Giddy Up, Hamilton

So first of all. Yes. Giddy Up, Eunice came out this past Tuesday. I went to Nashville on Monday to film / video (not exactly sure what terminology applies) a conversation with some friends (I think it’ll be out Sunday night, but I’ll know for sure sometime tomorrow). I got home in time to take Alex and one of his buddies to lacrosse, and then D and I met for supper while we waited for practice to be over. In the past I have had Big Book Release Feelings, but this time has been a little different. Mostly, save a few bouts of nerves, I’ve felt an unexpected sense of peace about Eunice, and I’ve probably enjoyed this book launch more than any other. So that’s been delightful.

I’ve also been super excited about the fact that the Tony Awards are this Sunday night because, well, Hamilton. I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned one or nine times that I listened to the Hamilton cast album over and over and over while writing the last 2/3 of Eunice, so they’re forever connected in my mind.

SO. I thought I’d post some of my favorite (and recent) Hamilton-related links as sort of a warm-up for the Tonys. Think of this as some really enjoyable light stretching – with the occasional musical accompaniment.

1) Leslie Odom, Jr. – “Wait for It”

I think this is pretty much beyond gorgeous.

2) “We Wrote an Algorithm to Unravel the Rhymes of Hit Musical Hamilton” –

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.45.40 PM

And may I just say?

It. is. awesome.

This is the sort of nerdery that makes my heart sing.

3) Hamilton Paper Dolls

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.27.13 AM

I mean, might as well.

For the kids, of course.

4) Hamilaria

It’s a real thing.

Ask me how I know.

5) Lin Manuel Miranda Carpool Karaoke

I saw this for the first time Tuesday morning. And when it was over, I bawled my eyes out.

Granted, maybe I was experiencing some book emotions.

But Audra McDonald? COME ON. Fantastic.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

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  1. P Walton says:


    Your book arrived yesterday and due to the fact that I was home all day, a little under the weather, I read the whole thing. Loved it! I had never given much thought to the dynamics of the relationship between Mary and Elizabeth and was fascinated by what you wrote. Thoroughly enjoyed the interweaving of your story with all of the women highlighted. I hope you get that sink someday!

  2. I’m just on page 12 and already know Eunice will be a dog-eared favorite of mine.

    My 6 year old girl, Lois Anne, is also THRILLED,THRILLED(!!) that her name is throughout this book. Her name is unique these days and to see how special it really is? She’s thrilled. (Btw, she may totally approach you in Chuys) Have a great day!!

  3. Leianne McMillan says:

    I’m waiting to read your book on the beach. It is so tempting to crack it open and soak it all up! When I read the first three chapters I squealed. Matt Chandler was my husband’s roommate in college and drove me to my surprise engagement. Anyway.. I’m looking for resources on mentoring high school girls. I teach public high school and I need guidance. Any suggestions? I love your words!!!

  4. My family will be thrilled to see there’s a cure for Hamilaria. I handed my son a 10 dollar bill the other day and busted out all the references. And don’t get me started on “Forgiveness…” I thought I might bust during a recent sermon. It really is a disease. Thank you, Lord, for the H sign.

  5. Brittney K says:

    Just letting you know, I am totally saturated in Giddy Up! “When the Holy Spirit in one woman recognizes and responds to the Holy Spirit in another woman, safe places become sacred spaces” just resonated in me! I want to cherish and honor the relationships I have with the women in my life, whether it be my BFF, my MIL or a co worker. We all have our roles and can learn and grow through each other!

  6. Oh My Oh My Oh My – the music!!!!!!! Lord have mercy – I could listen to them all day! Thanks so much for sharing. AND YOUR BOOK!!! don’t even get me started!!!

  7. Thank you for more Hamilton articles!! With 3 small kids I don’t have time to search for them so I’m going to need you to keep them coming! 😉 I LOVED the Carpool Karaoke one!! And just to be completely honest here, I did not even realize that was the sign language H….I’m blaming it on the momma’s brain!!!! 😂

  8. working my way thru Giddy UP! it is so good!

    so want to see Hamilton, but Oh MY! the price for tickets. excited to be in NYC the same night as the Tony’s.

  9. i have officially cannon-balled into the hamilton abyss today. my husband and i were in NYC in december and entered the lottery the one night our schedule allowed. my husband’s name is adam and the first name they called was “ADAM…” buuuuut a different adam. i can’t even tell you the rollercoaster of emotions involved in that split-second, HA! just got eunice in the mail this week, can’t wait to dive in!