Please Mark Your Calendars & Locate Your Batons

I feel like I need to give ample advance notice for this EXCITING LIVE EVENT so that you can plan accordingly.


In the past we’ve used the blog for our commenting, but it gets tough to keep up with the conversation when you’re constantly refreshing and trying to catch up on what you haven’t read. For the last Miss America, we used Twitter, and it was great fun except that comments are limited by 140 characters. So this time around, I thought we’d give Facebook a try. We can start a new thread with every section of the pageant, so hopefully that will keep the conversation more manageable. Plus, Facebook makes it easier for us to reply to each other.

Here are the details.

Miss Mississippi Live Stream“Watch Now” link will be live a little before 8 central on Saturday

Viewing Party – We’ll discuss / analyze / pray corporately that a tap dancer makes it to the top 10 on my Facebook page. As always, this is all in good fun; we don’t want to be critical or hurt anybody’s feelings. We just want to enjoy the pageant together and show our appreciation for the best evening gowns and clap like crazy in the event that someone performs an interpretative dance to a Mariah Carey ballad.

Just FYI: you will have to “like” my Facebook page in order to read and comment, but you can “unlike” it just as soon as the pageant is over if you have a finely curated Facebook feed and don’t want to add anything else to the mix.

By the way, I just wondered why my blog posts never show up in my FB feed, and after a little investigation I realized that I have never liked my own Facebook page. I AM A MARKETING GENIUS. Maybe I’ll decide to like myself before the viewing party. Or maybe I’ll just continue to be non-committal.

REGARDLESS, our Miss Mississippi party will be so much more fun if you can join us. You don’t have to be a Mississippi girl – just a person who loves a good pageant. It should be a delightful way to spend a Saturday night, and I am sure to quote the Sugarbaker girls at least once.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing them.

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  1. Can I just say it would be my DREAM COME TRUE if my big sister ever defended me to someone else with the crazy eyes that Julie Sugarbaker puts on in that scene. Dixie Carter was such a treat to watch when she would get her tear someone/something up speeches. Thanks for sharing that. Brought back all kinds of 1980’s/90’s memories.

  2. The fact that you honestly didn’t know you hadn’t “liked” your blog FB page makes you all the more endearing. :)

  3. Happy pageant week! I’m going to Thursday night’s prelims so I can give you some advanced scoop!!! We will definitely chime in at our pageant party Sat. night. I’m headed downtown tonight for the Miss MS parade.

    You totally have to come to Vicksburg for this entire week one year! All the contestants arrived Saturday, after a trip to Blair. E. Batson Children’s Hospital, which I think is a GREAT way to start the week.

  4. That is my #1 Designing Women/Julia Sugarbaker moment OF.ALL.TIME. She gave some good speeches, but nothing beats the night the lights went out in GEOR-GIA! LOL

  5. Best two-minute television memory of mine!!

  6. You can also use to feed your blog to your Facebook page. It works great, and the blog goes out immediately to the Facebook page.

  7. I just knew you had to include that video! One of my favorite episodes.

  8. Lisa Botts says:

    And did you know that this entire week (except Wednesday cause we go to church) is dedicated to the Peach Pageant in Chilton county, AL, culminating in the crowning of Miss Peach on Friday night with the Peach Parade on Saturday morning? That means a pageant four nights this week! Our Queens (yes, capital letters are deserved for all things Peach and Queen down here) are so amazing they ride on a float on a hot Saturday morning in June wearing their EVENING GOWNS! We’ve only lost one to the heat and only once but I hear she might have had some Yankee blood in her lineage. (No offense Yankee girls – when it comes to the cold you rule!)

  9. Abby Lee says:

    So my mom is a hostess for the miss Mississippi pageant and we text CONSTANTLY all week!!! I would LOVE to watch the pageant with you live!!! You’re welcome to come to Tuscaloosa and watch with us!!

  10. Rachael b says:

    I miss Desiging Women so so much! Wish they’d rerun it! Love ya, Sophie!

  11. Oh Julia will you spend just one day with me and give a couple of speeches to some sandpaper people in my life right now. It would be delightful!!

  12. Dixie, Suzanne, and was it Charlene? are the reason that when I am on an internal rant at someone, I, a convent-schooled Irishwoman living in Saskatchewan, rant with a southern accent. That, and you, and Big Mama. Thank y’all.

  13. Oh to have just a tiny little taste of some of that Julia Gumption!
    And are men invited to the party?

  14. I have made the time to review each contestant’s talent. A plethora of vocals (as usual) and dances. I did not notice any operatic selections, but a few of the dance types – contemporary, acro-jazz, lyrical – did catch my eye.

    Also, “spoken word” has been listed as one contestant’s talent. So there’s that.

    And, alas, only one tapper. Suddenly, I find myself a fan of Miss Metro Jackson!

  15. I too miss the Sugarbakers…and the Gilmores.


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