Long Time Gone (But I Am Coming Back Again)

I am oh-so-happy to tell you that edits are FINISHED. Week before last I did two rounds on my own, and after driving to Nashville last Sunday afternoon, I spent most of Monday at LifeWay going through the new book chapter by chapter with my editor. We tweaked, we deleted, we clarified, and we got that manuscript just like we liked it before I drove back home to Birmingham late Monday afternoon. I was going to write a blog post that Monday night, but I was enjoying not writing so much that I just stuck with that trend for the rest of the week. Plus, I had some real life catch-up that I wanted to do; I cooked supper Tuesday night, went to a baseball game Wednesday night, went to dinner with friends Thursday night, went to dinner with my fellas and one of Alex’s buddies Friday night, and then had some friends over Saturday night. So the week, it was full. And it was good.

Today it was almost 3:00 when we got home from church and Chuy’s, and after a quick nap and some quick TV catch-up, I met some friends from church for a fun fondue supper. It occurred to me on the way home that this has been my consistent pattern with all three books; I cross the deadline off of my list, take a second to breathe, and then I do ALL THE SOCIAL THINGS within a span of several days. This is a sure sign that I will spend the next week making sure I’m in my pajamas by 5 and then watching any programming that Bravo has to offer – with a fair amount of Food Network thrown in for good measure, of course.

Anyway, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had a bunch of stuff I’d been wanting to tell you, so I thought maybe I’d share five of those things tonight in the hopes of not overloading you with 18 very critical pieces of information all at once. So here you go.

The Hairdryer That Changed My Life

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.00.44 PM

Listen. I was skeptical about a more expensive hairdryer. I told myself that my drugstore version worked just fine. But early in the fall, I decided I was sick and tired of getting so dadgum hot every time I’d dry my hair (so, you know, every morning). I was also tired of my hair being so frizzy. So before Christmas I mentioned that I might like to try this particular model (make? brand? I don’t know the lingo), and y’all, it is a wonder. I dry my hair in half the time, and IT’S NOT FRIZZY. It has made the biggest difference. I love it so much that I’m thinking of naming it. Highly recommend.

– A Night with Big & Boo

So this, apparently, is really happening. It is gonna be laughs-o-plenty, y’all.


We don’t know our final schedule yet, but how excited am I about being on a tour bus with Melanie and Travis the last two weeks of June? Or two-ish weeks? Or two-ish days if Melanie and I experience some sort of claustrophobic event as a result of sleeping in those little bus bunks? GOOD TIMES FOR SURE.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Venom

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.12.54 PM

I’ve been trying to wear more color lipstick-wise, mainly because I’ve been stuck in a very neutral place for the last several years and decided around Christmas that I needed a little punch of color to combat the winter doldrums. I really, really like this Urban Decay lipstick. I also have it in Rapture, which is more of a sheer shade, but Venom is great if you are fair-skinned and blonde with pink undertones to your skin (I know that was specific – but I can’t wear a lot of bright colors because they’re better-suited for yellow undertones). And here’s a sidebar conversation for us: why do make-up shades have to have such edgy names these days? Why all the VENOM and RAPTURE and ANARCHY and LIAR? Why not HAPPY FUN TIMES and CHEERFUL and SUNSHINE? These are the things I think about.


When I was at dinner with friends last Thursday night, the talk turned to Shipt. It’s a grocery delivery service, and while I’d heard of it, I’d never really considered using it because, I don’t know, I just think that going to the grocery store is one of those things that you have to do. I was surprised that I was the only one in our group who wasn’t using Shipt, and by the time everybody finished telling me why they loved it (true story: my friend Andrea ordered all her family’s snacks for a Disney World trip before she even got to Orlando, and within an hour of their arrival at the hotel, Shipt delivered everything TO THEIR ROOM – granola bars, bottled water, etc. – I thought this was genius), I was feeling slightly persuaded.

Anyway, Friday I was trying to figure out how to get everything done that I needed to do before we had company over Saturday night, and I thought, “I’m gonna try Shipt.” David was on board with it, so I downloaded the app, selected everything I needed, picked a delivery time – and y’all, Saturday morning everything showed up at my doorstep around 9:30. LIKE MAGIC. AND I DIDN’T HAVE TO GO TO THE STORE. Right now I’m doing the two-week trial, but there’s not a doubt in my mind that I’m sticking with it. I’ve already got my next order ready to go and am going to schedule it for when I get home from work Tuesday afternoon. So, if Shipt is available in your area and you’d like to give it a try, here’s a link for $10 off your first order. (Disclaimer: I’ll get $10 off, too, if you use that link.) It is delightful.

Easy Restaurant Style White Queso

I made this queso Saturday night (and seriously, I must have said, “Y’all – I’m making queso IN A SKILLET” at least 12 times), and I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever make the “orange cheese loaf” queso again. This recipe is so good and actually sort of beautiful. I didn’t use nutmeg, though, because I couldn’t convince myself that it would add anything. But everything else? MUY BIEN.

Y’all have a great Monday!

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  1. You are a peach Sophie. However, we greatly would appreciate a new podcast before the Easter Bunny starts hopping around…

  2. I second Mimi. I look forward to your next podcast. I am a new fan. I believe I may have listened to ALL of your podcasts over a month time frame. I have spent ALOT of time with you and Melanie throughout my days. You are like two friends, sitting on my shoulders, chit chatting, while I sit at my desk, walk to my van, fold laundry, etc. I have bought a book by each of you, and am thrilled to get a chance to listen to you read it to me. YOU know…While I read, I Can TOTALLY Hear YOUR Voice SPEAKING the words. Y’all are great! (Can I say that? I am a Yankee from Illinois, but Oh. My. Word…. Y’all brighten my day:)

  3. I too recently splurged on that hair dryer. Love it! If you are not already using a blow dry spray I highly recommend Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray. It cuts drying time but it also protects from humidity. I have crazy hair that frizzes up if I even think about being hot. This really smooths and has made it possible from me to not have to wash my hair every day. It’s a life saver!

  4. I’m gonna need y’all to release the BigBoo tour schedule toot suite. If y’all come to Houston I’ll be standing outside your bus like a Beatles fan with a poster. Mark my words.

  5. Pretty please, y’all come near SC!!

  6. Where do you find white american cheese???? I’ve had a queso recipe for awhile but never can find whte american. HELP!!!!

  7. Well that dryer is going on my list. I’m glad you had a chance to recover from all the writing. Can’t wait for the book to come out!

  8. Mrs. Sophie, I am so pumped about your new book! Your last two have thrilled me to absolute pieces, so I can’t wait to read the third.
    The Shipt concept is something I’ve been considering, since I recently moved out and no longer live in a house with a built in Mom-Who-Shops-For-All-The-Groceries. I might have to try it out, especially since there’s a $10 off incentive. The only thing i love more than not grocery shopping is a good coupon to save me some monies.

  9. But what about the Old Navy pants??? :) Welcome back!

  10. Just ordered the hair dryer and might try Shipt also. Thanks for the tips!

  11. I always love your writing & lo, all the podcasts, you just tickle me. If the tour comes anywhere near me (“near” being a relative term because I doubt you get within 75 miles of here unless the BIgBoo Tour Bus passes through Knox County because Hello ALL the boonies) I’ll bring a bunch of gals to see y’all and maybe some homemade salsa & chips as a gift.

    Also, because of your song title I have The Dixie Chics “Long TIme Gone” stuck in my head. You totally used that particular lyrical phrasing on purpose, didn’t you?

  12. YES with all the funky makeup names! I took my 13yo daughter to Sephora for a fun “how to” session. Guess which shade of blush they chose for her? “Orgasm.” Lovely. JUST lovely.


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    Long Time Gone (But I Am Coming Back Again)