I’ve Fallen Into The Apple Music Rabbit Hole & I Can’t Get Out

Way back when I was a fresh-faced newlywed who had no need for anything even remotely resembling an intensive nighttime moisturizer, I listened to a whole lot of Ben Folds Five. It was the perfect angst-y music for my angst-y inner English major, and I’m happy to tell you that tonight, thanks to Apple Music (I promise I’ll quit talking about it eventually), I’ve listened to all manner of Ben Folds Five favorites that I haven’t heard in years.

I may have also made playlist that I’m lovingly referring to as Summer Dance Party (for Old People). It’s not quite finished, but I feel really good about its potential to get my fellow 40-somethings up and moving. And please know that I was tempted just now to say “on the dance floor,” but then I remembered that 40-somethings don’t typically hang out near a lot of dance floors, so I guess I’m hoping that it’ll at least convince some of us to stand up from the table and move our arms.

Nothing like breaking it down for four whole seconds before you take your seat again.

So anyway. The weekend. Yes. We did have one. Alex hung out with a friend Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, and since David didn’t have to work on Friday, we had the best, most laid-back day. Hazel was so pleased to have everybody in one place, as evidenced by the fact that she ran to the couch after Alex’s friend left and stayed in this position for about half an hour.


In the meantime, I finally finished the newsletter and sent it out, and then we spent the rest of the day right here in our pajamas. It was delightful.

We knew that our 4th was going to be low-key because some of our family members are having to lay low right now thanks to various pains, injuries, and ailments, and the folks we normally shoot fireworks with were out of town. But then Alex ended up going to a friend’s house to swim and cook out, so David and I went out to eat and then proceeded to run about 14 errands. One of the things we’d wanted to do over the weekend was make a list of everything – EVERYTHING – we eventually want / need to do to the inside and outside of our house, and I’ll be diggity dog if we didn’t finally get ‘er done. That list is long, and it is intimidating, and it makes me just a tiny bit anxious, but it feels like a relief to have finally identified ALL THE THINGS.

Y’all be sure to check back in around 2024 to see if we’ve accomplished all of them.

Do you hear my nervous laughter?

Probably the biggest thing on our list is the kitchen, and the main hang-up I’ve had with getting started on it is 1) not wanting to spend the money and 2) being so afraid that I’m going to get it wrong. I like so many different styles and colors that my Pinterest board for kitchens looks like it has a personality disorder, and I’m having the hardest time figuring out what will be classic but a little bit contemporary and colorful but not obnoxious. So, um, I’ll let you know when I get that particular set of problems solved. We are not going to go the route of a major gut job because we know it’ll get way too expensive way too fast, so we need to be smart about what we do.

Not gonna lie. It makes my head hurt a little bit. But I’m excited. But it still makes my head hurt. SO MANY DETAILS.

A few minutes ago, though, I was looking at people.com to get the full range of Princess Charlotte’s christening photos, and I saw this.

Photo Credit: Chris Jackson

Photo Credit: Chris Jackson


I mean. My goodness. Y’all. That is one cute young’un. So maybe I’ll just print out this picture and tape it to my current circa 1974 kitchen cabinets and call it a day. INSTANT HAPPINESS.

So that’s about all that’s going on around here. A big ole to-do list, a whole lot of music, and a fun week ahead.

Hope your week is fun, too!

(And if you have a bad day, just look at this.)

Photo Credit: Chris Jackson

Photo Credit: Chris Jackson

(It’ll make it all better.)

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  1. Missy Bush says:

    My goodness he is a very cute little boy. I just want to squeeze him.

  2. Aunt 'Nita says:

    Oh my goodness….those cheeks!! As Melanie commented, “I could just sop him up with a biscuit!” No other words….

  3. Strawberryrose says:
  4. Even my cranky crotchety fisherman father commented on that little royal guy is!! I’m praying God delivers a huge dash o’ inspiration in one fell swoop so you can move forward with your kitchen plans confidently! (Plus, can’t wait to see pictures!)

  5. Christy says:

    Isn’t he darling?!? I have watched the video of him walking along, holding his Daddy’s hand and swinging his other little arm more times than I probably should. He just makes me smile. And, the picture of him on his tiptoes peeking into the carriage just might be my favorite.

  6. Seriously. Those cheeks will make your ovaries explode. Love me some Prince George!

    We re-did our kitchen four years ago; it WAS intimidating, and we did NOT want to do a gut-job, so we started simple. My advice is to pick what you want to keep and what must go, then of those things, what is most urgent/big-picture and go from there. (We started with the cabinets. Then we bought the appliances, had the countertops done, then installed the appliances ourselves. It still meant a few days with no stove, but it wasn’t weeks and weeks!) Renovating is hard work and time-consuming, but the end product is so worth it. YOU CAN DO IT!

  7. LeighAnn says:

    My experience with remodeling is to go through every home decor magazine until you find the photo of the kitchen you want to recreate in your home. Trying to ‘pinterest’ it piece by piece can leave it looking like a patchwork project. Choose the kitchen that you most want yours to look like then proceed from there. You will spend less money and enjoy the process knowing exactly what the finished product/room will look like. Enjoy this journey.

  8. Kelley Winslett says:

    Hey- call my uncle, seriously, when you’re ready for a idea/quote. He does custom cabinets out of Anniston and does lots of kitchens/office cabinetry/ dining rooms all around Birmingham. He’s been in business for years and works with my mom on her house (pickiest person on the planet!!) He does an amazing job, tell him I sent you ;-)
    Bohannon Custom Cabinets
    Andy Bohannon

  9. George IS darling, and he reminds me so much of his dad as a child. And when did the newsletter go out? I don’t think I got it (and I am subscribed; I just tried to again and it told me so…yes. I’m that person).

    I feel for ya on the kitchen remodel. I know I would be overwhelmed in nothing flat.

  10. He is very cute. Someone on Facebook said he looks a bit like Louie Anderson!

  11. Kitchen renovations are from the pit. But the final result? Oh my stars. So worth the dust and hole in your wallet.

  12. Just want to say there are two precious cute boys on this blog today.

  13. Kristine says:

    Please post that awesome playlist when it is finished!!

  14. He couldn’t possibly be any cuter, right down to those little hand dimples….

  15. You’ve got to love any music that brings out the inner English major! I think I could love my house so much more, and possibly actually want to cook, if we remodeled our kitchen. However, we just basically paid a downpayment on a new house for a new HVAC system, so I doubt that will happen any time soon.

  16. I love your newsletters. What app are you using for the gifs?

  17. Hi there. I subscribe to your newsletter and got the first one but didn’t get this one. Is there any place I can see it? Thanks.


  18. If your house is much older I would pick out what I wanted to keep then pick out appliances. Modern appliances won’t typically fit in say a 1970’s slot unless special ordered. Things are much bigger now than they use to be. My husband does remodels and pictures on paper are a big help. He likes to take a copy of it and study it for a while before he says yes we can do this. Homeowners don’t like to be told no after they have been told yes. If you find what you really want most good contractors can recreate it. As for as mascara goes I am really loving Mally’s Volumizing Mascara. It’s kinda pricey but it works great and doesn’t clump up. I just love it. Love the blog and the pod cast.


  19. I mean, seriously, Prince George TOTALLY stole the show at his sister’s christening. And of course he is darling, look at his Mom.


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