dotMOM, dotMAMAW, & dotNOCKELS

Well, if you ask me – and to be clear, no one has, but I figure I’ll talk about it anyway – the 6th dotMOM conference was just a ton of fun. It was so good to be in Nashville again, and Brentwood Baptist was such a great host church. Plus, it is always a treat to meet and visit with people who, for all sorts of reasons, already feel like friends. So if you were one of those people this past weekend, thank you. You encouraged me more than you know.

Melanie and I had a fine time together – as we tend to do – and I’ll have you know that we did not eat mediocre Mexican food even once. Maybe we’re finally growing up.
We did, however, run into Target for some snacks around 10:45 Friday night, so we’re probably not ALL THE WAY THERE in terms of smart choices. However, we’d eaten supper around 5:00 and then spoke at 8:00-ish and by 10:45 nothing sounded better to me than a banana with some crunchy peanut butter on it. And then we got some tortilla chips and bean dip because why not.

There was a pretty significant change this year, though: at our Friday morning meeting, Melanie and I thought we might need some reading glasses in order to see the information on our dotMOM notecards that we use for announcements. Thankfully I had a fresh pair of Miracle Contact Lenses to rescue me, and Melanie managed beautifully by holding the cards a little lower than she normally does. Even still, it occurred to me that by the time Alex and Caroline finish high school, Mel and I are going to age out of dotMOM and have to start emceeing dotMAMAW. And while dotMAMAW isn’t an actual event, I really can’t imagine anything more delightful than a conference full of grandmothers. I WANT TO GO TO THERE.

This would be a great place to put a picture of Melanie and me, by the way. But I didn’t take any pictures. So there’s that.

ALSO. I can’t even pretend to be low-key about the fact that Christy Nockels led worship this past weekend. Y’ALL. She was unbelievable. Her whole band (including her sweet husband) was unbelievable, too. Melanie and I never got over it. Every single session we were just blown away by how the Lord ministers through them. I always say that one reason Travis is such an incredible worship leader is because he’s been gifted with so much leadership but he never makes worship about him, and ditto that for Christy. She’s such a strong, humble leader – utterly sincere in everything she says, does, and sings. It’s a rare gift and such a blessing to sit under it. Can’t say enough about her. Except that I may have made a suggestion was that she and her hubby start a conference called dotNOCKELS. I’d be the first one to sign up and the last one to leave.

It was also a huge treat to hear the other speakers – Sherry Surratt, Karen Kingsbury, Rebekah Lyons – plus a whole bunch of breakout leaders who served the women at the conference so beautifully.

It’s fun to see people do what they were made to do, you know?

After everything was over Saturday afternoon, Melanie and I went back to our hotel to watch as much football as possible before we left for a friend’s birthday party later that night. Thankfully I was never really SUPER nervous during State’s game against Auburn – at least not after we intercepted on our own goal line during Auburn’s first possession. But have mercy it is nice (and rare) to get out of Jordan-Hare with a win, so I was thrilled for our ‘Dogs.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 8.10.01 PM

And, needless to say, for Dak.

Maybe dotDAK is another conference possibility.

The State game wasn’t the only treat of the evening, because being with Melanie during the A&M / Arkansas game was a highlight of 2015 for me. I got so tickled. And while I have a feeling that she’ll tell more of this story on her blog, I just want to confirm that I have never – NEVER IN MY WHOLE LIFE EVER – seen any one human as excited as she was when the Aggies tied the game at the end of the 4th quarter. And please keep in mind that my sister and I have had some VERY loud, VERY high-energy moments watching our Bulldogs (the 2009 and 2013 Egg Bowls come to mind, along with our game against Auburn last year), but I honestly believe that Melanie could teach us some lessons. Because there’s game day enthusiasm, and then there’s Shankle-level enthusiasm. It comes with an extra degree of intensity and no small degree of shouting – and IT IS A TREASURE. Made me so happy.

So now I’m home. I pulled into Birmingham just in time to meet my people for lunch at Chuy’s, and we have had an afternoon so relaxing that I may write an ode to commemorate it. It’s been the best way to ease into the week that’s in front of us, and it’s given me a chance to catch my breath a little bit during my busiest stretch of fall speaking stuff. YAY FOR HOME. No matter where I go, it’s always my favorite place.

But if there’s ever a dotNOCKELS, it might run a close second.

And understandably so.

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  1. dotMom was amazing. I am so glad I went! I ended the weekend at Chuy’s too. Nothing better than Jesus, girlfriends, & cheese dip!!

  2. Leslie Anne says:

    I loved meeting you, Ms Sophie! You are a DELIGHT.

  3. Sophie, may I request that you post the video you and Melanie did with Christy?! I’m DYING to see it! Please and thank you!!

  4. Hilarious. All of it. Your descriptions are so clear I feel like I was there!!

  5. Our little crew from Arkansas loved meeting you and Melanie! Seriously, there were some days staying home with my sweet babies that the only adult conversation I had was replying to you and Melanie on The Big Boo Cast playing in my kitchen. You were every bit as delightful in person as you are on the interwebs! God bless!

  6. Callie Edwards says:

    I am so sad that I missed dotMom this year. It was going to be the highlight of my year, and boy did this mom need a minute away from my little person for some time of reflection and to get my Jesus on. I was so enthused, I even registered the day registration went live. Sadly, my water heater AND dishwasher went out in August and there went my travel money. I’m bitter toward my appliances right now : )Anywho, I would LOVE to see the video and also know-is dotMom on the threat of extinction this year? Or do we know if there will be one in 2016??
    I hope all who went had a fabulous time! I was praying for each of you from the comfort of my living room!

  7. Hey Sophie, where can we find that video you and Melanie made with Christy? Sure would love to see it.

  8. I don’t think the video will be available since it has music in it…and putting it online creates a whole licensing issue. So sorry!

  9. I’m sad I missed dot Mom since it was so close to home this year, but it just didn’t work out. I hope you and Melanie find time to podcast and relive the moment for us. LOL

  10. I can get on board with the dotDAK conference. He is such a good kid. Plus, that game! I really think Auburn is terrible this year (sorry Auburn peeps, we’ve been there) but I’m hoping we are good. I can’t really tell yet. I think the entire SEC West is almost on a level playing field this year. Going to be a very interesting football season. Although, not an Ole Miss fans (hello obvious reasons) but I’m really enjoying watching Hugh Freeze infuse some faith into that team. So refreshing to see a head coach not afraid to share his love of Jesus!

  11. Karen Beymer says:

    Oh Sophie, my daughter Jen Heindl & her bestie were at DotMom. She took the cutest pic of
    The 4 of you! What a blessing to hear her excitement at being in Praise & worship with ya’all.
    I was so tickled to hear Lisa Harper stopped by with Missy!
    Love them both. Blessings.

  12. The whole dotMOM conference was simply fantastic. But the highlight for me was meeting you and Melanie. And we ended the weekend at Chuy’s also. I wont lie and say I didn’t watch the door, fully expecting you and Melanie to walk in. Sending love from Cleveland, TN. and Lee University!!

  13. Sign me up for dotNOCKEKLS! My husband and I went to what they called a concert but was really a worship service with the Nockels/Watermark opening for Twila Paris. It was wonderful, and we have so many fond memories of that evening. Really wanted to attend this year — my husband and daughter know who I’m talking about when I saw bigmama or boomama. Haha!

  14. dotMOM was pure awesomeness! You and Melanie did a fantastic job speaking about friendship! Can’t wait till dotMOM16!!! And those dawgs…..hail state!!

  15. As a grandma (AKA Nana) I think a dotMAMAW would be awesome!I’ll help organize!

  16. Jennifer Bernagozzi Blackwell says:

    This was my 1st ever women’s conference away from home and away from my blessings! God definitely had this on my appointment time to go! I truly needed Jesus word poured into me! Thank you cannot wait for next year. We will have even bigger group attending with us then . Lexington SC

  17. I attended DotMom with my daughter, and we had the best time. We loved getting to meet you and Melanie. You told my daughter that you wished you had bobby pins for your hair like she did (if that helps you place us ;) You and Melanie are so hilarious, and I love that you are college football fanatics like I am. I am a Mimi, and there were several of us there. If you have input, maybe a few breakouts that are geared more to older moms/mimis could be added next year. I mainly went to breakouts to take notes for my daughter, and we doubled our content that way. It would be nice to have a few more geared to moms of adult children/grandmothers. The general sessions were awesome though. I wasn’t that familiar with Christy Nockels, but fell in love with her as my daughter promised that I would. I went to buy us each her newest CD today. Again, it was a wonderful weekend! May God bless you.

  18. Sophie, It was the biggest thrill for me to get to meet you and Melanie. Thank you for being so kind and stopping for a picture with me. I TREASURE it! Your friends, Becca, Liza and Cheryl could not have been kinder when they invited me into your “Sophie” pew when my friend had to head home. They truly poured out the oil. Thank you so much for all you share.

  19. This was so good! I love you saying it is so nice to watch someone do what they are created to do. I so agree! So thankful for you and Melanie sharing your gift of writing with us. You both delight me!
    God bless you and the writing of your book!

  20. Well now – if there’s ever a DotMaMaw you must include this old-school girl, Gran Jan, on the agenda. I can teach those young’uns how to make cornbread, biscuits, and maybe even peach cobbler. How about that? My next ‘Taste & See’ is October 17th and we are getting in the kitchen to make cornbread dressing in time for the girls to practice before Thanksgiving. What do you say sweet friend? YOU MAKE ME SMILE SO BIG SOPHIE! :)


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