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Hello, good people of the interwebs –

First of all, I still don’t have adequate words for what happened in Orlando. But I pray for the victims’ families and loved ones, for the first responders, for the investigators, for the medical personnel – the list goes on and on. It’s all so surreal and horrific. Be near, Lord.

Second of all, I took this picture at the beach, and to me it’s what life feels like sometimes. But it’s also a good reminder that somehow the light always finds a way to shine in the darkness.


Third of all, here is a completely unrelated assortment of thoughts and also topics.

– If you participated in the BOGO pre-order for Giddy Up, Eunice, here are a few points of clarification:

1. The free copy will come from LifeWay, not Amazon or Barnes & Noble or etc.

2. If you pre-ordered, you should have either uploaded your receipt at OR emailed it to

3. If you submitted your receipt, you should have gotten an email from LifeWay to confirm your mailing address.

4. If you submitted your receipt and didn’t get an email from LifeWay, check your spam folder.

5. If you still have no idea why you haven’t received that extra copy (or the other pre-order offers), email, and they can help you!

Thanks so much for your pre-orders! Y’all are awesome.

– The Tonys. Yes ma’am. Outstanding. I was so hoping that Leslie Odom, Jr. would win Best Actor; I figured that Lin-Manuel Miranda would get plenty of recognition in other categories, and as the narrator of Hamilton, Leslie Odom, Jr. carries that show on his shoulders. So, when Aaron Burr, Sir was announced as the winner, I screamed and clapped my hands to the point that you’d have thought I had something to do with it.

And then yesterday, I saw this video of the Hamilton cast watching the awards backstage. It speaks volumes (this is a Facebook video, so it may not show up on mobile devices).

– And The Color Purple? COME ON, NOW. Incredible performance. Made me cry.

– I also saw Gayle King interview Leslie Odom, Jr., and it’s super interesting (or at least it is if you’ve been listening to the cast recording for the last eight-ish months). :-) (Also a Facebook video.)

– If you’ve read Giddy Up, Eunice – or even if you haven’t – and you’ve thought, Gosh, I sure would love a practical resource to help me connect younger and older women in my church, and you’ve thought, Gosh, I sure would love a practical resource to help me connect younger and/or older women in my church, HERE’S ONE. :-) I can’t think of a better teacher than Jan Morton, and wouldn’t this be a fun way to get to know some people?

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 8.48.29 PM

– Speaking of Eunice (a different one), did y’all know that there’s a Carol Burnett Show YouTube Channel? IT IS A GIFT. A TREASURE.

– The Big Boo Cast now has its own Facebook page – with, I might add, a very low-resolution photograph of Melanie and me from approximately 2013. IT IS SO FANCY. And obviously, we would love for you to join us there. We’ll talk about things and stuff and whatnot.

Hope y’all are having a good week!

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  1. That video of the cast just made my day! And Peggy! I felt the same about Leslie Odom, Jr, and I was so thrilled when he won. What a fun night.

  2. Hey Sophie! What if we have emailed that address a few times since mid-May with our pre order receipt and not received a response for the BOGO offer? Is there another avenue I could pursue to contact someone? Thanks! Also – thank you for introducing me to Hamilton!!

  3. I just downloaded Giddy Up, and while I should crawl into bed and get some sleep (especially with a newborn in the house), all I want to do is dive in! So I let myself read the forward, and Sophie Hudson – BETH MOORE WROTE YOUR FORWARD! :) So proud of you, and so very much looking forward to reading this during my next few nursing sections (Dear Lord, may I be able to control my laughter and tears well enough not to disturb the baby)!

  4. Sallie Baker says:

    Oh, just finished listening to your interview with Martha. How precious!! She is a treasure….
    and i just got so tickled at ” tell them this ” or ” don’t tell them this “….and how smart everyone is….and ” tell all them hello! ” What a wonderful mother in law. Halfway through your book….it’s wonderful !

  5. rachael b says:

    I can’t get the Tasting Grace book link to work….

  6. Sophie, thank you so much for mentioning Tasting Grace. I am Jan’s co-author on the book and we are so blessed that you mentioned it. Your book, Giddy Up Eunice, looks amazing. Can’t wait to read it. Thank you again.