What’s Going On

1. Hazel is out of dog food.

2. We are practically out of people food – except that we do have some pickle relish, some oatmeal, and half a bag of gluten-free crackers. So YUM, YUM supper.

3. I have been trying to go to the grocery store for two days.

4. Clearly I have failed in my grocery-related efforts.

5. Tonight I’m planning to drop off Alex at football practice, go to the pet store, go to the grocery store, then drive home and throw the groceries in the kitchen floor before I collapse onto the couch and wait for those groceries to whip up a meal.

6. I’ll let you know how that works out.

7. I still haven’t watched Miss America.

8. It’s like I don’t even know myself anymore.


9. I went to the pet store and the grocery store, too.

10. I’m about to put a pork shoulder in the crock pot.

11. My people will be unfamiliar with how to respond to this thing called HOME-COOKED FOOD.


12. I really like Justin Bieber’s new song.

13. I have no idea what he’s saying, really, but it’s catchy as can be.

14. Tonight on the way to football practice we heard this song, and we decided it’s perfect for football games. I mean, I’m not saying that “Sandstorm” has run its course or anything, but this might be fun….

15. And then there was this sunset at practice.

16. So that’ll pretty much make your day right there.


17. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see a new TV show or seven.

18. And oh! Kansas! I so enjoyed my time in Kansas.

19. It was actually a little hillier that I expected and reminded me of the drive from Birmingham to Tupelo, for what it’s worth.

20. When I finally got there Thursday night, I was so elated to be off of that airplane that I basically talked non-stop from Manhattan to Salina (where the conference was).

21. We had flown through some storms, and at one point I felt like our plane was attached to a stick – like in old movies when they’d move a model airplane over a map to show where someone was traveling.

22. I like to think that I’m a fairly breezy traveler, but by the time we landed I was calculating how long it would take David to drive to Kansas and pick me up because NO MORE FLYING FOR ME.

23. Thankfully the flights home were far less eventful.

24. And now we’re living on the edge with a pantry full of groceries and a pork shoulder in the crockpot.

25. I may even make a fresh pitcher of Crystal Light lemonade.



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  1. Have resorted to black beans and almonds here. Hoping to last till the weekend for groceries! :)

  2. kuliejellogg says:

    “I had a lovely cracker today and immediately wished you were here so I could have shared it with you,” thought the completely sane stranger who definitely knows we’re not friends in real life.

  3. Pringles are whole new relationship designation. Apparently, if one is “single as a Pringle,” he are she is available. I thought that was important for you to know because you obviously like Pringles and I went to the Ed Sheeran concert this weekend where my daughter declared Ed was “single as a Pringle.” (Which I really don’t understand since they are in a tube, spooning and all. But then I don’t understand “on fleek” so what do you expect. )

    • He or she. I feel the need to correct my grammar.

    • “on fleek” is so completely alien to my understanding that it almost makes me crazy. I can’t even figure out what she was trying to say to end up with it.

  4. the plane on the stick reference! Loved it! Been on a few of those flights. And Manhatten, Kansas….I have a darling friend who lived there and every time she mentioned Manhatten my eyes would go wide (thinking whoa, New York) and she would quickly add Kansas.

  5. If you, by chance, figure out the groceries whipping up dinner all by themselves, please share!

    • And if anyone ever figures out the clean laundry that’s siting on the couch folding itself and putting itself away please share that too!

  6. I can’t believe you haven’t been able to watch the Miss America pageant yet! You have been busy!! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this year’s pageant. :) I invited my friends to come watch with me, but when I explained there would be no idle chit chat or bathroom breaks except during commercial breaks no one wanted to come over. Was I too harsh? :)

    We are coming from Pensacola, FL to the dotMom conference next weekend. Can’t wait to meet you!

  7. What else do you put in with your pork shoulder in the crock pot? Looking for recipe ideas…

  8. Have you seen that pringles now has bacon flavored? Oh my you have to get them!

  9. Rachel McCoy says:

    We sang “Good, Good Father” for the first time in church on Sunday, and your instagram made me think of those lyrics immediately of course. I googled the song and came across this youtube video and it seems like something you might like

    Now I’m going to have this on repeat the rest of the day.

  10. School is kicking my butt this year! New schedule for me and lots of travel time! Been missing you!

  11. Oh, Sophie. You had me laughing until tears ran down my cheeks. And I needed a good laugh because I recently found out my cholesterol is high, my thyroid is low, and my check engine light is on.

  12. Do you know Amazon will deliver pet food and in your case and mine, dog food, to your door? Yes they do! So while I consider myself fit enough to hoist and hustle a 55 pound bag of dog food about, why should I when I can I can set up a monthly delivery with Subscribe and Save?
    Cross that one off your list, friend.

  13. In answer to your television show-might I suggest Cedar Cove series. It’s a new to me series, that I really enjoy and I think you might too!

  14. Had I known you were speaking in Salina I would have told my peeps to go listen to you! I live in California now but grew up in a teeny town about 30 miles outside there. I hope you enjoyed your time there!

  15. hey. I would love to know if you- or any of your readers – have heard of Sweet Tea Collard Greens. We had some last week on vacation in a small restaurant in Pawleys Island, SC. They were wonderful!!! As you can imagine they were sweet but also had a tiny bit of spice. I have searched the world over- or at least the internet trying to find a recipe and have had no luck. Somebody? Anybody? PS I am also a huge fan of Needtobreathe. I have also actually been through the community of Possum Kingdom (the community where Bo & Bear grew up).


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