Chronicles Of The Delightfully Mundane



It’s been a lively couple of weeks around here.

I’ll just jump right in and play catch-up.

Last Tuesday night Alex’s team played their final game of the season (it was an AMAZING game, I have to say, and so fun to watch), and then Wednesday was the CMAs – which means that I saw the Justin Timberlake / Chris Stapleton duet for the first time and felt morally obligated to watch it at least 38 more times within the next 24 hours. SWEET MERCY it resonated with me on a lot of levels. I posted my initial thoughts about it on Instagram, and I’ll be doggone if I haven’t continued to give it a whole lot of thought. It laid me out – and it’s for sure the best performance I’ve seen this year. Have mercy.

They were magical together. And I’ve watched the 2:00-3:00 segment of that second video so many times that I’m surprised YouTube hasn’t sent me a complaint letter.

Thursday night I spoke to a homeschooling group at my church, and since several dear friends are part of that group, it only made sense for us to go to supper beforehand. Friday turned out to be about five days rolled into one, but I had big plans to write when I got home Friday afternoon. However, after I dropped off the young’un for a camping trip and ate some supper with David, I started listening to our high school’s football game via the internet and pretty much stayed that course until it was over (we won, by the way). Saturday I did manage to outline my next chapter, but it took me just about all day because FOOTBALL, OH WHAT A DAY FOR FOOTBALL. The Arkansas / Ole Miss game alone was SOMETHING ELSE AGAIN, and I really think it took me a couple of hours to wind down after it was over.

Also, I should probably apologize that this post is super boring, but I figure I might as well document what’s been going on for our little family if nothing else. I realize that those of you who were reading are probably asleep by now, so I’ll do my best to stay quiet as I wrap this thing up.

Anyway, Alex got home early Sunday afternoon, and he barely had time to unpack and change clothes before we headed to his football party. We had a great time hanging out with his teammates and their families, and afterwards we stopped at Bojangles to pick up some supper. (I mean, at this point, why not include the most minute details? Why not mention that Alex ordered a CheddarBo? Why not include the fact that it took forever to get our food, and when David finally went inside to check on our order – they’d asked us to pull up and wait after we went through the drive-thru – the girl at the register shook her head, sighed, and said, “THEY DIDN’T DROP YOUR FRIES,” which has now become our favorite expression?)

So, by the time we finally got home, I didn’t do a lick of writing.

How could I possibly write anything after so much excitement at the Bojangles?

This week has been more of the same. I met a friend late Monday afternoon, picked up supper on the way home, and did my level best to stay up until 8:30 that night. Last night we went to see our school’s other 6th grade football team in their semi-final play-off game, and I was sort of blown away by the level of competition. The game went into overtime, and our boys won after they tackled a receiver about a foot away from the goal line after a 4th down pass. Today we didn’t have school because of Veterans’ Day, so I joined the rest of Birmingham in running errands and fighting traffic but really having the best afternoon with my boy. Plus, I finally returned some stuff that’s been riding around in the trunk of my car for the last month, and it was the best feeling to cross those things off my list.

Tomorrow we go back to work / school, and then Friday I head to Columbus, MS to speak at First Baptist Church. Here’s the info if you’re nearby and so inclined.


And since Columbus is only 20 minutes away from Starkville – well, you can probably guess where I’ll be on Saturday.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 8.33.09 PM (1)

A few months ago I told myself that I was going to stay far away from this game. I told myself that this particular Saturday would be a perfect time to write all day long, to make some serious progress on a chapter, to ignore anything related to the SEC or the Mississippi State Bulldogs and be proactive and productive.

But oh, I do long for redemption. Remember last year’s State / Alabama game? It was a bit of a low point. So this year Sister and I are going to meet at Davis-Wade instead of Bryant-Denny, and Lord willing I will not require any sort of orthopedic boot during the festivities. This is a big game for the Bulldogs, and when it comes to the Bulldogs and big games, well, MOTH TO FLAME.

And at some point, Lord willing, I’ll get some book writing done. If any of y’all happen to have an idea about how I can make the calendar stop for a few days, I would welcome your suggestions.

Happy Veteran’s Day, everybody!

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  1. It is so great to hear from you – I enjoy anything you write, even the ‘minute details’. I am glad you are taking time to enjoy your son and football. Your book will get done and you will have sweet memories of living life. God bless you!

  2. Robin Grren says:

    Come see me at the Purple Elephant in Columbus before you head to the game! We have Peter’s Pottery bulldogs. You need one if you don’t already have one!!

  3. Sophie, it’s me, Whitney, from the group of Mississippi girls who have in the past been guilty of running into you at book signings and Chuy’s. I will be at the big game this weekend! I’m not feeling very well at all this week, but rather than choosing to sit this one out I’m doing all I can to regain Full Healthy Status by Saturday. Because I surely can’t let the game go on without me! I hope you and Sister have the best time! And I hope the Bulldogs find some sweet redemption.

  4. Sophie, I am so pulling for the Bulldogs to beat Bama this Sat. I just think it’s all sorts of wrong that teams with a loss are ahead of teams that are undefeated in the CFP rankings, so y’all beating Bama would go a long way to help Baylor, the school I sent so much money to getting my girls educated!

    As a life long Gator, I really don’t care who we play in the SEC championship game; I am just thrilled, thrilled I tell you, that after the past four years we are even going to Atlanta! If you had told me before the season that UF would be SEC East champs I’d have thought you were on drugs for sure.



  5. We missed the Arkansas / Ole Miss game while we took our daughter to see The Peanuts Movie. We actually could have made it home to watch the Razorbacks win in overtime, but my husband looked at his phone and assumed Ole Miss had won it. As we drove to eat BBQ, I looked at my phone and told him that we actually won… is spectacular fashion. He may never forgive himself for that.

    I suppose the consolation was the unadulterated laughter that came from our three and a half year old daughter as we watched Peanuts. That, and possibly hearing her say that she watched “The Peanuts Movie,” but without enunciating the “t.”

    I didn’t forget that yesterday was Veteran’s Day, but I also kind of did momentarily. That totally explains why the mall was so busy after I picked the kid up from preschool. I had the hardest time parking at Bed Bath and Beyond just to buy a pillow (and a blanket and a nightlight).

    Happy writing, and I would LOVE to see State win Saturday!

  6. Amy in Italy says:

    Oh those performances!!!! Did you happen to catch Jen Hatmaker at 1:31 on that second video?

    I love reading your words…even if only to hear about your french fry debacles.

  7. Becky in 'Bama says:

    I love that you refer to the evening meal as ‘supper.’ My daughter sighs when I say that word and quickly corrects me to say ‘dinner.’ She’s even got the oldest grandchild correcting me, “Grandmother, it’s dinner.” Ha.

  8. Sarah Stephens says:

    Hail State! My husband Sam and I learned our lesson last year at Bryant Denny that we will not ever be attending or watching a State/Bama game together again. Let’s hope this year he’s the one having to apologize to me about being a sore loser ;-)

  9. Yippee! I’ve had my tickets for the Columbus event for weeks. See you tomorrow.

  10. HOLY cow I’m so late to the party but JT and Chris Stapleton….WOW!!!! You have me hooked!!!

  11. Well, thank you for that peek into your life. I am not a football fan no matter who’s playing, but I have to tell you that first song by JT and Chris Stapleton BLEW.ME.AWAY!!

  12. Rosanne Green says:

    Praying for you to have more hours in your day, and to hit that sweet spot where the creativity just flooooooooooooooooows and you are in your happy place.

  13. Sophie, I love everything that you write! Your posts always make me smile——-usually, laugh out loud, too!!! Enjoy your game, today!

  14. So this comment is about your newsletter which was great! I just couldn’t figure out how to make a comment on the newsletter, being technically challenged and all. I am dying to know which booties you are wearing in your picture from the game. Thanks!

  15. Thank you for posting the “delightfully mundane.” With all that’s going on in the world, these simple words about every day life minister to my heart. :)

  16. This comment is super late to the party, but just wanted to say after listening to the latest podcast that I love (love love) the Leading Lady Front-Close Sleep & Leisure Bra for wearing around the house. I was a no-bras-at-home girl, but now I am just as likely to throw one of these on while hanging around at home. Full disclosure, I discovered it while nursing, though it is not a nursing bra. I have worn it out of the house, though it is not optimal if you are as endowed as I am (might be more okay if you wear a smaller size).

  17. Ginger DeBrosse says:

    I adore you and your writing. Thank you for all you do :) I saw this on the You Tube and for some reason I immediately thought of you, I think you’ll like it! God Bless You!