Jam-Packed With Fun & Also Expenses

I feel like the most important thing I can tell you at the beginning of this post is that I was approximately ten minutes away from having our Thanksgiving dinner completely ready when I turned on the disposal and the other side of the sink filled up with water.

And that leads me to the second most important thing I can tell you: nothing will diminish your Thanksgiving Day appetite like watching the remnants from your disposal back up into the opposite side of the sink.

It took me a few seconds to process what was happening, but once I did, I ran to get the plunger and tried to unstop the drain. After a couple of minutes I realized that my efforts were futile, so I took a deep breath, reminded myself that it was time for our meal, and then I covered up the sink with a towel, oh yes I did. It was exactly what Mama would do in the same situation, and I wanted to spare my family from having to look at all that, um, unpleasantness when they walked through the kitchen. Truth be told I didn’t really want to look at it, either.

So Thanksgiving lunch was fine and semi-delicious (THAT SINK WATER, Y’ALL – it was etched into my my brain like a cattle brand), but as soon as we were finished I hopped in the car and ran up to the Rite Aid so I could buy some Drano and maybe even some special Metholatum that my sister had told me about that morning.


I believe it’s been said that when your sink clogs on Thanksgiving Day, a new variety of Mentholatum will make everything all better.

(I haven’t even tried the new Mentholatum yet, by the way.)

(I’m saving it for a special occasion. Like Christmas. Or maybe this winter’s first cold. Whichever comes first.)

I handed the Drano over to David and Daddy as soon as I got back to the house, and I proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon watching football and talking to Mama and reading football message boards because DENIAL IS FUN. By about 4:30 that afternoon, though, we knew we were going to need the professionals, and that is how I wound up asking RotoRooter to please come to our Thanksgiving Day rescue.

They absolutely rescued us, by the way. And just in case you ever need this information for one of your own holiday weekends, the fine folks at RotoRooter do not charge extra for holiday service calls, oh hallelujah.

So by 6:30 the drain was unclogged, the kitchen was clean, and my nerves had returned to a semi-normal state of operation. It was a delightful evening.

Friday morning I decided that I needed to be a responsible grown-up and take my car to the shop. Ever since my battery ran down a couple of weeks ago, my car has been iffy about cranking, and while there are many aspects of car operation that might be considered optional, cranking is sort of a requirement. Daddy followed me to our favorite repair place, but they were so swamped that they couldn’t look at it, and the short version of this miles-long story is that I ended up going to the dealership to get them to look at it. Turned out that I needed a new battery and oh, by the way, four new tires, too.

So at that point it all became sort of comical. Because why not just take money out of our checking account and throw it up in the air and see who grabs it first? Why not stack it in front of an open door and then turn on a fan? Or why not this?


I have to say, though, that the battery was totally worth it because my car cranks oh-so-reliably now. I’m sure I will feel that way about the tires after I recover from the sticker shock, which hopefully will be sometime in early 2018.

On Saturday Sister and I made a quick trip to Starkville for the Egg Bowl. Even though the Bulldogs lost, we really did have the best time. We went to Dawg Walk, where I used my cowbell to keep a tree limb out of my eyes for the better part of 30 minutes, and then we got to visit with Daph, Marion, Elizabeth, and Wendi before the game. We sat with my dear friend Bubba for the first half of the game, then with my beloved TRiels (if you read my last book, TRiels is Tracey) during the second half. I am here to tell you that T, Sister, and I SOLVED SOME THINGS during the third and fourth quarters, so even if my competitive side was a little disappointed by the final Egg Bowl score, my relational side was overjoyed. And getting this message from Alex at the beginning of the 4th quarter made it even better.


Of all the forms of optimism, the blind variety may be my very favorite.

Sister and I got home late Saturday night (well, really it was early Sunday morning), and after our people headed back to their respective corners of the southeast, David, Alex, and I embraced our inner introverts and enjoyed the most relaxing Sunday afternoon. After spending five days in a hotel room together and then five more with family, it was like we all intuitively knew that NOW IT IS TIME TO BE QUIET. And by the time my alarm went off early Monday morning, I was actually ready to get back into the routine of work and school and writing and etc. Plus, I’d missed my work people, and I couldn’t wait to hear what everybody had been up to over the break.

So. That was Thanksgiving 2015 for us. Well, all of that and the fact that I listened to “All I Ask” by Adele approximately 32 times. I recognize that this is a whole separate discussion, but it’s been a long time since I heard a ballad with not one but two key changes in the final 90 seconds, and for that reason I say KADOOZ TO ADELE.

And Merry Christmas to y’all. Hope your Thanksgiving holidays were great, too!

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  1. You make me smile. Thanks!

  2. Mentholatum and Little Rascals in one post! Oh, how I love them both!! Kadooz to you!

  3. kuliejellogg says:

    My eyes literally widened with wonder when I saw that new mentholatum. I cannot tell you how I appreciate your sister for sharing that with you and then you in turn with us. Rest assured I am headed to the store tomorrow since leaving my children alone as they sleep would *probably* qualify as endangerment. Somehow I don’t think a judge would see a late night run for a new mentholatum product as a reasonable and/or justifiable emergency situation…

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Oh Sophie! I am a school librarian on a lunch break (what is that!?) and I cackled, hooted and shrieked with laughter at your description of spending money. That is JUST HOW I FEEL with any car or home repair! Let’s just toss the money out a window!

    My middle schoolers know I am far from quiet, but this laughter was loud even for me!

    Many XO’S!!!

  5. Ugh on the car repairs. We got a manufacturer’s recall notice back in May that said death was imminent if we did not get the faulty airbag replaced. Danger, danger, no human can ride in the front passenger seat. However, they did not have a new un-faulty airbag to install. Of course it came in on Thanksgiving, SIX MONTHS later. So, while at the dealership to get the new airbag installed, they found $1,300 worth of other things that were beyond critical status and needed to be fixed right away or, you know, death was imminent again. I told them they could wait another SIX MONTHS for that $1,300 from me.

  6. I hear you on the throwing money away. I’ve been in the process of getting a dental implant for several months. And it is a process. I’m in $3200+ and I don’t even have a tooth yet. That comes in January. Like we all have extra money then just waiting to be spent.

  7. Our 1989 SubZero built in refrigerator died Wednesday night (the night before Thanksgiving). It had been giving us trouble for the past 2 years and the freezer side completely died about a year ago. They don’t make the parts any more so we’ve been having to use the tiny fridge/freezer combo in the laundry room since then for our frozen goods. But Wednesday at dinner the milk wasn’t very cold and by Thursday morning everything in there was warm. Luckily the $100 worth of HoneyBaked Ham we were going to eat for Thanksgiving Day was in the laundry room fridge or I might have cried.

    To get a new SubZero would be over $10,000, which is why we kept repairing it and waiting on both sides to completely die. Luckily I came across a $3,000 used KitchenAid built in on Black Friday on Craigslist that is supposed to be delivered tomorrow.

  8. Can you get any funnier? I was slapping my hand on the desk when I was reading about the spending of money on car repairs. My kids are like “What the What ” when they saw me. I had them read it and they were howling too. Then my one left for school with a friend who always arrives super early leading my girl to exclaim “time to go open the school” so I guess we love that type of humor.

  9. Lavender Mentholatum!!! It must be Christmas! I hope I can find it around here but if all else fails, I will order it. I have already been to Amazon and they can send it to me if need be. Several years ago, I went to our neighborhood CVS to get myself a jar of Mentholatum because I was in serious need of some–I had a cold. They had NEVER heard of it and didn’t know what I was talking about—can you even believe that?! I tried to explain it to them and they of course led me to the mentholated cough drops and the iconic “blue jar” of vaporizing rub. I was dumbfounded–and this was in the Pharmacy that I was asking–the pharmacist! WHO HAS NEVER HEARD OF MENTHOLATUM? !! I went to our small town neighborhood drugstore and lo and behold, there it was—right where it should be. Halllelujah! I will never run out again.

  10. Oh, the SINK WATER. Blah to the tenth power. That situation happened to me not long ago, of course while my husband was out of town. I called a handyman, who worked on it for at least an hour before declaring that I needed a professional. It was so gross, I scrubbed that sink like a madwoman once it was all over with. And I might have gagged the whole time.