Yeah for deals!!

  15. Missy Bush says:

    I just read your newsletter. I loved it and laughed out loud when I read about your visit to your son’s camp. It was a great way to end my day. Thanks!

  16. The next time you are in New Albany, go to Westside BBQ. It is owned and managed by some friends of mine. Mrs. Reeves makes a to-die-for strawberry cake. It is THE BEST CAKE EVER. And the barbecue isn’t bad, either!

  17. When are you having your On Line Watch party for the Miss Mississippi pageant? I have never laughed so hard as I did at your comments last year!! Love me some talent contests!!