I Have Been So Very Absent

School, y’all.


It has been so fun. It has kicked my tail.


Today I’m trying to play catch-up in order of the things I’ve neglected the most (doesn’t that make me sound like a productivity superstar?). First priority is the newsletter. Second priority is the laundry. Third priority is the book. And then A. has some football stuff to do this afternoon, but that is certainly not an area of our lives that has been neglected. We are ALL CAUGHT UP on the football.

So. Newsletter will go out sometime this afternoon. Laundry is about to go in the wash. The book, fingers crossed, will get a little TLC later today.

Hope things are great in your neck of the woods. I’ve missed y’all! And all of our back-to-school adjustments should settle down pretty soon.

See y’all soon!

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  1. Cheering you on from up north…fun to see you pop in for a moment. Laundry is on the list here today too.

  2. I hear ya! Ain’t no tired like back to school tired! It’ll pass….I promise. This coming from a teacher who fell asleep at 8:00 on a Friday night. Par-tay up in here. Best wishes & blessings on your new school year!

  3. Missy Bush says:

    Miss reading your blog, but life gets so busy and sometimes that has to come first. Get some rest this week-end.

  4. I’m all too familiar with teacher-tired and was thrilled to read your blog & newsletter this afternoon when I had finished grading papers. Laundry is happening now and maybe a quick nap…or a cup of coffee & leftover birthday cake from hubby’s recent big day. Cake is sounding pretty good!

  5. SueEllen says:

    I can so relate! Our in-service started Friday, August 14, our students come back in the morning, and I am so wiped out already. Here’s wishing all school faculty and staff a great school year no matter where we are!

  6. Hey Sophie! It’s me, your friend from that group of Mississippi girls who like to pop up at your book signings, Mistletoe Market, and when you are trying to simply enjoy your lunch at Chuy’s. After reading blogs for several years I’ve decided that in the spirit or participation it might be time for me to leave a comment or two. I hope you’re doing well!

    And by the way, the start of the school year has given me a firm tail kick as well:)


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