Hey From B Terminal

I’m sitting at a gate in the Dallas airport right now, and there’s a little boy who looks to be about four years old who’s making me downright wistful about when Alex was that age.

Here’s the memory that keeps popping in my head.

Fight Song from boomama on Vimeo.

Pretty sure that was yesterday.


I’m flying into Manhattan, Kansas tonight, and I’m secretly hoping that I’ll be greeted by a very large K-State Wildcat in the Manhattan airport. I mean, I’m not hoping for a real-live mascot or anything like that because mascot costumes make me nervous (and obviously I would be terrified if there were any sort of actual wildcat), but I would at least like to see a mural of K-State traditions. Maybe walk through a tunnel that plays the fight song.

My wishes are very simple.

My flight from Birmingham was a rare treat because there were only about five of us on the last seven rows of the plane, and we were all so thrilled by the wide open spaces – a rare airline treat these days – that we were borderline giddy. The guy across from me said, “We could fit a whole band back here!” and then he sprawled out across both of the seats on his row and enjoyed a bag of Chex Mix. I was so enamored of the QUIET that I couldn’t even read; I just closed my eyes and soaked up the relative silence. We all had our electronics spread out on the neighboring seats and were making the most of our access to a second tray table and I am here to tell you that it was the adult equivalent of a free second scoop of ice cream. GLORIOUS, it was.

Here are some other exciting things that have happened so far:

– I ate in the airport Chili’s all by myself – even though eating in a restaurant by myself is one of my all-time least favorite things.
– I ordered a Sante Fe chicken salad. It was surprisingly tasty.
– There’s a beautiful sunset outside; I keep looking to my left so I can see its progress, and I think the girl next to me thinks I’m trying to read her computer screen.

As you can tell, my time in Dallas has been fraught with all manner of excitement and drama.

I’m sad to be missing high school football tomorrow night, but I can’t wait to see Kansas (will it be as flat as I expect? will there be wheat farms lining the roads?) and get to visit with the women at the conference where I’m speaking. Then, if all goes as planned, I’ll be home Saturday night in time to see the last little bit of the State / LSU game.

I think I speak for all Bulldogs when I say we would appreciate your prayers.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

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  1. I hate to burst your bubble, but the Manhattan, KS airport is quite small. I think it only has one terminal and I don’t remember seeing any sign of K-State the time I flew in there ( but there was construction going on). Willie the Wildcat isn’t too scary….a human body with a wildcat head. Manhattan is a nice college town with Ft Riley nearby and the people are very gracious. If you have a chance you should checkout Varsity Donuts(not like KK but still good) and Cozy Inn Hamburgers. Enjoy your time there.

  2. Glad you are visiting the Little Apple! Remember: EMAW! (Every man a Wildcat!!!)

    Enjoy your time in my home state.

  3. Kansas is what I would call flat-ish. There is an occasional hill.

    For actual flat, you will need to go to North Dakota, which boggled my Blue Ridge mountain girl mind. Plus, the soil there is like pure compost… jet black and silky. Doesn’t even look like it’s from the same planet as our red Southern clay.

    I have always had a wonderful time in Kansas, and I’m sure you will, too!

  4. What? You’re going to be in Manhattan? The home of my alma-mater? 1.25 hours from me? HOW.DID.I.NOT.KNOW.THIS????

    Manhattan is wonderful. You MUST go to Aggieville, fun bars/shops/bookstores. Eat breakfast at the Chef. Eat lunch at The Hibachi Hut…..order the Chicken Orleans, you will not be disappointed.

    Oh my goodness, how did I not know this?

  5. Yes, us Bulldogs would appreciate the prayers. I am hopeful for a repeat of last year. But, if they get in a bind, I say PUT IN ALEX HUDSON! He can hiiiiyah them!!! I’m totally on board with that!

    Enjoy Kansas. I’m sure you will make it home in plenty of time to get LOTS of ‘cleaning’ done during said ballgame!

    AND DON’T FORGET, Miss America is on Sunday night!!

  6. Shannon Howell says:

    I am a K-State grad. Oh to be there for a game I wish!! So much fun on that campus! I hope you enjoy your trip to the little Apple. Swanny’s donuts are a must if they still exist. Prayers sent your way.

  7. Stephanie Pickle says:

    Oh we do need prayers!!!!!! HAIL STATE

  8. Hey Boo! We’ll be just a few hours south of you tomorrow in Wichita! Would love to see you! #LPLSimulcast

  9. Manhattan is a little hilly and wheat harvest was in June so hope you’re not too disappointed! Hope you enjoy your visit nonetheless 😊. The weather should be beautiful but if you flew in Thursday night you probably experienced some good ol’ Kansas thunderstorms. Happy to have you in my home state, wish I would have been astute enough to know you were coming, would have loved to come up to Manhattan. Hope Kansas blesses you as much as you’ll bless it!

  10. Have a wonderful time in Kansas! You know Bob and I lived there for six years, and Manhattan is the quintessential college town. I’ve seen all the eating recommendations in previous posts, and I agree with all of them–I just hope you have enough time to check them all out! Enjoy the Little Apple–and Hail State!

  11. Hope you enjoy the Little Apple, and it is most definitely not as flat as I expected, and quite beautiful. Enjoy, and I’m so jealous – maybe you will see my KState son!

  12. Precious video!!

  13. Jennifer K says:

    I just discovered your podcast and am listening back to old ones. They are hilarious! Who is Travis? You guys never “introduced” him. And where is your coffee table from.

  14. GAL!! Gal, we are in Kansas TOO! We are in Wichita! Are you close? :) I’ll look up Manhattan on the google! Go get em gal! Kansas is flat RIGHT? :) We are in awe of the low humidity.

    Love, Gal