Out Of The Loop I Am

So granted, I haven’t paid much attention to pop culture this year. It’s not that I’m not interested; it’s just that the year has been super full and I haven’t had a lot of time to keep up with entertainment news. Plus, since I’ve been working on a new book for the last five months, I have barely watched TV (with the exception of about three things I faithfully DVR).

Anyway, I say all of that because the fact that there’s a new Star Wars movie somehow missed the exit ramp onto my personal information superhighway. I mean, I knew in the back of my head that they were filming one, but I didn’t know what it was about, or who was in it, or when it was being released.


Yesterday at lunch David and Alex were talking about the new Star Wars movie, and I said, “When does that come out?” They laughed at first, thinking that I was kidding. But a few seconds later, when they realized that I really had no idea, they looked at me like I was a stranger.

I knew that I needed a conversational rebound, so I tried this one: “Is it even supposed to be good?”

David did an honest-to-goodness double-take and probably wondered who I was and how he ended up sitting next to me in Chuy’s. “IT’S JJ ABRAMS,” he said. “It’s a huge deal, and it’s supposed to be REALLY good. The internet loses its mind every time a new trailer is released. Whenever people see new footage, they analyze it like crazy.”

I know that the quote "Luke, I am your father" has nothing to do with this picture, but that's the only Star Wars quote I know, so I am running with it.

I know that the quote “Luke, I am your father” has nothing to do with this picture, but that’s the only Star Wars quote I know, so I am running with it.

I nodded, somewhat puzzled since there is clearly way more buzz than I thought – and that was when the high level of my clueless state started to sink in with my husband.

“You really didn’t know?” he asked. He laughed for just a second, and then I started to see legitimate concern. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? HOW HAVE YOU MISSED THIS? IT’S STAR WARS!” And the whole time David was talking, Alex just sat there, staring at me and shaking his head. I think he may have been embarrassed.


“I’VE BEEN WRITING A BOOK,” I continued.

“I SURE DID USED TO LOVE PRINCESS LEIA’S HAIR,” I added, hoping that my fake enthusiasm would buy me a half-ounce of credibility.

About that time some friends of ours walked in Chuy’s, and before he made it all the way to our table, our friend Wes looked at David and Alex and said, “Are y’all so excited about Star Wars?!”

Then my head exploded.

So. Apparently Star Wars is A THING. I have been sufficiently Star Wars shamed. But really, I DIDN’T KNOW, y’all. I barely remember what happened in the first three. Couldn’t put together a loose outline if my life depended on it. This is not an area where I excel.

Are y’all excited about the new Star Wars movie? Or will you be like me and stay home to watch House Hunters while your people make a beeline for the theatre?

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  1. I’m not even sure I saw the first one….
    But have been thinking it might be fun to go through them all before seeing this one…

  2. Jamie Baker says:

    You are not alone. My man is a Star Wars geek. I’m not into it. haha! I’ll send him on his merry way to the theater. :)

  3. I will be seeing it. But probably not until its been out a week or so. I’m old now, so the need to be the first to see it has passed me by. Thank goodness!

  4. in an effort to be ‘the best mom ever’ I sat down with my son to watch the first movie. Ten minutes later I fell asleep…seriously, can not imagine anything more boring.

  5. My son is only five, hasn’t seen any of them, but is so pumped for the new one and thinks he’s going to see it. He’s going to be disappointed! But, my husband did order him the first three for Christmas. It’s all they’ve talked about the past two nights. I try to get excited, but I’m just not! I’ve already been shamed for not knowing what side the rebels, the resistance, and the new order are all on!

  6. Lisa Bingham says:

    I have 3 boys (ages 18,15,13) who are HUGE Star Wars fans along with their daddy. The Lord also blessed me with a daughter (she is 10), so when one of these big movies come out Hannah and I go to Starbucks while the boys are at the movie. We live about 45 minutes away from the theatre and Starbucks, so it’s a fun outing for us all! I wouldn’t know anything about it if it were not for my boys, so don’t feel bad!
    I am sure excited for your new book to be released!
    And please do a podcast soon! My husband and I are heading to Minneapolis this Saturday for the Amy Grant/Michael W Smith Christmas concert and I am so excited! I have been wanting to see it for years!

  7. jennywren says:

    Loved the first three but after watching Anakin go to the dark side I am done. Between the Hgtv and Food Network apps I will happily be at home.

  8. Sophie, are you familiar with Joseph Campbell’s “The Power of Myth”? (I know that is not punctuated correctly…having some issues typing in this comment box.) There was a PBS special years ago in which the whole Star Wars franchise is explained as its structure is based on mythology concepts. Anakin went to the dark side, but he is redeemed. Kenobi’s body is killled, but those who believe in the Force live on. As a fellow writer geek, i think if you watch it for the symbolism alone, it will change your perpective on the whole thing. Also, Abrams has said he was very intentional about writing strong female roles for the new one. I will grant you that you probably don’t need to watch the second set of three movies…those are background filler which any SW fan can summarize for you in a couple of sentences. (Although watching Ewan MacGregor be a young Alec Guineas made the whole thing worthwhile.)

  9. What?! I guess they were shocked! I saw the first movie when it came out in 1977 (which I argue with my boys all the time that that was Episode I. That’s all there is to that). I wasn’t that impressed and never saw the others in the theater. But then boys entered my life and there’s no way I could avoid The Star Wars. So, yes, I’ve seen them all. (I cringe watching Hayden Christensen’s acting. Shivers.) Yes, I have seen every new trailer that has been released for the new movie. Yes, I forgot to purchase tickets online at midnight for the release date. Yes, my name is Mud. And yes, I will make it up to my 13yo by taking him sometime before school starts back. ;)

    Even though I wasn’t impressed with the Star Wars movie back in 1977, for some reason I can’t explain, I went out and bought the album which has been played at many a Star Wars birthday party. And I have to admit the first movie is now my favorite. Episode IV A New Hope to be exact. ;) See, I’ve learned something over the years.

  10. Oh my word are my GIRLS excited about this movie. We have already purchased our tickets for next week. I’m excited to see Harrison Ford as Han Solo because he was my fav.

  11. We bought our tickets weeks ago! The whole family is super excited. Our exchange student is a little confused over our excitement. We had to introduce him to the movies.

  12. Frankly, I’m annoyed. My husband follows it very closely, as he loves it and introduced my 9, 8 and 5 yo boys to it just this year. BUT…they took forever to rate the thing and they’ve rated it PG-13. So we’re going to have to see it before our boys do, and it’ll most likely be a no-go for them. We have not let them see the other PG-13 Star Wars movie; they’ve seen the others. I don’t know, apparently it’s rated PG-13 due to “science fiction violence”. Ugh. Gone are the days of storm troopers firing lasers and hitting no one LOL! It could have been good minus the violence!! They sure can market the heck out of it to all the little guys out there, then they turn around and rate it PG-13. I’ve been wanting to get this off my chest for a couple weeks. This is probably the only placed on the net where I can do that and not have rotten tomatoes thrown at me. xo

  13. Jennifer S says:

    Cannot wait for Star Wars! I do love a good House Hunters episode too though!

  14. Have not seen any, not going to see this one. I don’t get it. Give me a good romantic comedy any day of the week. I’d like to see “Room”.

  15. House Hunters all the way! Or better yet, my new fave, Beachside Bargain Hunt!

  16. Thank you for this! I have been wondering why Star Wars is everywhere – on cereal boxes, clothing, etc. Haha somehow I missed the fact that a new movie is coming out. I loved the original, but I wish you and I lived closer so we could watch House Hunters together while my boys go to this one.

  17. They lost me when they did the prequel thing. In order and proper sequence, please, otherwise I’m out. Of course, I have trouble keeping the stories in a series straight anyway. We recently went to see Mockingjay Part 2 and I kept waiting for Tris and Four to show up. Needless to say, I needed to complete the Hunger Games before I even thought about going to see anything Divergent. If I go to see the new Star Wars movie, then I’m likely to be waiting for Hans Solo to show up in Allegiant next year.

  18. I saw the first one, don’t remember much but I watched Lost. That’s JJ Abrams, right?, hopefully! You’re fine! And you’re creating a masterpiece for us, thank you:)

  19. LOLOL! I knew it was coming out but I am clueless about Star Wars in general. I’ve tried to watch it but I just can’t get into it.

  20. I am seeing all the promos for the movie. I will wait for the dvd. Crowds are not my thing. :-)

  21. The original three are great, classics for sure. But the three “pre-quels” they made a few years ago were so awful that I cannot forgive and give this new one a fair chance. No thanks.

  22. rachael b says:

    my “boys” (husband and 17 yro son) are very excited. I’ve never been able to get excited about it. Not in the 80’s when my brother was enthralled in all things Star Wars and not now. oh well :/

  23. Our 14 year old son’s name is Luke and the caption on your picture made me laugh because our poor son does not like his name because everyone says, “Luke, I am your father” to him. Except for me, of course. I get to say “Luke, I am your mother”. And then I get the eye roll. When he was in first grade there was a girl in his class named Leia. You can imagine the fun everyone had with that!

  24. It’s a little weird to say but, Sophie I think we may secretly be sisters. The Star Wars thing has not really been on my radar either. I did go see a movie during Thanksgiving break and I thought one of the previews was for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie. My friends were horrified when I said that I thought the storm troopers were TMNTs. Lol.

    Thank you for not making me feel like I’m alone.

  25. We are huge Star Wars fans. Can’t wait to watch the new one. I grew up with Star Wars, the new ones were okay, the acting wasn’t as good, but still an enjoyable view. My son is hooked too.

  26. Christy Long says:

    My 10 yr old is super excited about it. My mother-in-law is taking my son and 11 yr old nephew to see it the day it comes out since they will be out of school for Christmas. My son loves anything Star Wars. He has since he was a toddler. We joke that he’s a walking encyclopedia of useless Star Wars trivia.

  27. Cathleen Maloney says:

    Ahhh…Star Wars! My Hubby and I were just talking about how young we were when we saw the first one (technically Episode 4). Our boys were over the moon! So, of course I was too, because Mama’s need to relate, stay involved, be able to carry on a knowledgeable conversation, and just be the coolest Mom ever! We’ve seen them all. Some of them more than once (many, many times more than once!) We have stood in lines weaving around the block for two hours or so to get tickets. We had fun! We made it fun! My sweet Hubby always stressed to our four boys that good overcomes evil and turned the themes into life lessons. I know, I’m blessed. Over the years of watching these movies we shared many conversations about the characters, the plots, the war vs. peaceful resolutions, and yes, we memorized the lines! Oh my gosh you all…the lines! We can say them in our sleep and laugh! Great family fun!

  28. You do know that there were SIX movies previously to this one, not THREE, right?


  29. I saw the first one back in 1977 at the drive-in and liked it but did not see any others and am not really interested.

  30. I have never seen a Star Wars movie! I can’t imagine that changing any time soon. I did know there was a new movie coming out though, but you’ve been busy!

  31. I have never watched the first minute of any Star Wars movie and don’t feel like I have missed a thing. Sci-fi is not my thing.

  32. Sounds like the look I gave my 18 year old daughter when she came in last night and asked me (her UGA fan mom) if I had heard that UGA might hire Alabama’s defensive coordinator to replace Mark Richt.

    And, no, I will not be seeing the Star Wars movie!

  33. Melissa R says:

    Absolutely NOT to Star Wars! Give me House Hunters anyday. Or better yet Fixer Upper!

  34. What’s Star Wars?

  35. Marian Baldock says:

    We should start a club. My husband and son were horrified on Thanksgiving night when we downloaded the first one which was really the fourth one or something? When I didn’t remember what Yoda’s name was, I thought that they would have my head on a platter. Who even cares?

  36. I’m excited about this Star Wars! I took my 8 year old cousin to see the first one when I was 23. We both loved it. Now he has children of his own who are almost adults. I look forward to talking to him about this next Star Wars movie.

  37. Yes..my people are dragging me out on the 17th to go watch it.

  38. I just confessed to my husband this weekend that I have never actually seen more than a clip of any of the Stars Wars movies. He looked at me like he didn’t know me at all and then asked how he didn’t know that before we got married 12 1/2 years ago. Needless to say, I’ll be sitting this one out. ☺

  39. You know what I haven’t yet, nor ever intend to see? A Star Wars movie. :-)

  40. One of the first questions I asked my now husband when we met was “Do you like Star Wars?”. Because……it was a near deal breaker for me….if he had LIKED it. LOL!

    Let me explain, my high school boyfriend, that I was with for over 6 years, was absolutely obsessed with Star Wars. Our last real date was the premiere of Revenge of the Sith, so it just left me with some Star Wars PTSD I guess.

    I am so glad I don’t have to deal with the mayhem. My husband has never even seen the movies, so I knew it was true love. ;-)

  41. Sophie, I could not tell you ONE, SINGLE, SOLITARY fact about STAR WARS if my life depended on it. Never was a fan, never will be? It is of comfort that I am in good company.

  42. Laura in Sacto says:

    I was 11 years old when my parents took my brother and I to stand in line for tickets. That line wrapped around an entire mall for the original Star Wars Movie. It was 1977. I am 49 years old now. I will not be participating in any of it. Now, if it were THE Downton Abbey Movie, then it would be a whole different ballgame.

  43. Back in 1977 when I saw the first one, I was amazed. It had been a bleak several years for a movie lover of 27. But Star Wars promised a return of adventure, heroes and good triumphing over evil. In short, everything a Western is supposed to do. It was all downhill from there. But I bet I watch the new one because….

  44. I’ve never watched an entire episode of Star Wars. My husband and 3 sons do not understand! But, then, they’ve never seen one minute of Downton Abbey, so…….
    Anyway, my husband actually got on the internet a couple of months ago and ordered opening day tickets at an IMAX theater! I don’t think we have EVER seen a movie on opening week, much less day! To say they are excited is an understatement! We have to go to the “big city” an hour away–the theater is located in a great shopping area. Guess what I’ll be doing? :)

  45. I’ve never seen one episode (or movie) of Star Wars. Science fiction is not my scene! I am more than happy to watch House Hunters with you! :)

  46. I know there is a movie coming out – apparently it’s actually today. Hummmm- whatever. I have a life going on. I’ll just watch fixer-upper and call it a day.