The Big Boo Cast, Episode 55


Y’all, I don’t even know.

This is a whole conversation about Melanie going to look at a tunic and then deciding to focus on foundational garments – all of which leads, quite frankly, to a LOT of talk about underwear.

We also have some thoughts about football and skincare. And then we talked a lot about my eyelashes because what could possibly be more riveting than that.

Also, I think that Melanie may have a career as a Revitalash consultant, so we may need to break down that particular topic at a later point in time.

Hope y’all enjoy it!

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Just FYI – here’s where you can get more info on the products / places we mention (these aren’t affiliate links – just regular ole links):

We the Free Marigold tunic

“Les Miles Explains What Happened on Halloween” (there’s a little profanity) (just FYI)

Foundational Garment #1

Natori Shangri-La Jersey Tunic Pajamas (As a person who sleeps in t-shirts and pajama bottoms from TJMaxx, I recognize the extravagance of these pajamas. I’m just sayin’.)

Foundational Garment #2

Foundational Garment #3

Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof Eyeliner

– (this is a smaller size than what we mentioned)

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  1. I can’t wait to listen to you girls! I think I will save it for my bus ride into work tomorrow!

  2. Yolanda McLean says:

    I shared on Melanie’s blog post yesterday that I have recently been listening to every single podcast that you two have done. The beginning podcast when the kids were little, they are delightful! I don’t even know either of you, but I am very touched by these posts. Just hearing how little the kids were and how you two were at that stage of life. Then just one short year later, y’all would post another podcast. It’s magical. If you haven’t gone back and listened to those long lost podcasts, you definitely should.

    • Yolanda, I am doing the same thing! I stumbled upon the podcast for the first time about a week ago (which led me to the blogs etc.), listened to a few of the most recent episodes and laughed so hard I cried (especially at 53! oh goodness, hysterical). So now I’m listening to them in order starting from the beginning and they make my commute fly by! Sophie, so thankful for you and Melanie and the levity you’ve brought to my life. :)

  3. Hey, has Gully ever been on a podcast? I think it would be fun to finally hear her actually voice…

    Just a thought….

  4. Another indication of not being the”young one” anymore is talking about how you don’t like to be out after dark.

  5. If you have blue or green eyes, you have to be careful about getting dark spots on your irises when using eyelash serums.

  6. Oh my, the comments about being bra-free after a long day hit home! When my now-husband and I were dating, he would often come over to eat supper with my parents and me. My sweet (fairly flat-chested) mama, after a long day of work, would always say, do you think he’ll notice if I just throw on a sweater or housecoat, because I can’t stand another minute in this bra!

    Well, I knew David was a keeper because he politely ignored any foundational garment issues (or ugly housecoats) my mother may have had in his presence! :) But by golly, I wanted Mama to be comfortable in her own home!

  7. Sophie, you’ve given us many gifts of humor and information over the years, but I think my absolute favorite remains the Diptacular, which I have honored by hosting Diptaculars in my home over the years! (Always give you full creds.) Just wondering if you know of particular stores that carry Captain Rodney’s. I have ordered it online before, but it’s crazy expensive that way – and in all four places we’ve lived the last six years, I’ve never found it in a store. I’m living in San Antonio now. Any suggestions? Would Melanie know?

  8. As always, I love your podcasts : ) After browsing Oprah’s favorite things on Amazon tonight, I thought it would be lovely for y’all to do a favorite things podcast for Christmas. I remember each of you doing similar things on your blogs in years past…Sophie, one for teenage girls and Mel one for husbands, etc. But doing it on a podcast might be fun? Just a thought : )

  9. Totally off topic. Sophie, I know you love reality TV. You must watch Coach Charming. Premiered last night on TCL. It’s about a lawyer in Andalusia, Alabama who is a pageant coach.

  10. Ok……I hear y’all on the “I can’t wait to get home and get this dang bra off” situation!!! Since my daughter became engaged and her fiancé is always at our house, I have to wear foundationals ALL THE TIME. I have discovered the Ahhh Bra. Once sold on TV Only, they are now available at The Wal Mart, And you can find knock off versions at Big Lots and other fancy stores of the like!
    I hope you can find them and they change your life like they have changed mine:)

  11. Please disregard the cheesy pictures and advertising and get thee a Coobie Comfort Bra. You can find them easily on Amazon. My mama and I are strictly no bra at home people, and we love these things! You will be presentable for company, I promise. :)

  12. I was JUST going to post a link about the Coobie:

    It really is a comfortable bra that will keep things in place while you have guests. I have 14 year old boys and every Saturday morning, they and their friends see me loping around the house in my pjs; I had to find a way to make it at least palatable for everyone, so the coobie is the answer.

    And, on another note: Do we not all think it’s ironic that we won’t spend $90 on jammies that might last a year or two (maybe more, if we use the delicate cycle), but all agree it’s okay to spend $90 on eyelash grower that may or may not work and if it does, will only last 6 months?

    And finally, on a totally unrelated to this podcast note: Your people beat my people last night. Yes, I live in that Columbia. But, hey, at least we scored a touch down, right? (BTW, your Dak is something else…)

  13. Heather Bigelow says:

    Sophie, I have never commented before, but I had to today! I so identify with your blonde, wispy eyelash problems. I am a fellow fair-skinned (read: translucent) gal with red hair, and I cannot wear waterproof mascara, either, for the same reason! I stumbled upon a cool option- have you ever tried Blinc mascara? It’s water-resistant, and it’s a tube mascara- if you cry or your eyes water, the mascara won’t run at ALL, but with warm water and a little bit of pressure (no rubbing), the mascara tubes just peel right off (it reminds me of paint!). Super cool, and I have actually had people compliment me on my eyelashes when I wear it. The only downside is it isn’t a product I often see in the actual stores, but you can buy it online at Sephora. But it is the perfect option for people who find waterproof too harsh, but need something with more staying power than traditional mascara. Oh, and I love that they offer it in not just one, but TWO shades of brown, too, since black tends to be kinda harsh against my fair skin/lashes. Check it out! I really think you might like it!

  14. Well, it IS ‘Sweeps Week”, so talk about foundation garments may get you a bigger audience share…oh wait, maybe that’s only on TV!!

  15. I hear ya on the bra thing. Try wearing those cameo t-shirts with a built in bra under your shirt. Sort of reins in the girls and gives an extra layer of coverage without being locked and loaded.